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would international. evergreen lawyer told him told. the day that pulled was not stated by terrorists from the chechen republic but has deep national rates we'll bring you the latest on that story just keep. president be tryna get of sets the tone for the economic forum in davos and you know it's the compas in terror threats environmental disasters nuclear nonproliferation and the weaken the scale. and us president barack obama's upbeat state of the union address met with skepticism by average americans who say he's not focusing on the right things.
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he wants in r t coming to live from moscow i'm married to josh welcome to the program now a gathering to commemorate the thirty five victims of a terror attack of russia's airport will be held in the heart of moscow later on thursday the blast of the airport's arrival zone comes less than a year after two suicide bombers from north caucasus struck on moscow's metro the russian government however says the latest attack is not linked to chechnya based terrorists for more we can now cross live on and sara was outside of an airport morning to sara so it sounds like we might be getting closer to finding out who exactly is behind this attack. well as he said the investigation is now pointing to the fact that this attack wasn't anything to do with the chechen republic we know that the investigators have managed to find the body of the suicide and that a team of analysts have been looking at a picture of the head of that person and they said that it's not someone from the north killed says that it is. it's like it's
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a person first southern european or arabic origin but now this is despite claims in the western media that was very quick to jump to conclusions about the fact that it was someone from the north this you know obviously when the bombings happened just a couple of days after a terrorist group from the north caucasus claimed responsibility now with this attack we haven't yet had anyone claim responsibility because they said we see a lot of speculation in western media a lot of conclusions very short on the ground with facts and we can hear now from the head of the chechen republic about this reaction from the international community that is very quick to a conclusion when it comes to that region. it's always this way they're always in a hurry to told the entire world that the caucus is a place where there is no order and people are ready to kill anyone as if we were all murderers and terrorists who present. people as criminals to the international
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community that's the way they're making their politics. so it's also you just heard that there are some reports that person for russia star polar region has been arrested in connection with the attack that they're still working to try and identify who the person who the party of the bomber is a nazi said this attack having received international condemnation we've heard president vader saying that. it was the attacks happen that now needs an international response and international community unite against what now looks like a threat. well yes or let's not talk more about the response from in public as well as political to the tragedy. we saw yesterday the day of mourning lots and lots of people turning up to. pay tribute to days he fell victim to the attack we need today commemorative. in the hearts of must be held at four thirty
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pm at the exact time the blast happened and he was able to attend and of course as we said in the international reaction international condemnation of this attack and the investigation is now going to continue and we've already seen the strong words from president of a different prime minister putin when this attack happened already being put into action we've had a number of firings of top officials within the interior ministry working in the area of trials but we know that they're going to be looking very closely at the operation of the child and the airport authorities and they're going to continue to do that to find out exactly who is involved exactly who's responsible and hold them accountable. all right sara thanks very much indeed for bringing us the latest on the surface there. and scientology who is pakistani bureau chief for the asia times online says an international terror hub is behind the moscow era bombing
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airport rather there was a plan by the. i was recently in northern no one is. and i gathered. organizations like islamic movement of uzbekistan and other. groups and church and groups. of one is on the whole did our duty and the pope is not targeting the northern of one is. actually. two words. one americans were you know started reducing the presence in of one istanbul russia would be the most important regional player in the one a storm. ivan eland a senior fellow at the in a panacea to washington d.c. points out that despite representing what is commonly known as islamist religion is not necessarily the principal reason behind their actions people may have been
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trained in pakistan and the al qaeda areas the problem that you have with those areas is there are many groups that are there and they all have different causes that they are fighting it seems like all these people are islamised what we generally cause law most but they are they often have separate goals so a lot of these terrorists groups are local for instance al qaida focuses on the us other groups focus as i mentioned i'm india so it's usually despite their religion that's not usually the main factor and after the bombing in the airport nato and russia have vowed to work together to fight terrorism marty spoke to nato military committee chairman admiral dipali and says the fight against terrorism remains a top priority. we have already agreed that the fight against terrorism is one of the meaning of vocal preaching the need to rush a worker program what happened in the monday he's in even more and other witnesses
