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tv   [untitled]    February 1, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tasters mobs on the streets of egypt involved to stay there until president mubarak steps down on point is here join me in a few moments for more. also the sound the aged and a vast array of boris yeltsin's ballots but look back at the life of the first president of problem solving russia a leader who mourn huge changes but whose legacy still divides many in the country today. and on into the expelling of russian diplomats over accusations of force irish passport was being used in spying. dublin is accusing the russian secret service of stealing the real irish identities been ordered to cover up its secret operations in the united states find out more leaders in the pool room. international news live from moscow this is all see with me here thanks for joining
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us and our top story tonight unrest continues in egypt as a massive rally in cairo demands president hosni mubarak step down mubarak now says he won't stand for reelection polls june september but egyptians may not want to wait that long for an end to that but to his regime so far three hundred people have been reported killed and over three thousand injured since the uprising began over a week ago policy in cairo has been following the latest developments words. throughout the day tuesday the state television was broadcasting pictures of the quiet streets of cairo egyptian state television has been running pictures throughout the day of empty downtown cairo streets now these are in stark contrast to the pictures you've seen here on our t.v. and other international channels hundreds of thousands of people turned out into here in square in cairo in cairo demonstrators arriving in other cities alexandria sewers and numerous smaller villages and towns throughout the country organizers
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had hoped for one million difficult to say whether or not they reached their figure but no doubt the army kept to its word not to get involved the only reports we're hearing from the army are that they did arrest the thugs and saboteurs the police though were busy on the streets they stopped many hundreds of thousands of protesters from reaching their destinations we know their people were blocked and kept on bridges people prevented from actually reaching their final destination spend a few hours at a downtown today talking to protesters and as soon as you mention the name one hundred al baradei people start shouting they start yelling they do not like him firstly they do not know him he is a man who formulated his reputation on the international stage so he's not they're well known here but certainly those people who do know him believe to quote them that he's an agent of the united states now the mood on the streets is very erratic you go from forming and people cheering and laughing to them sunny's being suspicious that you're israeli or they're true american and people very happy to
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find out that we were in fact russian but that just gives you an indication of how the mood here changes from one minute to the next albury day is perhaps the white man for the job right now but their job is an interim job and certainly opposition parties have said as much needs to be elections there needs to be free and fair elections without baradei saying he's prepared to head an interim government until such time. dark empty. and scary we we gather every day like at seven thirty pm. we say ok who liked to do the first shift and so would like to do the second and so on some people are armed you know mohamed and his neighbors take turns protecting their property by day they're professionals by night street guards groups of armed gangs are on the prowl and ordinary citizens have to rely on them thought for protection they've collected what they can kitchen knives. sticks poles rods anything they can
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get their hands on to keep their home safe. and with security at an all time low the leader who's come forward to replace hosni mubarak is offering precious little to make each options feel safer. belated attempt at getting in on this opposition movement well it may be too late he's part of the international crisis group a murky elite group with close ties to western interests i think of the media aboard two different lines as the people of egypt have shown such courage in the face of such us backed terror that has occurred in egypt for the past thirty years i'm not sure margaret elbereth i really stand as much of chance as senior analysts are saying washington has yet to officially declare support for the former international atomic energy agency chief but he's someone they recognise as do other foreign powers prompting some to believe president obama's allegiance is now divided between the current president and the would be challenger. there is no
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difference between mubarak and el baradei america supports both of them and the american media has built up our baradei egyptians don't like him he's lived in europe and united states and hasn't even been here for thirty years. and he came back and called for a regime change prompting critics to point out that he was absent for most of us. ober a day lived in america we don't want him he was. other strange things and telling us he was a bird. a little bit of a we didn't choose our borrowed line which was only for a short period of change he's only temporary. he's much better known on the international stage than in his own backyard and is yet to be recognized by the eighty million egyptians he hopes to rule. and the egyptians need national leaders not american populace with american agendas if people support el baradei it's only
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because they hate mubarak. which is why amidst the chaos he gyptian find themselves turning to each other for protection and reassurance but the latest word from the opposition campers that they have given will buy and told friday to meet his demands they are saying that they are prepared to meet with his vice president omar suleiman but there they will not meet with mubarak directly to discuss their concerns. and while observers say that el baradei is america's favorite candidate to take power in egypt some say he doesn't identify himself with the wets british journalist even relate told us here that are baradei is first visit with u.s. officials didn't do that so well. what is interesting after that meeting with the u.s. ambassador the u.s. state department put out an order calling all americans to get out of egypt so i'm not sure how well that meeting with the us ambassador violent i don't think
