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tv   [untitled]    February 3, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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in one thousand nine hundred five vietnam released a figure of food million civilians and one million combatants killed nobody has officially challenge those figures. however robert mcnamara the longest serving us secretary of defense has established a much more. before the vietnam war was considered nixon's war or johnson's when it was considered mcnamara's war and before vietnam mcnamara was considered a bomb damage your fish and sea expert during world war two and a top advisor to b. twenty nine bomber force commander curtis lemay did his position in training qualify mcnamara to know the true number of the at the meese killed in the war. or the vietnamese released their tally of five million souls mcnamara paid a visit to vietnam while he was there he gave them his numbers.
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do you mean to say it was not a tragedy for you. when you lost three million four hundred thousand of the timmy's killed which on our population bases the equivalent of twenty seven million americans what did you accomplish since it was their country their towns and villages and the mobs of their men women and children it is solely for the vietnamese to determine if their independence is more the price the us exactly. had struggled for their independence for two thousand years before it was finally won in one thousand nine hundred seventy five for a thousand years it was directly ruled and occupied by china and even though it
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regained formal autonomy and nine thirty nine. remained a tribute to restate to its chinese neighbor to the north in the nineteenth century the europeans. empire of france conquered vietnam and along with laos and cambodia called it french indochina and made it one of their colonial possession. at the geneva conference the it was divided at the seventeenth parallel with the french and the puppet government it had set up in one nine hundred forty nine still in control of south vietnam but maybe you know let it be that here there is still. there is only one temporary divide in geneva fifty four between a free zone and we said no and they know it's only. by the french and the french had still after geneva that just stiction off now because it could not and over the issue with didn't exist is easy enough people mention the geneva agreements their
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ration of saigon is only a temporary one. in one thousand four. according to the geneva accord the division was to be temporary with elections in one thousand nine hundred fifty six to settle the matter of reunification those elections never took place their refusal was amply justified if only because the kind of election in visit by the geneva agreement up nineteen fifty for a free election could not have been hell anyone who thinks that a free election was possible in communist north vietnam knows little about how communist operate and could have fallen into a moscow peeping trap and he ought to set me on the foreign relations committee in one thousand nine hundred fifty six when our intelligence forces
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brought in their reports whining that if the election called for by the geneva accords were july nineteenth fifty six were openly and would be elected president in south viet nam i'd least eighty percent of the load and i are trying to read it boasts about believing in self-determination used its power and its prestige and its influence really to get our first puppet government under g.m. not to cooperate in holding those elections that's just a matter of historic record in one thousand fifty five by who died the emperor of the french had installed as the head of the state of vietnam was deposed and a new leader known him was installed as the head of the renamed republic of vietnam . was the us man in vietnam and what had then the french war was quietly becoming the american war. it was sort of a cult of the little fellow in the sharkskin suit and
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a little mandarin who's going to stop the reds and there was a great many articles on this on the house of an ago did similar amount of side on . then as now the danger was greatly hyped to drive the country towards war. with. it was something. you can't recreate be it from the united states from vietnam would be a communist that bring a victory of massive proportions and would lead to world war three. and promises were made to puppets. we'll stay for as long as it takes. which will provide whatever help is required. there when the battle against the communist and sergeant while both the democrat and republican administrations that preceded him had provided funding for the fight against vietnamese independence john kennedy was the first president to send us troops to vietnam in significant numbers he started
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by replacing the french berets with green berets and had sent more than sixteen thousand soldiers by the time he was assassinated. people like to kennedys were used to running countries with names they couldn't even pronounce. we need now is now a three night my fellow americans play os as far away from america earlier in one thousand nine hundred sixty three the us supported a coup in iraq that put the baath party in power the cia specifically supported a young twenty five year old baathist by the name of saddam hussein providing him with a list of his enemies including seven hundred communists and democrats to be eliminated a bloodbath and soon. anyways house needed to plan the overthrow of d.m. less than a month before j.f.k. himself was murdered bobby kennedy way said vietnam might not be so easy and one is
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about the wisdom of putting someone they hardly know in charge of such an important country. they. really. want to. eat. in the course of the mire ambassadorship which had been agreed to be last just one year i dealt with fire government in other words the house was clean turned over
