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tv   [untitled]    January 28, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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people in remote villages a cut off from the basics we take for granted. live in the republic russia close up on r.t. . revolution from uprising spreads through the middle east with tens of thousands clashing with police in egypt we look at how europe could be affected. and parallels are being drawn with the last decades color revolutions in the post soviet space including common symbols and common dissatisfaction. russia's parliament debates ways to prevent further terror attacks and considers a new color coded warning system in the aftermath of the blast. you can swoop and push the americans have done their bit we also have finished these procedures the historic new arms reduction treaty between moscow and washington is becoming as real as ever after the russian president signs
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gratification documents. with use from russia and around the world this is here in moscow tens of thousands of egyptians continue to clash with security forces in defiance of a national curfew that. report said least eighteen people have died during four days of nationwide protests the authorities have cut off internet access and blocked mobile phone service in some areas troops are trying to enforce a curfew in the capital cairo with the ruling party torched by demonstrators unrest in egypt comes weeks after months of chaos in tunisia eighty deaths and the president being toppled before fleeing into exile political scientist stephen says the turmoil. not affect not just north africa but europe. well if everything breaks
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apart and particularly in the french speaking north africa that that could lead to massive waves of immigration and that is a worry for europe especially of the european countries in the northern shores of the mediterranean spain and france and italy but there france would be the major player in the destination for these waves of immigrants because most of them also have some friends who speak french after all these countries were part of the former french empire and they're also in france a lot of arabic speaking population and so if any country who is extremely worried about this or could be worried about it it is france. and as the clashes in north africa continue all season next you know cesky reports now in hell they bet some striking parallels with elsewhere. georgio two thousand and three. ukraine two thousand and four. q did you stand two thousand
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and five. and egypt twenty eleven i think these are all completely different revolts well think again and not only because they're racist fist was one of their symbols if you look more closely you look at the so-called people who are leading this are being coached in the they're being coached by u.s. intelligence services the same way the orange revolution was in ukraine or the roles revolution with saakashvili and in georgia a string of revolutions some bloodless some not so group the post soviet space at the beginning of the twenty first century there were a number of common factor is an uprising against the regime rooted in a popular dissatisfaction with standards of living hence the collective name colored revolutions amazingly the outcomes have been quite similar to. six years
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ago a key of independence square was the birthplace of the orange revolution it promised a new dawn and major changes for the country but ultimately all aspirations came to nothing. lawyer grigori sudan is one of those disenchanted with the outcome of the orange make over he says the bright promises of the revolutions leaders have in reality pushed the country into an abyss. and corruption in greece the country became divided on the. issue was nothing changed for the better it changed only to the world's victor yushchenko the next elections revolutionary hero received only five percent of the world the lowest percentage for acting president of the world it was a similar story in georgia where they had the optimism of the rose revolution soon gave way to disappointment and eventually to mass protests their anger with president saakashvili was met with a response that was all too familiar as gas grenades and water cannons were used to
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quell the unrest and then killed just on the revolution of two thousand and five or so quickly turned sour last year so yet another popular revolt but those full storms and bitter lessons are far from the minds of those clamoring for change in north africa. when a danger emerges when the power overturning the government which they thought illegal and autocratic like in the case of tunisia and egypt does not have a political platform and a government apt to put things in order in the country the danger lies in the personality of those who would desire to use the revolutions which happened in the arab world we have to take care that the far right or any other forces with an increasingly stick would will not take advantage of the situation if those are really people's movements they should not have let anyone in to deal with their fares and that's what artists experts agree that it may take some time before the world will see whether the revolts indonesia. yeah and egypt will change things for
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the back in these countries just as they have a common opinion that if these surprises floor europe will be the first to suffer from waves of immigrants looks yourselves to see. or remember you can have your say on that story at our website that's all t. dot com and here's some of the feedback we've received from you so far one of the most recent comments as the color revolutions was instigated by the cia americans don't care who they support as long as they get what they want democracy is america's bad joke on the rest of the world considering it installs more dictators than any other country but that's one comment for you they're posted online get involved in the debate if you so wish by leaving your comments on that story or any other story at all t. dot com. if you give.
