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tv   [untitled]    January 26, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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the song they call it of an airport where people gather on the day of mourning to commemorate those who felt victims in monday's terror attack more details for you were just defeated. and terrorism is expected to grab the spotlight of the dallas economic forum where russian president dmitry medvedev us to arrive for the opening speech after being delayed by the blast an airport. guard decided russia's upper house of parliament votes to ratify the new groundbreaking strategic arms reduction deal with us reducing both superpowers nuclear arsenals by over a third of.
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what you are going to live from moscow a marina joshie welcome to the program state flags have been lowered in moscow as the city more and thirty five victims of monday's terrorist attack on russia's busiest airport people are flocking to the side of a blast to lay flowers and pay tribute to those who lost their lives of the explosion was russia's worst terrorist atrocity since twin bombings rocked moscow's metro last march you know across life to a correspondent. outside the airport for us today. hearing is definitely the whole nation has grieving for the victims even though you official day of mourning was declared only in moscow and the moscow region is now. yes absolutely well it's in times like this one usually a country or a nation comes together and the russia is a multinational multi confessional country there being very church services being held in various churches and synagogues and mosques all across the country and of course especially in moscow and here at. one dead about their old will also be
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a commemorative service that's going to be held at the church that is located on the premises off the airport and in the chapel that's inside the airport as well of course people are also flocking to the scene to pay respects there laying flowers and grief so as close to the site of the monday's bombing as possible now you have to remember that that area has been cordoned off on monday and still hasn't been reopened only people arriving there can access it other than that everybody has to stay in the main building just in the departures area but still flowers and candles are being led to it's a very emotional scene there right now i have to say it's not just out the last injures hordes of partying who are leaving flowers are with those who are coming to greet those who are arriving that are also paying respects it's faster is by its workers of the airport it's its flight attendants from various airlines they're all coming here some of them are standing there some of them are that may be saying prayers that it's very very emotional at the airport at the moment and among those
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who came to pay their respects today was an ambassador was american ambassador john byerly who's said that although some western media have been saying that russians seem to be cold hearted and rigid in the aftermath of the tragedy he believes that they're doing just the right thing. these flowers are just my expression mongo the american people are solidarity with the russian people today the national mourning and grieving together with the families that lost their loved ones. and were expressing our solidarity with the russian people in the russian government that there can be no repeat or monsters or people carrying out in time going. against us. he also added that people john barely also added to it in order for for everybody to show that. the best way to fight terrorism is in fact to show that
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life goes on and to continue living and also of course as far as the official commemorations are concerned most of the official events in moscow and in russia were started with a moment of silence and television and the radio scheduling has also been changed there are no entertainment programs and all commercials have been cut down to a minimum. boy you were at the airport surely after the attack so could you talk us through what happened there on monday. of course the blasts top and at four thirty two pm in the arrival section of the airport just past the customs area at that point nearly thirty flights were arriving so you can understand that this is something that was probably being planned they had they knew that at this the terrorists however many of them were there knew that a lot of flights were coming in at that particular moment and into moscow's rushes is matter of fact busiest airport when we got here at that point the situation was
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more or less under control there was no panic there was no emergency going on but there was a very heavy security presence there were secret service representatives police officers sniffer dogs all of them were here making sure that there were no other explosives in the building and my colleague sara further has the details of what transpired out towards. the harrowing scenes from the name of the blast hits the days who witnessed the attack it's a memory that wayne's fate father must. be wanting to rebuild or claim surest was. absolutely true it lost his peak time is around sixty flights with the two lands the moment st time to cool max in the devastation of doing more good is going. to be something more serious not just so close to home pretty close to the store here. the work. very well for the.
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time. yet less than twenty four hours later and the airport is again fully operational it's a resilience that many people feel is a commendable trait of the russian people come to get on with. this except to try to talk to the situation as many people are now left fighting for their lives in hospitals around moscow people have rallied donating blood and ensuring the victims and their families receive all the help they need. i was waiting for someone then there was an explosion there was a lot of people i couldn't see the bomber my friend helped out it was a lot of smoke. i went to the airport with my mother in law to meet our relative but then the bomb went off and after some confusion i eventually found my relative
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but i still don't know what happened to my mother in law. president medvedev found in no uncertain terms that those responsible will be held accountable as investigators now work to establish exactly who is behind the attack the finger of blame his also only airports and transport there are scenes as you can imagine security measures have now been stepped up these metal detectors was always mandatory now they are and there are serious questions being asked as to why these measures were being implemented seen punishments for what the president has called severe security breaches could be just around the corner the sun feel that when it comes to terrorism the main weapon is the refusal to be intimidated the airport operations may have returned to normal but people still a tricky act for members and a mark of respect that they see lost their lives in the attack safford. azzi.