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bars i actually sees themselves leadership material he probably sees himself as a bridge to help the egyptian people. form the government a unity government that they want and he's prepared to broker back to you but i really hope that the western powers don't underestimate the egyptian people yet again and what we're seeing in egypt today we will see i predict right across the arab world. commemorating the man who presided over the fall of the soviet union and the countries tevin to transition to democracy choose they would have been boris yeltsin's. remember to his sweeping reforms his legacy four years after his death still has many russians divided he's going to have of. course there's a variety of events all across the country being held to mark the eightieth
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anniversary since birth here or in the center of moscow the nor do it your sim terry people have been coming since the morning hours laying down flowers wreaths his family was here among a lot of visitors they flew in actually from from their hometown of the late former president where main commemorative events were hild. marble longyou into was unveiled there and the then the current even. attended by russian president dmitry medvedev who said the legacy of boris yeltsin is hard to underestimate. well the path of our first president was a very difficult one every single citizen of our country realizes this today the first president always has his work cut out for him he needs to change the entire political system and this was the fight that befell boris yeltsin you know we must
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admit that he was up to the tosk and stood his ground honorably but the modern but not perfect country we live in today was created fangs to boris yeltsin and everyone who helped him to build the foundations of a new nation also when you consider we're going to morial center on the ring the late former president will be open and that will be dedicated to civil society and human rights something which a lot of people in russia connect to boris yeltsin with a lot of people say that he'll took over at the very hard time for russia the country the soviet union was dissolving at that point and a lot of things were falling apart literally and the burble the end if it was really a hard task for a new leader and boris yeltsin tried to do his best a lot of people say that he took over and. put further implications and of further extensions to put his story that he essentially started democracy in russia at the same time a lot of people say that they cannot make reforms which he conducted or allowed to
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be conducted or not done properly and a lot of people seem to just suffer from them so i give it the say is so again even four years after his death a lot of people cannot agree cannot come to one conclusion also what boris yeltsin remains for russia but michael the good sort of like a spoke to some people who were close to him and she shares their views in this report. he never doubted he would live to celebrate his hundred birthday but instead he says we don't have to find a bacteria's while opening an exhibition time to what have been his eightieth jubilee in nearly four years since boris yeltsin's death the agony of loss has given way to quiet remembrance. well you have really large family gatherings bad day celebrations with dogs and. most of these photos show yeltsin in his early years in power but he had the backing of almost the entire country when voicing your political position was still an act of novelty and courage and one hopes of
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a different life in a better country are still untainted by the harsh reality of the war in chechnya from himself admitted it was a mistake the banking crisis that with cripple the already population all of these from the come later and some argue that in fairly obscure all the good that yeltsin had done. anything you are just better perceived from a distance especially in history i think we still need more time for the emotions and troubles to give way to serious analysis of what to take tannic figures really was. a service he's had of protocol for more than eight years and of all the else in the explosive character and unpredictable temperament often contravened the dry rules of diplomatic engagement but the mayor says he had never had a better boss. never thwarted a single event and he was never late but emotionally he could be absolutely
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unpredictable and do what no one expected him to do like his famous conducting of an orchestra for example and again. he turned his head and saw the shift change that was the only one who was objecting dragging him away all the other people around him were applauding. he was doing to power by the great hopes of his people he left office full of regrets for not fulfilling all of them and it was only after yeltsin passed away that he country can start to examine his legacy in all its complexity yeltsin's seventieth birthday with celebrate the past two or accolades but one day later even those who criticized him very harshly. i'm going to be gracious investment character in his policies because even they have come to realize that with all his ups and downs yeltsin was the very epitome of russia and in ninety nine to us that's in a way the artsy moscow and sergei's troll kind of political analysts from russia's
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commerce sun newspaper says while a controversial figure at boris yeltsin built the foundations of the country's progression several years after his death. president gives of course the first president off independent russia remains a very controversial figure and his legacy is really a hot potato issue which is dividing the russian probably some like communists and the nationalists would never forgive him of the demise of the soviet union or the great powers how how he how they call it ah this definitely would applaud him saying that he was the person who crushed communism and who brought the wind of change and we all democracy to russia and was a controversial figure he was on the one hand a democrat but at the at the same time. the point. that today even nine hundred ninety three he didn't hesitate to use. the shell the problem and in the constitutional crisis they were also. in wars this is also
