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russia mourns the thirty five killed in monday's suicide bomb attack at domodedovo airport and. she is a dual sort of. those who committed this terrible and was targeting citizens of different countries or expected their actions to bring russia to its allegiance the but they got a little through a good deal that was the key message russian president dmitri medvedev gave the opening speech at the foreign born just a moment. russia's new strategic arms reduction deal with the u.s. set to become law after getting the unanimous backing of the upper house of parliament.
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it's six am in moscow i matras are good to have you with us here on r t our top story state flags are flying at half staff across the moscow region to mourn the victims of monday's suicide bombing at russia's busiest airport people have been gathering at the site of the damage out of a blast to pay their last respects to those who died r.t. sara for has more. the flags in most cases half must larking a day of mourning people turn out to the airport to pay tribute to the thirty five people who died in monday's terror attack. there is frustration i came here specially this situation has really affected me. that everyone's grieving no one's left indifferent to this tragedy the blast went off in the international arrivals area at peak time the shuttle packed explosive seemingly designed to cause maximum devastation. my first thought was to get away
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a lot of people willing motionless even more people were being piled up near the first aid area some were ready dead they were dragged away a horrible picture. i looked at my watch and then flash and i passed out when i woke up there was a ringing in my ears it was a sour smell everything in ashes everyone is groaning three or four men were piled up on top of me the one directly above me was wounded in the chest he took all the shrapnel. and it's not just russia that's been affected people of many nationalities were among the dead and wounded the american ambassador was among those paying their respects these flowers are just my expression on behalf of people who are solidarity with the russian people today a national mourning. grieving together with the families that lost their loved ones . and were expressing our solidarity with the russian people and the russian
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government that there can be no refuge for monsters or people carrying out an attack like. commemorative services have been held across the country with the president if it is and find minister peace in attending the child today uniting people of every faith. i could have lost my brother i want them to be punished. the reaction from the kremlin has been fierce president medvedev has vowed that those responsible will be held accountable and doesn't invest the gates has now worked to establish exactly who is behind the attack the fingers blame his also on the airports and the chance. to have been officials with more expected to come as the country looks to tyson its security defenses in the often most of the attack people have rallied dating blood at
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hospitals and ensuring the victims and their families receive all the help they need but admits the child has tried to stand united in its refusal to be intimidated people still a tricky and active remembrances and a mark of respect for those who lost their lives in the attack. russia's prime minister says the suicide bombing that killed thirty five people is not linked to chechnya based terrorists here's what vita mir putin had to say when usually. results of the investigation suggest this terror attack has nothing to do with the chechen republic and we will not negotiate with any terrorists not a single country in the world the respects this that's common international practice. in the wake of speculation about a so-called chechen link to the attacks the republic's president rob sam katter of says western media are always trying to create a negative image of modern day chechnya. it's always this way they're always in
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a hurry to tell the entire world the caucus is a place where there is no order and people are ready to kill anyone as if we were all murderers and terrorists they present church. people as criminals through the international community that's the way. it's always been so they want to say bierria the older regions st petersburg in other regions to treat us with apprehension and in not want to let our society consolidate and russia that sturdy policy once a terrorist happens to be from the caucasus why do they always underline that in public opinion he's russian anyway we're all russian citizens the caucasus belongs to russia where citizens are the russian federation as well as the others why are we always separated from russia if one comes from the caucuses and appears to be a terrorist then he turns into a common enemy and he's to be arrested or eliminated we're all doing it day in and
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day out i've lost everything fighting against extremism to put everything in order in our country and we will continue doing so we can assist the americans in this they have huge problems with that in iraq in that ganesh they do not display their fears but and here with our. sad saleem shahzad who is the pakistan bureau chief for asia times online said an international terror is behind a moscow airport body that doc was. i was recently in northern afghanistan and i gathered. organizations like islamic movement of uzbekistan and. groups and such and groups. of one is on the hubble did activity and the pope was is not the northern one is.
