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tv   [untitled]    February 20, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EST

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major global challenges everybody agree with that. as well as a particular direction that many took from the territory of afghanistan as you know to see where planning to launch assume a new original program. and dark program for a new standard neighboring countries are doing good because we want to focus not on going up again this time but also a very gentle dimension you cannot fire to direct. threats that can't come try to produce our own in afghanistan but can do it only in broader regional bridge no context so it's a sort of gentle program would help us to curb the. problem of producer director africa and to improve the situation russia's the transit rate the drugs from afghanistan. to europe and on to the rest of the wild and the country has been insisting that these substances that are used to make drugs that all regions should
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be moltz chemically mocked on these substances to determine the point she says if they chemicals the u.s. and britain are against the proposal but russia believes that that will reveal that the drugs all coming from afghanistan why do you think that the state doesn't get support us i think. in a real life with luke legs that we have a. system of for control drugs which are used in medical for medical purposes and as it is a special special agency for thirty two. b. which is doing. for the practical purposes this drax which destined to be used as an authorized drugs so that they can be done and the whole system of checks and balances. as it is used to licenses. to produce lisa drugs which are not allowed to produce. illicit drugs so we're doing
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is that if we need to improve just we are prepared to do it but as it is a problem which i believe we are serbian crews will see if i understand you correctly and illegal drugs that illegal drugs are not chemically not only is there a market but they are being distributed through legal channels so they're not smuggled designed not to. illegally sort of borders but as a ship to in a legal way and the quality and the quantity of this legal. control by a relevant experts this is obviously enormously important for us if there is a heroin and. according to official figures that the actual number could be i know high up and one measure put forward by moscow is the elimination of taste and the increasing. to be used for the production to be put on the u.n. thanks list why isn't the u.n. acting on that ok so i think we can be successful in fighting drugs if we do it in
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a comprehensive way and if we address your problem from upstream to downstream so we need to fight against the rocks in the areas where. drugs cultivated terms produced and also need to cause a chain of supply of drugs we need. to prevent the corruption and money laundering because it's a huge money it's a three billion dollars. revenue so for illegal drug traffic and the world if you're. here in the. pits and synthetic drugs and. so it's a huge it's more than the g.d.p. of a developed country so we need to. do is to create a situation when the money laundering and corruption could be excluded from this process but those we need to address this process this problem from the. downstream
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where the drugs are consumed we need to develop a more meaningful program of direct prevention and treatment of drug addicts and if we have combined efforts in doing this this way from upstream to downstream owners then when. success isolated steps are measures targeted only one chain. of supply can be effective but only at the short term but we need a successor long term and of course money is at the roots of the protests and it's i mean that it's much more profitable for an afghan thought that's a great poppy seed than it is for him to great potato. us all human against it was a case in the poppy fields is that it would drive the fallen into the arms of the taliban essentially because that's where they can make their next best money but why not offer them a chance to fight so train for the afghan army all the time to save her so for every dick ational drugs especially it has become clear after the decent. of the
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conference in kabul last year the sort of from submitted to morsi of the government of afghanistan the international community including continue international military presence this may have to help them but just first of all the responsibility for the third it to have a serious secondly yes i recently visited afghanistan and at that time they held a meeting of all the government so fall provinces in afghanistan and conscious of the problem of put it to creation or preventing farmers to grow the paupers but also say we're concerned about. so it didn't have can be it can be done and such cultures are surveyed to suffer on that one of course it will turn to it's very popular and quite good. cost effective for a culture but also we need to go in and so they come pain. underscoring one
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point that. we could not expect a miracle just in one year it takes time to jeanette a there will be only after that but. the firemen smooth feel real incentive for to produce less drag where bring them kind of should you know just use that last year it was a sharp decline in. production now for drugs and again this time. unfortunately it's happening because of the efforts of the international community but because of the plant disease but we're now encouraged by some additional reports that i would speak taishan so i'll bet expectations that to production may rise because of the high price. maybe not exactly correct and so in this case. it will have a lesser level zero for production zero for opiates in afghanistan which of course is a good news and we need to encourage this trend but of course we need more meaningful
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support i met with president karzai he proclaims. the fight against drug production and afghanistan as one of the national priorities but of course they need the support of her to national community and i hope that that could be done. a program so new project or a program for again just on a neighboring county just were about to launch and one of the positives in this situation is that we see at us was a cooperation in which there was a joint drug trade in afghanistan at the first of its kind of drugs a big big one if drugs were caught that can you tell me a bit more about that yes i understand that russia and the united states. by literally cooperating quite a closely not only in this kind of preparations they come doctored but also as i understand they plan to help but some kind. interesting very gentle. toward
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establishing the run on drug control agencies so that it will be kind of a project. called financed by russia and the united states and sponsored by you know d.c. so it's a good synergy of international community and important by let the hopeless and hopeful next i'm going to see you i forgot to thank you very much thank you very much. are. stopped going. back.
