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tv   [untitled]    February 8, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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dreamiest websites he claims that he was the one who focus straight to this you side bombing which took place at moskos main appleton january twenty fourth he said that's right he was the special local ration now it's not the first time that they'll come out of claims responsibility for similar terrorist attacks oh you know what is remarkable shortly after the bombing at the country's largest airport in a similar video message he said that more attacks would take place in russia and what was remarkable about that particular b.t.o. because it needs it sitting next to a man who was recognized by some as the various you saw a bomb who hocussed straight at the attack at the mighty of the fallen january twenty fourth the suicide bomber and to the international arrivals area of the cowboys and blew himself up amongst the crowd thirty six people were killed among them six foreign citizens will do a whole lot of these wanted not just by apas be but he's also on the international
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least of terrorists he has links to your car early had claimed responsibility for this between suicide bombing almost goes much for a system in march twenty ten one forty people were killed also he is believed to have most of mine to the ball mean all the express train in two thousand and nine the train following from moscow to send a disparate security has been tightened all across the country today was the important day in terms that they had so pulled three major security agencies up rochelle at least so apis be and all the investigative committee together for a special meeting apis be reported to the duma deputy is the name of the old hold up those of the man who carried out the suicide bombing it hasn't been disclosed to mass media of course his investigation is still ongoing the court case hasn't yet reached the court that. we also know that that was b.
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believes up to seven people could have been behind the attack moskos the my dear that i have now is full of the address of the modified he's claims that he was the one the must a mind to hold the attack they're quite cautious about it and they say that terrorist cells in russia quote a ton of us and the local market is just one all of the versions of the investigative committees considering and the say that those who organized the attack may not have been directly linked to these terrorist but on monday president made video had a major meeting with russia's top police offices know that police in russia are undergoing a major reform as part of a reform of the interior ministry in general and the president believes that security should be better taken care of on public transport he particular and believes that this reform of russia's police could have helped provide safe don't public transport investigative journalist pulau small says don't go models close ties with al qaeda mean he's now taking his terrorist activity to
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a whole new level. these groups move more fiercely around the world around you know their own down to leach actions operating in parts of afghanistan and people from you know foreign fighters coming into the system. the important thing is that this is really the first time we've heard him emerge you know as a major player in terms of international terrorism i mean he's known for he is involvement in the bus tours in chechnya but he's not known on the international stage for operating you know terrorist operations like what we've just seen at the moscow airport went back really as a sort of step up but here it's obviously not the first time that militants are about engaged in acts of terrorism against the russian studies but this is this guy seems to be coming into the frame and taken up some of the space that's been left by people who've been killed or captured. now the herrings into the
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extradition case of wiki leaks founder julian assange will resume on friday after the end of the second day of the inquiry in london it's then that the closing statement on the case will be read out to determine whether he will be handed over to aussie's or emmet has more from outside the court. well it was supposed to be the last day today and it's pretty interesting that it wasn't in fact they said that there wasn't enough enough time to hear the closing statements going to come back on friday morning for just a half day's the defense on the prosecution can submit their closing thoughts the reason it's interesting is because sweden is requesting songs extradition under the european arrest warrant system and in general under that system the british court isn't actually allowed to hear any evidence but in fact they seem to be hearing it all and the only reason for that that i can think of is that this is a particularly high profile case of course and the court system is afraid of a media storm that could ensue if the british court system just gives. him to
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sweeten in terms of the evidence that we've heard over these two days the prosecution's been arguing very simply that there's no reason that assad shouldn't go to sweden but the chief swedish prosecutor mariano has been conspicuously absent through this entire proceeding and in fact so much so that she received a challenge from a soldier's lawyer mark stephens this evening he said that he really threw down the gauntlet to her he said come to london and the reason that she wouldn't come to london was because she didn't want to face the cross-examination that she knows she can't win and in terms of defense evidence we heard from the defense that they have seen but not been given copies of by the prosecution around one hundred text messages from the victims these these these people that who allege that julian asked are sexually assaulted or raped that they heard that these two women expected to be paid and that they wanted revenge against julian assault and also that they planned to contact newspapers to have
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a soldier's reputation destroyed or some other evidence that we've heard over the course of these two days was about whether whether essence would get a fair trial in sweden and it was from a former swedish judge and she gave evidence for the defense and she said that the rule of law in sweden has been deteriorating. since the mid one nine hundred seventy s. she also gave her opinion on marianne the prosecutor she said that she holds a grudge against men and that she's a radical feminist and that these charges are very possibly politically motivated and she also said that public opinion in sweden is very much against us laws most people she said in sweden believe that he's a rapist before they've even heard the evidence now of course the defense is main fear is that if a soldier is extradited to sweden he will then be extradited to america we've been hearing for the last couple of months that the u.s. is preparing a request for him on the grounds of espionage charges in relation to the wiki leaks
