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in sixty days they will resume check ups of. nuclear weapons collections if you wish and the very important thing about this is the treaty was first ratified by both sides then signed by the two presidents and the left in its original version of the text was not changed. i would like to underline that the start treaty meets the national interests of both the russian and american people it favors nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament many have already called this boards turning into action and talking about the we set off relations between russia and the united states which actually started two years ago in june when the american delegation met with the russian go again and the americans presented to the russian foreign minister this reset button and it was quite humorous situation there since the americans confused the translation and the instead of the words
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reset written on those watching the word overall loaded in russian it was written instead and the greek members remembers about this incident two years ago we all laughed about the translation ceremony and reset that i think to the foreign minister if you believe that when it came to translation matter most are two countries where presidents. actually to reach. first was truly a story and the atmosphere was really at the time of this exchange and just a reminder this treaty is set to reduce the number of strategic arms on both sides why all the ones who are so focused on the need to move forward on a proposal to develop a legal document which would ensure the security of all european nations and also called on. russia's western reporters to move forward on the idea to build
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a unified into missile defense system which would include russia the united states the european union with everybody sharing the responsibility for the safety of the others. and agreement to discuss the possibility of a joint anti missile shield doesn't automatically mean russia is ready to join the program which is being drafted without its participation the idea of take it or leave it doesn't work the security conference in munich is quite a significant event in itself because some of the world's most well known political figures and top officials all present here are thinking or in discussions on some of the most contemporary and important issues ranging from the current crisis in egypt to nonproliferation to frozen conflicts cyber security and war and it's thought that it's a here that we can really see the tendencies of global politics at least for the
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next year but in russia's case and the united states case and in their relationship for the next decade. and we'll have more analysis on the treaty later with an expert on international policy antigovernment protesters in egypt are still poor and on to cairo's tahrir square as they pile the pressure on president hosni mubarak to step down the deadline the step by the demonstrators for him to quit passed on friday without robotic making any statement however according to state media the leadership of the egypt's ruling party has resigned including the son of the current president a response to the continuing demands will be live pictures that we're seeing now from a square on the twelfth day of protests crowds are refusing to leave until their demands are met and the country's leader of almost three decades stepped down while he is paul if there is keeping across developments for us. cairo.
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antigovernment. they don't seem to be giving up do they. now they're simply don't seem to be giving up hope i mean as you can see behind me night has just fallen in the egyptian capital and with that there are still thousands of demonstrators out in downtown tokyo square now it is cold here there has been intermittent rain and those protesters are keeping warm by huddling around fires by sleeping in tents but maybe it's just been floozy as him and the real belief in what they're doing that is essentially keeping them warm it was a cheer in the crowd earlier saturday when the announcement came through that state television was reporting that the president mubarak and the rest of the top leadership of the national democratic party had resigned we are though hearing conflict in reports about whether or not that happened but assuming it did the response in the square was that this was a step in the right direction but not enough protesters still insisting that mubarak needs to stick to needs to step down from the presidency at the same time
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i've been speaking to animist and they can use an expression that when a person has cancer you don't treat that cancer by giving them one on one poor vesper and now earlier saturday the head of the army's central command visited toughness where he walked from the one side to the other and he urged protesters to go home i can tell you that the mood in the square is almost as if the army is choking people in we did try to make our way there but we were stopped by the army the tape that we'd been filming was actually confiscated and we were warned that if we do not turn back we would be arrested on the spot now the focus here is for sunday sunday has been dubbed the day of martyred and again a court has gone out for one million protesters to make their way to tahrir square earlier on saturday president mubarak met with the top officials of his government it was almost as if they were trying to put on a face that it was business as usual and that was the message that was given by the country's prime minister he met with opposition parties he did say. that the
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opposition parties were very divided that he was confident that they could reach some kind of common ground and some kind of solution he also said that stability was returning to the country and of course once that message to go out to the international community because of the economic crisis that essentially this country is facing at the moment so the situation inside egypt still very tense is near paula but what's the latest on be a ripple effect of this uprising elsewhere. well saturday's demonstration was dubbed the day of solidarity and that was really to mark and to say thank you to the demonstrations that have been held around the world in solidarity with what is going on here in egypt itself in new york hundreds of people took to the streets they have egypt and american citizenship we saw the same kind of scenes being played out in europe across the east in. turkey in and as far afield as south africa at the same time the mid east quartet did meet on the sidelines of the