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oil reno has been more reaction from the kremlin today over of this attack. well yes that's right absolutely as a matter of fact merely just moments ago you can say president meeting he did it has announced that he has fired the head of the transport division of the ministry of interior and he also added that the firings will continue he is really serious he's got his mind set on making sure that nothing like this will happen again there is a program a security transport security program that has been implemented that was supposed to be implemented in two thousand and seven has been worked out but it hasn't been working properly so russia's president said that he is hoping that the heads of the police and everybody else involved with transport security is going to start acting on that program immediately as soon as possible not just at the airports but everywhere where transport is concerned and of course not just in the russian capital but all around the country there also has been information from the member
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of the security committee of the federation council who said that as a matter of fact federal security service he knew about the terror attacks that were being prepared and in fact has been acting on them and alone most of most of the groups who were planning terrorist attacks in moscow shopping effort handed early or earlier or rather later earlier this year and unfortunately not all of them could have been prevented like the terrorist act which happened here at the domodedovo airport on monday so no security services are not to blame and the firings in the transport department will continue and we should probably expect some or if you don't want to have us authorities as well who insist by the way that they are not responsible for the security breaches which may have been in place which led to the horrible tragic terrorist attacks here on monday afternoon. or even thanks very much indeed for the subway you go there from the medina airport.
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and the international community has collectively can down the terror attack in moscow and the western media has come up with its own conclusions but many believe the u.s. networks are not impartial in how they cover terror attacks in russia compared with their own country as are reports. it was an explosion heard around the world a terrorist attack inside russia's dome idea the airport became an international story terrorism experts immediately suspected rebels from the russian province of chechnya analyst andrew cautioned says rebels in the northern caucasus region of russia from chechnya dagestan are fighting for an independent mostly islamic republic most u.s. reports were quick to conclude why the attacks took place when terrorism takes place in the united states and europe the terrorists are immediately represented there was absolute evil which of course they are but when it's russia their western media are willing to entertain causes justifications is there some reason they are
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oppressed or over at fox news hijacked the tragedy to garner support for us foreign policy russians have themselves a serious islamic terrorist problem and it just won't go away he's going to help us in places like iran get more russian cooperation with afghanistan things like that are they going to wise up and help us a little bit iraq iran what does iran have to do with monday's deadly bombing in moscow russia by key u.s. ally in the afghan war has remained a key player in the transshipment of goods to the war torn region a fact mr o'reilly neglected to mention in his view russia as bad because they don't automatically support the us in all of our foreign policy decisions so he's trying to use this manipulate this to anger his viewers to get them upset with russia other u.s. commentators didn't bother clarifying their facts they've recently taken their attacks into the heart of russia to transfer. hubs and cultural centers in moscow
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and elsewhere c.n.n. may not know that terrorist attacks in the heart of russia date back to one thousand nine hundred ninety nine but a series of apartment bombings took place in moscow one of many reasons moscow was warning the u.s. about threats of islamic terrorists before nine eleven if this in fact was following monday's attack us media outlets flipped the fear mongering switch morning about a possible destabilization of the caucasus region and the price of oil the worldwide price of oil which is already high that's right would get even higher and as russian president dmitri medvedev prepare to head to the world economic forum in davos a fox talking head warned the world about more deadly attacks on the horizon i'm sure the terrorists are already in place and would really make an incident occur the swiss police were thought of that is problematic but they've been there every year for the past several years and my guess is they'll try simply to have somebody within twenty four hours of the deadly bombings in moscow the mainstream media in
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the u.s. spy on the story in several different directions from fear to frantic analysis many american reports failed to deliver the facts of a story where the investigation has only just begun or an important r.t. new york and blogger mark out of mana says the western video looks at the problems that russia faces in the north caucasus but neglects to look at terrorist motivation when such attacks happen in their own countries. back and member in march last march when there were the bombings in the moscow metro i mean it was probably i wrote a couple pieces about it it was the double standards at work were pretty obvious and glaring. that's not to say that i think it's the thing to do to look for reasons that these things occurred it's not to ever justify them i think it's pretty clear that these sorts of acts are justifiable but to try to understand why they occur and why these people are motivated the people who are these out are
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motivated to do them i think is very important and i think to a large extent the western media neglects to do that when there are problems that we face there very willing to look at the problems that russia experiences in northern caucuses and to look at that pretty unsparingly. were less willing to do that for a soul which i guess is not terribly surprising but is on the list true and me to remain to be out of his to promote investment into russia's economy and form in switzerland the president's visit will be shortened due to the attack on moscow's main airport to get more on the upcoming meeting from artie's or anot who joins us live from the mountain resort hotel or now why is it so significant for a bit of a have to form. well this is a key moment for both medvedev and for russia and what it really does is put russia at the center of what has become the most important meeting of world business leaders and governments if you looked at the program of course just sort of ten to fifteen years ago it was really exclusive to western leaders in fact it started off