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embassy cable releases which are of course deeply embarrassing to washington now sweden has what might be called a cozy relationship with the u.s. it's previously cooperated with the u.s. on illegal rendition most notably of a terrorist suspect who was then sent on to egypt where he was in fact tortured so sweden does have what you might call form full cooperation with the u.s. in these matters and if sent to the u.s. it's really not clear what would happen to us or she even received death threats from certain u.s. politicians including sarah pailin who said that he should be hunted down like al qaida the defense is also arguing that he may be subject to the death penalty if he if he does go to the u.s. all that he may be kept in a detention facility like guantanamo or something similar. now is antigovernment protests in egypt and third week president hosni mubarak has taken steps to reform the constitution in an attempt to diffuse public anger but thousands of
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demonstrators remain in cairo's main square keeping up the pressure on the president to resign the three is called the latest from the capital. what we've now entered the third week of anti mubarak demonstrations and the numbers on the streets just keep growing his square is still remaining the focal point here in downtown cairo hundreds of thousands of people on the streets as we speak and also the city of alexandria with you off the course of the day tens of thousands of people have been coming to protest these small started at around midday when government buildings close in the last day also people have received this salaries and just yesterday monday the government announced that it would be giving a fifteen percent increase to the wages of government employees and pensions but that was greeted with a lot of anger people saying that if the government can do that now why couldn't they do it ages ago when people were campaigning for those kind of changes organizers have also mocked to state fly day and sunday as a million man march is the human rights watch has issued
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a report saying that in the last two weeks of violence two hundred and ninety seven people have been killed we haven't yet had any kind of comprehensive support from the egyptian government and so the vice president omar suleiman on egypt on state television on the hoff of president mubarak and he said that the president had issued a presidential decree that would see what you needed to fake to the establishment to work in the key committees the first committee would look at implementing constitutional reform the second committee would look at implementing the decisions on the conclusions that have been reached in national dialogue those were those meetings between six opposition groups and the vice president almost two men there is a committee that is due to begin working in the next few days it will consist primarily of young people then it will focus primarily on young people it will investigate the violence of the last few days and also ways of bringing people to book the vice president did reiterate that all these kind of moves were a way for the government to ensure a smooth progress process in
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a smooth poff to free and fair elections and again saying that the government was not planning to persecuted. anyway people who have taken to the streets over the last two weeks now it is interesting that the president is increasingly using his vice president to speak on his behalf we haven't heard from the body since that first week of violence back in january so the man is somebody who is respected but he's not particularly well liked here in egypt and he is someone that people closely aligned with the american administration as i investigate in this report it's important to support the transition process announced by the egyptian government actually headed by now vice president. omar so a man hardly the words of a neutral broker and worse far removed from the people who had ministration chains to be listening to. talk to maggie below all heads up a human rights organization that teaches each option is about democracy he says he
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don't like solomon for the very reason americans do almost any man is part of the solution we consider american people president zuma. to keep him. lit mubarak who was still. in power in those sort of things told to last year by the u.k.'s telegraph is the most powerful spook in the region so the man is suave sophisticated and fluent in english but the former head of egypt's intelligence service worked for years as the cia's man in cairo. extraordinary. countries. are among the solomon is accused of having been personally involved in torturing suspects this is the problem now in egypt is there's
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a struggle between not between mubarak and the people but because between the american cia. the covert operators of u.s. power around the world and the people are having to try to get mubarak replaced with somebody else it's hard to ignore the fact that the very abuses that drove hundreds of thousands of people into the streets had some assistance from the united states people have collected almost with pride these empty tear gas cylinders that have the words made in the usa written on them and so so much for regime change so a man was as much made in america as the dictator who appointed him and who is now being thrown out by the egyptian people wiki leaks cables show the u.s. administration was grooming him for years as far back as two thousand and seven it had already identified him as a possible successor to president mubarak. many of her contacts believe that solely because of his military background the least have to figure in
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any succession scenario and so when obama goes on record and says he gyptian is must choose for themselves it is not the world any other country to determine egypt's leaders only the egyptian people can do that people here laugh because you secretary of state is admitting to something different but we have to do is to set a consistent message this morning the orderly transition has been. urging that we transparent is very kind of free but many egyptians are afraid of and think he's more a dictator than mr mubarak which leaves the united states out in the cold when it has to explain why it's backing him policy r.t. kyra. let's cross to some news just coming in now from russia's republic of chechnya two people have been injured in a double blast in the capital grozny the explosions went off one after the other