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unix security conference and there the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton see it and to quote a perfect storm is brewing in the arab world and of course that is because people are concerned that what has happened here in egypt will have and is already having a ripple effect in the rest of the region e.u. leaders did condemn the violence and again we're hearing the same call from the international community to allow egyptians to make a decision for themselves but the same call coming from egyptians asking the international community to stay out and stop meddling in their own internal domestic issues ok paula many thanks for. keeping us updated on events in the egyptian capital cairo. all for more analysis on the situation in egypt let's cross live now to william blum he's an author historian and outspoken critic of the united states foreign policy and he joins us live now from washington d.c. this agreement for being with us here on r.t. now the leadership of the ruling party in egypt has resigned remarriages son has
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been stripped of his post does all this now mean the mubarak can self is close behind. well only time will tell. i am skeptical about any serious change taking place in egypt. the military contrary to what people think is not any kind of progressive force they are very much part of the elite they are they have owning all kinds of areas in that. they are not about to change change the system in any way so i'm skeptical of too much of benefit taking place in egypt but something must change mustn't it we've had twelve days of serious on rest and still no real reaction from the president so where is this political standoff heading next where i'm not i'm not questioning the protesters i think they're marvelous. but i think they're going
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to be very disappointed. and i don't know what's going to happen next there are too many unknown factors including what the the outside powers of europe and in the u.s. will do they they have the power to intervene in a positive way. they're choosing not to now unrest within egypt as you said aids part of tobin's gripping the region as a whole it's not just confined to that one country is it always seeing the formation of a very different kind of middle east. undoubtedly what happened in tunisia first influence what happens in egypt and then again what happened in the. course it's all tied in there it's a debate you're not going on and i wish something positive or it would come out of
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it but i cannot predict that would that will be the case. all of modern history and all all that we know about politicians and governments. doesn't doesn't give us much hope or doesn't give me much older you know you mentioned earlier international influences the u.s. has supported the regime within egypt for decades now. and now is deep in the challenge for democratic reform within egypt so why the change of heart. what change of heart or your spirit new ground from what washington they were supporters of the mubarak regime and now calling leading the charge for this transition to democracy to come to well it's embarrassing you know every day the u.s. pretends to be a champion of democracy that it that is the main image but they can't just
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ignore the protests in cairo they have to show some support for them but that's that's that's really an image that's that's that's public relations their heart is not in the u.s. government doesn't have any. emotional investment in democracy or an overthrow rejected is that they were now supported mubarak for thirty years if they felt otherwise and the man mubarak appointed vice president assume he was he was the point man for the cia a and they are towards your additions this is a man who's a champion of torture and he's being put forward now by people in an egypt i know washington as a good substitute the replacement for mubarak a champion of torture so how can we expect anything positive to to come out of oh yes well of course mr brace days are your sentiments coming out there of course.
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and you are entitled to that opinion of course we don't know whether they charges against mr cinnamon with stand up a wall kind of democratic transition do you think the u.s. and europe doesn't visit in egypt that they're calling for you as you what the protesters are calling for you know i was also given what kind of a democratic transition the u.s. well in europe is in visiting taking place within. as a risk of sounding too cynical and i don't think the us or the european powers want to see any change with both the status quo. which includes. the egypt being a close military part. of the us and israel israel is an important factor in order in this equation i don't think they want to see any
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change of substance take place unless they are forced to because the public relations they they all all these leaders are very image conscious that they would be along with these protests go on in the more. publicity they get in the world media and the more the european emerging leaders will be forced to make some concessions but only if the air force today they don't care about democracy the people in the square and in karo do i'm sure and i support them but i cannot say the same for the leaders of the west ok mr vague answer very strong sentiments coming back for me that was i will embrace all the historian an outspoken critic of the united states foreign policy many thanks for being here. thank you now is the international media coverage of the unrest in egypt giving a picture on what's going on back to find out more how for this whole thing as the resident hit the streets of new york people that think.