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to dance and so easy increasing our that diminish to hold together to fight terror because terrorists as no like that is not terrorism is still a food still and we need to work together to counter it to win it that's what we have to do old international community together. and following the ratification of the strategic arms reduction treaty by moscow and washington russia nato is top military officials to discuss joint missile defense in europe the two agreed in lisbon last november how to cooperate in the creation of a system to have the russian general staff nicol on a card says there should be a clear understanding of the outcome of the project. building missile defense systems in europe is complicated because it affects the global stability reached through the new start treaty the russian proposals have unfortunately not been mit's with full understanding first nato suggests building
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the systems stage by stage the logical that's unacceptable for us we must understand what russia's final role in building missile defense systems is nato in the us said we should stop to analyze all the threats and challenges and to understand how we'll cooperate this gives us confidence that we'll be building those missile defense systems together if not the consequences will be disastrous. and building global security has become more likely where the signing of the new start treaty says your deputy director and c.e.o. of the national security network. it's very beneficial to all involved the u.s. and russia have now fully engaged in the restart of the relationship and put substance behind it a lot of good rhetoric over the last year and a half now we actually have an agreement a bipartisan agreement from capitol hill also is a very unique moment and so we see an american russian consensus around the key
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issue of security for both countries there's a clear interest in moving past the cold war and security threats are dynamic now we have terrorism and as you noted in moscow on monday these these threats come from a very long arm potentially from countries outside of nato and outside of europe the hope is that this will create a new dynamic and create new opportunities now that everyone who cares about arms control and is looking at nuclear weapons as a serious issue sees it the u.s. and russia can make progress it does give an opportunity for a new thinking about how do you dress this in two thousand and eleven and what you are coming to you live from moscow still look on the program making the see on the anniversary of the liberation of the nazis largest death camp a joint effort by google. to read the masses on the atrocities of the holocaust. now look out why ordinary people in america don't share the optimism your president
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sought to instill in his state of the union address. the russian president has opened the world economic forum in davos shifting discussions towards global security we have proposed new ways should be worked out to calculate the risks that threaten the world artie's lore and it listens to the president's speech. today is the first full day of. world economic forum but the tone for the rest of the meeting was really set by the keynote speech made last night by russian president dmitri medvedev he was introduced by the head of the forum klaus schwab who asked the audience to stand and observe a minute's silence in memory of the victims of monday's bomb blast at domodedovo airport understandably president medvedev then started his speech by talking about that bomb blast he told us about the way that it had shaken society and created indignation throughout the world and he thanked again world leaders who had sent
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him messages messages of solidarity and he also had some quite defiant words to say both to the terrorists and to the world at large sears rick dorsey. those who committed this terrible act targeting citizens of different countries expected their actions to bring russia to its knees but they thought he moved on then to talk about environmental disasters and how the world is potentially just one serious environmental disaster away from complete meltdown he was talking about events like the icelandic volcano that erupted stopping all flights inside europe he was also talking about things like the extreme heat. last summer which caused all these very serious forest fires russia has proposed an early warning system to do with those kinds of disasters and the aim is that the world will be able to work together to. he also talked about wiki leaks and he said that he himself had read the wiki leaks revelations so-called about russia and he said that they seemed to him as if they could have come from open source isn't there was nothing very new
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that. ultimately i think the wiki leaks issue should make the spirit of international relations feel fear even though some states consider this an illegal activity the impact of this story is quite positive as for what was leaked some may find it interesting to others it's no secret as for me what i've read about right. has been nothing new to me and he also struck a slightly humble nature he said that he recognized that russia has come in for some criticism from other world leaders and from from media organizations he wants to point out the advances that russia has made in terms of legislation corporate governance the application of the rule of law and eradicating corruption but he admitted that there was still work to be done on earth to the speech we talked to some people about what they thought about what made it it had said how they'd received his speech but i was very struck by how humble and measured the speech is a very measured assessment of where russian stands and where it needs to go.