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only thing the minutes apart it's believed the victims were a policeman and a teenager we'll bring you more on this story as we get it. the russian foreign ministry says a british journalist was denied entry on arrival to moscow because he broke a series of accreditation laws concerning foreign correspondents lou carding violated several rules regulating the work of foreign correspondents that are well known to all journalists lead to november last year he left more school for london on personal business he didn't go to foreign correspondents card although he knew he was supposed to. the foreign ministry added that new carding will face no problems that immigration as soon as all of his documents are order holding his the guardian's moscow correspondent was sent back to london after allegedly being detained for forty five minutes russia's foreign minister said that the journalist visa was valid through to may and it was never cancelled or the guardian earlier
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reported harding had a valid visa which was a null when he landed in moscow. a brief look now at some of the world headlines this hour and millet you have to come down for talks following months of tension on the peninsula and young and soul was severed their relations late last year after an exchange of artillery fire in november the north responded to southern attacks near their territory by shelling a south korean island it's hoped the discussions will lead to high levels of dialogue between the two countries. and its honey in flying timecode twenty two crew on board has been seized by pirates in the indian ocean the five hijackers firearms and several rocket grenades as they captured the vessel the frigate on route from sudan to malaysia was carrying crude oil it's currently sailing west towards the somali coast. for trucks carrying oil to may save
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forces in afghanistan of course fire in pakistan it's a believed they were the target of a ball with the explosion one fuel truck before the fire spread to three others police say it's still unclear whether there are any casualties or nato convoys in pakistan carrying supplies across the border with afghanistan free could be targeted by militants now former u.s. secretary of defense donald rumsfeld has lifted the lid on life inside the war on terror by publishing his memoirs in titled known and unknown it charts how he served under two american presidents ford and george w. bush also discuss the book that's like al times in d.c. studio where we're joined by chastity from the center for american progress this approach to. the many thanks for being with us here last you know you've written about this book for the u.k. has gone to the newspapers what kind of impact do you think rumsfeld's memoirs of
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going to have. well i think for the first part it's actually going to annoy some of the senior republicans because in the book he. blames george bush he also blames collin powell condoleezza rice for a lot of the mistakes it's a very self-serving book which proclaims him to have known everything and to. condemn other people and i think this is something that other republicans even john mccain are not very happy about what i was hoping for in the book was at least some knowledge meant that he had made mistakes but the only thing he seems to acknowledged is the idea that he should have resigned after the abu ghraib scandal reality in fact he did resign twice and bush didn't accept it but i think for the five thousand or so of american soldiers that died there and the hundreds of thousands of iraqis that died in addition to the people who were tortured in abu ghraib the least he could have expected was an apology but that is not and has not
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been forthcoming from run instead his book logs himself and suggests in fact that he should have gone to war sooner he in fact suggested he should have. been collin powell was making a speech and so it suggested nothing has been learnt you know from the lessons of the last few years and he suffers no regrets whatsoever through some of these points you make a little bit more closely now you talk about the lack of an apology in this book and rumsfeld does say that the u.s. campaign in iraq i didn't go the way it should have had because quote there were too many hands on the steering wheel so how illuminating is this in its assessment of how the bush administration. well let me give you one example he actually talks about in the book the fact that if he had people who told him of the time he would have probably sent more troops into iraq well that's simply not true people
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did tell him generals told him planners told him there was a plan call our plan one hundred three which is updated and he traveled to florida to meet with centcom to talk about it in which they really the advised him and bob woodward recounts in his book to use more troops and he said you know you have to think outside the violence and in fact later on when soldiers said we don't have enough armor he said well you know you go to war with. the army you have not the army you would like you know when when when iraqis you know looted. the museums. and destroyed shopping malls you know he shrugged and said you know democracy is messy stuff happens so this is a man who even though he was told otherwise and in fact even after the looting he still did not put in place a reasonable plan to manage the country he did not act on the advice of people gave him let's focus on what us led invasion of iraq now. and million
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iraqis died after that invasion of the country as well as thousands of american soldiers that as you said run still does seem thing to shift the blame in this book on what went wrong to president bush and other things how culpable really is rumsfeld in the younglings of the american public do you think even after the publication of this book. i think it depends on the segment of the american public but i think the neo cons probably back and perhaps elements the tea party probably back bush and rumsfeld but i think the vast majority of the american people see this was a disaster and see george bush's and donald rumsfeld's handling of the situation in iraq as terrible so i mean this sort of tedious self-serving self promotion of the book that he's published will only prove to the general public that these are people you know who you know do not apologize and. will not.