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thousands upon thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in cairo is this a welcome revolution or an out now try it this week let's talk about that figures of revolution actually should be so did you know much of the situation in egypt before the media started covering what was going on now do you think that what the media puts out there skews our perception of what's going on pretty much us so if they called it a riot would you feel differently yes why do you think the media sometimes calls in events a riot and sometimes calls it a revolution but i think it probably depends on the news commentator he's imposing his opinion on the scene do you think that the news always does that yeah but i think everybody goes i mean when there are there are no objective people in the world we all come with our mind probably already made up do you think that there media's coverage of what's going on in egypt is fair. at first.
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i don't i don't know. fair i mean we haven't covered egypt i mean they've had this guy in power for how many years so where were they all those years that he was supposed to be not a good leader you know we haven't heard anything about that until now do you think it's important what happens in egypt for us. it's important for the people i think that. a democratic system is more important than. for united states so would it surprise you to know that our country has backed the current version that empowers no. not really i mean as oil right because that's what it always comes down to. money they're getting footage and it looks like people are in this upheaval and it looks like a riot and that's what people want to hear they'll call it that on the other hand if they think they'll sell more and call it
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a revolution i think they'll call it that so do you think they care about the outcome of what happens in egypt or are they trying to push their own agenda well i think that the individuals care but as a corporation and the media i think they care about selling the news however they want and whoever the stakeholders are whatever they want to hear that's the gender that they're going to push whether or not you think the protests in egypt are a good thing we can only hope that the situation gets resolved with as little violence as possible. now the idea of multiculturalism in the u.k. has failed says prime minister david cameron who's urging minority groups to do more to integrate comments excuse me the comments were made on the same day as around three thousand foreign supporters marched in the town of intent to protest against islam and the fascism is there's also gathered to hold their own rally al gore and that has more. what we've seen in luton on saturday are two arch rival
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factions meeting about five hundred meters from each other really in this same small town just behind me where the english defense league who is. against the islamification of the u.k. as they call it they don't want. to take hold in this country just up the road you know i see gates fascism and it's mostly faction as well saying exactly the opposite saying that we want you know we want muslims to be able to live in this country in peace and actually what everybody says be able to come and live in this country at peace and so really when these two groups meet and come together there are very usually clashes we've seen it several times happening in london in the last year or say we went up to the united states fascism process just up the road and we spoke to some people about what has happened here today we have seen a huge police operation mounted caustic in the region of one point two million
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dollars just to police this demonstration and more than a thousand people drafted into looted for the day from all over the country and that's what one of the u.s. forces had to say about that it's called. been bringing people. just like a huge operation to allow the racists in fascistic volunteering to mean it's a kind of service outrageous really specially when i talk about making cuts to public sector and it certainly looked like a huge operation horses cordoning off the entire town center to stop these two rival factions from getting us each other we managed to catch up with the chief counsel for the chip police he told us that he was very pleased with how the operation of passed off forgot this and how much it cost that to him. policing operation the rooms royce through the. roof prepared for the. true religion to ensure that the so you. can push into the evening for. and it was
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a very successful operation as he said i've heard word of just two arrests there wasn't any violence that we saw so what that means really is that the english defense league has seemed to manage at least for now to have got that violent drunken sort of football hooliganism aspect of their organization under control as they say at least for the moment their membership is fairly diverse already it's not just white people as you might imagine it's also the sikhs there are jewish people there are black people who are among their ranks here on saturday so we have to just wait and see what the what the e.t.l. comes up with next whether it was a coincidence that david cameron made his comment today or whether it was done deliberately to coincide with this march is not clear but it is clear that it again he is not the first person to have made these comments inside europe germany's angela merkel also said that this is a system that has failed miserably they've got a lot of turkish immigration in germany and she says that there is little to no
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integration into the german community we've also seen the travelling community gypsies being deported from france recently the swedish democrats won seats in parliament a far rights group for the first ever time at the beginning of last year and we've also seen a vote in switzerland in which fifty seven percent of people said they wanted to ban the building of any more minarets so this is certainly a europe wide feeling this this anti islam ism. top story now a major new clearcuts treaty between moscow and washington has finally come into force to discuss this i'm now joined by political analyst of the many house of being with us here on ars he now is this deal a good example for the world's all the nuclear power thing. well i don't hear a quote well can you repeat it because of course do you think that this new start treaty that's finally come into being is a good example for all the world powers to follow in terms of nuclear responsibility. well of course we all hope this treaty will be
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a very good example not just for the united states and russia i would say that without such an agreement all the cut the ration of any kind between two countries would be at question but certainly of the importance of these agreement is they exempt gold to other countries first of all to those countries who do have nuclear armaments and to those countries who do not agree to join the nonproliferation movement so this agreement between the united states and russia i think would promote the nonproliferation process and would help to include other countries with a process of arms reduction now the treaty itself with several times by debate in the u.s. senate is there at someones that republicans could link to could look all the to to
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sink this pact in the future. well i don't think so even though we know that there are many critics in the united states as well as in russia. there are some political parties and leaders who criticize this agreement but nevertheless speaking about the united states the foreign policy and the specialist for digital issues always had been a bipartisan issue that is why i don't think that republicans even though they are some of them critical. question the scientific rayment now is there a warri that this all introduction pat could make the countries we can in terms of defense. no i i don't think so both country is has such huge arsenals of nuclear armament that any kind of reduction even such as serious as this one i would say that this agreement.
