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tv   [untitled]    January 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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good why no. one i know what's really happening to the global economy is a report on r.g.p. . top stories they diction president says will dissolve the government but remain in power on its terms of plans defy kathie's to clash with police at the country's fourth day of unrest are celebrated being made between the rest of the arab world and a couple of revenues from the supposed soviet countries over the last decade. russia's state duma is considering trying to secure e.c. measures including a need to tell you name system to monday's suicide bomb at moscow's demanded of apples and which stands for died federal employees of the souls of already been fired and the failure is next to their. bikini on stop production treaty between moscow and washington signed by president obama that of the first such agreement in two decades is at last expected to come into play most of the songs of next month weapons five strategies. as clouds into violence and
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a mccain way almost walked close to showing the us a stake in supporting its no one time ally president hosni mubarak or democracy find out more next. welcome to the lower show we'll get the real headlines with the mercy corps could be live out of washington d.c. now it's day four of riots and protests in egypt sowing showing signs of a revolution to oust hosting over aqua's held power for over thirty years but what will the u.s. role be here over iraq is one of our closest allies but we also support democracy right so it's quite the conundrum we're going to have a panel to discuss the events next it's a case of the police winning yet again
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a former chicago police chief who tortured dozens to get them to confess to crimes has now been sentenced but he only got four and a half years for his brutal ways so look into this case and find out of justice has really been served then do you remember anonymous the group of hackers who launched operation payback went after corporations to cut ties with wiki leaks well now we have news that there is a transatlantic operation to hunt them down or the threat of authority really stop them we'll have an exclusive interview with one of those activists on tonight's show and then we'll tell you the story of a whale named flecks he's an endangered gray whales unexpectedly making a trip out of his native russian waters and scientists say that he's in route to vancouver he has researchers and scientists scratching their heads and working across borders to solve this mystery so speak with dr bruce made out of oregon state university about the animals bizarre trip and we're going to introduce a new segment tonight let's call it a loan is happy hour i'll be joined by the lovely our two producers jenny churchill
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and lisa catherine off to sound off on the stories that caught our eye this week the pope blesses social networking and we'll talk about obama's you tube responses to the public that's of the engine night's show but now a move onto our top story. egypt is on fire friday marked the fourth consecutive day of protests in the middle east's most population nation but friday also marked the most violent day the largest numbers tens of thousands took to the streets following midday prayers and demonstrations are in protest of rising prices stagnant incomes police brutality and political oppression most of all with the people calling for the thirty year rule of hosni mubarak to end now this is a revolution egyptian police and military have clashed with protesters violently the government has blocked the internet and cell phone communications and set a nationwide curfew and tonight well barack announced that he's disbanded the government and will name a new one tomorrow but he himself well he's not stepping down just yet now the
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entire world is watching as yet another country in the wake of tunisia's revolution calls for democracy but what role will the u.s. play here egypt is one of our closest allies in the region the u.s. gives them more than one billion dollars per year in military aid but don't we also support democracy and the freedom from oppression or only when it's the kind of democracy that we approve of here the cust discuss it with me is attorney khaled beydoun co-founder of free egypt now with a circulating petition calling for obama support and attorney jordan secular director of policy at the american center for law and justice gentlemen thank you both for joining me tonight now you know it's definitely been a busy week a lot of events happening but what do you make so far from the silence coming from barack obama we've heard a little bit from press secretary robert gibbs we've heard from hillary clinton who also has kind of changed her tune in the last few days but still nothing from the u.s. president well those far to me my reviews of the reports are it's
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a very contradictory position that the administration is taking on one hand they're trying to secure or you at least confirm their support to this new mubarak but again you know rhetorical at least pay lip service to the fact that we support human rights. we support the freedom of expression in egypt and we support the will of the people however at this point given what's going on in egypt you can't you can't take on a contradictory position you've got to sway one way or the other and clearly i think the people of egypt have resoundingly resoundingly spoken and shown their will that it's time it's time for mubarak to move on that is three decade rule has to come to a close immediately well what would you what do you think obama should say right now at this given time you know i understand the president's concerns a lot of conservatives in america former ambassador bolton who has a concern about what happens next in egypt if mubarak goes do we get someone worse do we get the muslim brotherhood who the offshoots of which are hamas and al qaeda but i think we're at a point i work with a lot of the coptic christians who make up about fifteen percent of the egyptian
