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tv   [untitled]    February 16, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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in some countries yes. but i would not generalize economic craziest was provoked by community interests and this is the most important contribution that organized crime gave to the situation created the east ability creating one happiness in the many countries of the word how are you dealing with it not trying to cut down we have a first of all to stop with the source of instability and a financial crisis and organized crime is a major actor in provoking financial crisis all over the word. i was saying many times that water russia was in the ninety's with the mafia going all over exporting russia money. money laundering corruption by a lens is now or curing in the several countries of the word which countries or you
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have a now. hungry. albania was being recently struck by a big financial crisis so you have all these countries that. experience dramatic negative. situation you got to be good samples in tunisia and egypt where the two families of the two presidents became reach stash their money abroad the family of a mr ben-ami the family of mubarak. to me to have stashed abroad between them six billion dollars for now they create a big problem because when you boil them and in the countryside to record. it was a product of all over the production mo money laundering or sometimes also relationship with organized play on the. you're now
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a torrent to afghanistan. do you agree with american ambassador eikenberry who says that president karzai is brother is a major afghan opium trader but is a very old story i know but no one ever gives an answer and that this is a very old story when i was in the united nations this guy was already you know. major traffic so it's true of course it is true but this is just one. out of many problems what about you work so closely with afghanistan that's why i'm asking revelations for example in diplomatic cables to u.s. diplomatic cables a dry disastrous picture in afghanistan for example is it true that afghan minister after to buy with fifty million dollars in cash are like other cabinet members have probably seen palm trees already in dubai it's a trip that is absolutely true. but this is just one the piece of the truth. he might report you will find many figures and one important figure is this the.
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forty billion dollars that lived in afghanistan for the civilian aid all the eight of these forty went through the afghan government so the corruption of the african go a month is big so what does the rest go to the government officials know that there is international corruption so they're all intertwined you know so we choose never to address international newspapers particularly west of these people never speak about this big piece of the cake very speak all the time about corruption which is there of course but this is most likely. the biggest corruption. over the steel of african people eighty percent there with international aid. the problem is that it's not visible. have an eye for ministers of the fifty.
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dollars you just with kids you have soft corruption. this way software that means. waste. useless consultants and people who are paid three hundred thousand euros a year. for doing nothing just to. see. the problem with or we write this. totally useless with. me and this money absorbs a disproportionate amount of the international aide who goes to afghanistan but no one on the speaks about it but operation on a bigger scale for instance and they tell us anti-drug. policy in afghanistan has had any impact. in two thousand and one up to now while nato doesn't do. x. operation. the contribution of
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a military occupation by the need. of any stand is different. their contribution to corruption is the military logistics. they subcontract to just you know from the start to private companies. subsequent to. the military with just the. business of a couple billion dollars to companies who are comprised by world roads sometimes even by the thought about. the security of. boiler trucks goes from kabul. afghanistan in exchange of huge amount of money and the money that he's taken from the military nato military logistics is more i calculated the takes from drug trafficking. now you as an executive director at the office for drug control and crime prevention i know
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that your policies almost brought about a collapse in afghan poppy trade did you directly negotiate with the taliban to kill the poppy crop or are you spoke with the taliban leaders in one thousand nine hundred seventy when they just conquered. the country about the nation opium poppy cultivation in exchange for international aid for the africa base. they did not to buy the agreement we've got. and i change the strategy. i ask the security council to get the sanctions they got. also i will be to them politically from the countries that surround the focused on the fifty percent of. before arriving to russia or before arriving to europe. after going to heaven stays
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in the region goes to pakistan. to the six countries borders of i created an alliance of this country to put pressure on the taliban on stopping the cultivation. of this fact or blige a certain point the taliban would be to the production in the year two thousand and one there was almost zero production of afghanistan this is important because. i showed that it is possible to eliminate the drug cultivation of i'm not going to stand it is not something that is beyond our possibilities for example in a recent interview with russia today his recent interview with cars that he said that you know and promises that we are in control of there is no proper protection where we're not in control we you know we can't be responsible. it is true that. cooperate with the international community in the plan to provide africa
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a base an alternative livelihood. drug production can be eliminated i'm sure that to the point that with even off. we between russia and the e.u. we are going to launch a plan to eliminate production in five years you're talking then your resume details a life long fight corruption organized crime and drug trade it seems like afghanistan is like a perfect storm in that respect yes yes we're going to be in the basically destroyed by the storm that is lasting since ten years plus another twenty years of civil war . in afghanistan. more widespread today than it was ten years ago you have a fifty percent off children. you will ask why if international community standards offer every year more than five.