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will not admit to their mistakes i mean i think in many cases he has rewritten history he refuses to acknowledge what he did run and well even the title of the book is a reference to the iraq war isn't it the name known and unknown it comes from that very famous quote that rumsfeld made about whether iraq had supplied weapons of mass destruction to terrorists why do you think he chose that specific quote and his title. well the quote is there are no knowns and there are known knowns and it's one of those famous rumsfeld mysterious quotes that he was he often made that you know seemed. mysterious but in fact i think merely just slip of the tongue was rather than you know sort of some sort of poetic imagination and i actually think that there were many no known as including the idea that if
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you do an invasion an invasion that was even if the invasion was not justified you have to do it with what you know which is you cannot actually. control a country with one hundred fifty thousand troops and you find out whether or not they're actually weapons of mass destruction as opposed to preceding unknown's and unprovable which is what you. yeah and so by him calling it. is i think maybe a club to use the phrase but actually proves how little he knew and how little he would he acknowledges you know his crimes which i think you should be you know tried for in fact. visiting fellow of the center for american progress many thanks for giving us your thoughts there on the publication of the former u.s. secretary of defense donald rumsfeld autobiography many thanks. ok do stay with us because if not they now.
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going to business are to good to have your company russian energy major gazprom is reportedly in talks with the world at shell to widen the global alliance sources close to negotiations cited on bloomberg say europe's biggest oil company may offer gas from asia though in return shell wants to expand a little five natural gas plant at the twenty two billion dollar sounding to project to win markets in china and india however alexander knows that of for metropol doubts the plans will come to anything well at least for the moment. on one hand there are good very good perspectives for. point of view of gas for expansion. but at the same time current situation in the global energy market is not so favorable for a you know making new energy plans and current trend that the major global energy producers are postponing or canceling its new capacities production get us
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to. projects saw basically i don't think the timing for expansion of ireland. is the best time right now to go to the markets now to be yes of course the only trading markets they're showing fresh two and a half year high is up half a percent on the dow mcdonald's is up around three percent or better than expected january sales but the nasdaq and s. and p. gains are limited as investors are assessing the impact of the interest rate hike in china which could slow down the global economy. european markets managed a recovery in late trading half a percent up that's with minus fooling after that rate hike in china and nearing inside my group in marsat we'll see up one percent after an upgrade from their own . russian markets ended tuesday's session not so well kneedeep in the red correcting as crude continues decline around eighty seven dollars right now also our flow of capital is quite significant from russia and this is of course depressing investors who is adding to monday's sharp losses a day after
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a suspended a stock buyback a major shareholder disputes down almost two percent of the close the week crude price was pulling down the energy sector rose never down one point eight percent of the closing be to be the biggest loser four point six percent this is because of the uncertainty as to what price shares will be placed in the government privatization john hi is all from citi bank says there's a number of issues getting the market was for. first of all we had crude continue to slide from ninety dollars last week it touched a dollar. plus per barrel deputy bread was even higher above one hundred dollars second we had chinese raising interest rates today which is not taken by the market and third we have a number of stock place was going out of russia right now. it's difficult to say how the how they're going now the news russians trade surplus grew by a quarter last year to reach one hundred sixty eight billion dollars as surging prices for oil gas would exports china overtook the netherlands and germany to
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become larger largest trading partner in twenty ten with the turnover rising by fifty percent to reach fifty nine billion. so for now i'll join my colleagues i mean they really care and tomorrow morning eight twenty moscow time headlines the next.
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to. see. now i hear this is russia's most wanted man church and terrorist don't call model says he's responsible for bombing. which killed thirty six people long long model of the pope's ties with al qaeda have landed him on the list of the world's most dangerous chemists. wiki leaks founder julian assange battles attempts to extradite him to sweden in a moment in court for a second day with the hearing set to resume on friday a soldier's moisey who can deny justice by don't put one hundred over to the u.s.
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he fears prosecution for revealing secret american diplomatic documents to the world. class president mubarak attempts to appease egypt's own position with even more concessions the demonstrators in cairo remain defiant the man of being tipped to replace them but it has legs and with the cia fueling fears that washington is pulling the strings vice president omar suleiman is the former head of egypt's intelligence which has been widely criticized for its systematic use of torture. financial analysts keyser examines how the unrest in the middle east could hit food prices around the world. and this is the kaiser report you probably haven't thought much about eating.


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