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opening financial markets and inviting investors from the world to come to. russia and be part of the russian development i think he sees. very very to the point you know it's also very one of the biggest sessions to be held today will be a session titled russia's next steps to modernization and that was supposed to be attended by president medvedev but he has had to go back to moscow to deal with the aftermath of monday's bomb blast at the airport say first steps apartments to either suv all us will take his place to talk about how to modernize russia. and we'll bring you more coverage of the ongoing summit in our business bulletin also later in the program financial analyst max kaiser is focusing on the economic aspects of what's being decided in switzerland. about instituting one hundred trillion dollars of new debt that's one hundred trillion dollars of worth of
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cocktail napkins with smeared lipstick that says one hundred trillion dollars i would exchange the most corrupt bankers for the pay for these overpriced orders. in the name of israel's national holocaust museum and the search giant google have announced a joint project on nazi era archives more than one hundred thousand photos and documents from the museum will now be available online this comes as the world marks international holocaust remembrance day on the twenty seventh of january on this day in nine hundred forty five the largest of the nazi concentration camps with birkenau was liberated by the soviet army it's estimated around six million jews were murdered by the german regime in europe even today some questions remain unanswered over what exactly took place during the nazi occupation of poland as history professor john gross explains. what's happened however all over occupied europe in the territories that the germans have invaded is that local population
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was as jews were being persecuted local population got drawn into that process of persecution in the benefit but clearly from it and. was of elected to give shelter to jews who were trying to avoid the german network but seems to me that and they said it isn't was a fairly well ingrained element of people's world outlook at the time and see. to say first of all that. they should be isolated and things should be taken away from them this was this was a kind of a set of slogans which local people have accepted with. some interest so to speak and then slowly they were drawn into assisting in various ways in the process of round up and occasionally unfortunately also in direct
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solves anything killings there were especially in the east it was actually a directive from. the police chief at the time. to in the violate the local population to be active in acts of programs killings of the troops and unfortunately there was quite a response at that time and one day on from barack obama's state of the union address his rhetoric filled speech is being worn over but many doubt their president's rosy depiction of the u.s. or if the president's words will become reality are just pristine for is our use of the average american. you can find them at the crossroads in truck stops of most small cities in america and just about everyone at some point has stopped in for breakfast served twenty four hours a day. at the waffle house this one in dumfries virginia draws in truck drivers and
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teachers and even high school students like fernando where to who are just eighteen years old criticizes the government for focusing so many of its resources outside of the country i don't think we should be too worried about other nations right now like i don't like i mean i know there's big catastrophes like haiti and stuff that do need help but i don't think that's shouldn't even be in the top twenty of our list of concerns. the concerns of the country were highlighted in president obama's state of the union address tuesday night where he also highlighted progress through years after the worst recession most of us have ever known the stock market has come warring but corporate profits are up the economy is growing again it's a claim julie warner doesn't totally agree with we need to want our jobs back i mean we're the economy has not been stimulated like this for the average person the suffering goes on to have several college degree family members with no jobs have
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been laid off. what have the house foreclosed we decided to travel a little further down the road to the grayson village mobile home park people we might hear describe themselves as ordinary americans it's just about thirty miles outside of washington d.c. but in many. way remember all that we met robert allen who lives here with his wife barbara and father in law irvin watkins he says many people at his own company lost their jobs their health insurance and their hope he says congress should stop propping up the banks and stop spending money on wars they ought to look at their own people for. that tax money is made in america that's been if not made in other countries so it should be here first. before you take somebody. at the state of the union address in light of the deadly shootings in
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tucson arizona many republicans and democrats opted to sit together instead of in different sections what comes of this moment is up to us what comes of this moment will be determined not by whether we can sit together tonight but whether we can work together tomorrow. so what's the likelihood of that happening anything when something happens everyone comes together and we're going to do the moment we hang out together we love each other the next week the fight over health care. just like taken a kid and put him in a candy shop. be good give me some candy that's what it looks like to me you put him there just put in the eye and the madi be kicking at each other again for americans like this the words are a start that our future is hopeful our journey goes forward but the action still