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part of he had some legacy. and that's why of course the this is the he's there which is more of the blood more one can deny that but at the same time you do it for you to prove that we managed to undergo those tests and we are really made as a strong power and. boris yeltsin's head of protocol. who shed some personal memories of his life that he interviews coming up in less than ten minutes away. on the coals there's always more news news and blogs in our website at home and here's some a little to the way to view right now. the last thing you have imposed a run of two new sanctions on bad leverage over december supposed election violence and they say the bonds will only be will only get elected when everyone detained on political grounds is really going on. to find out their company one of the top supermodel got home loans into russia's prime minister be told they are not sound
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bites at. all and is expelling a russian diplomat after accusing its intelligence services of making soules irish passports for use in its pen knowledge claims that identities of six irish citizens were taken to create count of the documents for russian agents uncovered in the u.s. last year this could all have the details. ireland claims that this deportation of the russian diplomat as a result of an investigation which started right after last summer's spy scandal between moscow and washington when a group of people were found guilty in the united states of being secret or russian agents some of them had irish last names including such popular surnames as murphy and farley irish authorities say that they started looking into how valid is possible and now they're accusing the russian intelligence service of stealing six real existing irish identities in order to forge irish passports which were
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allegedly used to cover up some of these secret operations in the united states and just to remind you this was the biggest spy scandal between moscow and washington since the cold war in iran the whole group was deported from america in exchange for another group of people serving time here in russia after having been found guilty of being foreign spies it was largely covered by international media that's when the name of shopman first turned up with the russian young successful businesswoman who was also accused by the united states of being a secret russian agent and quickly was deemed by the international media as the real james bond girl so far concerning the deportation of the russian diplomat from ireland so there hasn't been any reaction from the foreign ministry here in moscow dublin also hasn't really been giving that much information we don't know this diplomats name we don't know whether she was directly connected to this alleged
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forgery and we don't know when exactly he's going to be deported but i wish i did say however that they hope this incident would not affect the relations with moscow . a quick look at some other news making headlines around the world this hour north and south korea that february as a date for military talks the first talks and six months during which relations of close to their worst in decades they worried through came after pyongyang agreed to discuss the sinking of the frigates plane that i saw. hillary attacks on the south which claimed fifty lives in all both incidents and massive war games by saw have helped fuel tensions between the two the previous attempt at a summit before that tox collapse due to differences over food aid or pyongyang. the king of jordan has dismissed his entire government and appointed a new prime minister amid growing unrest in the arab world they were shuffled comes as jordanians are taking to the streets over high food prices and poor living
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conditions former general and premier marouf hit has been appointed to head the new government by king abdullah has ordered the new prime minister to launch immediate political reforms as soon as his company is you named. over nine thousand people in low lying parts of queensland in australia have been ordered to evacuate a second cyclon in a week is expected cycling gases forecast to bring a meter of rain in the northern state already saturated by months of devastating flooding another cyclon struck the air on monday but did little more than fruit trees and damaged power lines written flooding in the region killed thirty five and damaged thirty thousand homes and businesses while the country's the said largest city brisbane was left under water for days. back to one of the top stories of russia's remembering its first president boris yeltsin who would have turned eighty on tuesday up next he's so vision of a nazi talks to the late leaders ahead of protocol. and he tells us about the real
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boris yeltsin. he did. but the national mr xi chang thank you very much for joining us
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today so the new russia yeltsin is to first president of russia what were the main new protocol procedures that came with him. i think will be more relevant to describe how i got the job with the new russia and yeltsin his new president it was no protocol we had some innovations with mikhail gorbachev when i was head of his protocol and i was the first assume the position soon after he was elected president of the soviet union we had not succeeded in many respects so i was invited to work at buddy's nikolayevich when i had been hired and we began to build up this protocol it was indeed rather interesting each of us thought he was in charge or apparently we would not come up with anything new because protocol everywhere is always unbending most importantly we do everybody's attention to us with this protocol with this precedence no i'm pleased to see the protocols are nearly everywhere there's no such thing that someone says one thing and someone
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else says something completely different i was very lucky that buddy's nicolo that united were very particular about this work he was fond of protocol of order and would never be late anywhere he would find it unacceptable of someone who was late which was. why i had a tough task of explaining to him someone's lateness. yes it was a very spontaneous curse and surely infringements of prosecution were inevitable we'll all done it was there that he was indeed spontaneous but you know he never inference protocol he never disrupted any event was never late but being emotional he might do something totally unexpected more like the time when he famously conducted an orchestra or care for him again it depended on when his mood took him and you have to understand him and as he turned his head back it was only the stunned shift which he tried to signal that it should be stopped for all of the rest are just standing around in applauding your was there are no occasion when you felt awkward and were ready to say that's it i'm giving up and quitting when much of. what i approached him there was never an instance when he would give up and say
