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thousands of gathered in central moscow to commemorate the victims of the terror attack a. days after the deadly blast that killed thirty five and injured over a hundred. so this is a saying the suspect is now being named in connection with the. protests in the revolt domino along the greater middle east analysts drawing parallels with the revolution seen in countries. we need to. i mean. economy has not been stimulated like. this by barack obama's optimism in his state of the union address looks at how ordinary americans find it hard to believe their
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president's assurances of a growing economy. with news from russia and around the world this is in moscow crowds have gathered at one of the russian capitals main squares to mourn the thirty five victims of monday's terror attack it comes as police have reportedly named one of the suspects who could have been behind the attack when i. discussed these developments with this can often push square and sarah at domodedovo airport. the ceremony began with a minute of silence at exactly four thirty two pm the time when the explosion happened to the much of the airport on monday and despite the freezing temperatures scores of people gathered here at pushkin square square which is not only one of the main squares and historic science of the city was also
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a scene of another terrorist attack in august two thousand wins the was a day of mourning in moscow and in moscow region people came to them on to the airport including officials and even for those geishas also laying flowers at the scene of the attack the moral services were held at churches mosques and synagogues across moscow and moscow region also in commemoration of the victims and the president the prime minister visited some of these ceremonies as well and just to remind you of this attack killed thirty five people and one hundred eighty others were injured so pretty much on thursday showed as well that the city and probably be entire country is still in shock after this attack started you know tell me about how the investigation is going you are going to go to the site of monday's boston any progress being made at this point. but we've had some sources naming
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a suspect in connection to that attack we know his surname is the rest of each day and he's believed to be from russia start politer and i know is also a thought that he has possible links to the now disbanded nic i terrorists. and we know that that. was headed by shamil basayev and has links to international terrorist organizations now they've been responsible for a number of bombings a very senior is one of these attacks was carried out at domodedovo airport when t. planes take off from the airport exploded in the air when bombs were set off and one of the female suicide bombers aboard one of the planes that was headed facility i was also a connector. with the new guy terrorist group. we've also heard that there are on ten other suspects big thought to be connected to the attack but these of course all the unofficial sources though we've heard from the investigators here is that they've been able to find the body parts of the suicide bomber and they had a team of experts working to analyze
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a picture of the head and the experts believe that person to be over southern european or arab origin say the investigation here continuing and we know the think his a claim is also be pointing to the transport and airport authorities we've already seen president medvedev acting on these serious files that he said to hold days accountable for people who are responsible accountable and we've already seen a number of firings of top officials involved in the child's will sector today president medvedev visited the riyadh station in the stench of most to see how the security systems were working there he was joined by the most came out in a number of other officials they were really assessing the situation the message here in the wake of the attack very clear they want to ensure the security is as tight as it possibly can. so for reporting there well as the hunt for those responsible continues american defense analyst says al qaeda or other groups linked to it much of their reasons for attacking russia. these people may have been
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trained in pakistan and the al qaeda areas the problem that you have with that those areas is there are many groups that are there and they all have different causes that they are fighting it seems like all these people are islamised what we generally call islamised but they are they often have separate goals and usually groups have a specific target in mind they've done studies on suicide bombings and this technique is often used against democracies to try to get them to withdraw from various areas now if russia got more heavily involved in afghanistan in the region again of course you might see some of the groups there. go against russia it has to do with the main reason the al qaeda attacks the united states because it. meddles in the muslim world they know who they're targeting what country they're targeting and they know why they're targeting well following the attack it doesn't have a nato and russia have to work closely together in the fight against global terror
