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tv   [untitled]    February 23, 2011 7:00am-7:29am EST

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news makers.
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europe's in danger of drowning under a tsunami of illegal immigrants fleeing north africa and the middle east as many as three hundred. refugees could pour into. nations around the world. billion dollar democracy package for the region but many are desperately needed back at home where people are struggling under crippling cuts. oil prices climbed to the highest level in more than two years prices. of the current supplies they were. given some new options for a business in twenty minutes. and in other news. the state. corruption
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and mismanagement of. medication in short supply. a very warm welcome to you this is a life from. three hundred thousand illegal immigrants could arrive in the country as they flee the ongoing bloodshed in libya the italian foreign minister is warning of an exodus of biblical proportions from north africa the revolt across the region has already seen thousands of refugees from land on italian shores. we don't. quare when you do they get into europe for nothing you see this tiny italian island in the mediterranean is located just around eighteen miles off the coast of north africa and over the past decade many refugees came here looking for
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a better life and while we were sent to other european countries nevertheless this place still managed to remain a peaceful isolated world populated mostly by fishermen and holiday makers but just recently the peace was disturbed after the recent revolution in tunisia in just two weeks the island became flooded with a wave of refugees many spend their entire days this wandering around town there have already been reports of thirst and vandalism and several have been arrested we've been talking to the locals and some of them are even afraid to come out on the streets when it's dark it takes around three days to seel from tunisia to lampedusa and these are some of the actual boats used by the refugees to get here and you can see they're not really that big so it's really hard to believe that sometimes up to three hundred people can cram on each one and actually not all of them even make it should be some get lost out there in the open sea and some sink
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dozens of refugees have already died this is the center where many of the refugees are being house you can see it's like a separate town itself they're being given out food and water and clothes and the necessary medical assistance as well all on the state money the problem is it was initially designed to house just around eight hundred fifty people while it had to receive in reality much more than that and another problem is it's really hard to identify all these people an official say that some of them could be criminals even terrorists would be easy to foreign and interior ministers finally meeting to discuss the situation a resolution is needed fast because the violent protests can. involved in northern africa and in the middle east italy has already warned a new bigger wave of refugees can flood not only this tiny island but the entire
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continent has come off. italy. meantime the libyan leader has vowed to fight until the death. of his homeland he's refusing to step down a bit of widespread anti-government protests in his first major speech since the unrest began colonel moammar gadhafi urged his supporters to attack the opposition who he claimed were bribed and quote serving the devil the libyan interior minister has joined the protesters calling on the army to support the people's demands for change several libyan ambassadors have also quit in protest over the use of force against civilians the country's leader reportedly ordered airstrikes on the crowds of demonstrators something that he denies several hundred been killed and over four thousand injured in the first week of violence making it the bloodiest of all the arab revolts. of france is pressing for the e.u. to cut all economic ties with libya following the violent suppression of the
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opposition protests president sarkozy also says europe should consider adopting a number of sanctions against tripoli for what he calls a brutal violation of human rights a proposed measures include barring those involved in the crackdown from entering european countries monitoring their financial transactions some experts believe the move could also help to stop the flow of illegal immigration from the future. even before these. things the prospect of massive immigration has always been europe's wars tonight. in real terms it has never been substantial we have always been below thirty thousand. possible entries every year. clearly the overthrow of the governments poses a whole different set of issues and what europe will be able to do it depends on the ability of actually cordy meeting among some of the governments that are most
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affected the instruments. of eligible to the international. no the in the short term are very limited i mean imagine if in two months time karl gadhafi is not overthrown i mean business cannot proceed as usual after this so something will have to be done and clearly one obvious thing to do or one immediate thing that could be done is a visa ban on the regime if the violence continue at this at this rate. that would at least avoid call and prevent a call in a gadhafi from traveling europe and put up his tents in several european capitals as he has done over the past few years anything beyond that introducing the freezing of assets is going to be more complicated but clearly targeted sanctions is the kind of symbolic as well as concrete i'm sure that the international community can get if if the violence continue continues at this rate. well the united nations has condemned the libyan leader over its crackdown on protesters i'm