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go away if that had happened i probably would have quit but he would always listen to me it was impossible to guide him but it was possible to come to an agreement of so much and he would keep his word while i had the right to keep him on the no yeah . i said less the by rumor has it that yeltsin personally inspected the gifts handed to foreign delegations our heads of states. very little is said about europe seen as a person he was a unique person who went through all kinds of things in life born into a common family right through his life to his death he was always his own man so it's worth saying first and foremost that he was really into sports including fishing and hunting hard to believe that even aged seventy he could go swimming in water that was only seven or nine degrees. but he was very particular about gifts he was supposed to give to heads of state or whoever this work was very hard it was my job to prepare those gifts and he would select them we had
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a special group that looked into along with the foreign ministry of the interests of the person in question to make the gift to his or her liking for instance when you president chirac during his student years was fond of pushkin the so we bought him a full a do. of pushkin in thirty volumes than me then for instance what we supposed to present to president clinton what it took us a long time before we decided on donating to him a statue of clinton himself playing the saxophone with him it would not be granted and said hold it don't give it away otherwise they'll break it. does have made a fantastic thing indeed but the bullets echoes a man who never has a taser to talk to his people and never fear to look straight into the eyes of his people what stories can you recall about people's empathy with him. and when. he would spontaneously go out to the people into the crowd you could imagine that in such cases the people were only happy when that happened all of that if that presently also was subjected to severe criticism during his presidency obviously
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people in such positions right here worked out some kind of any entity which enabled them to distance their minds from its and keep on doing their job that well humans at the end of the day where his feelings hurt one quarter of what the mcmuffin it really goes without saying that he was hurt more than once it was suggested that we should sue them but he would never results of that let them speak they must have this say what he knew to those who were. so out of his eightieth birthday. the time goes on people are comparing what we had before and what we had after that russia is moving on and i believe our citizens do not want to return to the past back to the one nine hundred ninety s. to stand in queues and empty shelves in the shops i would wish just a good example but they say often mention his extraordinary intuition how is to shona can you give examples when it really helped him. deal with. president clinton once said that when you sleep in the tank entered into history the world
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will fade give a tough time in which to govern but history will be kind to him he said what he was acting on in she was in at that exact movements and he feared nothing when you're out he also had a wonderful sense of humor i guess to my memory he was the only leader to. always deliver speeches without a script he would never has a tate's to poke fun at himself but it helps him at any crucial moments. already know this but he used to read a lot and he had a brilliant memory when on board the plane i would give him some documents and after the flight he would break the local governor of a figure he had not even bothered to learn about his own region this is one of your options unique traits. but they've got every leader wants to live in dignity yeltsin resigned under his own volition. the way it was is what made the move unique he had analyzed the wounds had he been preparing for that for a long time i believe since the surgery all throughout nine hundred ninety eight. at what reaction did he expect. he did not expect any reaction when the election
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took place he had selected a candidate not expected any appeals for him to come back he never even thought about it so he said take care of russia i made it free your mission is to protect russia he was aware of not being physically strong anymore besides his age was an issue so he chose to give way to the younger generation that's for sure he did help lead him it puts in enter the power circle didn't have what relations did they have . they had a great relationship and this remains we are a happy nation during this period founded by bodies nikolayevich know what that just consider the effort to bodies look alive it's in his family his widow by putin and medvedev and their wives as one american told me the president is always the president either good or bad nixon had his watergate but he is considered the president of the what was yeltsin's life like after the presidency and i don't mean in the everyday routine had he piece of mind or perhaps his feelings were hurt or
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around the country he thought like he had done everything he could but. he was not hurt he may have had tensions at meetings some items were discussed with the leadership in. he would agree to something we never publish that in the press no need for that it would be inappropriate to manifest a kind of pressure on his behalf he opposed the anthem he just could not accept that to some extent he didn't like the system of appointing regional governors rather than elected and later he began to analyze it and thought it had been a proper move although it would be proper to return to election summer day. thank you very much.
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this is not a theatrical set. this is a real correctional facility. is there any cultural life. could transform a criminal. and. really revolutionized the penitentiary system. the globe. bringing you the latest in science and technology
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