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tv   [untitled]    February 15, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EST

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every green lol he told in total. freedom of speech on trial. after being accused of inciting hatred critical lectures on. serious motives behind russia's foreign minister visits. to his attention most. of the diplomatic differences i'll be following the meeting join me in just a few minutes. also such a rush of trouble. double suicide.
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worldwide news twenty four seven you with r.t. in austria free speech activist has fallen foul of the law for expressing similar views being coerced by major european leaders elizabeth a ditch wolf says that after decades of mass immigration multicultural society just isn't working she faces three years in prison for inciting religious hatred after she criticized. reports now from. a european citizen peacefully debasing islam with a muslim is nothing unusual in a multicultural country like australia but it's a tall peak not always discussed in such gentle fashion but i see you not super. in
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the course but you're worried. about studying what islam so we learn how to. know your enemy elizabeth supper teaching wall has been on trial in a vienna court on charges of making what is described as a hate speech against islam a left wing all strand magazine recorded and published a speech at one of her seminars landing here or in court i have nothing against people who want to practice their faith. but i would like them to do this in the privacy of their own homes here ideas she says are nothing new and when europe's political elite express them they are not prosecuted for the same views multiculturalism has failed this is nothing new and my group and i have been saying this for years now all of a sudden. and others come out of hiding and agree with us i don't know why but elizabeth wolfe opponents say she crossed the line here
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a speech is outraged not only the muslim community but also made. it's not a matter of free speech that i can spread hatred about large groups of society now we have to respect individuals in our society and we have to ask them to integrate and we have to help them to integrate yet european leaders such as german chancellor angela merkel french president nicolas sarkozy and british prime minister david cameron say multiculturalism in europe isn't working there are huge muslim communities but frequently such as in all strata they leave in their own areas a physical sign of non integration districts in vienna is known as the little people here speak their native language they prepare their national dishes and wear the clothes which they are used to and this is exactly what hell is about subaverage wall fountain. are fellow like south taking
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a stance against self segregation at top pick which was once taboo is now at the top of the european political agenda with multiculturalism now open to multi criticism from some of the continent's most influential political leaders we've yet to see how their views might fully influence debate on the ground and the future shape of europe exceeding their children r t from vienna. or moscow and london will be hoping to turn a page in their troubled relations as russia's foreign minister is now visiting the british capital events over the last few years of course of diplomatic tension but with a relatively new government now in london there's hope for a fresh start laura reports from london where the meeting of sort of a lover often is kind of part of william hague is currently underway. the aim of this visit will be to focus on those positives and they are expected to be wide ranging meetings which cover a lot of topics among them we are expecting to see some talk about european
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security talk about economic and visa issues they're also going to be preparing prime minister david cameron's coming a visit to moscow they're going to be talking about russia's cooperation in the european missile defense project russia and russia nato relations oversleep also russia u.k. relations if they get round to that and the situation in the middle east and afghanistan iran's nuclear program these last two will be high points because that has always have always been areas in which russia and the u.k. and the u.s. have cooperated very well russia allows allied forces to use its transport routes in afghanistan for transporting troops and other things and russia has also led negotiations in the past on iran's nuclear ambitions which which the u.k. has always been very grateful for as they say focusing on the positives definitely but this visit is unlikely to be a particularly easy one. although russia has good or indeed for william hague
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russia has good relations with all the european countries and of course we've seen that much vaunted reset button being pressed between russia and the u.s. but we have so far failed to push the reset button on russia u.k. relations and that's going to be something that will happen during this visit over a number of years the relations haven't been very good really things came to a bit of a head in two thousand and six with the murder of former russian security officer alexander litvinenko in london that disrupted relations in a way that really hasn't been mended yet the u.k.'s chief suspect in that case and is now a duma deputy and although britain has repeatedly requested his extradition russia cannot extradite him because it's against the constitution and that's something that this relationship hasn't been able to see past their. in a variety of spots including the closure of the british council offices in moscow smaller things all through the u.k.