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british. why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy is a report on our. news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images go girl has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day.
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week's top stories on our t.v. the middle east is involved by violent protests spurred by preston egypt and tunisia but experts warn it's too early to talk of regime change while militaries remain in charge. between the steals a blow to nato as new cables reveal washington spies on its own allies to influence the box policies. also the u.s. looks to slash its defense budget but with those cut military spending still equally almost half the global total many see it as just a drop in the ocean. and it's touched down during the longest ever space simulation experiments the box mission to mars has now reached pathway. those are the headlines i'll be back in less than fifteen minutes but first roman is here
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with all the latest splits so we have judo and tennis what's the latest i low against say that's rides russian so dominates at the world. plus three have us that it's all over maybe it's the final tennis final in dubai all that coming up shortly stay right there. hello and welcome to the sport an artsy comment to you live from the russian capital with me cos for a first off the headlines. and then their work to settle on a cruise that's all the wins her first semifinal in six months and will face world number one carolyn buzz nowitzki at the final in dubai. a flawless victory team russia dominates at moscow's good old world cup as this arguably fastest growing martial art game's popularity outside japan.
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upsets everything behold there is chelsea on penalties while eleven time winners manchester united not only crawley one nil on the nail biting day in the f.a. cup. send his first words to that lot of will play new world number one carolyn does not ski in the final of the dubai championships the double grand slam winner came through following a win over its flavio at the net zero the match lasting and now in twenty minutes with both sets ending six games to four in favor of the russian player it will be couldn't solve its first appearance in a final since claiming her latest sights all in san diego last august. and on the way to her fourteenth career title stands keratin was no excuse would be to get a young commission straight sets the save or set points in the opener before claiming this second set more comfortably and she might be boosted by the use she'll take the number one status from kim clijsters on monday courtesy of our win
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over israel sharp here the last eight. now let's check in with amish football for a moment where chelsea is bitsa become the first team in one hundred twenty five years to win three f.a. cups in a row is over after the last fourth. three on penalties at home to everton while manchester united were pushed all the way by non-league crawley town carlo ancelotti is blues whose premier league title hopes have all but faded after slipping to find their drogba dead last in the fourteenth minute of extra time through frank lampard only four lates and saints to quickly level so it went to penalties and caps and phil neville netted the whatever for everton's first victory at chelsea since one thousand nine hundred ninety four and they now hold championship side to reading in the fifth round and choose they elsewhere wes brown scored the twenty eighth minute whereas manchester united and down to name only crawley twelve forty one of the biggest ever called while in the premier league
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versus thirty eight sides in the round there were no surprises as birmingham sheffield wednesday three male and stoke also put three past leaders rights and. meanwhile there are three f.a. cup ties on sunday in the one fourth round replay league one side notts county go to manchester city who are fifty nine places above them the winners will be home to aston villa on wednesday march the second while in the fifth round full of holes bolton in the only old premier league while arsenal go to league one side. for a long time darby. to the mat now where team russia claimed the flow of us victory at the world cup held in moscow on saturday the mixed martial art of kudo is just thirty years old although that's been long enough for the hosts to take a commanding lead in the sport robert downey on has more. thirty countries one hundred twenty five fires in just one team proving they are the undisputed both
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house and sports the mixed martial art of cujo is one of the youngest in the plant its first ever world cup held in moscow on saturday he's also the first time ikku the competition has taken place outside the sport's motherland japan however the event was just more proof it's russia the dictate the terms in one of the fastest growing and eye catching martial arts that present instead of having weight categories couture uses so-called physical in texas this summer fire is height and weight the world cup but this penske in six glasses and all of them so all russian finalists with could have phoned or dip and he's gone muster at that gush out zuma expressing some mixed feelings over the issue. of course i'm very upset with my compatriots performance on the other hand as co-founder i'm glad and proud it's so popular with other nations this is a great promotion for the sport besides all kowtow practitioners are just like my
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children. meanwhile heavyweight boxing star nikolai valuev confessed cujo was just a delightful discovery for came. from here on i am could his biggest fan you want to know why minimum restrictions miss allows fighters to be very creative it's been ten years just perfect conditions for them to show what they really got to ring the fight. let's get back to the net to check out the most exciting deciders of the night team russia's captain aleksey had gone off versus a dump highly of the two thousand and nine world championships runner up against the champ some scores to settle with who leave heading there once again. i decided to bank on my derby the plan was to take him down wrestle and count on the ground and pound only way to beat him some bigger guys on the mat another will jump
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off taking on. both first and furious although the winner is always one only and it's been enough to claim victory but omar submission the next fight coming up at two gift for all hand to hand fighting fans he bragged son of against nico i've been one claimed victory in their two thousand and nine world championships final clash the other two case johns to shine this time around. fighting back in style to become the winner of the first ever world cup. my little son gave me a call just before the fight and said daddy you have to win i knew he was watching the fight so i just couldn't have disappointed him. also known as fewer is qur'anic promptly establishing its name in the rule of mixed martial arts and sports in general meaning some of these guys may soon be given the jones to fight for another title from the olympic champion. marty miscue.