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as a european business forum but there's been a trend in recent years and it's carried on this year whereby there are schools of indians chinese people and russians there are more than sixty important business leaders and government ministers from russia in davos this year and in fact fewer and fewer western europeans and that's what we see as the balance of power shifts to these emerging markets these bric countries and moves towards what we call this new world order where these growing economies these emerging markets are developing so far just. this speech and his appearance here at davos will also show that russia is open for business despite what happens and i'm of course referring to monday's a bomb blast. port this did cause medvedev to perspire on his arrival but we do understand he's going to right now the softer noon he's going to deliver this opening speech but before that he'll be taking part in the international business
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council which is a meeting of what the world economic forum calls one hundred concerned uncommitted business leaders it's all to promote russia as an investment destination and in economies remote knowledge of russia to show how they have made economic and legislative steps forward in recent years and to try and attract investment medvedev has says that he has said that he won't be brushing aside floors and difficulties in russia and of course one of those current difficulties is this terror attack of course it's caused instability at a very unfortunate time when medvedev is going. house in the sense of the facing the world i asked some of the foreign delegates how they thought they spawned lost would affect the perception of russia as an investment destination here's what they told me i cover america and we certainly have had terrorist attacks so there are unfortunately as well and it's very unfortunate but we keep going like keeps going business keeps growing and i think it's a will be true i don't think we'll affect did perception this is
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a nation of forty vestment at the moment. it's more i think they need to understand . the countries is in control i was stable is the situation if this is one one one even told is the beginning of something mall deep but more troubling. now laura what other issues are to be discussed at the summit. well the theme of this year's forum is shared norms for a new reality and what the organizers have come up with is that the world is increasingly complex and interconnected and yet we risk eroding common values that all countries share leaders are concerned that the world doesn't really have a shared approach to how to deal with the challenges and that undermines inturn trust in leadership and risks economic prosperity and political stability so that's what they'll be talking about mainly this year how we respond to this new world
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that we see post economic meltdown defining policies for inclusive growth so that all countries get to grow together and building this risk response network which will be a network of people throughout the world who decide how globally we should respond to risks that will crop up in the future for example food shortages the risk of another economic meltdown and of course terrorism will be high on the agenda as we've already mentioned they'll also be talking about currency wars where governments intervene to prevent their currencies from rising to support their export markets and basically what they're talking about is that after this camaraderie and spirit of togetherness that we saw following the economic collapse the financial crisis that's eroding now and it's more every country for itself for the aim of doubles this year really is to try to bring us back in line with each other everyone together again to meet future challenges including this global war on terror. all right laura thanks very much indeed for bringing us the subject
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laura am reporting from switzerland. and i have the former major if explained why he thinks doubles could bring positive results for the country and can watch the full interview next hour but here is a quick preview. when i worked in the government ministry at the forbes it was very good it's informal you don't even need to wear a time at the same time you can easily run into a major. major businessman a president or a prime minister grab them by the sleeve and ask about things but i know it's because to promote the knowledge of russia's capabilities strengths and advantages both in the spheres of for the coming to me and legislation by talking openly about . how the russia us strategic arms reduction treaty known as start has been ratified by russia's opportunity for our approved by both houses of the russian parliament the treaty
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must be signed by president our correspondent going off as more from the federation council. following the leader of the state duma russia's federation council has also ratified the new strategic arms reduction treaty between moscow and washington frankly speaking it wasn't really a surprise since the treaty is backed by the political elite in russia and by both president dmitry medvedev will still have to sign of the treaty and president barack obama who's already praised the stay doom us a decision on tuesday to ratify the agreement we managed to successfully through the us senate. so-called want to three agreement on the russian american corporation in the nuclear field i mean peaceful we also are moving forward on the russians w t o accession america is very supportive we are moving relatively fast but it's not enough we have to have more time as we have to have more docking
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mechanisms we have to have more bridges the more interdependent we are the better it is for our future russian deputies did make some special statements or recommendations first of all securing moscow's right to step out of the treaty if it feels threatened by a u.s. missile defense plans in europe and secondly they've outlined that similar recommendations made previously by the u.s. congress are none binding meaning the will do not really washington from its obligations previously the u.s. congress has secured washington's rights to modernize the remaining arms and has also claimed that the treaty should not obstruct america's missile defense plans but once again these statements on both sides are non binding meaning they will not affect the actual implementation of the agreement this will be v third such treaty between moscow and washington the first two were signed back in one thousand nine
