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and on the book which was published by the former head of parliamentary the national security committee chair so he wrote in his book and nobody denied that but from our representatives. where shooting down into the crowd. and other businesses who i know who lived in that area and still live pointed to both houses here. the roofs off which houses better people will be a shooting and. fresh opinions on historical events are nothing unusual based on newly discovered evidence others merely conspiracy theories what's different is that mr polanski's his argument that it was live in government that were responsible could land him in jail i am facing a charge of. up to two years in prison i mean i have i may receive a fine up to two years in prison i think this is absent from terms of human rights
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and freedom of opinion absurd or not it's the law in the few ania that was with. the lithuanian penal code provides for criminal responsibility for the public denial of genocide crimes against humanity or war crime rules people who belittle these crimes or more victims should be held responsible for the nine hundred ninety one aggression against lithuania and its citizens falls under the definition of a war crime. as an elected official miss the player is a mune from prosecution however he has waived this right and is prepared to stand trial local historians question play to get his sources and back the official version of events. on the one hand there were civilians who wanted self-determination on the other hand there was military might in my assessment the events of january nine hundred ninety one were an attempt to solve
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a problem with the use of force it claimed innocent lives. but should questioning history bring with it a criminal investigation. i don't think that this is a reason for a person to be prosecuted it's his personal opinion your thirties have overreacted but it's up to the lawyers to decide it's a provocation but it's based on certain logic lithuanian authorities did make attempts to provoke the save your thirty's and compel them to start solving the lithuanian issue. should he be found guilty by the. it is needed lithuania and gladys polanski says he will appeal to the european court of human rights an appeal he's convinced will be carried out from a jail cell history may not agree with the opinion of mr polanski when it comes to the events of january one thousand nine hundred however those same historians are unsure whether it's the role of the legal system to determine who can say what about the circumstances of the deaths of fourteen people here in vilnius peter all
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over r.t. lithuania. nowadays we live in the information age and the era of the internet but for many people around the world russia remains a mysterious and misunderstood land it's often portrayed as an evil totally totalitarian state where only vodka helps people survive the a turn on winter and as you've got this kind of reports it seems foreign media finds dated a caricature is a better story than twenty first century truth. two decades have gone since the cold war ended but its ghost seem to be alive and well in some western waters but it's the way russia has presented is often one sided or plain negative and if there's no proof sometimes authors just refer to their own previous publications it's absurd that. translates foreign articles and blogs for a news website so russians can read for themselves how their country are seen and
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brought and quite often this is what she has to deal with. paranoid mischievous and heading in the wrong direction russia is an awkward prospect for barack obama russia the totalitarian regime in thrall to it's our who is creating the new fascist empire russia is institutionalizing a state gangster culture which promises repression and ultimate economic failure for itself perhaps during the call the war the iron curtain which are either blocked or distorted most of the media reports made it easier to create a specific image of an isolated steed but times we have changed most foreign press has all been available either in its original language or in translation to anyone with access to the web the nonprofit internet domain in a forum publishes daily translations of articles about russia from ten countries and other material from up to ninety others. and judging by what's written russia
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is still often seen as a vodka drinking beer overrun by mafia seeking world domination. president's made the video in obama have been pushing horror that we stored in relations but it is the western press deliberately avoiding a restart of its own because cold war stereotypes are simply easier to sell. the press as a hostage of macdonald is ation a product has to be easily understood and quickly consumed and if the reader is developing intellectual a basis he is he's problem as long as this type helps make some money and boost ratings the ruling war over twenty years ago but perhaps some coverage just doesn't want to let the facts get in the way of a good story to tell you all the stuff you go to school of moscow. still to come for you here on the program hungry for change. food prices are seen as a key trigger behind the rallies rolling around the middle east we look at which countries
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could be next in line. speculation of a change at the top among the occupying forces. are still prevailing in afghanistan . and in the middle east anti-government demonstrations have now spread to libya with hundreds of people taking to the streets in the first sign of the country's unrest the uprisings in tunisia and egypt have triggered a domino effect of protests calling for reform across the arab world in yemen riots continue for a sixth day between pro and anti-government demonstrators there demanding the country's u.s. allied president steps down two protesters were killed and several others wounded in rain police have used tear gas and batons to disperse the crowds during a three days of unrest fresh clashes meantime have erupted in iran during the funeral of one of two killed in monday's antigovernment riots some members of the country's parliament called for the execution of opposition leaders they say