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me. russia's parliament is considering a new terror warning system following the deadly suicide bombing at moscow's done with that of monday present a meeting if it has already followed several officials over security lapses which allowed the tragedy to happen we're not going to has more now from inside the state duma as it stands right now russia does not have a unified system of warning or action which would allow the country and the security services to act together in unison in case of a terror threat now that the system will be somewhat similar to the american system of warning basically there will be three levels of terror threat which will be imposed in that country first level color coded blue will mean an increased level
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of a terror attack a second level yellow will mean a high level and the third five will be color coded red and it will be critical level also federal security service has proposed that a certain unified governmental body be created in order to act where that when and if any of these terror levels will be imposed on the country just look how much we needed this system in light of the damage of attack you know they're trying to find the culprits and they will find them and the culprits will be punished some have already been punished but what everyone is seeing is that there was no relevant information and now according to the we will have to inform the society both the threats facing the russian government has allocated more than one hundred twenty million rubles to help the families of the victims and the wounded some of that money will go towards the funerals which are being held today in moscow and in the moscow region and of course a lot of that money will also go towards treatment of the wounded horse who are still in hospitals more than one hundred people remain hospitalized and are being
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treated for their wounds which they received in the terror attack and my call the good son a boy has met with some of them devout muslims these to france usually pray five times a day but the jumma did have a blast. ever since multiple shrapnel wounds bound them to hospital beds. they've been praying nonstop. the only thing i ask for is that i never have to work in such carnage again they came to the airport to pick up their reality of flying in from to decus to on him is the explosion by several minutes and still can't make sense of what happened in the morning people who did it come up possibly call themselves muslims a true muslim should be striving to help others not killing innocent people those who did it will answer for it before. yet for many of those whose life was damaged by the blast the promise of the almighty is rare earth is not enough the domodedovo airport had already been implicated in terrorist attacks in two thousand and four
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when two passenger jets were blown up me there is a shock to me everyone who is in charge and makes decisions in the company in the airport management must face justice small. as some russians vented their anger with more enforcement for not being able to prevent their attack others through the initiative into their own hands hundreds of volunteers turned out bad blood than a few stations pavel is a first comer and explosion really seemed to prick his conscience because we're going from when something like this happened before i was concerned like everybody else but i never did anything to help but based on the thoughts i had to get involved instead of just bashing our security services and blogs. while the tragedy at the airport prompted many russians to ask what they can do for their country improving security is still the main thing their country can do for them accent avoid r.t. moscow stephen moore director of homeland security at the u.s.
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government's accountability office believes to prevent terror attacks technology needs to be more creative. terrorists are very versatile versatile and adaptive i think you always have to think one step ahead you have to employ unpredictable techniques don't use the same technology screening procedures in every airport in every case besides the unpredictability i think it's useful to think in terms of three three levels of security number one is the technology effective number two do you have rigorous screening procedures in place and three do you have well trained staff you need all three to have an effective system and then some of the press articles i read this week about the recent incident a mosque i had questions about whether. some of those those were acquired actions were actually being taken. talk to richard bloom is security expert at
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embry riddle aeronautical university in arizona says that matter how sophisticated the techniques responsibility for preventing airport attacks is not down to security officials alone. it certainly is not possible to secure and protect all probability and i think that is why intelligence collection and intelligence analysis is really crucial one other point about another crucial activity and that has to do with military per our military intelligence often so far identifying people who are a threat far far away from the what can people the way before the term be implemented a suicidal terrorist operation. when out to some other major headlines from around the world at this stage of the dental world up to tens of thousands of taking to the streets of italy to march against recent changes to employment laurent job security the protests were organized by unions and human rights groups and in portugal activists and workers gathered in the capital in lisbon to protest low
