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tv   [untitled]    February 22, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EST

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holding on to you and to intervene or he's going to check out has more on how the trouble is being felt in washington. given all the big interests at stake in the region there is no more democracy chanting going on in washington there have been a few statements from u.s. officials calling for leaders of leave you have bahrain and others in turmoil to show restraint in hadley handling the protests and that's about it no more of that epic coverage of the matter democracy in making kind of things something that we saw a little more than a week ago when obama delivered all these passionate speeches on people of egypt making their voice heard and embracing democracy there is no more of that now with the exception of iran of course the u.s. has for anything that's against the ukrainian leadership but the situation in some other countries seems to have spiraled out of control with egypt analysts say it was easier and safer for the u.s. to root for democracy and support the people because there is the army there which is very powerful and is largely financed by the united states and is now in control of egypt but in other countries in libya for example the u.s.
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doesn't have that same leverage so they are much more cautious calling for democracy in those countries i spoke to some experts here they say washington's biggest fear is that those op risings in the region could bring about leaders who will be hostile to the united states and many analysts and only say for the u.s. it's not really about supporting democracy in those countries it's about securing their interests just two months ago secretary of state hillary clinton pronounced herself very impressed by the progress that bahrain is making on all fronts she said that there seems to be a stronger the broadly held commitment to democracy. that was that was before pro-democracy demonstrators filled the streets and the government responded with deadly force it leave you to experts say the u.s. would so much rather have things as they were could offer was never their favorite leader that's what for but some seven years ago he reached to open up a levy is all which is to the west and to let them invest in oil production so they kind of left. but now with protests spreading like wire wildfires across the region
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the u.s. seems to have little control over what's going to happen next year as the region becomes increasingly unstable the price of oil spikes on global markets it is now at its highest level since before the two thousand and eight financial crisis leave you know where protests are much more violent than they were in egypt or anywhere else now as the richest proven oil reserves in africa it is the twelve largest oil exporter in the world and he threatens to disrupt supplies i made all these protests not only that but there are questions as to who will control the suez canal a major oil shipping lane americans have their fleet in bahrain to patrol the canal and keep an eye on iran but bahrain is now in deep crisis and nobody knows what's going to happen so the u.s. might be losing control there experts say if the on the rest continues and the crude oil prices can be growing as they are now the u.s. is going to be hit really badly especially now that it's struggling to climb out of a recession there are there are reports that a number of western oil corporations might temporarily gain from this spike in oil
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prices but the political unrest in the region makes it all too unpredictable. one from the institute for democracy and cooperation in paris says that by supporting the uprisings in the arab world the us is only giving the appearance of change the american double standards in the middle east are so breathtaking that. one doesn't really know what to say in the case of egypt and as in the case of the other countries the interest of the united states is to present the appearance of change while maintaining political control that is what the americans are about revolution serves to legitimize a continuation of the status quo effectively you may remember in the great novel and film the leopard there's the famous saying everything must change so that everything stays the same and that's really the motto of the americans in these situations they're trying to keep a lid on the situation in the middle east they're trying to legitimize new versions of the old regime but of course that's not to say that there are no social
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pressures autonomous social pressures themselves there are of course considerable precious pressures in these countries. well that was john laughland from the institute for democracy and cooperation in paris and how foreigners living and working in libya are leaving the country several european countries including russia are sending special planes to bring their citizens home well let's get more from this from marty's sheriff earth now sara what have we heard from moscow about how critical the situation in libya is. we know that russia has now begun pulling out its russian nationals from the troubled country it's dispatched them planes to go and collect amongst the other experts that are living in the country the name and specialist that are working on high profile investment projects in the country now we've heard from the foreign ministry that that's now got ahead of president medvedev orders so they're working on that evacuation at the moment and we can hear more about the situation from russia's former ambassador to libya.