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population the bombing that occurred there it was muslims fellow muslims who came to protect them during the christmas holidays and the christians have pledged to help the muslims during prayer tomorrow at the mosque when i know when i found out talking with our coptic colleagues that they had joined in these protests i knew this was bigger than just the muslim brotherhood behind the scenes trying to take power when i heard that i said this is a time where america we understand the need for stability but congolese to write started this in two thousand and five with a speech she gave there saying stability doesn't mean you sacrifice democracy it's a time for america to at least support opposition we need to not stand with hosni mubarak we don't need to send troops it's not like that but we don't need to have the same situation in iran where we remain silent for too long what we have heard from vice president joe biden while obama is silent we definitely heard from the vice president and we have a clip actually of what he said that. mubarak has been an ally of ours in a number of things are these been very responsible on relative to geo political
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interest in the region. middle east peace efforts the actions egypt has taken relative to normalize relations. with with israel and i think that. it would be i would not refer to mr dick. he's a dictator who is everyone agree and there is mubarak a dictator complete agreement i mean the fact that he's in his in office three decades alone shows i mean the proof is in the pudding that he's a dictator the fact that he's been ruling by martial law for the last three decades with being egyptian american myself and having gone there this past summer. a set of soldiers of the street corner clearly reflects that he's a dictator and if i can actually you know echo your sentiments i think it's a misnomer i think it's a misnomer to. convey the movement on the ground the revolution on the ground as being supported by muslims you can say that but one thing that needs to be
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deconstructed in western media is that egyptians egyptian society is really diverse and in addition to that i think that the united states wants to you know promote its interest in egypt and the arab world at large it has the kind of piggyback on the the will of the people at this point the voices of the people in support a leader that they support but the u.s. doesn't really like doing that to the u.s. has a history of saying that we support democracy we support the freedom from oppression and as long as it's somebody that we actually like in power i mean let's put this in perspective let's say that. even though he's so far i think that he's still you know hanging around let's say of the muslim brotherhood does now come into power then what happens in egypt what is going to have becomes a very different situation but this is when it takes us leadership we should take a stand with the opposition movement the student movement that's going on the christians who are taking saying we certainly don't want the muslim brotherhood to take over women's rights they certainly don't what is it realistic to assume that the muslim brotherhood would not take the very worst because if you look at if you look at the movement these last couple days since the twenty fifth this movement has not been spearheaded it has not been initiated by the brotherhood this is been
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a largely speaking the populists populist secularist movement that's been led by students on the ground i mean if you were to identify one primary catalyst there is no charismatic leadership at this point you know baradei might be considered. no big player at this point but the charismatic leader is on social networking new media it's interesting with the two because he was pretty critical of the bush administration promoting democracy now he's becoming very critical of the obama administration not doing it i do think if someone like him can rise to the occasion we know there's a vacuum that has to be filled the question is is it someone like obama or is it someone like the muslim brotherhood there is also the concern the education and it's been pointed out by plenty of people in the united states that though these are student protests or using facebook and twitter let's not forget that in many of these government institutions it's not like they're being taught great things about the united states of speaking on our interest i think that's why it's important if we show a sign of solidarity we could change a lot of minds very quickly but i still want to know who do you think has the biggest chance of actually now taking power of this country because you know any of
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the students are out now like you said but the muslim brotherhood although they didn't spearhead the demonstration and they started it they're the largest opposition group they added to the numbers here you know i think i think it's premature at this instance now to really kind of you know identify one primary play or one primary party you know again it's really key to identify that this movement has been it's a heterogeneous movement it's composed of many different elements and what's what's key to watch is who do see a point in this new cabinet for instance to bring in muslim brotherhood leaders to see try to have a nod to these outside groups stay calm down all remain as president i'll bring you in or does he end up playing because that speech was very similar to what was given by the president of tunisia right before he left the country and if he does that again does a prime minister step in place to someone like that go in his place and then elections are held muslim brotherhood election wise they get about twenty percent of the vote they should not be the automatic dominant factor in this uprising unfortunately some in the media and are pushing them to that and we're giving them more credibility they should get now let's say that the obama administration and