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is harboring what amounts to around forty people who are wanted on the criminal charges in russia at the most notable of them include bodies but as of ski the business tycoon and the chechen akhmed zakayev again extradition has been requested by russia but the u.k. refuses to extradite them but most recently the that was dismissed just at the beginning of this month the guardian correspondent luke harding was expelled refused entry to russia he was trying to travel to russia according to the authorities on an invalid visa but he says that that his expulsion was linked to his work with wiki leaks although diplomatic relations might not be very good business ties have always been very strong throughout this period and they remain strong to this day and we of course saw this recent enormous deal between b.p. and russia's state oil giant ross nest and that is. by love or often certainly by the u.k.
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that through those business ties and through those economic cooperation better political and diplomatic relations can be built. it is or am i there in london well coming for you later in the program here want to see tough choices but no war some say as the u.s. slashes its next deficit budget defense spending remains a relatively untouched. the newly built centerpiece of sochi is a winter olympics is tested by the proud. the alpine skiing european cup now gets underway. right now we cannot cross live to london whether russia now foreign minister sergei laugh it off and his british counterpart william hague are holding a news conference after that meeting let's let's listen to what they have to say bilateral discussions with the foreign secretary of the day i strongly welcome and it's a chance to return the generous hospitality that he extended to me when i visited
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moscow last october we've had very good talks this morning i was very much looking forward to continuing over lunch his visit comes at a pivotal time the terrible bombing of moscow's airport in january which killed first six people all of them british brought into sharp focus the common security threat we face from international terrorism that's just one of a number of serious challenges that we need to tackle together ranging from nuclear proliferation to climate change and as i stressed on my visit to moscow in october we can't address these stark global problems and listen governments work together and seek to narrow differences where differences arise that is what we are in the business of doing yes we've had some serious disagreements between our countries we don't always see eye to eye now but where we disagree we're able to raise it with each other as we have done today it shouldn't stop us from working together in
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areas which bring benefits to both our countries so so again levels visit only four months after i travel. the moscow shows that our countries continue to seek a patient steady improvement in relations it will take time there will be no giant leaps it is about measured practical steps and in this spirit of cooperation out talks today have already covered a wide range of foreign policy and security issues where we have common interests we have agreed a joint statement on afghanistan which is being circulated. to work together to support the afghan government towards transition by the end of two thousand and fourteen and to tackle illicit drug productions drug trade and trafficking in the region we discussed how to ensure a smooth transition in egypt and agreed on our shared commitment to seek renewed urgency on taking forward the middle east peace process and we've discussed human
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rights and legal systems we've discussed how we could cooperate more closely in the fight against organized crime and international terrorism and we've discussed some practical ideas on where we can work together which our officials will take forward over the coming weeks and months we have today just signed a treaty to update the hotline the telephone link between number ten and the kremlin allowing for a modern system to be put in place this is not in any way or sign that we are returning to cold war mentality it is about modernizing an important communication link for a modern relationship we've discussed how to take forward the u.k. russia knowledge partnership which will identify and tackle barriers to trade promote opportunities for new investment and stimulate contact between our education establishment vince cable has already visited moscow to take part in the u.k. russia intergovernmental steering committee on trade investment the science minister david willetts will travel to moscow later this month to chair the joint commission
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on science and technology and launch the u.k. russia of space so our talks this morning have covered a lot of ground and will become to. doing them over luggage will then be going on to see the prime minister this afternoon and i know the prime minister is looking forward to this meeting which will be able to discuss a range of subjects of importance to the u.k. and russia including the prime minister's own visit to russia later in this year so this welcome visit is an important part of the steady improvement in relations which we initiated on our side when the coalition government came into office and as a working practical relationship bilateral issues and on global issues it is undoubtedly on an improving trend so circular i was very welcome here today and i will ask him to speak so i see but thank you very much first of all i would like to thank my colleague mr william hague for the invitation to visit london. so goes
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the diplomatic life meaning that yes yes although i have repeatedly been before to the british capital acting in my professional capacity as multiple events this is my first visit as a guest of the british government when it was to get them where this afternoon. the ships as you know i mean just meeting with prime minister david cameron was scheduled to go and i'm going to hand teamed with the russian president dmitry medvedev message but of course when you were just in the vehicle she too will confirm that invitation to dead cameron to visit the russian federation which are a lot of the leaders you have met a man that wants all your clothing to last yes let's go to the sidelines in korea and canada they discussed some of those in the process which are probably of different topics including their problems that still exist there is