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russian nationals should be very much in his ministry has been quite successful in clearing out on the show. it's hard to predict the current situation at least it will lead to one common reason for such reports. of a new generation. that have been brought on by television someone and to some extent the internet ready to take responsibility for the country so great more suitable so she. now what we've seen from russia's reaction to the situation in the middle east has been markedly different to that of other countries in the west and on the foreign ministry's website is actually calling for an end to the violence and there's a real emphasis on political dialogue in contrast to other countries such as the u.s. and britain that have really the last couple of weeks had this pro-democracy rhetoric
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without necessarily having any means of justifying that russia's focus has really been on this political dialogue and we heard russia's foreign minister the surrogate. growth talking a few days again i hate warning these other countries to not push too hard for these revolutions for the sake of revolution and to really be respectful of these countries rights to form their own future he said that it could be counterproductive to try and interfere and that the western countries are we have to be very careful over there no it's using their influence for their own ship it's cool games are just putting it into perspective how big is russia's presence in libya. what we know is that since two thousand and eight when libya aping for the first time in russia has taken advantage of that opportunities to vend president vladimir putin visited the region that was in two thousand and eight and signed a contract three point five billion dollars deal on
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a high speed rail way length is currently being worked on at the moment in the country of course as we said the specialists that are working on that the engineers are now being evacuated and the completion of that railway was scheduled for twenty twelve and just last week of course of the oil companies gazprom working in the region signed a deal very recently with an italian company for an oil deal down in the country again they said that they're removing their represents is that the moment as the total continue this horrible thank you very much for that sir for a reporting from central moscow. now more on the fallout from the uprisings in north africa and the middle east shortly but first let's look ahead as we deal with the martian masters later this hour all stepping onto the red planet in the moscow region from our spire hundred crew are set to walk on their bomb mars for the last time before heading home.
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well more now on the unrest in the middle east and north africa where it's leading to a surge of illegal immigrants fleeing the trouble italy is boosting security on its borders to cope with thousands of refugees whose numbers grow as the violence spreads well our reports from the italian island of lampedusa. no real job and no guarantees the life of a refugee. i had to leave i can do them i should. see a familiar story here. a tiny italian island in the mediterranean around eighteen miles away from the coast of north africa it's always been the main route for refugees but since the recent revolution in tunisia it's become swamped by thousands desperate for a better life in europe who are willing to risk all. then a thermal shock we got into a storm and. i survived six of us and. these are some of the boats
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which were used by the refugees to get here and now they have these signs on them from the authorities saying their use is prohibited by italian a lot they've been only here for a couple of weeks so it's pretty clear their initial condition is far from seaworthy nevertheless sometimes up to two hundred people can cram on each one bitterly and tunisia used to have an agreement under which most tunisian refugees were intercepted before even reaching the island but now that the government has been overthrown the floodgates have opened we're not ready for the recording to introduce as mia is becoming increasingly hard to keep the situation under control scuffles but we migrants and police in question. been cases of robbery and vandalism and it's really hard to identify them some of them may be criminals or even terrorists most of the refugees are held at
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a center where they're provided with basic help but it's equipped only for eight hundred people. we brought in additional staff members including police and even psychiatry just one hundred people in total but that's still not enough. with a wave of violent political. sweeping north africa and the middle east is warning of an exodus of biblical proportions it's calling for cash to help handle the influx of refugees but for role playing to deploy its army to the islands to help go. to your. schools or. well the turbulence in the arab world has drawn the full attention of the american media riots and demonstrations in libya and bahrain are dominating the news channels at prime time and the newspaper front pages well as lauren lyster reports while u.s. leaders fly the flag for popular uprisings thousands of miles away it's
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a very different story at home. these images of thousands protesting their government. are reminiscent of the scenes we're seeing in yemen. the orbach train or any of the mideast protests inspired by tunisia. and on a larger scale egypt where the people's will in many cases driven by workers struggles one out over ruling regimes but these demonstrations are going on in the u.s. state of wisconsin absolutely wisconsin is the new egypt their workers are fighting to maintain their wages benefits and bargaining rights unions and their supporters have been standing up collectively for a week and counting against politicians proposing to take those rights away as one of the most incredible out short pouring of energies we've seen since the great depression and i think it could be the spark that could rebuild the labor movement