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will. both countries according to this agreement will have to cut down about one third of their nuclear armaments but nevertheless they still would have to march. of the nuclear weapons to destroy both each other and other countries on the planet all right. eleven many thanks for speaking to us on the funding of the historic start treaty between russia and the u.s. or i that is the way the news is this hour here on all say the business we can wrap up next with her right now. welcome to the business program. emerging markets will be the driver of global growth over the next two years that's the opinion of joseph stiglitz who spoke exclusively to business there are now an economist also says western countries will
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continue to struggle with the consequences of the financial crisis. it's very clear . who are in the next many years. europe and america are going to be facing problems that we aren't going to be able to solve those problems we may be able to grow but growth will be so when you meet that we won't be able to get our unemployment rate down. and it won't be the kind of robust growth that would be an engine for global growth of course high commodity prices are good for russia but bad for the united states a slowing down economic growth is the solution the problem of global imbalance is that we say too little. before the crisis household savings rate in the united states. was zero some quarters make it it is obviously not sustainable. since the crisis is coming up. but still not enough i'm also savings have gone up.
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five percent. publics a big sysco handout national deficit better risk a deficit of around ten percent so in terms of the overall savings rate of the economy we haven't improved we just shifted from one side to the other is there a risk that we will see a double dip i don't think in the united states there's mill much of a risk of a double dip but only a certain. of a decline in growth rate winnable said innocent player. and we've gotten a little bit of a boost because of the payroll tax cut that was just a nap so that payroll tax cut is and. makes a artificial support good thing to do but it was on from one year and that means that in didn't you hear that it's not renewed. that they go to force these constraints on states and localities the continuing. problems over leveraged.
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the house will just continue financing state governments the negatives will become predominant. only was she will be growth will slow. and let's take a look at the markets question markets close in the black on friday having climbed for a third day energy majors where the top interest was about one hundred dollars a barrel in london and they had political unrest in north africa and the middle east. and. both close trading down on the day processed however added close to two percent on both voices after the oil giants stay there but its fourth quarter net income saw a nineteen percent jump over the previous three months. with this week's trading mostly affected by tensions in the middle east and mounting oil prices circa sooner off explains why gas palm was among the top gainers there
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were some people still with the good performance and but people. will. cry on everything before just because gas prices prices. but the taxation for guest room and if their own company is promiscuous have been efficient credit we priced under the negative for employer we saw that the publishers were able to reap the used to finance. the sale of rent the percent stake in that the web by the street this year and this creates the potential market global him with the bushes. and that's all the business news for now but you can always find more stories on our website at r.t. dot com slash business thanks for watching.
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this is the key meet the arms reduction treaty between russia and the us finally comes into the fold in the exam form it was signed by the country's president moscow and washington are to exchange full details about the office halls in forty five dates. pressure mounts on egypt that lead to hundreds of thousands rally in cairo despite the deadline for president mubarak to quit. and as the person as prime minister says multiculturalism has failed towns sees someone
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take me as rallies by formalisms about the muslim islamic cultures and today it's. now if you have a taste for high altitude and high speed danger a special report is flight up next. i've never been like this before. so how does it feel. that. these people don't have a runway or. all that's needed is a steep hillside or a winch but with each takeoff there is always a risk. for.


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