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a great that they would discuss all the problems in a constructive way the you know the find mutually acceptable ways. solutions and in this way we will had our discussions with william hague on bilateral and change and in the case where interested you sold that day this stage of our relations including bedroom units that you could visit. british prime minister to rush in and showed that our relations transferred to a new quality not just work constructively done but. of partnerships do it up her eyes by a trusted system to make this relations to digital a stable we really. so we rose and actually discussed various aspects of our walk while a troll corporation was going to have a very positive the civil and increase in dynamics of balloted that existed at different levels and we have very intensive contexts between agencies and
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ministries mission good in economic and human tear in the sierras that we can manage the trade in the economic investment corporation is on the rise you know one of the most recent examples that we get there the conclusion of a strategic alliance between ross left and british petroleum with a satirical lines. hold that we were going in for the development of economic co-operation there will be a focus on innovation sectors of the economy in the future here we have good examples also so that i make the context of the stray ssion in russia where cocoa innovation sometimes you know we supported big initiatives of but not rich admission into knowledge and we hope that this initiative will find the form of a vision of concrete with a bunch of situations action plan take into account of the tasks with the unit which the six priorities have been determined that will fall on our committee for
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the trade and investment that is finance high tech included non-addicted. knowledge is an addict energy efficiency using this small and medium sized enterprises including the use of olympic legacy and the improvement of their business environment which then beat into me this is an ambitious buy out and was basically meant to bog your agenda when you can are largely cultural and who tear inhalations have been always reach for the little ball this year we have to land a serious of cultural advance usages including their russian cultural circles in britain land on british ones in russia we have also discussed the visa regime. we are conducting dialogue as that level of experts we have agreed to provide
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a political impetus to this dialogue to maximally militias simplify their troll regime part citizens starting from certain categories business circles where participants of cultural and exceptional and educational exchanges if you will which is an instrument about their direct encrypted communication line between moscow and london has been signed it is a very important element of our communications and i am sure that our dialogue will develop and more tack was allowed all the dishes and which are russian that task or find political context for this it is the task of our states we have discussed international issues afghanistan stories since we have agreed their joint declaration of them with a situation or on iran's nuclear programs in the frameworks of their group three plus three we will actively you we will cooperate in order to find they were
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peaceful solution to this problem we have exchanged our opinions on what is going in egypt and. on the whole in the middle aged in their states of the region where he's convinced and my colleague has stated that their developments over the years make more urgent is that of was a successful solution to the middle east sort of matters little. for us great britain is a partner for the russian nato councils and for the relations between russia and the e.u. and in this framework and in their promotion of their own we see we do a special attention to the european security you know about the initiative of president medvedev to conclude that treating on the security in your atlantic we can brainstorm with that we need to lay their solid legal foundation for the
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political of the geisha and to ensure equal security for everybody on the whole i am satisfied with today's talks i expect a very interesting discussions for international and regional issues during lunch and i think william hague for his hospitality and i said going ization of our visit . he questions. that down here i.t.n. first look at us get your reaction to ongoing protests in iran and any concerns you have about spreading protests in bahrain or yemen and finally can you just give us your reaction to silvio berlusconi's indictment. well mr lavrov and i are responsible for many things but we're not responsible for the italian judicial system so that is a matter for them and. i would say to my part i would be wrong to comment on that on the situation in iran and the middle east of course it is interesting
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that iran advocates of the right to protest in egypt but clearly does not believe in that right in iran and so there is a shameless hypocrisy here in the case of the iranian authorities we position is absolutely consistent across the board we uphold the right to peaceful protest and we did so in egypt and tunisia and we do so elsewhere we hope that right will be respected and we look to the authorities in all the countries concerned to respect that right including in iran and in the meantime of course we are working with the of forages with the interim government in egypt and in tunisia to support them over the coming months i spoke to the prime minister the foreign minister of egypt on on sunday. and we will be working to support.
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the development of political parties of civil society to give economic assistance as appropriate and to assist the transition to long term stability and democracy so again they are the worst of it just as i was. at ways current on the middle east is a constant on us. we believe that for the international community for external plays the most important thing is not to get engaged into the city issue with the advice that our radical wants and we are convinced that counterproductive coal's full revolutions we have had more than one hundred dilution of our share and we believe that although we don't need to impose resolutions on there is no we don't think that we need to tighten the screw or to take sides they key to the solution in this area and others is gestures now should
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compete as seen on the gaza going to be calls for all the parties for dialogue and search for mutually acceptable agreements only in this way we can ensure that stable evolution into this direction that will be in the interests of the people of each country. on the list of all but also a cup or you know used it on your storms. or discord wasn't there so when i was applauding your thought that was the day to develop us mr grech you who. thought that was the most of the ticket in illinois your great ears and clothes are literally up there a ship with one third parties will take part in these calls so. you want to have. so used ok. so.