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in this country we wouldn't know it walking past a news stand in the u.s. american newspapers featuring the protests of other countries on their front pages right here this is bahrain no mention of the seventy thousand protesters right here on u.s. soil said may be a tiny side bar dedicated to the people right here in america fighting for their rights the hardest to get a burger a body overall and american protesters challenge the story told by the most watched twenty four hour u.s. news network in the country the critics accuse far doesn't see what it said there were getting more and more aggressive and i fear that it might be surprised to hear of being peaceful protesters as rioters and the safety of state lawmakers cannot be guaranteed while it may be true the struggles people face from the midwest to the mideast can't be painted with one broad brush because we do have a higher standard of living each not as bad as what we're seeing overseas in the third world developing world but it is
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a manifestation of the same global move that. manifestation is received very differently by u.s. press and politicians depending on where it's happening american media that shared in the excitement of egyptian protesters all day long in cairo the anticipation and excitement were growing villainize the ones in their own backyard these protesters or some of those signs are so nice a little bit nasty are you feeling any aggression there on the ground the president sided with the democratic demands of egyptians on the street and called for this political social and economic reforms that aspirations of the egyptian people meanwhile at home on the do that be gyptian military help liberate the egyptian people we have the governor of wisconsin threatening to call the national guard lawmakers in the u.s. were rallying the troops against protesters and the top republican in the u.s. dried their tactics saying this was not a way to have an adult conversation gyptian seem to disagree
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a prominent union leader pledged support for the western workers in this video. you know and we watched the people of egypt celebrate their triumph now in cairo it was victorious friday a victory fought and won whose support of the u.s. once a battlefield now a monument to their one week old freedom meanwhile on the battlefield of working people right here in america those fighting go largely undefended lauren lyster r.t. new york. and now to some other news making international headlines a powerful earthquake has hit the new zealand city of christ church with reports of multiple deaths and dozens of people injured the magnitude six point three quake brought down buildings in the city center and forced a hospital to be evacuated power and form lines were severed and burst water pipes flooded the streets workers are continuing to search for victims trapped in the
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debris a state of emergency has been declared in the region. at least thirty six people have died after a stampede at a muslim ceremony in mali officials say over sixty others were injured when the crowd surged against a metal barrier in the stadium hosting the event the country's president obama do to her visited a local hospital where the victims were taken all the crash occurred as tens of thousands of people were attempting to leave the ceremony. a suicide bomber targeting a government building in northern afghanistan has killed at least thirty people well the man detonated his device near a group of lined up to collect identity cards in the could do is province the taliban claimed responsibility saying the attack was intended for an all new recruitment center this comes just days after militants in the eastern city of jalalabad killed forty and wounded dozens. of germany's defense
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minister has given up his doctoral title following allegations he plagiarized sections of his thesis last week karl theodore's who gutenberg said he would temporarily give up the title while his university investigated the charges rutenberg has now as the university of beirut to retract his ph d. of all admitting he had made serious mistakes. all the final space walk of a simulated voyage to mars will soon be underway in moscow before the crew packed their bags and head back to earth well the. all in tears are halfway through a period of five hundred twenty days spent in isolation in a moscow laboratory all the team consists of a six volunteers three from russia and one each from china france and italy are the experiment is the sign to test the effects of long distance space travel alan smith from london smaller space science laboratory says the experiment is
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a vital step for future space exploration. i think is actually an excellent idea i think it's a lovely idea because it is internationalized is the problem because i think that's a wonderful thing that they've done they've internationalize the problem and russia has chosen an aspect of the problem which i don't think is really been addressed properly the most focus so far has been the technology that gets you to mars and lands and we can't simulate it in one go so what we have to do is separate out the various different difficult aspects of it and then try to isolate those aspects and then understand those aspects so the one of the real problems in going to mars is getting people to get on with each other for that period of time and still be effective when they arrive six or eight months later on the surface of mars and then come back again. and that's not a tall trivial so what the mars five hundred is trying to just isolate in their in their isolation rooms some of the issues which those those that crew technology are