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as a matter of priority and it has made it to committee chairman total t. the victory over terrorism is possible only if there is unity among the international community we will raid the agreed that. the fight against terrorism is one of the main a radical preacher in the need to rush a worker program what happened in the monday is an even more and then the witnesses to the ins and so is increasing you know that to me need to work together to fight terror because terrorists as no like to as no call to raise food and we need to work together to counter it to win it that's what we have to do old international community together. even so work on a joint missile defense system in europe remains a stumbling block in russia nato relations at that meeting in brussels russian military officials called on the lines to give clear answers over moscow's role in the european missile shield russia's chief of the general staff nicholas mcardle
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says that nato partners are still reluctant to listen to moscow's proposals. or to build an missile defense systems in europe is complicated because it affects the global stability reached through the new start treaty the russian proposals have unfortunately not been mit's with full understanding first later suggests building the systems stage by stage the logical it's unacceptable for us we must understand what russia's final role in building a missile defense systems is no two in the us said we should stop to analyze all the threats and challenges and to understand how we'll cooperate this gives us confidence that we'll be building those missile defense systems together if not the consequences will be disastrous. but there's more on russia and nato in our interview with the chairman of the federation council's foreign affairs committee and that second later in the program. protests inspired by the revolt in tunisia
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have dominated along egypt yemen and algeria william and doll for the book full spectrum dominance says this wave of unrest has the same roots as the color of a nation seen in post soviet countries. what happened in georgia with the orange revolution or rather the rose revolution in georgia ukraine with the orange revolution two thousand and three two thousand and four was part of a long term strategy orchestrated by the pentagon the state department and various us financed and geos like the freedom house and national endowment for democracy to create nato regime change in those former soviet union areas and to literally encircle russia now the what what's going on in the middle east with the jasmine revolution in tunisia that we saw a few days ago and now in egypt well we have a food crisis taking place that is the backdrop and within that you have these n.g.o.s like freedom house training activists in trade unions and various other
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organizations to demand democracy demand human rights and so forth the majority of this appears to be orchestrated very finally by technique nonviolent revolution by gene sharp's albert einstein institute in cambridge the same footprint that we saw going back as far as serbia with the ouster of billows which russia's own forces now reportedly have a brand new nuclear warhead at their disposal it doesn't violate any part of the recently signed reduction treaty with the u.s. and the design is says it will be able to beat any current missile defense system and any other being built well these are the but it takes a look. the designers say it'll be able to penetrate almost all the french shields not only current ones but ones in production for the next forty years now this concept is so unique so groundbreaking actually prompted the chief designer of the missile to come out and say that thirty years ago this sort of concept would have
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actually been considered as science fiction is that futuristic that advanced now we know that when the missile is in flight it will actually have several independently target for warheads will be deployed each with its own thermal technology what that means it'll they'll be allowed to go on undetected innovate any missile shield now other than those missiles you don't actually know any more about this one we're already russia claims to be in possession of one of the most powerful missiles there is in the world with ten independently top of the warheads each with a range of eleven thousand kilometers and obviously there's the design is a conference that will be even more powerful than that and so clearly that the technology they possess and have come up with is clearly very advanced indeed now they've been testing this for the last year the next two years they hope to combine it with current missiles and current carries they have later this year they hope to commission and put into service a new boulevard which the c c based in the continental may sell now this all may sound like quite aggressive posturing on russia's part but actually under the new start treaty there is there aren't actually any restrictions at all on the
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development of new technology so what they see is is more of a the terrence rather than anything else and hence the comment the statement from the defense ministry anatoly a surge of calls he said that should russia nato fail to actually come up with a joint missile defense shield in europe and russia will be forced to come up with one of their own. parties are the better reporting there from moscow. while on the second day of the day was economic forum in switzerland the russian economy has been at the center of much discussion in follows the russian president's opening keynote speech on wednesday with first time russia has been represented at the forum by its leader i meet him if it is visit was she. which of them planned due to monday's attack on domodedovo airport at the bombing was the first topic he touched upon in his speech before turning to issues of preventing manmade disasters and also the wiki leaks revelations covers for him lasts until sunday. and on a website by the way r.t.