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orchestrated protests president ahmadinejad also punished for the organizers while the us strongly says that it backs the opposition and in egypt still recovering from strikes interim power is now in the hands of the military which is reworking the constitution all of which is creating difficulties for washington and its middle east policy so say the experts. the united states have been developing a global policy throughout the last decades global policy in which it came in to support most of the authoritative governments that you can see on the broad middle eastern scene the americans consider that defending their own interests in the region can't come without making as if they were really supporting the democratic processes that are prevailing in the region and that is why you could see that in the beginning when you had the riots in egypt they didn't really support the public
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opinion they came much more with that position that was keen to what hosni mubarak wanted but when they noticed that they couldn't do anything against the result that was taking place then they decided to compose with the public opinion in to tell them that it was in favor of democratic process but i think that anyway whether united states are willing to do is concerned or is defending their own interests and that is why they try to anticipate things and they try to make as if they were the best friends of the public opinions that are present in the ground. social media has played an instrumental role in the recent wave of middle east uprisings now the u.s. has reiterated his call for unrestricted internet access for all promising another twenty five million dollars to help fight state repression online same time washington is trying to shut down wiki leaks investigative journalist webster tarpley says it's another case of double standards. hillary gives these speeches about once a year now so she's out there announcing that the u.s.
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government is interfering in internal affairs of countries hillary clinton is out there posturing about internet freedom where as the head of her regime obama has demanded and presumably received the ability to turn off the internet in the united states what mubarak did in self-defense is what obama can do that's the big hypocrisy so for the state department guys are tweeting in english french and spanish they've added arabic and farsi so they're going big in persian language into iran and they're adding chinese russian and hindi so that all these other targets that opened up the thing that hillary clinton talked about is digital activists in other words there's a huge ball you around the world they want to mobilize these people i think what she's got in mind is a secret army of hackers and indeed trolls that will be the shock and awe of the new decade and this is what they were able to deploy in egypt they say it's simple you get the rich kids using facebook and twitter you get the rich kids into the
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square you put that on television you convince the rest of the society that the government is deeply unpopular and the revolution takes off it's a way to come on manipulate and dupe an entire society and that's this is what a color revolution or cia people power a coup or post-modern co actually is although each of the protests may have ended as a demand for democracy but it was the cost of putting food on the table that actually drove many out of the streets food prices that became overwhelming for just ordinary people and it's a problem being seen across the world correspondent karen forty six o'clock. in egypt the revolution took to the streets. but it may have started at the table when food prices began skyrocketing for the more than forty percent of egyptians living on less than two dollars per day. and it isn't just egypt around the world where there are billion people who are already
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hungry they spend more than half of their money on food so these these kinds of huge world crop price increases can translate into twenty or thirty percent or more increases in their cost of. food prices rapidly rising beyond the levels of the two thousand and eight food prices are forcing americans to make tough decisions at the cash register to vote the fries and then we have to really have to learn how the if of that they do things. because they don't know we don't get a raise to go into everything and everything means basic staples like milk beef coffee and cereal which rose five percent in the last few months alone this. is going to be every summer going to fifty dollars and i get a lot of i mean if i want to eat. but decisions about who pays and how much aren't made at the register says journalist frederick kaufman imaginary wheat being bought
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and sold by financial giants is controlling the price of real wheat they're made on wall street by big investment firms who distrust dollars and euros and instead hedge their bets on commodities who's winning you've got it goldman sachs j.p. morgan chase the largest holders alive largest financial dealers in this they're doing very well as the u.s. pushes producers to convert corn crops to ethanol the crisis deepens around the world demand for biofuels has tripled over the past six years and will triple again by two thousand and twenty growing demand for bottles almost doubling my challenge of increasing the amount of food we have to produce for people and. farmers are having a tough keeping up but americans aren't as eager to push frustrations from the grocery store to the streets from earth to take all. that we have. a second term would be so you can tell you when you get did we do it thirteen point nine billion