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actually. the words of. russia once the americans were you know started reducing their presence in. russia would be the most important reason enough want to stop and that's why it. is you know. strategy. several international newspapers have also been quoting sources suggesting the attack on domodedovo may have been planned outside of russia are. reports from washington security experts an investigative journalist that started looking into where these terrorists come from the telegraph and other media outlets say the bombers who carried out the moscow attack were thought to be part of a suicide squad training pakistan's al qaeda strongholds that were sent to the capital to target the city's transport system many security experts believe that terrorist groups operating in russia do get funding from abroad some of their members are known to have been trained abroad and also of fact here the new york
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state police the new york police department has sent people to moscow to learn about the attack which could help them prevent a similar tragedy here in the united states so if you think about it this really was an act of international terrorism attack the busiest international airport in washington the terrorist clearly knew that not only russian nationals are going to suffer everyone is talking about terrorism as a common threat and that the international community has to fight it together boredom sympathy and solidarity were coming from all over the world but the rhetoric hasn't always been like this for a long time the west would see that terrible things that terrorists had done in russia as part of some rebel separatist movement but now it's very much clear to everyone that these thugs are a threat to the whole of the international community and that their actions cannot be justified by anything but again it took the west the while to realize this or he's got a cheeky reporting from washington for people who have been killed and six injured
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in a car bomb attack in russia's republic of dagestan the device detonated outside a cafe in the town of house of europe in the second largest city in the republic investigators are now working at the scene in a similar incident two weeks ago four people died at another cafe in the city. terrorism has been in the spotlight at the world economic forum in davos in his opening keynote address president medvedev said the moscow airport bombers wanted to intimidate russia but had once again failed it's the first time that russia has been represented at the forum by its leader although the visit will be short of unplanned because of monday's attack on domodedovo has more from davos. of course he started by talking about the terror attack on monday at the other airports in fact klaus schwab who introduced him the head of the world economic forum last everyone to stand on their feet and observe a minute's silence in honor of the victims then met again i started to talk about the attack and he said that they all felt the pain of loss but it had strengthened the world's result to combat this international threat of terror that we see
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society it spreads indignation throughout the world and he again thanks leaders of the governments who had sent him messages of condolence but there was also element of defiance in what he said he said that they are terrorists expected that this would make him cancel his trip to davos and missed this appearance in front of the world to promote russia but in fact it did nothing of the so let's hear what he said about the us. here's rick dorsey were sure those who committed this terrible act targeting citizens of different countries expected their actions to bring russia to its knees but they thought room russia was aware of its place in the world that russia will fulfill its obligations towards its citizens and the world community unfortunately no state in the world is immune to terrorism terrorist attacks like this one in russia unfortunately can happen any time anywhere in the world there is no universal remedy against this evil even the one thing we can say
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for sure our success in battling this threat very much depends on solidarity and he did understandably spend quite a lot of time on that about five minutes of what was only a twenty minute speech but he did then move on to talk about various other things including environmental issues he mentioned how the world. he is only one step away from a major environmental disaster that could bring us to her to our knees he was talking about incidents like the icelandic volcano which stopped flights in europe he was talking about the extreme heat. wave this summer which caused just forest fires and he said that russia was proposing an early warning system to deal with monitoring those kinds of threats so that we would know before they happened that they were coming he also talked about the recent ratification in the russian government of the start treaty he said that was an extremely optimistic moment and he said that people all over the world will be breathing a sigh of relief about nuclear weapons in that case he also mentioned wiki leaks he said that he himself had read the wiki leaks cables about russia that had been
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released and he said there was nothing really new there that the majority of it could it seems have come from open source says let's hear what he had to say about that should be issued also mutlu i think that we can issue should make the spirit of international relations healthier even though some states consider this an illegal activity the impact of this story is quite positive as for what was leaked some may find it interesting to others it's no secret as for me what i've read about russia would be nothing new to me there was a humble note in his speech as well he recognized that russia has been criticized by western governments and by the media and he also wanted to point out that russia has made advances in terms of legislation corporate governance the application of the rule of law and corruption but there is still a lot more work to do. stay with us here on our team will be bringing the highlights of president bit of a speech around twenty minutes and any time on our t.v. dot com. the nuclear cuts treaty between russia and the u.s.