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salaries the government is being blamed for not doing enough to fulfill its promise of increasing the minimum wage. was killed at least eight people as it ripped through a supermarket in central kabul not far from the british embassy among the dead three foreigners a child of all six others were injured the taliban has claimed responsibility saying that it was targeting security contractors comes as violence in afghanistan reaches its worst level since the u.s. led invasion in two thousand and one. what has been a long time coming but finally a key nuclear reduction treaty between russia and the us has been fully approved by both sides present dmitri medvedev signed the start ratification document on friday the last step in a lengthy process. reports. after more than a year of hard line negotiating and ten more months of internal dispute it's finally done moscow and washington are stripping down their nukes which is less
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missile but this is a very significant event for our country due to agreements we have with the united states the americans have done their bit we also have finished these procedures first the state duma and then the federation council gave the bill the green light now that it's signed by the president only a formal exchange of ratification documents is left before the new start comes into force for the next ten years many hope it will not only restrain the two nuclear superpowers but become an example for others to follow this first of all is about the security of the united states and the security of russia this is about unwinding the excesses of the cold war this is about bringing both countries back to the same level of nuclear weapons because we reach really insane levels during the cold war i think it will have real irrational implications and affect other countries as decision making as well mans to become the symbol of a restart of the lesions between moscow and washington the deal was initially
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backed by both presidents but it didn't come easy most of the us republicans fell into opposition demanding amendments and the internal disputes stretched for months before president obama finally pushed the deal through the congress ended up making two so-called special statements securing washington's right to modernize its remaining strategic arms and insisting the deal would not affect america's missile defense plans but the statements are non-binding meaning they will not affect the actual implementation of the deal the original text remained untouched but unfortunately for the first time to a third of the republic. in the war against three d. which of the rather strange but i think it was. bamma and most of the obama administration and basically i don't think that was so much of it three d. russian deputies also made non-binding special statements illegally linking
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offensive and defensive weapons which was one of the main stumbling points in the negotiations secured moscow's right to step out of the agreement if it feels threatened by u.s. missile defense plans in europe and stressed statements previously made by the us congress do not free washington from its obligations i hope that the coming years will show that both americans and us russians show responsibility in fulfilling these obligations and that will create a new spirit of mutual confidence and trust and then you start is not the first such agreement between moscow and washington the first two were signed in one thousand nine hundred one and in ninety three but neither managed to bring russia and the u.s. this close it's expected the leaders deal will open many new doors of opportunity also moving forward on the russia's w t o accession america is very supportive but it's not enough we have to have more time as we have to have more docking
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mechanisms we have to have more bridges the more dependent we are the better it is for our future a future which has become a little clearer the exchange of the ratification documents officially enforcing the new start could happen as soon as the fourth of february even though the treaty is set to reduce the number of strategic arms by over one third it still leaves both the nuclear superpowers with enough warheads to blow the entire planet into a different solar system so perhaps it's not numbers that then you start is all about but trust by reducing the number of strategic arms russia and the united states are in forcing their strategic partnership at least for the next decade you've got us going off r.t. moscow. and that brings up the date for the moment i'll be back with a summary of our main news in about twelve minutes from now in the meantime ati's martin andrews looks for a taste of russia in the very heart of the u.k.