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call for an end to the bloodshed u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton also described the violence as completely unacceptable to use guy next to come has more from washington. the situation in libya has been critical for more than a week now the protests there turn out to be a lot more violent than they were in egypt or anywhere else in the region but washington's we action as analysts point out has been as slow and cautious as ever only this tuesday did secretary of state hillary clinton come out to the press and call full libya to stop the bloodshed she also called for leaders in bahrain and yemen to show restraint when handling the protests what analysts point out the spite the cautious words of concern expressed by the u.s. administration there was no more of that democracy celebration that we saw over a week ago when obama delivered all those passionate speeches on people of egypt making their voice heard and embracing democracy with analysts say it was easier and safer for the u.s. to root for democracy and support the people because there is the army there which
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is very powerful and is largely supported and financed by the united states and is now in control of egypt but in other countries in libya for example the u.s. doesn't have the same leverage levy has the richest crude oil reserves in africa it is the twelve largest oil exporter in the world experts say it is very hard to predict who will take power in darfur is outs that washington's biggest fear is that those uprisings in the region could bring about leaders who would be hostile to the united states market off it never was their future and you know that's for sure but seven years ago he agreed to open up the whole or oil riches to the west and let them invest in oil production so they kind of left him alone but now with protests spreading like wildfire is across the region the u.s. seems to have little control over what's going to happen next there also the u.s. is very sensitive about bahrain they have their fleet there to protect all the swears coming. now a major oil shipping lane and keep an eye on iran and they have good relations with
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the king of bahrain and all that political unrest could really undermine the u.s. presence in the gulf so they're very cautious calling for democracy there or even yemen for that matter where anti-government protests are also going on the u.s. sponsors the yemeni government in exchange for their food cooperation in chasing down terrorist suspects experts say the under arrest there is very dangerous for the united states a school the stark there for the same rhetoric that we've seen here in washington many allen analysts say for the u.s. it's not really about supporting democracy in those countries it's about securing their interests. and meanwhile in yemen two anti-government protesters have been killed and dozens injured after supporters of the country's president opened fire outside a university in the capital sanaa tens of thousands are rallying across the country for two weeks now commanding the resignation of. the president who has been in power for over thirty years has refused to leave office saying he will step down
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only after a national elections and those are set to take place in two thousand and thirteen. or more on the global impact of the unrest in the middle east and north africa that's coming your way shortly here on r.t. but first let's look at what's ahead for you this hour and accusations state. hiv positive patients in ukraine are pointing the finger at the government as they suffer from a shortage of vital medication. western nations are debating a multi billion dollar a deals for what's seen as democratic and economic transformation in north africa and the middle east but while politicians in europe and the u.s. say the west should show the region the tangible fruits of freedom many believe the timing couldn't be worse after you said laura might explain. in the battle for hearts and minds in the middle east a new front has opened up influential voices from the heart of europe to washington are urging western politicians to take advantage of rest by pumping involves sums
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of money in aid to show the newly liberated people of the region that democracy does carry rewards but it's cash that many europeans feel they have through the research i don't with well give it a broader many of those shirts i think we should be close to. i mean obviously they did serve some money for helping to democracy but we need to be the council farce frizzy should probably try to look at what's going on on first before you strike that they can try and sort themselves out. at this moment our country is going through these big cuts and that money i think could be used for our own ben it's the aid package being proposed by e.u. and us leaders is potentially the biggest since the end of the second world war it's being dubbed the new marshall plan after the money that america gave to europe
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after the war to help rebuild a decimated economy and create jobs but robert oulds from the british group says we should be concentrating on trade not aid countries such as egypt and tunisia and other countries developing nations are hurt their agricultural policies are damaged as a result of the european union's policies we need to have trade policies which stop hurting the third world would stop hurting developing nations and that that would be the better way of securing a long term. for countries that are these emerging democracies instead europe in the u.s. are talking about handing over billions of dollars to the middle eastern mediterranean to countries torn apart by revolution and unrest and despite the opposition in the u.k. there are also some who believe it's the duty of developed countries to help those in trouble we're lucky to have a democracy. democracy throughout the world i think the middle east needs are how
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it's going to. question transition that at the moment and yes i think despite our problems are told we can't just close up we have to look at the world this place we live in but it may not be as simple as that unlike europe after the second world war egypt and tunisia our own tool toward their developing economies going through revolution and it's very unclear at this point who is going to end up in charge and who would take receipt of any aid package the government's made extensive attempts to build relations build up regimes wish. now being destroyed by revolutions whether we're looking at military aid over the years to egypt so with were looking out big deals tony blair was shaking hands on just a few years ago in libya with gadhafi so we need to be really careful particularly when we don't know what the final road for the final government seems errors will be we don't wind up with resources when we have the right one so if the muslim