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five different times with the chaos that one can imagine while the national security council was busy replacing vietnamese governments right and extreme right l.b.j. acted like he was the victim in this thing that. worried johnson and constantly room were at him was the instability of the south vietnamese government i guess you might call the coat of arms or the vietnamese government turnstile for god's sake and i remember very vividly somebody would come in his office and say those of the like is a coup beginning and the end of the coup you know coups were like like fleas on a dog and johnson said i don't want to hear any more about this coup shit i've had enough of it and we've got to find a way to stabilize those people out there. but johnson knew it was the cia that was the source of the problems they started with me on jail here remember. any art of
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a kill so we killed and we all got together and got a goddamn like you. and i really had no political stability that the expansion of the war into cambodia and the resulting rise to power of the whole pot was to have tragic consequences for that little country in addition to the estimated eight hundred thousand civilians killed in nixon's illegal bombing another two million died after the war as the camera rouge attempted to feed people the us was no longer feeding by forcing millions that the us in the cities back into the countryside. l.b.j. wanted to expand the war but the resolution he had put to congress had been shelved for months. or so but is it going to play out scrap as it
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will fill out a case of it's. all try to bring something back. after what he called an unprovoked attack he got his resolution. congressional leaders of both parties supported the gulf of tonkin resolution in fact only two members of congress voted against the resolution senators morse of oregon and greening of alaska. being in the minority never proves that your own flag history. is under greening and i voted in the interest of the american people this morning when we voted against this resolution and i doubt the remark and people remember what this resolution really is it's a resolution which seeks to give the president united states the power to make war without a declaration of war the gulf of tonkin resolution was not
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a dark liberation a war there never was a declaration of war in vietnam but to serve much the same purpose the president was given broad powers to wage war but what the congress did not know what the country did not know is that the second attack in the gulf of tonkin may never have . it is now known beyond any reasonable doubt that an attack did not take place even the official us navy history states there was actually no north vietnamese attack that night if one. telegram which we later found from commanding erica that maddox had been made available to the committee at that time i'm quite sure they would have had long hearings going into it thoroughly and if they had been able to discover the facts is the actually where i don't believe it passed a resolution because it was based book absolutely false rony is information even
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says they related them of all this to force nine hundred sixty four were not true i was ships were it was not an unprovoked deliberate attack in fact is that there was no attack a pull. did the captain's report what they were ordered to report. it's also visit just so that washington was put in a great deal of pressure on you to come up with some positive answers to what happened that night was it as or be yes we were attacked they needed life or triangle of things or only. did the gunner show an empty gulf. just above the bridge of the maddox where captain herrick was is the main gun director and inside the director was the sailor who was in charge of firing those powerful five inch guns his job was to open fire once the enemy targets were spotted on radar or sonar those are the main methods for detecting progress you
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can't see directly the man in charge of the main gun director august fourth nineteen sixty four was a four year veteran he was also an expert so in our matt drudge park park is now a businessman in los angeles tommy do you think that night all those floors in the pitch black enough had a swell. rainstorms. was there anything to shoot out there you know i don't i'm certain that there was not anything to shoot at right from the beginning and the captain asked me mediately after the attack to go down and evaluate all the recordings that had been made. noise that was that's on our was reporting and i kept myself pretty busy for the next three days really trying to evaluate these things and determine if we had heard anything that might have been even a question mark that it might have been a torpedo or anything else in the water not related to the two ships or noise of
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you know one of them and then what was your evaluation and absolutely nothing. the pilots didn't see anything either before james bond stockdale became a north vietnamese prisoner of war he was flying air cover over the destroyers at the time of the alleged second attack in stockdale's words i flew solo there was salt spray on my windshield and i still didn't see a thing meeting he never saw torpedoes or any evidence that the u.s. ships had been fired upon the captain of the ticonderoga attack squadron fifty six commander wesley l. macdonald concurred he didn't see anything that night except the maddox and the turner joy after this flight he and those in his command met behind closed doors and each one accounts of what they did and did not see stockdale then lock these reports in his safe the next morning commander james stockdale was ordered to lead