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dot com we're asking up what do you think people decide at the forum let's have a look at the results so far on screen just six percent of you think the devils forum is there to make the world a better place almost half of you that's right about forty two percent believe it's an excuse for the rich to get richer at the expense of those not attending a third think it some opportunity for the powerful to plot how to stay in power and twenty percent of you have gone with a less or minus option you think it's the big fashion fads for the year ahead being talked about well those are the results at the moment on screen and still have your say it'll be good to hear from you on this issue at r.t. dot com. and while politicians and bankers are holding discussions of the form all artes talos financial critic max kaiser is keeping a close eye on what's been decided there in switzerland and the full program is coming up in twenty minutes from now. you are going to cern out there and rightfully so because the global economy is being held hostage by the global
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kleptocracy that's meeting this week in devore owes its argue about all of the ways are going to totally screw know the global economy so more and still more money goes out of their best doing they're talking about instituting one hundred trillion dollars of new debt that's one hundred trillion dollars of worthless cocktail napkins with smeared lipstick that serves one hundred trillion dollars i don't exchange the most corrupt bankers for the pay for these god for sake of a price gougers. the parliamentary assembly of the council of europe is calling for new sanctions against the better russian leadership it follows december's disputed election which saw president alexander lukashenko off europe's last dictator stay in power in the protests the fall of the vote six hundred people were arrested some of whom were badly beaten along the best political analysts gloria says the e.u.
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will not apply financial pressure on batteries he would probably listen when the sanctions hurt where it hurts most and that economy however the chief european diplomat catherine ashton has already indicated that the european bloc is not interested in imposing sanctions that would hurt the economy and thereby their livelihood belorussians when do european union openly says that they are going to fund students in media outlets for a position and then he's actually using these for his own advantage cheese thriving on these statements and saying that look i was right all along these are agents of the west and they are trying to unseat me but in reality things are not as black and white as a look at who probably would have won the election is just his stubbornness to give more democratic opening. his heavy handed treatment
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a position that has triggered a political standoff. the american economy is growing and corporate profits are up that's the optimistic assessment barack obama made in his annual state of the union address but as artie's christine for zolfo doubt if as obama said we measure progress by the success of ordinary people there's little ground for optimism. you can find them at the crossroads in truck stops of most small cities in america and just about everyone at some point has stopped in for breakfast served twenty four hours a day. at the waffle house this one in dumfries virginia draws in truck drivers and teachers and even high school students like fernando where to who had just eighteen years old criticizes the government for focusing so many of its resources outside of the country i don't think we should be too worried about other nations right now
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i don't like i mean i know there's been catastrophes like haiti and stuff that do need help but i don't think that's shouldn't even be in the top twenty of heartlessly concerns. the concerns of the country were highlighted in president obama's state of the union address tuesday night where he also highlighted progress two years after the worst recession most of us have ever know the stock market has come warring but corporate profits are up the economy is growing again it's a claim julie warner doesn't totally agree with we need to want our jobs back i mean for the economy has not been stimulated like it said for the average person the suffering goes on to have several college degree family members with no jobs have been laid off or. what have the house foreclosed we decided to travel a little further down the road to the grayson village mobile home park people we might hear describe themselves as ordinary americans it's just about thirty miles
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outside of washington d.c. but in many. way remember we met robert allen who lives here with his wife barbara and father in law irving watkins he says many people at his own company lost their jobs their health insurance and their hope he says congress should stop propping up the banks and stop spending money on wars they ought to look at their own people for. but tax money is made in america that's been. made in a lot of countries so it's to be your first take. before you take somebody . at the state of the union address in light of the deadly shootings in tucson arizona many republicans and democrats opted to sit together instead of in different sections what comes of this moment is up to us what comes of this moment will be determined not by whether we can sit together tonight but whether we can
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work together tomorrow. so what's the likelihood of that happening anything when something happens everyone comes together and we're going to do the moment we hang out together we love each other but the next week the fight over health care. just like taken a kid. and put him in a candy shop. be good give me some candy that's what it looks like to me you put them together just. and the model be kicking at each other again for americans like this the words are a start that our future is hopeful our journey goes forward but the action still seems a long way off reporting in dumfries virginia christine for south r.t. thank god for. well it's up to nineteen minutes past the hour here in the russian capital with a look at our main stories in just over ten minutes from now in the meantime as the