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brotherhood takes over nature do we want them to be taking over with institutions which we've built up with western taxpayers money westminster has been the scene of ugly demonstrations against government proposals to cut funds to some of the u.k.'s most vital services while so on the undoubtedly believe it would be a sad day when western countries refused to help build democracy others say it's the wrong help potentially going to the wrong people at the wrong type for a cash strapped euro you are abbott's ot. you without a life from moscow greece has been paralyzed by a nationwide strike as hundreds of thousands of workers protest against the government's austerity measures public transport came to a hold and over forty domestic flights were ministries and local government offices courts and schools they're all. squiggles on the state and the prices on a minimum style riot police took positions all around the city case the protests
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turned. and as the crisis in libya shows no sign of abating oil prices across the world continue to spike libya is the world's twelfth largest exporter of oil but investors fearing the anti-government uprising world destructive global supply stocks are falling falling short sharply more analysis off the current situation in the markets as well as the prospects for the future that's coming up in our business bulletin. scientist on the ten minutes time right here. well michael t. claire a professor of peace on will security studies at how u.s. college believes that western countries should focus on the reasons behind the uprisings he says prices and other economic factors should have been dealt with before the problems are spread farther afield. i think sierra one thing dangerously
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before the events occurred in egypt and now in libya and bahrain and elsewhere they want danger signs and my mind the big bang to sign is the rising price all right so now it's as high as it was even higher than it was and that and they when you had riots around the world in dozens of countries and that's the situation you have today and i believe the situation can only get worse because of indications of drought in many parts of the world in china and elsewhere and that makes people very angry well in the case of libya it's too late because the government has used force to kill their own citizens once you do that you've crossed the threshold and there's no going back in the case of egypt when the military announced they weren't going to fire on the protesters that open the way to
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a peaceful transition which we have so far seen in egypt i think that's the crucial question actor in so voiding conflict also transparency opening up the government to scrutiny where the money is is very crucial to the fact is that the problems in tunisia and egypt are replicated in many parts of the world not only in the middle east but in europe and central asia and in other parts of the world. also ahead for you here when i see people develop his cross talk debate whether the best way to achieve democracy in the middle east and north africa is for the western world to put his faith in the people on the ground. i do think the west should be much more forceful in making it clear that we've had it with more market off and i think it was a major strategic mistake in the previous administration to sort of lead khadafi off the hook just because he came clean on his weapons of mass destruction ok reed and
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i to go over to you in brussels we hear things coming out of the obama administration some of the things that hillary clinton has said it state department . what kind when they say they want to help the people in the arab world towards their democratic aspirations the usual rhetoric here i mean do you think what you think most people in the region to say thanks but no thanks i think the causes of these revolutions are indigenous and the answers are indigenous you know i think our our role of the role of the west should be to support civil society to support those people who are fighting for their freedom but to do it in a supportive way in a backup way. you can follow about debate about the fate of democracy in the arab middle east in cross talk that's coming your way in about ten minutes time right here on our.
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special forces planes have reportedly bombed a mountainous region in russia's of southern republicans. that's where militants are thought to be hiding according to a novice to news agency police are now sweeping the area as part of a major counter terror operation the crackdown also saw three gunmen killed in the north caucuses the public on tuesday when officers died and six others were wounded the militants are suspected of attacking tourists last weekend after two mosque men stopped. many of us heading for a ski resort on mount elbrus three tourists were killed and two others injured when the gunman opened fire. while hundreds of thousands of people living with hiv fighting for their lives in ukraine the government stands accused of delaying the supply of vital drugs made claims of state corruption patients have been forced to jeopardize their health in a bid to stay alive alexy janish asking has the story. ever since you learned the learned she was a child positive her life has been
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a nightmare and the last few months have made matters even worse a local aid center which had been providing iliana with medication told her that they no longer had even a logical serum for her three year old son andree also infected with a deadly virus. they told me that i have to give my adult one to two hundred and that i have to split each peel into three how can i simply didn't exactly three parts and how do i know if his body will accept these pills late last year several ukrainian regents reported a shortage of immune strengthening drugs used by hiv positive patients experts point the finger at the country's health ministry all of them that of official say this happened because the beating for the purchase of drugs happened too late not in the summer but in the winter they received funding too late this whole system of buying drugs by tender is corrupt through and through. following this delay in