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the u.s. just come out in support of the opposition here how is that actually going to be perceived you know not only an inch of across the middle east how do you a race the fact that well i mean you actually were holding this guy up we are considering him one of our greatest allies we give him a whole lot of money everything. here i think one thing that needs to be acknowledged is mubarak has been in office for for three decades he's been an ally for the for the united states for three decades piggybacking off a sadat who preceded him the united states isn't well liked by the people on the ground and they have an ally in office so you know obviously that formula is not working for them so you know it my opinion it's it would be key for them to revise the strategy champion human rights raise the profile of the united states in the region to portray them as an advocate for human rights and that really career favor in my opinion with egypt and possibly keep the economic assistance going keep the infrastructure systems going the country is going to need it and we know why the egypt played this role they played a role because they were fair partner when it came to israel palestine conflict
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there and mubarak played nice in the middle on that issue and helped negotiate it for so long the u.s. has given him a pass on what's happening his own country but it gets to a point where the it doesn't matter anymore what you do in the international level if you're not taking care of your people we have to were americans this is our time to say you know what like it or not ally or not it's time for you to go now what do we have to do about the fact that you know there are also after tunisia there are now massive protests in yemen there are protests in saudi arabia how does the u.s. approach all of these countries as well well the key players egypt obviously you know being the largest country in the region being you know the strongest ally the united states in the region in my opinion it's first the kind of you know what dress what's going on in egypt and in my opinion if the united states if the united states takes a democratic stance a stance in favor of human rights that could actually quell the movement in yemen it could actually quell the movement in tunisia and again it could really galvanize the people in support of the united states if they take an affirmative and clear stance in support of human rights immediately i think you have to analyze each situation differently mikko that to a point in jordan it has been
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a bit more extremist groups that have encouraged this it has been the muslim brotherhood directly in yemen they are certainly we know that that country is so i think if the approach was very differently egypt this is much more of a popular uprising and if you imagine what's happened here in just a few days it is. very reminiscent of what happened in iran but without a regime that has like a revolutionary guard that doesn't exist in egypt so i consider this much more like a larger scale of what happened to the american people we don't have to it's not time our intervention is talking about support the christians there you heard this story from a christian today in egypt who said there was some chance here on islamic chance and someone told him a muslim fellow muslim told this other muslim knock it off this is not about islam this is about the people of egypt hearing those kind of remarks that's what we need to hear more in america to get our country behind it all is definitely a situation that still developing but i think that obama is making a big mistake here by not coming out and articulating his side the more time that passes the only worse it's going to get gentlemen thank you both for joining us but you still to come tonight the fall of the media for taking
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a look tonight at how ratings are falling and why most americans are turning away from the mainstream media. reports on that in our next half hour and law enforcement is going after an anonymous group responsible for operation payback they targeted companies who temporarily blocked financial support to wiki leaks so tonight we'll speak with a member of the group as soon as the term. hungry for the feast we've got. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. this week john birch former chicago police chief was sentenced to four and
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a half years in prison for the obstruction of justice and lie about the torture of subjects birds represents a very dark chapter in chicago's history as under his watch dozens of suspects most of them black males have claimed that for decades horrors and his officers electrically shocked suffocated and beat them into confessing crimes now burgeon solve could not be tried under the allegations of torture because the statute of limitations has expired so what do we say here about this rule has justice been served or was it just a slap on the wrist showing that off ortiz always win joining me to discuss it as alice came director of the public square at the illinois humanities council thanks so much for joining us now i want to walk through a little bit of the history here this was a crooked cop who tortured people torture was done under his watch but it wasn't necessarily a secret if we look at it you know how far up the ladder did it go to you know how