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going to see so it's not meant to be a perfect. simulation. is meant to just tease out some of the real issues and some of the issues are things like the difficulty in communication with earth and the growing time in the communications with the sense of general sense of isolation the fact that they have only a limited amount of supplies etc so all those things have been well simulated. a famous russian cosmonaut explains how he deals with being so far away from his family and indeed his planet. the world. it's difficult but it should enjoy and interesting scientific journals are the main thing is to create a good psychological climate when i flew into space for the third time there were six people in our crew two russians are canadian and american belgian and one from japan a real symbiosis and everyone have their own traditions and customs but the best
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thing there is to find something useful that you know if you find it easy. well we're following the mars five hundred crew story on our website and here is what else is on like keeping you up to date at our team dot com blog is james face a fight for compensation for the property stolen during world war two as praise for nazi collaborators sees the conflict read applied by the country as a liberation not invasion. and as the unemployment rate rises in the u.s. more and more women are taking any work going even in the porn industry will go to argy dot com to find out more. all in a few minutes former russian foreign minister and middle east expert yet again a pre-market gives his analysis on the deepening problems in the region but first he was here with a business update. hello
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time to get the latest business news the rally in the world price since the beginning of the year is given the russian government new options speaking exclusively to our t. finance minister says the higher revenues will mean lower boring. sure newspoll is only going to cut our initial plan for foreign borrowing due to the high oil prices this year it could be cut by around five hundred billion rubles we have an opportunity which we haven't used yet. with money from asia in particular this relates to projects in the far east going to be in siberia the money could come in the form of foreign direct investment through the placement of projects. that's how to look at markets now and asian stocks are trading in the red this hour weighed down by political tensions in the middle east the nikkei is losing almost two percent full of the weakness in the euro the oil
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related shares on the rise on the back of strong oil prices brant crude jumps to more than one hundred five dollars a barrel on monday as the political crisis in libya fuels concerns over oil supplies in hong kong construction stocks a shop there low with engineering and construction down around five percent and engineering and construction down four point eight percent. russia stocks sold their highs climbed more than a week on monday the political turbulence in the middle east let's just surge in the price of oil russia's biggest export. that it's in turn lifted energy shares on both my sets and there are g.s. mice it's finished one point three percent higher its biggest gain in three days. and take a look now at some of the individual share move the country's biggest herd producer added three percent and looked well increased two percent from was higher one point
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seven percent. although oil spikes are having a positive impact on russian equities but of a nestle stretches from run cap believes crude is a double edged sword and says investors shouldn't let their guard down. there should be coaches because we were getting into oral super spikes and we were a little review. right. gets into the rovers are fun. you know the tensions are graphic and like. it's good for the russian scar to go and it's good for the russians it. makes them well but it's it's a we were will be pulled from general store come through switcher or reports or exporters will be more defensive in the temperature or order before after or before . or this is
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a more definitive. you know market. in a lot of this and there are so you know august we want to go through all stocks. and canadian circus companies will invest a record fifty seven million dollars on a new show in moscow next year to test the ground before launching a permanent show in russia by twenty fifteen. beijing a company which draws a fifth of its one thousand artists to russia says the country is the company's fastest growing market entertainment company came to russia two years ago and is now in the three russians that it. seemed petersburg well at the ural city or if you couldn't work later this year. that perhaps up the business bulletin you are up to date now join me in less than one us time for more business news.
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well here's a quick recap of all the main stories we're covering today on our t.v. there are global calls for the fire lines to end in libya as hundreds died during a week of protests there were rumors that the libyan leader had left the problem but colonel gadhafi later made a brief t.v. appearance saying he was still in the country. russia is among several other nations racing to get their people out to safety but special planes are being sent to the country to ensure foreign workers don't get caught up in the clashes. and the mars five hundred crew are preparing for their final walk around the block
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marshal service before starting their long journey back all the volunteers are halfway through the five hundred twenty day project they're spending in isolation in a moscow laboratory to test the psychological impact of deep space travel. let's get more insight into the continuing on the rest across the arab world r.t. spoke to you again a former russian foreign minister and expert on the middle east who says the revolts are a social explosion against authoritarian regimes. super michael thank you very much for finding time to talk to us. speaking of the recent uprisings in north africa and in the arab world.


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