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supplies some hiv patients have had to alter their treatment and find alternative medication doctors say they have no choice but such changes can pose a grave danger to green's health ministry reports of at least one hundred thousand people to people in the country however experts say this number is diminished and the real amount of the infected may go to three hundred and fifty thousand people. official say for the present the supply crisis has been dealt with is abated for now all regions have received their required medication the only drugs which are still on their way to children's pills between a stand they will be delivered within a few days but doctors say within six months the hiv positive may feel the damaging effects of the recent halt in supplies and roundabout that sign they are expecting another shortage of anti-viral medicine you know hopes she and her son will be able
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to make it through all of this once more. see reporting from key of. ukraine. and you all with r.t. and bear in mind you can always keep up to date on our website that's r.t. dot com it's a taste of what's waiting for you online right now a memoir from sarah palin's x. eight is set to focus on the politicians obsession with her image in the media it alleges pailin wrote letters to editors praising her own actions under various pen names. as russia celebrates men's day a new survey suggests almost a third of women in the country would rather swap sex find out why dot com. but a quick look now at some other international headlines and a major operation is underway to pull survivors from buildings following the devastating earthquake in new zealand on tuesday that killed seventy five dozens have been rescued from collapsed buildings in the country's second largest city of
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christchurch there are grave concerns though for some three hundred people still believed to be missing and disastrous tremors struck at lunchtime with falling structures raining down on the city's busy streets. two iranian warships have passed through the suez canal for the first time in more than three decades the vessels are on route to the mediterranean sea the pro training mission with syria or iran has stated there is no military equipment or nuclear materials or with all the chips the prime minister of israel considers both countries hostile to denounce the move as provocation. and pirates have killed four americans taken captive aboard their yacht off the coast of oman the victims are husband and wife and their two friends were attempting to sail around the world u.s. military forces trailing the vessel had tried to negotiate with the hijackers they stormed the yacht in response to sounds of gunfire and killed two pirates while
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securing the boat. three of the hostages were found dead and a fourth bite later from home. to across talkers on the way in just a few minutes time but first here's the latest business news with you. that's right time to get the latest business news a very warm welcome to the shop rise in the oil prices due to the unrest in the middle east has raised fears the global recovery might be stopped in its tracks economists argue that the high energy costs will drag on fragile economy is still struggling to emerge from the financial crisis but traumas creature believes the fears are being overplayed especially since oil supplies are still moving relatively freely we need to take into account the global economic developments the considerable time saw assuming that the situation in the
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middle east doesn't discourage further significantly we should rather concede there is like a short term problem i should emphasize that so far because when seen any even minor disruptions to all supplies from major markets including europe. because problems in egypt. notwithstanding oil shipments through the suez canal were unaffected what we currently see in libya while and. actually hasn't produced any material impact on crude supply. oil and gold stocks have had the best of the week here in russia the benefit of not just from the rising oil prices but also from speculation in the media that are coming tax reforms could see them operating under a more favorable regime. there's a secular theme in russia of the tax reform which seems to be finding support even in this difficult environment. of the market sell off and we think that all the
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names that are exposed to the good exploit such as you have to. look well to be out the former as in the market towards the end of the week. the exploration deal signed between ross never turned b.p. has raised the possibility of tapping into russia's arctic energy resources but even if the difficulties surrounding that deal can be overcome there still remains the challenge of extracting the will and gas from the frozen region the president of the russian union of for oil and gas groups believes drilling will only become economically viable when that well price hits one hundred fifty dollars per barrel . yeah the most that is you should it's very expensive to develop the arctic show so i'm not saying we shouldn't develop this area but we still don't have enough experience to deal with it i believe we should stop the development when the price of oil reaches one hundred fifty dollars per barrel and beyond for example to drill
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one metre of the arctic shelf could cost up to one million rubles so we should care kill eight accordingly. let's have a look at how the markets up there and here in russia it's a national holiday so there's no trading but elsewhere in europe the markets are open airfield stocks are continuing to fall on concerns about the unrest in the middle east banks though while providing one of the bright spots helped by well received results from commerce bank and texas and big u.k. parker rose two point four percent on news of one of the lawsuit filed by brothers . russian call make us all those and us order joined forces will invest one point four billion dollars in a new joint venture in twenty twenty eight intention is to raise ford's market share in russia to nine percent from the current four point seven percent become make us hope to get a state secured low reportedly from buying with the most of the money to be spent on launching new water also locally made parts solids reached and.


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