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hundred one and in one thousand nine hundred three with this latest one is meant to reduce the number of strategic arms on each side by around one third which is surely a significant step forward in terms of both global security and the relations between the two countries. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world and u.s. president barack obama drew on the russian inspiration to try to galvanize the u.s. economy into action here refer to the sputnik moment when the russian satellite spurred america on to boosting its technology know how through the space race in his first speech to a divided congress obama said the science and research sectors are key to tackling the country's crushing debt in an address marking the start of he's twenty twelve reelection campaign. three people have been killed this thousands took to the streets of egypt in its biggest anti-government protest in here's the largest rallies gathered in cairo where demonstrators chanted slogans against president
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hosni mubarak's thirty three and rule the an arrest is inspired by the recent uprising in tunisia and fueled by a growing discontent in egypt's grinding poverty and unemployment. well it raises up to date here at r.t. and now we'll take a look at what's happening in the world of business you use here. hello that's right time to get the latest business news it's the time of year for the big cheeses of business and politics to mix in the sweet swiss ski resort of dollars but while the bank us are cheering their return to profits the crisis has left a sour taste in the mouth for ordinary people our correspondent daniel bushell is there for business archie. president obama thinks the world economy was brought down by greed insatiable bankers blew a hole in business forcing three years of belt tightening bread and water for the
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rest of us but now greed is back here in davos the head of coca-cola toasting the start of a big cape of precedented global growth in the top restaurants tycoon once again in talks at the table hungry for a piece of the action from firms melted away and liquidity has returned to the markets leaving rich pickings for the brave but experts warn take too much to force all the gesture problems will come back. this will be the key theme of the world economic forum over the next five days how to grow the opportunities but not overindulge. parties danielle bush reporting from davos forum and to mitchell is that it will give the opening address in davos but the president will shorten his stay true to the bomb attack on moscow's main international airport on monday
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despite the tragedy iran national very low capital believes but that it has good reason to deliver a bit of message about russia. i think for the first time a russian leader is going to davos with a lot of positive material behind him so when president medvedev gets up and speaks of battles it will be on the back of the pepsi deal at the end of last year three point eight billion dollars the b.p. rosneft deal at the beginning of this year the opening of the first pipeline into china on the first of january there's a lot of really good material that he should be i would emphasize the opportunities that exist for investing into russia and that gives him a great platform to go out there deliver a strong message about why the west should be investing into russia. and davos will also hold lessons for russia not only out of all of us from alpha bank says there's a chance to assess the global risks to us. the first question i think this whole sustainable is that a current recall rule the global war that the crisis goes on for sure russia is
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still a very big oil play and we have just two to take this into account i think the second question is definitely how sustainable. in the us and in europe and also i think now we have all the forms of all this system the bill it all the debt servicing the very big conferences and we have to remember that russia is the whole goal of the large central bank reserves so the phone you know one of the strategic interests for russia is strong stand what would you say european countries and with u.s. credit jane so the scene is there said that the legation. let's hold look at some figures european markets are high in early trade taking their lead from asia and the us president obama called for a freeze on domestic discretionary spending and a lower corporate tax rate both indices are gaining around one point two percent this hour. and russia has opened in the black this morning tracking gains in the
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u.s. and pushed up by rising oil the my six is also higher than chip such trying to recover from monday's decline mettlesome mine is a natural and sever stahl seen gains of more than two percent. ok let's have a look at some more figures energy shares a leading the gains as we've heard cast from bradley two percent the poilus close behind her bond continues its winning streak its shares are up more than one and a healthy percent. despite they were she markets paving their way to recovery at this hour shares are expected to struggle the week according to the head of trading at. overall the russian market is called in their meter at the moment to stand to be debates or be taking vacation indicators are telling us we should have a small correction from here but overall the market is we would investors coming by slowly and oil sector is the hottest one at the moment. and inflation is
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unlikely to full within the russian government started range of six to seven percent that's yet but prices could moderate in the near future that's according to the president of ficci b twenty four retail bank. main reasons for not only food prices. started last autumn but also. in terms of soft russian monopolist but fiscal consolidation and tough monetary policy after maybe march april being called for russian government would cut a new rate of inflation from let's say ten to. eight eight point five percent ok that's your business update for now but let me remind you you can leave your feedback on to get more store a small website r.t.
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dot com slash business. wealthy british style. is not out to try to find. their. market financed scandals find out what's really happening to.


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