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billion euros. just for c. you get eight where does money go with. most of this money is lost eighty percent take out the rate of this money is simply lost. course but also that kind of international waste what they call soft corruption that. most of the money that european and american taxpayers set off going to start. thank you very much. thank you thank you for your.
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our nothing stop we are going to get. put back on track. we'll have a rally we'll sell lots of beer low wrong wrong they will wear uniforms that will damage is a down the black man moving but very little damming the white. and they are the key to our problems are already. heard.
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her. on her. this history still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal that the soviet finds me keaton's who's too often between black and white on oxy. download the official auntie application to go on the phone only pulled touch from the queue sounds to. watch on t.v. lights on the go. video on demand on t.v.'s mine old costs and says feeds now in the palm of your. question on the dot com. culture is that so much of the good news is going to be made into a lot of the play area look it is the world facing the sirius and xm. steen food prices are at all time highs and tens of millions of people are joining the.
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egypt's. arab world with many in neighboring countries demanding political reforms and protests getting violent to me wanting to run and government demonstrators are getting unwavering support from washington but some say the u.s. is using the pretext of democracy but displayed double standards. has led to a search for culprits with street in the dog training food price hikes planting the seeds of revolution this was the original course of frustration which forced people to take to the streets. a politician in lithuania may face jail for disagreeing with his government he claims local authorities and troops were behind a fatal uprising twenty years ago he waived his right of immunity from prosecution to stand up for freedom of speech in the baltic state. i'll be back with more news for you in less than fifteen minutes from now in the meantime the sports news is
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next with. if you're with us this is sports today i'm you don't need a visa are headlines. we'll charge it's the bottom of the artisans in the champions league later tonight arsenal host favorites barcelona. ruling the holiday ukrainian champions shocked char in the italian capital for their last sixteen opener against roma. thing on the style dwayne wade and le bron james produced the goods to help miami get back to winning ways in the n.b.a. against the indiana. couple first with a champions that continues apace on whether they were perhaps the game of the entire last sixteen stage kicking off in a few hours time arsenal versus barcelona it is a market watering tie with the true purveyors of the beautiful game going head to
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head bar said base arsenal two one in the tournament finals back in two thousand and six across in the also won two years ago again against initial opposition months just united but beaten finalists the couple on side who have been on fire domestically this season winning a historic sixteen trick games before drawing out sporting over the weekend. i have an idea. of arsenal seeing the bulls games we played the last season but it's just an idea so because many players have changed in indian friends in the game or for them percy's is a lot. so but. the lessees on here if you see if you saw the game. in the blame for selling always we try to attack four four four spec for the game and i think save the play in the thing the same so that's
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why i thought the last season it would be very very good both games it would be the same and this is. not the odds are against arsenal furthering their participation in the competition the londoners enter the clash as underdogs but then again any team in the world taking on parse out the moment would not be right as favorites seeing up the arse and bangers men sit second in english premier league or be seeking revenge for last year six three i get lost to the same opponents at the quarter final stage. i think everybody expects an exciting game because there's two teams who. are and that's what we want to achieve to maurice to be free food to cause a fee to make sure you don't need the game or to pass the ball but you have the position of the board are we capable to do that we have a very good chance to beat. meanwhile shucked hard to net scar in italy for their last sixteen first leg champions league tie with roma the ukrainian champions have
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won just two out of twelve not just against terry our teams in the european cup and none of them away from home but even worse reading for them is the not true portion the last time the sides met in two thousand and six for an old drubbing in rome while a lack of much practice won't have helped shape taras course either. the problem is that we played the last game on december eighth the game's brugge or we played a great match then a month of all of the search for a long time you lose the physical preparation but you really lose the games organization the fear of playing together the synchronization. not all perfect in the italian side's camp the last two results were defeats at home by not believe wade by enter this of a distant eighth in the league thirteen points behind leaders. in the russian side remain in the champions league but you can barely move for them in the europa league for teams and all go in for glorious the round of thirty two stage gets back