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dollars in cuts to food stamp programs over the next three years means that the average american family will receive fifty nine dollars less per month bringing less food to their table but it's unclear whether it will also bring them out in the streets in florida are washington d.c. . now the new two thousand and twelve budget plan submitted by president obama has sparked heated debate over spending priorities some senators have hit out by saying it will see cutbacks on health care programs and an increase in corporate tax that by hitting business growth economics expert richard will of the university of massachusetts says the budget cuts will badly affected people but won't harm the government elite. i think we have a political system that is school erotic and what i mean by that is all the beneficiaries of government spending the companies that get subsidies the military producers who sell goods to the government the working people who get some benefits
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even if they're small all of them have mobilized to hold on to what they get to make it politically costly for any congressman or woman to go against them those people whose programs will be cut they will be hurt those people whose taxes will be raised they will be heard but these are very small potatoes the basic picture which republicans and democrats alike support is a budget that's going to be basically one and a half trillion dollars short the government is going to spend that money the republicans and democrats agree on all of that they're just squabbling over little amounts but the larger picture nobody addresses nobody debates and that's an economy that requires a huge amount of government support to keep probably long and debts into the future that we will suffer a farm much more than anything being debated by republicans and democrats in washington today.
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finally. the best videos.
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from the. video. and. from the capital. it's not decided when the top u.s. . post newspaper reports that. he was appointed about eight months ago as part of. the country military says that despite all of america's efforts. american occupation of afghanistan has already exceeded all possible soffit mistake
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in that country and accomplished even more than that in a negative sense and simultaneously having missed all the positive developments that were triggered and promoted by the soviet union intentionally or not in afghanistan i'm not going to justify the soviet military campaign in afghanistan however i do believe that the current american military campaign in afghanistan provides and ample evidence to exonerate the soviet political economic and military presence in afghanistan from day to raise e.g. of the united states information agency of propaganda which supreme during the cold war battle in afghanistan the economic objective was to distribute the farmland to farmers and that's why they're so armed forces will fighting the
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landlords the united states do not fire the landlords befriending the landlords and have turned them into the drug lords and the main negative success story for the united states occupation b.s. that afghanistan has been turned deliberately and not into the narco caliphate. meantime a former u.n. anti drugs chief says corruption in afghanistan prevents the majority of aid money from ever reaching its intended target pino other lachie told r.t. that nato itself is contributing to the problem. doesn't the world narcotics. operation. the contribution of the military occupation but you need to. offer very stanleys different. their contribution to put up should not be used military logistic. they subcontract. to go from strength
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to private companies. these companies subsequent to. them even through just. business of a couple billion dollars. to africa companies who are comprised by world roads and sometimes even by the thought about. the security of. oil trucks goes from kabul to anywhere in afghanistan in exchange of huge amount of money and that the money that he's taken from the military nato military logistic is more i calculated then the money that takes from the drug trafficking. and you can catch that full interview in around ten minutes time right here on c o eight dollars get some other world international headlines now this hour from the leader of north korea's communist regime kim jong il he's turned seventy years old
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started to gather in the capital pyongyang to celebrate his birthday and the government officially lists his age as sixty nine their records show he's a year older it's thought celebrations will be more low key this year due to a food shortage in the country. and japan has temporarily suspended its annual antarctic whale hunt for filling its quota after repeated to strong. the sea shepherd conservation society has been chasing the fleet for weeks and the i.c.c. is off antarctica and comes a year on from a collision in which a japanese whaling ship was damaged there you see shepherd wrestle both parties and blame each other for the incident. u.s. immigration and customs enforcement agent was killed and another hurt when they were attacked while driving through northern mexico on tuesday one that was critically wounded and die from his injuries the second he was shot in the arm and leg remains in stable condition it's not clear if the incident was related to the
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escalating drug violence in the country but u.s. and what's going to fish oils are working together on the investigation. the czech republic's health minister and a group representing the country's doctors have reached a deal to end the hour broke or pay the dispute hit a peak in december last year when three and a half thousand of them had that in resignation letters under the deal hospital doctors are to receive a pay rise of around three hundred fifty dollars a month this year and next the deal still needs the cabinet and union approval. right now let's get the latest from the world of business with you. hello time to get the latest from the world of business and the n.l. russian business week is underway in london is abe's to address the most pressing economic issues facing russia the world speaking in the u.k.