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seems a long way off reporting in dumfries virginia christine for south r.t. may god bless. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world down twenty one workers have been killed in colombia in the deadly coal mine explosion five of the workers died at the entrance to the mine with another fourteen still left to be recovered officials suspect the explosion is likely to have been caused by a buildup of methane gas a similar blast occurred in the same mine four years ago killing thirty two people such fatal accidents are common in colombia latin america's largest oil producer. hundred anti-government protesters have been arrested across egypt after a second day of clashes with police after demonstrations the interior ministry banned public gatherings and stated that anyone taking to the streets will be prosecuted these unprecedented protests are said to be inspired by the uprising in
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tunisia and are evidence of the public's deep discontent with a political regime in. australia has unveiled a new taps to help pay for the devastation caused by recent flooding the tax will be levied in july and will last for twelve months affecting those with incomes over fifty thousand dollars while those who suffer losses from the floods will not pay the destruction will cost the federal budget excess of five billion dollars the floods which affect the vast parts of australia have been called a national tragedy. all brings us up to date here on our time now for the business news with you it don't go away. hello and a very welcome to the business update the economy was central to president madrid as opening speech to the dollar's form he said russia is already taken steps to make its economy more attractive to investors and he outlined
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a range of issues that he said will broaden the country's industrial base one of the key points is a massive sale of state assets which he hopes will stimulate better management. i have an issue agent an unprecedented program of privatization of large state owned companies over the next three years large stakes in the banking infrastructure and energy sectors will be privatized for the overall sum of tens of billions of dollars it is not the state budget we care about but improving the efficiency of companies and the business environment. and business archie's danielle fishel was in davos listening to the speech and tells us how it was received by the international audience in the hall where the president of russia dmitry medvedev was speaking there was a sense of a new start in russia u.s. business relations american business leaders listening were nodding and one even said to me that medvedev gets business in a way that barack obama does not the president of america of course on the fire in
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some quarters back home for his perceived lack of understanding of business present really harness many of the key themes that are being expressed throughout several forums here this week one is the push towards a new green way of doing business no longer is it enough to pander only to the shareholders and the bottom line the president made is that it's very important for business to take care of the environment and also make that at the forefront of the way it does business a third and finally russia hitched the way it does business to the rest of europe saying that it would start to forge a common economic growth and with the european union also in its attempts to draw on the world trade organization and then the o.e.c.d. the organization for economic cooperation and development. and one of the most widely expected details of dollars has been signed last nafta and b.p. have concluded a framework agreement on corporation it confirms their plan to fully joint venture
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to develop arctic fails ross net will take six to seven percent of the venture the rest will be owned by b.p. the arctic reserves account for roughly four percent of global oil over sources and around six percent of the world's gas consensus the head of b.p. robert dudley says russia is a top priority for the company. i think it's a very good good deal for b.p. i think it's a good deal for us now i think it's a watershed deal in the international oil industry i think it's good for russia this cross holding between two companies that have aligned interests is is a very good thing i think it's a harbinger of things you know it's in the decades ahead between the international oil companies and national how important is the arctic to p.p.s. new oil production strategy i think the arctic has great potential you look at the maps in russia i think it's going to be something that's great for russia good for the companies involved and a course of b.p. were very very excited about it could new finds hope to maintain oil production at
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current levels if you look out to the year two thousand and thirty the growth in oil production will be fairly limited its value though will be high the world will need forty percent more energy by twenty thirty it's going to be something the world needs how would you summarize b.p.'s new strategy going forward well i'd probably say three three ways one we are deeply embedded in safety risk management into everything we do in the company we're going to meet our commitments we need to rebuild trust back in the company and then our strategy going forward to rebuild the value for shareholders in b.p. and the future prospects with ross not just part of that where is b.p. now in the off the mass of the gulf of mexico oil spill well we have many many commitments to meet there we've got a long way to go to rebuild the trust there so we haven't put it behind it where we're deeply embedded in the learnings from that experience in cross country company in terms of what we do everywhere around the globe. now let's take
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a look at how the markets operate forming asian stocks so high at this hour helped by mild gains on the wall street and fed's decision to keep supporting the u.s. economy with its point purchase plan the nikkei it's also my expectations for upbeat earnings and began its fall against the euro which has given strong support to export just so he rose zero point seven percent gains zero point eight percent. and let's have a look at how that works in markets finished on wednesday a steady recovery in moscow from monday's decline in choosing to finish oil and gas companies might as showed because it's telecoms were barely moving up. and gas from russia and of three percent on wednesday look oil were weaker than the markets continued its winning streak its shares were up more than one and a half percent. that's your business update for now joining us from when one else time.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to hope for a shelter on the day.


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