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opportunity of the russian parliament has approved the long awaited start treaty caught up with one of the key players behind the negotiations and that interview is coming up next stay with us. president obama were able to sign the treaty before us republicans deemed control of the senate and then the demand in for these amendments or so-called special
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statements in order for the treaty to be able to be passed were you at any point. concerned that this treaty we not be ratified needless to say of that for us in the upper chamber of the russian parliament or the work on the fic ation has started long before the document was brought. to the floor to vote and we started our consultations with our colleagues in the u.s. senate even during the talks in geneva when negotiators teams were joined by american senators and by russian senators when we met in prague during the procedure of signing of that agreement and right after the agreement was signed in prague in april we sent our delegation to washington we
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have a permanent working group the u.s. senate the russian federation council permanent working group which works successfully for the last almost eighty years it's co-chaired by ben nelson democrat from nebraska and by myself on the russian side so we started our consultations long ago and we were let's say trying to remove all the speed bumps on the way of the read the for creation which could appear because the discussion was rather tough both in washington and in moscow and i think we did a significant amount of work together showing that for us both on the capitol hill and here in moscow the word it is a reset is not just a word we mean when we say the reset we need that reset unfortunately during the last twenty years we've failed to work out the positive bilateral agenda but it's
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called war agenda in our bilateral relations it's time to correct the mistakes of the past it's time to use that opportunity all loses what impact does the ratification of the treaty have on this three set off relations between moscow and washington i think it's a way for the continuation of. the joint work. again i consider that work to be the work on the positive bilateral agenda we did a lot of by the way working on the revocation we managed to pass successfully through the u.s. senate the a so-called wanted three agreement on the russian american cup ration in the nuclear field i mean the peaceful part of it the nuclear energy and. that is concerned we also are moving forward on the russians w t o accession
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america is very supportive we are moving relatively fast and i think that two thousand and eleven will be the year of russia's w t o accession after that i will merican partners will have to do their part of their homework repealing the circle jackson very commandment which is one of the dinosaurs of political address it parker of the time of the cold war. but it's not enough we have to have more time as we have to have more docking mechanisms we have to have more bridges the more interdependent we are the better it is for our future the u.s. interpretation of the treaty says that it does not obstruct from any missile defense plans while russia insists there's a concrete link between offensive and defensive forms does this mean that there is a fundamentally incompatible understanding of this treaty on on both sides well. much has happened after the treaty was signed on the eighth of april two thousand
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and ten in prague nato and russia have successfully started the process of negotiations of joint missile defense projects. we started working together and we are planning to continue that work united states of america is the cornerstone of nato alliance we understand that pretty well so if we do that i mean missile defense project with nato that means that we shall be doing that project also together with the united states of america and other nato member states so i think that the signing of. the product treaty between. the united states of america and russian federation gave very positive impact on the process of restoring mutual understanding and mutual trust between russia and nato so we are moving ahead and i think that the red think
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ation will help that movement a lot is it fair to say that russia has embraced the spirit of the treaty while the u.s. is focused strictly on the your letter off the law well actually i think many people both in washington and in moscow have embraced the spirit of the treaty the problem before my american colleagues the way i see it is a very tough. a discussion very tough you few allow me to call it political fight between the democrats on the rip and the republicans mostly on. internal agenda and unfortunately as it very often happens in many countries foreign policy and security issues become a kind of hostage of the debate on internal issues and we were really concerned during the debates in the u.s. senate that the reservation may become. kind of a victim of that discussion between democrats and republicans on the internal
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agenda well the political wisdom prevailed that was a very good signal a very good indication that foreign policy does not become a hostage of internal debate but i think that most of the concerns and most of the criticism about the product treaty were connected with internal issues not not with the with not really with the with the perception of of russia as as a partner of the united states of america despite the differences in interpretation it's definitely that this treaty is a great example for other countries how likely is it do you think that others may join this treaty well others should not join this treaty this is our cup of tea and we shall be drinking that together with our american partners big boys are sending a strong signal to the others we are reducing our nuclear arsenals. well
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lips we are sending a signal to you the next phase will involve your nuclear arsenals all the whys it will all be a fair play. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images from seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are today.
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