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many officials knew about this and yet turn a blind eye. or years of being alone and actually mayor daley knew about torture when he was state attorney in one thousand nine hundred two and at that time when he was eight attorney failed to invest in the torture and he also failed to prosecute the torture which is why we were in the situation we were in where he was only able to be charged with obstruction of justice and perjury so how do the final may come to court that. well the u.s. attorney's office finally charged john birch with the lying and with the obstruction of justice. before that. activists and attorneys were trying to call to bring this to light and most city officials and most officials actually determined want to die and that was the problem so what do we think now
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that the sentencing has been given of course here it's obstruction of justice and his perjury it's not actual torture but four and a half years and a parent lee he still gets his pension after that i mean what do you think of this is justice been served or is this just a slap on the wrist. i think it really outrageous. john birch gets here. and the nice word need and. that is just in some ways mind boggling and in some ways pretty unbelievable army other hand i actually didn't feel that. four and half years although it came you know it comes nowhere near the time that his victims served and are continuing just to herb's twenty four of his victims actually remain behind bars today about four and a half years was more than some of us actually thought he would even get the u.s. probation office had only recommended twenty one months so judge joan lefkow in her
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sentencing and her family actually doubled the recommendation that previously given now how are you how is the city of chicago reacting how are the victims reacting those people who did lose years of their lives behind bars for you know this confessions that they were forced to make because they were being tortured. many of fortress them i'll just. understand all they stand many many years behind bars for crimes that they did not do and they lost loved ones while they were behind bars they suffered tremendously behind bars and even those who have been exonerated who are out on the streets today some of them have not been financially compensated have yet to be financially compensated they don't receive any psychological services and the torture as we heard from some of
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the torture survivors who testified at the sentencing hearing the torture has stayed with them it's a nightmare that has not gone away you know for many of the torture survivors it is it's you know four and a half years like nothing in the blog post that i wrote. trotting kitchen was one of the torture survivors who was released. last summer and he said very simply to me you know four and a half years and should and i can completely understand that sentiment at the same time you know i really feel that you know twenty five percent of attorneys activists their family members have been fighting for twenty five years in a battle for justice and is conviction counts for something i do think that it represented a strike against torture with. do you think that this is also a sign that in this country we often see is that off already these are always above the law that are florida is always somehow win out in the end that they do get
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these you know these sentences or these punishments that are just minuscule when you can when you compare it to the amount of people who you know have not had just to search for them who have been locked up behind bars. i think holland officials government officials law enforcement officials to get away with things that no one else would ever be able to get away with that's one of the reasons why i and others who have been working on this issue of torture are supposed i was supporting federal legislation that would actually remove the statute of limitations for law enforcement officials. basically you know that that would that would change the law you know it would change the law and it would make it so that torture could be could be prosecuted whenever it came to light miles thank you very much for joining us and you know
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definitely it sounds like something else had to be done here but at least finally this man is being put away things. now it's china pulling clips from hollywood for their own purposes some think about the case after china. central television showed a footage of an air force training exercise and one viewer suddenly realized that you know what a few of those shots they look pretty familiar as and they look like they were taken exactly straight from the hollywood classic movie top gun and i think you guys know exactly what movie i'm talking about. all right so now that we've got a refresher on the movie let's take a little look at this training video that's in question as you can see on the left
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side is the footage run from china's state run station c.c.t.v. on the right side our screen shot from the actual movie top gun so you tell me is china just trying to pull a fast one here when they're showing off their j ten fighter jets i mean i know that we don't see maverick in iseman spaces but i bet if you tried to look hard enough they'd be right there tell what even asked what he thinks but in the meantime i think those pictures speak for themselves so china i hate to say it but you have been busted and the world is scared of losing take over already lay off the cheating will you. all tonight off already are going after anonymous the group responsible for operation payback which temporarily quit crippled the websites of master card visa and pay pal after those companies cut off financial services to wiki leaks five people have been arrested the u.k. and yesterday the f.b.i. executed forty search warrants across the u.s.