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the first u.s. airstrike on north. personally i'm convinced it. will attack took place on the fourth but of course it's impossible in a way for me to pull the negative i'll put it this way they most certainly did not offend if there was an attack since there was no second attack and since that attack was the excuse that the president used to take the us to war in vietnam what are we to make of the following recently released white house tape unit l.b.j. and mcnamara discuss the second gulf of tonkin attack before it takes place how would they know about the attack before it happened and why would they want to keep that prior knowledge a secret unless they were planning it. that this is an action that we might well wish to consider after the second attack but i think it would be inappropriate for
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general peter gration and the rest to great in appropriate to provide the task force commander that authority there will be ample time for us after a second attack to bring this problem to your attention you can then decide how far you wish to pursue the attacker into a space area. but i wish we could have something that we've already picked out and there and there had about three of the bam quick correction we will have that in and i i talked about by name all i've gone told and i thought that was the most important subject we should consider today and be prepared to recommend to you a response a retaliation against north vietnam in the event this attack takes place within the next six to nine hours and we are now we better do that it will actually something like i don't want to go an elevator that i want to keep this is closer camp so i just try to keep it to the table to be prepared to do so. it will make me. on the night of august fourth the united states made public the so-called gulf of tonkin
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incident at all but the story was a fabrication created by the us national security council. on the me as a name even as the national security council anatomy american aircraft which were being sent to destroy several areas of our country. in reality the second you talk an incident has never happened. was the whole basis of this moral fraud and alive perpetrated at the highest levels of our government we must ask ourselves that as we survey the damage that was done to our country and especially the damage done to the vehicle. make sure you go down or. turn around turn or ask yourself what is going to happen all right.
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if canada or thought he could finish the vietnam situation with special forces johnson's approach was brutally simple he figured if he could kill enough of them they would cry uncle the simplest way to kill us with their power. mom and. dad heard on. the. border. they're going to. the primary tool that the u.s. used in the vietnam war was aerial bombardment that is how the most people were
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killed both north and south the us to use nuclear. they used white phosphorus they used chemical agents but most of all they used fashioned high explosives. and by the time it was all over the u.s. government had dropped three times the amount of bombs dropped by all parties in world war two more than eight million tons the equivalent of six hundred forty hiroshima sized atomic bomb. thank you. very much together.
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making. the transportation system rolling stock yards. and beginning with the biggest. way must be why a bomb in job. is what it takes to win the war.
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on this. and all this nineteen sixty four. that. the system is the limit. we use special interests and access requests meant. they are ready for free flight. to turn off one of their became their gravity. has issued and those feed from a virgin the previous life. and
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much to so many in a free flight. this is not a theatrical set. this is a real correctional facility. is there any cultural life behind us. could transform a criminal into an orbiting citizen. and can performance really revolutionized the penitentiary system. prison. well when one deals with war for us to realize that this tremendous amounts of damage that have done not just human damage but damage the physical environment in which the battlefield takes place tremendous amounts of damage done by aerial bombs by napalm boy come. facility whether it's sonic booms or factory marine mammals or it's the burning oil fields here in iraq or destroyed reefs
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in the pacific for ramming purposes the list just goes on and on the geneva conventions of nineteen forty nine states that they are shall be taken in the war to protect the involved against widespread long term and severe damage the united states although it is accepted almost all of the provisions political one has taken exception to that.
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the observed nature and discover a. new leaf. communicate with the wild. and become free. nature can give you the.
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world to. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realm for sure. we've got the future covered wealthy british style the stock. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. morning news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world
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has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are today.
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thank. you most. people suspected. terrorists. a. criminal.
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and more. government protesters in the center of the country. it marks a change of approach by the military which. between supporters of president. five people. killed in the morning. and follows a day. in which hundreds. certainly little sign of the.


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