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tv   [untitled]    January 27, 2011 8:30am-9:00am EST

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in the palm of your. headlines the name of a reporter. has a. it's claimed. could have been an organizer or even a perpetrator of the blast which killed thirty five people. and right now we are checking out some live pictures here of people gathering in central moscow to commemorate the victims of the terror attack and. these are live pictures from a square watching the center of the capital a big sign of solidarity there of them on that monday last.
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becomes a reality. for. penetrating any anti missile defense systems including those still under construction. and the russian economy and investment climate of. the world economic forum in the. speech. we were just showing some live pictures there here on. a large number of people have gathered in push square right here in the center of moscow to commemorate the victims of monday's blast. killed the thirty five people here we are back to the live pictures now here and. they've been staging a minute of silence in fact they're doing it at exactly thirty two minutes past the hour eight secs. from now on that one minute of silence will be commemorated of
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that of the victims and here we have a moment to solve it starting right now. if you want. to do you know you. should. do it while it was thirty five people that were killed after monday's blast domodedovo airport and about one hundred eighty people were wounded many of them are still in critical condition at least for the now we are back to the live pictures here as people are gathering up push the square in central moscow and it really is quite an impressive turnout there it's a large crowd of people showing their. sympathies and condolences for the victims of this on again about. a minute of silence.
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no i don't i looking at live pictures right there on the line from pushkin sky a square in the center of moscow with many many people lining up to share the second owner says and it's signs of sympathy as they lay down the flowers on candles at a memorial showing respect to the victims the thirty five victims of the terrorist act on monday afternoon a boy just south of the heart of moscow and it was full thirty two pm on monday the blast was detonated and i'm just now just a few minutes ago at four thirty two pm here most that time that began with a minute of silence followed by the china bells moments of silence and then a procession of people laying down the flowers and candles on and on really quite a moving picture say it with a vaastu crowd in attendance at this memorial for the victims of monday's terror
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attack more details to come. here. please do stay with us. in the headlines on our tape the name of a reported suspect wanted in connection with monday's. has appeared in the russian press it's a claim from a southern russia as of staff could have been an organizer or even a perpetrator of blast that killed thirty five. people have gathered in central moscow to commemorate victims. exactly three days
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after the deadly blast. part of moscow lots of people in attendance laying down flowers and lighting. and science fiction becomes a reality as russia's armed forces have reportedly built a next generation a nuclear warhead it's capable of penetrating any anti missile defense systems including those still currently under construction. and the russian economy and investment climate are discussed on day two of the world economic forum in davos the turn for the event by the russian president's opening keynote speech on wednesday. while the upper chamber of the russian parliament has now approved the long awaited start treaty so caught up with one of the main men behind the negotiations that interview is next.
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the new strategic arms reduction treaty between moscow and washington is set to reduce the number of strategic arms on each side by around one third which is a significant step forward in terms of both global security and the lesions between the two countries for more on this i'm joined by the chairman off russia's federation council as committee for international relations. thank you very much for joining thank you for having me here presidents and innovative and i wanna were able to sign this treaty before you were asked and republicans gained control of the house of representatives of then they demanded that some amendments are made before the treaty could be ratified were you at any point worried that this treaty would not be passed. needless to say that for us in the upper chamber of the russian parliament all the work on the fakih ation has started long
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before the document was brought. to the floor to vote and we started our consultations with our colleagues in the u.s. senate even during the talks in geneva when negotiators teams were joined by american senators and by russian senators when we met in prague during the procedure of signing of that agreement and right up to the agreement was signed in prague in april we sent our delegation to washington we have a permanent working group the u.s. senate the russian federation council permanent working group which works successfully for the last almost eighty years it's co-chaired by ben nelson democrat from nebraska and by myself on the russian side so we started our consultations long ago and we were let's say trying to remove all
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the speed bumps on the way. the ready for creation which could appear because the discussion was rather tough both in washington and in moscow and i think we did. a significant amount of work together showing that for us both on the capitol hill and here in moscow. the word that is a reset is not just a word we mean when we say the reset we need that reset unfortunately during the last twenty years we've failed to work out the positive bilateral agenda both scald war agenda in our bilateral relations it's time to correct the mistakes of the past it's time to use that opportunity or lose it what impact does the ratification of the treaty have on this we set off relations between moscow and washington i think it's the way for the continuation of. joint work.