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the kind of things that we can do and as i indicated in my statement we need to do further work between officials on this survey coming months that i think we can increase. cooperation in fighting organized crime and encounter radicalization and which we have a good deal of experience in the. kingdom these issues are relevant to russia and require. cooperation so i think in those fields and include them including in some areas of them to terrorism cooperation it is possible to find practical steps which we can take to work successfully together so that was one of the main topics that we discussed this morning but we don't have specific announcements to make on that because they do these issues do require further work by officials. there little bit interest or little firm says that is the word that we discussed today the issue is
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a national election is ation of our consideration and there are areas she would give us more that today are most of those has a good nice crime undoubtedly one of the arms of this or we're interested in that we are going to have some of that is called winds that exist in our little relations will be solved in their legal way this will framework without participation we're interested just in considering our cooperation on ensuring safety of the olympic games of who wants to go to sochi thousand and twelve and inside change two thousand and fourteen and ensuring safety for sporting events as a whole that is a topic that is of importance for us and our british partners as well and have said that yes we have agreed that the competent bodies of our two countries will think about just what hollywood used to know that we could maintain such cooperation in this environment. in the times
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from this leverage. does russia believe there's a lot of instability in north africa and in the middle east at the moment does russia believe that the governments of these countries should encourage greater democracy and we saw last week america through the talking about. the direction of travel to egypt to go in do you have any concerns that president tomorrow and hillary clinton have been encouraging revolutions in the region and do you do you worry about the sorts of words that they've been using and and foreign secretary what role should the middle east should russia play in the middle east and north africa does it kind of calm down and state help stabilize the region and just on dallas county. do you not worry that the fact that one of the e's leaders is facing facing charges sex charges undermines the
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integrity of the european union. well and i think on the latter point i've already given our answer on that certainly my answer on that that is a matter for the italian judicial system it's not something on which we're going to get involved or commenting or give any running commentary on in any detail so i don't have anything to add on that point on the middle east down the road all of russia russia has an important role in the quartet in supporting it advocating the middle east peace process russia is very active in that regard. took part in the meeting of the principals of the quartet during the munich security conference ten days ago i think we have a common view about the urgency of the peace process and the need not to be distracted from it by current events in the middle east but on the contrary those events reinforce the need for israelis and palestinians to find their way to make
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the compromises necessary to resume direct talks and come to a two state solution so russia plays an important role in that regard so again i wish to add to that especially thank you i had said by answering that previous question that we don't think it is friday night. in the car industry for specific solutions schemes actions usually in terms of middle is the state's dramatic events happen because i think that we need to carry the sort of all parties to greet each other. and i believe that it is counterproductive that you took over in going current to impose democracy of some specific faction and we hear such encouragement and the
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votes lee was the clincher to see that the democratic elections are in should to. he has to go on what it ended because they had their own democracy which is the no return that hamas got the majority of elections five years ago because palestinians don't have the right democracy it's not the case it isn't an example of double standards the words of chandler need to understand the consequences of such encouragement will take into account their more than to acknowledge is. a small democracy is the basis for the development of any state which you service all states your fees are into the universal declaration of human rights that would little after the new world in the second world war it contains the universal annoyances and where you would use in those hands. transition of this numbs into the legal legislation it is up to the beach visit weekend to the state chiefs
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because some are interested mostly in the you inject rights of the minorities national minorities that some are interested in that are the rides and the rest and we need to get into account their religious and moral traditions of societies that is and as for their encouraging words for all the forces in egypt or elsewhere as falls russia has a sad that where the member of courted being a human league the wanted has agreed to. roll out in the sequel that our americans to partners to the main responsibility for the atlanta discussion with the body is to use this obeid in their efforts very serious efforts we haven't gone very far and in many ways have a great big quote it has a great that will now go for special or present assumes of each participant progress of russia or use say. on the blues or actually in the e.u. .


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