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hello and welcome to the show. i'm from. here in the one. today that was said to be. changing. the streets of london. for centuries. a specification is a quintessential british pubs. situated on green it
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has been noted. here from haiti three hundred disadvantages today so much attention business area in the early twentieth century it was a whole range of leftism. originally known as the crown and anchor public house many drank here he published the russian social democrats these papers to the spot not far from here during his exile in london. the good old english pub everyone loves me including possible leaders lenin visited london six times between the year one thousand nine hundred ninety eleven and allegedly lenin stalin for the first time inside this these two it must library just down the road these three can have a lot of strength elsewhere. and i think you believe use them as costs this is a very leftist sort of area and we have we have a lot of tourists coming in just because of that side. however there's a new story the men in first misspelling of the bullshit congress saw to spill it
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in nineteen or five by the way many feel any sympathy is enough to still believe that today. the cultural center pushkin house was founded in one nine hundred fifty six everything located in notting hill moved to this new back here in bloomsbury square in two thousand and six now they have over four hundred members or friends as they're called and every month they have a range of cultural activities including exhibitions this is called actions. showcase for russian culture in london focused. cultural exchange. to provide educational information in russian language and culture and is an excellent resource and networking center for individuals and institutions. to see people
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coming in different people rushed. russians are like. everybody from from central asia nations that used to be part of the soviet union that's very important for us to. some wonderful people coming in here people like people like there was only one of the group in chicago of the great bald musician who's been here three times sometimes he comes who tries out his new songs with us before he recalls that which is fantastic. came here and read a short story by chekov. came here. came here so it has a really wonderful people and they come here they enjoy coming here and we look after them and that's how i see push good house you know in the years to come besides it's an offense pushkin house welcomes and encourages cooperation with other institutions and groups dedicated to russian culture terrific resource right in the center of london's west end.
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case is an exhibition space in st james. is on display today he focuses and when she first century person on the soviet union off to the revolution ensuring sounds iraq showcases works by abstract fifty's and non-conformist on to see first and to the western european art scene in the one nine hundred eighty s. . at that point. we tried to showcase and explain this art to russian immigrants mainly today. and also travel between russia and other european countries but it is also very important for us to attract the attention of the native british to the culturally represents. the russians are famous around the world for the love of parties crazy night life. the rest. is some of these a club in circus known as one of the main v.i.p.'s and celebrity party spots in the
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bush it's all. it has simply spaces in. my russian from isis i can see that every time i tune to anyone from the u.k. you write this that's respect trust is more and more for the power that they have to the culture of the group and for the changes that they are to see to achieve and that they really cheap and last and they starting best universities to go to the best and i think the russians. actually becomes a kind of the trend in a lot of that. there are several shops of them where you can buy russian food for the machines your. posts traditional delicatessen it also is not any groceries but also homemade russian dishes including. the cakes various salads and soups including good old fish using different products only when
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you chefs combine traditional recipes with some. healthy eating. and that brings us to this week's guests. really reason the most to me now tell me how to do on the pier in the u.k. . a marriage in the sky. as it happens and i was working. working for a television. news program. and. i spoke quite good english my husband didn't speak i knew. he's also an academic and it's quite difficult to find a joke. so we decided to move here so you're working full time business developer but you also work as a narrative for a magazine. story about this this is our this. this magazine started ten years
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ago by a couple who. by then already had a successful run a newspaper which was the first russian language newspaper now there are several but we won't worry about that. and this started is just a glossy supplement to direct businesses and tourist come travel agents and and sulks where you can buy russian produce and books and various things and over the years it developed into a proper work portaloo glossy magazine aimed at. firstly the huge russian speaking community in this country also people who are interested who are brits who are interested in learning russian and finding out about the scene and the personalities and what's going on and various other things like that we will have photographer was the result of talent russian talent in this in london and in
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other parts of the case and we hope the magazine showcases a i'm not in the magazine is in russian it is in russian and yes i. ride the edge his entry edged his letter in two languages so for example for prospective advertisers they can get an idea what the quantum sort the magazine is and and for anyone who is interested who doesn't speak russian can see what. was in the. magazines read to superiors currently about twelve thousand people. but with a million russians living in the russian speaking people. is the estimate live in this country we hope but there is room for expansion and people will more and more people will enjoy reason and right there is never to me love it to me to limit
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everything apparently very. our final location is the restaurant located on german street in the heart of london's west end. dishes from around the world including a wide selection of russian food. such cuisine. all of. the fell in love with the boys and since. sixty. one. for the. luncheon too late. for the nation from lunch. runs a mismatch statues an art. on the private groups.
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and restaurants and just like the range of other cultures on offer in the british capital it's something you will never forget. wow looks great bourse in london brilliant. in the british capital literally. that is just delicious. perfect well i suppose you believe me to. the same time next week. and the rest of the crew here and.


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