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again i consider that work to be the work on the positive bilateral agenda we did a lot of by the way working on the ratification we managed to pass successfully through the u.s. senate the a so-called one two three agreement on the russian american cup ration in the nuclear field i mean the peaceful part of it the nuclear energy and matt is concerned we also are moving forward on the russians w t o accession america is very supportive we are moving relatively fast and i think that two thousand and eleven will be the year of russia's w t o accession after that i will merican partners will have to do their part of their homework i mean repealing the so-called jackson benteke amendment which is one of the dinosaurs of political
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drastic parker of the time of the cold war. but it's not enough we have to have more time as we have to have more docking mechanisms we have to have more bridges the more into dependent we are the better it is for our future how should she be ready to kishen be interpreted by those examining russia's foreign policy well actually for russia it's quite a natural step. i think that one of the main goals of our foreign policy is to have. friendly or at least in your drill neighborhood on our borders. russian united states america our only fifty kilometers far from each other we have a merry time border in the bering strait far in the north op in the north. and i think that for us the relationship with the united states of america is of crucial importance we are two biggest nuclear powers we are two biggest global powers we
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have to coordinate what we do in the international arena so for us it was quite a natural step just to explain to our viewers why have russian lawmakers sought to amend elements of this treaty well. the statements which we adopted both in the duma and in the federation council did not amend the text of the text will be implemented all the way to was signed by the two presidents and the same can be also said by all the statements adopted by the us senate we make political declarations we are politician is likely to not go for there and here this is our with job and making our political declarations we will to draw. some kind of guidelines for our wood governments saying that these are what concerns these are our ideas and if you want to be successful as to governments you should listen to us you should hear our concerns and i think we are just trying to push ahead with
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two governments in that process of building bridges which make us closer to each other but what effect do you think these recommendations i think or special statements may have well of course our executive powers both american and russian should continue the work. of all the mechanisms which were created by the presidents obama and vieja in the framework of the reset i mean all the joint commissions all the joint to working groups. they have to work hard we should not repeat the mistake which was made by the previous administrations when president bush and president putin is. agreed that we have to build a partnership but that signal was not clearly sent to the level of two bureaucracies and two bureaucracies to my mind managed to bury successfully of the
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idea of real partnership between russia and the us and we ended up in august of two thousand and eight at the lowest point of bilateral understanding and mutual trust we should not repeat that mistake so we are trying to kick to bureaucracy as well lying to we're we're we're trying to push them forward we are ready to help them moving ahead and actually i am going to to do it to washington next week to take part in the u.s. national prayer breakfast where i will have many meetings on the capitol hill trying to inspire my colleagues in the u.s. senate to continue our with joint work which we know how to do successfully we learned how to roll up the sleeves kick out the journalists and discuss the issues of bilateral concern before they arise those problems we know how to work success little we know how to work rita really. the u.s.
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interpretation of the treaty says that it does not obstruct from any missile defense plans while russia insists there's a concrete link between offensive and defensive forms does this mean that there is a fundamentally incompatible understanding of this treaty on on both sides well. much has happened after the treaty was signed on the eighth of april two thousand and ten in prague nato and russia have successfully started the process of negotiations of joint missile defense project. we started working together and we are planning to continue that work the united states of america is a cornerstone of nato alliance we understand that pretty well so if we do that i mean missile defense project with nato that means that we shall be doing that project also together with the united states of america and and other nato member
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states so i think that the signing of. the private treaty between. united states america and russian federation gave very positive impact on the process of restoring mutual understanding and mutual trust between russia and nato so we are moving ahead and i think that the rectification will help that movement a lot is it fair to say that russia has embraced the spirit of the treaty while the u.s. is focused strictly on the your letter off the law well actually i think many people both in washington and in moscow have embraced the spirit of the treaty the problem before my american colleagues the way i see it is a very tough discussion a very tough you for you allow me to call it political. fight between the democrats on the river and the republicans mostly on the. internal agenda and unfortunately
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as it very often happens in many countries foreign policy and security issues become a kind of hostage of the debate on internal issues and we were really concerned during the debates in the u.s. senate that the reservation may become. kind of a victim of that discussion between democrats and republicans on the internal agenda well the political wisdom prevailed that was a very good signal a very good indication that foreign policy does not become a house that of internal debate but i think that most of the concerns and most of the criticism about the product treaty were connected with internal issues not not with the with the not not really with the with the perception of of russia as as a partner of the united states of america even though the treaty has been
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a ratified now some issues are still outstanding how do you think they will be resolved well we shall continue discussions we shall continue all the talks we have two very professional very successful teams of negotiators which worked hard in geneva but worked successfully. and i think that the legacy of that process of negotiations in geneva should be used it's a very valuable heritage we managed to. revive the institutional memory which to my mind has. almost forgotten because for about twenty years the issue of arms control was not an issue of bilateral agenda so i think that we have to be moving forward despite the differences in interpretation it. definitely that this treaty is a great example for other countries how likely is it do you think that others may join the st well are others should not join this treaty this is all
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a cup of tea and we shall be drinking that either with our merican partners big boys are sending a strong signal to the others we are reducing our nuclear arsenals watch our lips we are sending a signal to you the next phase will involve your nuclear arsenals otherwise it will not be a fair play thank you very much for your time thank you.


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