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known as the start treaty has been ratified by russia's federation council the upper house of parliament the deal would slash both country's nuclear arsenals by about a third it's now been approved by both houses of russia's parliament and must be signed into law by president medvedev our correspondent ever picking up the details . everything happened really quickly just on tuesday they stay duma ratified the treaty now the federation council has unanimously voted for the ratification of the treaty which means that both chambers also poland have now supported it it's also backed by both president dmitry medvedev who is sitting now he can now sign a treaty and president barack obama would lead in both just personally monitoring the way ratification has been going in fact on tuesday barack obama praised the state decision to ratify the deal previously were able to speak to the chairman of the federation council's committee for international affairs who also in the long
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running negotiations may come out of the elephant he says that this is a significant step forward in the relations between moscow and washington we managed to pass successfully through the us senate the so-called wanted three agreement on the russian american cup ration and the nuclear field i mean the peaceful part of it. and. that is concerned we also moving forward on the russians w t o accession america is very supportive we are moving relatively fast and i think that two thousand and eleven will be the year of russia's w t o accession after that will merican partners will have to do their part of their work repealing the so-called jackson that commandment which is one of the dinosaurs of political addressing the time of the cold war.
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but it's not enough we have to have more time as we have to have more docking mechanisms we have to have more bridges the more dependent we are the better it is for our future it's the third such agreement between the two countries the first two were signed back in one thousand nine hundred one and in one thousand nine hundred three with the slate. one is meant to reduce the. weapons on both sides by over one third so it's significant for global security russian deputies did make some special statements or recommendations first of all securing moscow's right to step out of the treaty if it feels threatened by a u.s. missile defense plans in europe and secondly. that similar recommendations made previously by the u.s. congress are none binding meeting the will do not really washington from its obligations previously the u.s. congress has secured washington's rights to modernize the remaining arms and has also claimed that the treaty should not obstruct america's missile defense plans
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but the statements on both sides are non binding meaning they will not affect the actual implementation of the agreement washington based nonproliferation analyst max bergman says that russia and the u.s. will still be able to protect themselves even if their nuclear arsenals are cut this first of all is about the security of the united states and the security of russia this is about unwinding the excesses of the cold war that this isn't some radical reduction this is going down the fifteen hundred fifty strategic nuclear arms for both sides which is more than enough for both sides to determine the other and to destroy the world many times over so i think this is firmly in the security interests of both the united states and russia that maintaining a huge nuclear arsenal is very expensive and extremely unnecessary so i think you know this is about bringing both countries back to the same level of nuclear weapons because we reached really insane levels during the cold war i think it will
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have a real international implications in effect other countries as decision making as well when it comes to nuclear weapons. twenty seven years international holocaust remembrance day it marks the day in one thousand nine hundred five when the infamous auschwitz birkenau concentration camp was liberated it's estimated that a million jews and more than one hundred thousand other people were murdered there even today some questions remain unanswered over what exactly happened during the nazi occupation of poland. history professor young gross explains what happened however all over occupied europe in the territories that the germans have invaded is that the local population was as the jews were being the security local population got drawn into that process of persecution in the benefit it materially from it and. was they lacked and to give shelter to jews who were trying to avoid the german network but seems to me that and they said it isn't was
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a fairly well ingrained element of people's world outlook at the time and did not see more to say first of all the jews. evil and they should be isolated and things should be taken away from them this was this was a kind of a set of slogans which local people have accepted with. some interest so to speak and then slowly they were drawn into assisting in various ways in the process of round up and occasionally unfortunately also in direct assaults and even killings that were especially in the east that was actually a directive of the nazi police chief at the time. to invite the local population to be active in acts of programs and killings of the jews and unfortunately there was
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quite a sponsor at that time. taken loadout some other stories making headlines across the globe at least two people have died in the second day of anti-government riots in egypt officials report that eight hundred sixty people have been detained in clashes with government forces and that some of them would face charges for taking part in the band protests the president's immediate families report into a flow into the u.k. the rest comes against a backdrop of growing anger over the rampant poverty and unemployment. the new has well about prime minister of lebanon has started to form his cabinet following two days of widespread protests thousands of sunni muslims poured into the streets burning tires throwing rocks and accusing the militant group of a coup the new pm has vowed to unify lebanon's diverse society hezbollah and its allies ousted the previous western backed government two weeks ago when they quit the cabinet. now back to the russian president's opening address to the world economic forum in davos addressing world and business leaders president medvedev