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on the way on thursday now the tournaments well it's just a year old having taken over from the u.a.e. for a cup is a neat. at all no doubt love to become the first russian team to carve their name in the trophy domestic champions need to have what looks like the easiest draw on paper young voice of switzerland it will be cold in moscow for f.c. twenty as the dutchman aim to put a dent in the title hopes pick off earlier from design because of freezing conditions. a tricky first leg away clash against bol while their proscar rivals will be in greece taking on people. at the moving to be english game where there's a place in the fifth round of the f.a. cup up for grabs later tonight bolton and wigan go head to head bolton enter the club just like favorites with compliments time following their two no win over everton on sunday weekend who are fighting to leave the relegation zone domestically are however in the last four games to tie will see another premier
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league side leave the competition by the end of it. talking basketball we're tween wade tied a franchise record of thirty one first half points and finished with forty one overall and helping the miami heat see off indiana on choose they miami came into the game aiming to avenge their feet to boston last time on which is not a game winning streak more than likely early on especially with dwayne wade on the bron james and such stunning form the visitors raced into the lead in the other picked up the pace in the third though machine to tie the game and it was anyone's month still in the fourth but liberal. other ideas grit improvising and show here the heat going on to seal a one hundred ten two one zero three victory to stay in touch with boston at the top of the eastern conference. elsewhere on the night the chicago bulls eye scored charlotte on their home court by one hundred six points to ninety four memphis came out the right side of a one to ninety one scoreline against philly oklahoma thrashed sacramento by thirty
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points. by a single phoenix while the golden state warriors were always a step ahead of new orleans in oakland taking one zero two two eighteen nothing. seven time tour de france champion lance armstrong has been talking about the ongoing doping investigation that could see him face criminal charges if proven guilty allegations have resurfaced in recent times after former teammate floyd landis claimed he used substances i can't control what goes on outside of the rigors of the world with regards to the investigation that's why you hired people to help me do that so i try not to let it bother me. and just keep rolling right along i know that i know what i know and i know what i do and i know what i did and . that's not going to change. brings us to goal for twenty ten was truly a dream year for martin kaymer the german finished the season as world number two
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leap frogging tiger woods in the process the twenty six spot by topping the big money race to dubai competition on winning the p.g.a. championship at whistling straits and kaymer is already off to a good start this year to creating his third which s.p.c. championship in january the spotlight now is very much on the distal door but he knew success does not come easy. i know it will be tough to follow you like that you know i was very successful last year but if i had to try it was my main goal is stand to win the race to dubai again to be the number one year of you know number one and number two in the world so would be nice to be able to jump up there one more step but you know you have to take it step by step thanks very hot stuff at the moment that is all your sports now i'll see you again in just under two hours time but now it is the world weather keeping you updated.
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on washers that so much could be going to make a lot of people are looking into the world facing a serious and sustained food crisis prices are at all time highs and tens of millions of people are joining the dinner. our clothes off and we are going to. be back on track. we'll have a rally will sell lots of beer will. they will wear uniforms that will damage the black and them anything but very little damming the white. and they are the key to our problem our own writing.
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the lead.
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this history still keeps it seeks. to reveal. the soviet songs the key to. life on.
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which makes cars are fun no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on r.g.p. . that's cool. in the. form.
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egypt's armrest is echoing throughout the arab world with thousands demanding political reforms and protests getting violent. anti-government sentiment is mounting in other parts of the middle east and north africa with people calling for change join me points here in a few moments for more. all this worldwide on rest as lead to a search for culprits with wall street and the dog for orchestrating food price hikes planting the seeds of revolution. plus a politician on the way there may face jail for disagreeing with his government local authorities and not soviet troops were behind a fatal uprising in the baltic states twenty years ago.
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live from our studios here in central moscow this is r.t. with twenty four hours a day a total wave of anti-government protests is gathering pace as it spreads across north africa and the middle east libya joined the club of unrest on wednesday as demonstrators clashed with police activists in algeria and morocco were collaborating online in anticipation of protests in those two countries in iran clashes erupted during the funeral of a student killed in an anti-government rally on monday running m.p.'s according to the trial and execution of the opposition leaders is the first such an arrest in the islamic state in over a year protests are also taking place in bahrain and in yemen thousands have been running in those two countries for days calling for political reform middle east a strategic and fragile for the u.s. in the demonstrations and now threatening the stability of its allies in the region and as artie's policy reports washington strategy in the middle east is about satisfying its own agenda by any means. if we look at just some of these countries yemen.


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