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capital on tuesday russian foreign minister sergey lavrov revealed that trade investment finance high tech and nano technology is worthy monk the priority issues to be discussed during the form all correspondent laura emmett brings us the latest . it's an annual conference which brings together russian businessmen and foreigners involved with russia to discuss the business in investment environment russia is one of the u.k.'s most important trading partners with the route just thousand british business is working in russia trades topping seventeen billion dollars as such participants drawn from the public and private sectors in russia will address opportunities with and for russian companies and how to strengthen the political and economic image of russia in the world they'll be presentations on the role of foreign capital in the oil and gas industry and also a look at the changing investment climate in russia as the country diversify is away from hydrocarbons and tries to be fast pits technology and small business
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sectors they'll also be sessions on building and promoting moscow as a global financial center but human capital is also high on the agenda with an emphasis on preventing a brain drain in russia they'll discuss the importance of attracting talented people back to the country to encourage innovation in all areas of business economics and technology. let's have a look at the markets and in russia the indices are fluctuating slightly this hour as investors continue to trade cautiously both the r.t.s. and the my six are in the red again where the only marginally stocks are still tracking asian games also energy stocks are beginning to react positively on higher oil that's on the one hand but disappointing statistics from the us are dragging them back down let's have a look at some figures. shares are mixed. up one point two percent into radnor is inching lower about half a sentence ever style is gaining on the my six about point eight percent. let's
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have a look at the european markets shares are rising higher mechanics are four point six percent after the world's third largest brew of beat market forecasts for twenty. earnings us cost savings more than offset low would be a sales other gainers include french drug makers and off we have the answer is two point three percent up to a degree to buy its rival genzyme corporation for twenty billion dollars in cash. and french land a solicitor general's its fourth quarter profit all due to a turnaround at its russian unit the russian consumer banking business had a thirteen million euro profit compared with a loss of fifty eight million euros last year russia which is the lend us second largest market by employees may become the biggest contributor to the international retail earnings by twenty fifteen. and gazprom expects export revenues this
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year to top the pre-crisis wreckage has natural gas prices increased sound the demand for the fuel recovers throughout europe the company said the total exports revenue could exceed seventy two billion dollars this year which is two and a hope billion more than into two thousand and eight fresh gas giant plans to boost its exports to europe this here expecting european gas prices to rise fifteen percent gas from also said it has a religious shipping ahead of schedule. and that wraps up the business bulletin to get more stories from our website archie dot com slash business.
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this is true. he still keeps it secrets but now it's time to reveal that the soviet
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files nikita krushchev life right on are too. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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here with r.t. life are the headlines now in lithuania a politician is facing up to two years in jail for denying the official state line i'll get to the pilot his claims that local authorities were responsible for the deaths of fourteen protesters in vilnius twenty years ago and not soviet troops. body is found evidence the western media is finding it hard to abandon bestselling cold war stereotypes when it comes to depicting russia the countries are still often portrayed as an evil totalitarian state of affairs vodka and ambitions for world domination. and soaring food prices are highlighted as a major trigger behind the un rest and a street rallies in the middle east. and the problem could also be spreading now
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into the world's richest countries. or half of all drugs coming from afghanistan and now end up in russia and the e.u. this is despite years of international efforts to put a stop to the illegal trade in today's interview the former u.n. narcotics chief people who are the lucky tells r.t. that nato is much to blame for the problems in the region as is the local government that's up next. are like you thank you very much for being with us today now some experts would argue that a legitimate economy has considerably weakened after they cannot make prices do you think the mafia has become more powerful in light of that the black economy i mean in some countries.


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