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the city of sochi has passed its first real test ahead of the twenty fourteen winter games the black sea resort is staging its first international competition at the brand new. skete track the second c.r. european cup stage had been delayed by heavy snow but finally what's ahead danielle cramer became the venue's first winner after the austrian won the downhill events on the track that had also been tested by president medvedev and prime minister putin the roles of thorstein track is solid she is her sporting facility that is fully ready for the impacts and those in charge hope it will set a good example for all future building work. as well we had lots of difficulties due to the heavy snow fall and i showed you was very tight but we completed the venue on time it could be compared to plus in a tough exam i hope build in other venues will do much easier thanks to the
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experience we have gained twelve build in this one mind you prepares so much for the winter games is no easy thing firstly because of the unpredictable weather you can never tell if you have enough snow but we're doing all we can to avoid taking chances that's what artificial snow is one of our riches. and finally the first leg of the rhythmic gymnastics grand prix series is used to take place in moscow in a week's time and artsy is not caught up with the russian seem to finds out how they're preparing for the new season. rhythmic gymnastics has always been one of russia's trademarks pools and while hard times it hit some other athletes recently the gymnasts maintain their top billing under coach irina i've been there twenty eleven season is. an important period for the team with the world championships right i had and next summer's london olympics fast approaching the major part of the school will start the season at the most grand prix next week with any program of levy and can i has an exciting new program we'll get
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a chance to see it at the recent training finals and some are very kind of course we didn't make it there because she was injured but we hope she'll be all right next week general cordoning is also here having passed the world cup qualification round in montreal they will perform in all four disciplines here in moscow if it's i thought russia's demands in the sport has been impressive and a lot isn't dissipated from the national team in london twenty twelve however the country's main hopefully again you cannot have a voice to make a forecast with more than a year still to go before the games but i'm glad if i can say anything about the london olympics yet it would be pointless because anything can happen in sports obviously every athlete in this building really wants to be there that's all i can see just by the overall success mean or sad as there is room for improvement after the team was overshadowed by belarus and italy in the all round groups and the last two world championships jewel of golf but the thing is that we've lost the group of around competitions for two years in a row now we are losing
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a limb but we can't even get the silver we've been awarded bronze twice the roster has now changed and we've changed the coaches so we'll try to make sure the juniors perform well it's a very young team but that will no longer be an excuse for us to the russian juniors are also part of the big plan winter says most of them will be involved in either a competitive or exhibit level at major events as that of the we've got some good juniors all girls very pretty we can't forget the children grow up to become adults it won't matter where they came from anyone who has achieved a good sporting result will get a chance to perform. the most two grand prix featuring athletes from thirty five countries will take place a delusional cyrena next weekend promising a lot of. performances as well as the fast death luke and the new kids on the block national deliver r.t. . there will be more support in less than two hours from now meanwhile why don't you get involved by commenting on our stories through our you tube channel at r.t.
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sport news thanks for watching. hungry for the full story we've got it from. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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in israel is available in. jerusalem. week's top stories on our team in the middle east as a violent protests spurred by on the rest of egypt and tunisia but experts warn it's too early to talk of regime change while the military in charge. of turbulence in north africa and the middle insets thousands of immigrants to europe but as leaders there. one activist on trial for doing the same. steals a blow to nato as new cables reveal washington spies on its own allies to influence the box policy. at its. longest space simulation experiment. to mars reaches halfway.
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eleven am here in moscow this is r t thanks for joining us now the wider middle east region continued to be ravaged by anti-government protests throughout this week in libya one estimate puts the number of dead at two hundred as a result of the surging violence i witness is in the eastern city of benghazi say the army has been using the snipers to target riders who are demanding an end to the forty year rule of colonel gadhafi in yemen n.t.n. pro-government rioters continued to clash in the capital sanaa with gunfire heard on the streets while in the box rain the opposition is discussing the strategy before talks with the authorities after deadly clashes with government forces five people killed and dozens wounded middle east expert. to do that.


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