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as part of their ongoing investigation into who is responsible for the d.d. o. s. attacks the f.b.i. hasn't said whether anyone in the u.s. has been arrested but they did confirm that there is a link with the arrests in britain and they said that if people are charged here in the u.s. those people could face up to ten years in prison so a transatlantic operation is now going after they have to this but will it stop them joining me to discuss it is a source with anonymous. thank you for joining us tonight now first i just want to ask you have anonymous are you guys you surprised that the author or your going after you here. it is a horrible shame that they continue to go after us but it doesn't surprise us at all i mean we've been aware for months that scotland yard. don't go investigations are going to go on this. is kind of i think is the kind of a quest to bring down the whole of anonymous. they're never going to succeed the kind of think that all of our base are belong to them and they're very wrong why do
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you call this a shame do you consider that what you've done is a criminal activity or is this a peaceful protest form of protest i've seen some of your statements claiming that . it's a shame that they continue to try they're never going to stop the whole of anonymous dosing is not malicious it's it could be considered a cyber sit in you know an online protest. it's not harmful it's much like well it's much think of it much like blocking an entrance to a building like a bank or a shop we're not breaking windows of buildings we're not destroying parts of websites we're simply denying access to it that's just the point distributed denial of service attacks is just a protest but online now it seems like there is an international effort going on between the u.k. and the u.s. and i know that you guys wrote out a statement for the british government do you have anything to say for the u.s. government now that you know they're working together on this one. the moment i can't speak for the whole of anonymous but we do not have a current us government press release it might change so we just say keep your eyes
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peeled on the internet but how do you take these actions from the us government searching our excuse me executing forty search warrants all in one day across the us we're taking it quite well we're trying to support we're trying to find out who it is we're trying to support people. it is a pain. again we're not worried that they're going to touch all of us. hold them so my connection is give me to shoot. are you still with me you could keep talking so we can see if we can still hear you. i think that we may have lost our anonymous representative please tell me if you're still with us and her connection is better. i think that we that we may have lost him there i think we're trying to redial but forty search warrants like i said were served yesterday by the f.b.i. across the u.s. they said that they haven't yet arrested anybody but these people could face up to
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ten years in jail and now if you'll remember we've spoken to officials from anonymous or representatives excuse me a number of times on this show especially after the first time that they decided to go after the websites of master card and visa and response to wiki leaks and anonymous also has come out recently in support of what's going on in egypt they say they even wrote a letter saying that this is a warning to the egyptian government that they are not about censorship as you know the egyptian government as we spoke tonight shut down the internet they all show shut down all cell phone communications and i think that we have our anonymous official or our representative back now since i was here reaking about i was just mentioning that anonymous released a statement in which you also were supporting what's going on in egypt right now is that correct. yes where we're supporting the first story from a connection the u.s. was supporting the protesters in egypt we have been a will of course the internet has been shut down in egypt we've been sending faxes
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over wiki leaks documents to you gyptian locations like schools we try to get people involved in wiki leaks to help people out well so we're trying to make sure the internet is this will spread. most into a nice piece in egypt have been shut down there still some dialogue going on but the government used to we've been trying to show people with up to now in regards to you know the investigations by the u.k. and the u.s. what's your plan here i know you can't give us the exact details but is there some kind of a plan for retaliation. no i can't i can't i can't tell you for certain do that we have a plan for retaliation there could always be an idea that gets spoke to between anonymous . and could always happen mainly i'm just baffled by the f.b.i.'s statement about this that dawson can own up to ten years in prison it's pretty ridiculous i think they just see us as hackers on steroids the trying to take us all down. and we don't have any initial plans but that could change. while also i just want to know in response to some of your actions lately when it comes to these d.d. o. s.
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attacks what kind of response have you gotten from people obviously not from government officials who are to hound about it but from regular citizens from the public are they supporting you here i mean lesbians with this question definitely we've got such a large influx of positive support from everyone but not everyone but a majority over the past couple of months i mean more and more people are realizing that they need to fight back against governments who think they can get by to their citizens and bring those of censorship and corruption need to learn that if they keep biting the anonymous the anonymous hand will bitch slap them in the face and we just want to stress that everyone is none of us were no secret club militias hacking group cult of cyber terrorist or an underground insurgent i mean we're not contained within one hour of c network one image board or human generation i mean we're everyone we're no one we're the producers of your show with the people at home watching it on you tube or the televisions and if you want to help out a cause we have sites like news start. on up start or you get started we have
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press releases news sources for him in a public are seen at work. you can come at any time we're never going to give you up never going to let you don't. i think that's one of our producers here on the a lot of show my counter that statement but thank you very much for joining us now still to come on tonight the super bowl is coming to town but the whole city has a major shortage of story first so tonight we're calling out the owners of strip joints for not planning ahead to make sure all morning men can see. instead while they're in texas and for russia which means the whales left russian waters it is now headed towards alaska so tonight we'll talk about how scientists from both nations are working together to track down this endangered creature.


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