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talked about terrorism and a wide range of other issues from the importance of nuclear cuts with the u.s. to the impact of wiki leaks disclosures on international relations the whole species sport full speech available anytime on our website r.t. dot com an excerpt up next. speaking today mr swan ladies and gentleman the day before yesterday in moscow at
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adama international airport a terrorist act was committed that took the lives of dozens of innocent people citizens of various countries fell victim to a terrorist act citizens of russia the united kingdom. germany austria kyrgyzstan is and was biggest down more than one hundred people were injured they are now in hospital the tragedy indeed shocked russian society although even before our country was subjected to serious tests the act caused indignation throughout the civilized world that. i have received numerous messages telephone calls from the leaders of foreign states leaders of international organizations expressing their condolences and solidarity i'm grateful for the condolences and for the words that i've just heard from you and from other participants of the forum together we mourn the loss of life the pain from the loss of human lives will stay in our hearts for long the pain of the loss of human lives will stay in our hearts but what has happened has only strengthened our desire to find affective protection against
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international terror and i believe this must be of it's not most important those who committed this act by targeting the citizens of various countries intended to bring russia to its knees force us to be defensive they expected and hoped that the president of russia would not come here to a tender for it among other things of course this is the criteria used to choose the time and place for committing that act of terror the but they miscalculated russia is aware of its place in the world russia is aware of its responsibilities to its citizens and will comply with the world and it responsibility to the world community. and this is why on this day i'm speaking from a this rostrum terrorism negates the most important thing the value of human life it tramples any rights and freedoms irrespective of ideology it generates fear and hatred and it's an obstacle to efforts to improve our world the terrorist acts seek
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to disrupt normal life the normal currents of life and such acts often force us to take tough decisions with these terrorist acts and change the way of thinking not only of those who fell victim but of all people living on the planet but unfortunately no state in the world is immune to terrorism the reality is that terrorist acts like the one that just happened in russia and not for the first time can happen at any time and at any place in the world no one is immune to that today there are no universal recipes to combat that evil but one thing can be said definitively. our success in countering this common threat depends very much on our solidarity and consolidated action. particularly when globalization has made the world more interdependent than before and we have to win hearts and build upon the efforts in our joint struggle against terrorism in the way we need to do all we can to influence if not the ideology then the social and economic roots of terrorism
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poverty unemployment illiteracy poor upbringing and we have to ensure that global development is stable just and fair but once again let me thank you for your expressions of kindness our forum is held at a time when many say the economic crisis is over but at the same time it's obvious that it's not all that simple a period of extra rapid development resulted in many people becoming euphoric but the crisis has sobered everyone but we have coped with only one part of the sequence of the crisis and until we find a model for economic growth development is bound to be slower than we would like it to be at the same time we have learned some serious lessons not only from the economics but modern day civilization is well developed at least compared to what it was two hundred years ago. but one technical disaster or mistake could be enough to bring us to the brink of environmental catastrophe and continents will be cut
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off from each other as it was in the past the eruption of iceland's volcano oil spill in the mexican gulf unprecedented heat in russian summer catastrophic floods and snow. all this makes us think about the fragility of human power on earth we can further procrastination could be dangerous and the thing is not just to complete the longstanding climate talks although that must be done but what is also what issue is to create a common monitoring system for environmental and hazardous systems and an early warning system for emergencies. russia has advanced this initiative and i hope that our partners too will agree that this question is long over due today we need new ideas capable of changing the world for the better ideas that are contemporary and says to contemporary problems for nation states for business and for public development. but speaking of security russia has expressed its specific proposals on creating new security in europe and i believe that such topics can be discussed
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everywhere including here at the economic forum in davos. today the actions of politicians in international relations are lagging behind progress some politicians continue to live off the phantoms of the cold war they are carried away by primitive force ambitions but at the same time this period is seeing almost a billion people let's realize this number using social networks for the first time in the history of mankind my people are communicating with each other directly or being on different continents that's incredible and our world is becoming increasingly flatty borders are vanishing people are being united by the same idea and no national government can claim to have a full influence over these communities perhaps that's for the better.
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