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tv   [untitled]    February 23, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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if you just joined us for a warm welcome this is our team here live in moscow top stories this hour the fears of violence and overcrowding run wild initially as the government braces itself for an influx of immigrants from arab countries and turmoil it's feared hundreds of thousands could flee libya in the ongoing revolt and. new clashes broke out and as thousands rally against austerity measures this comes amid fears of billions of dollars of aid going to the middle east at the expense of the many europeans say their countries are concerned about promoting democracy abroad but the neglecting their own citizens in the process. was reporting this r.t. ukraine is hit with accusations of corruption and mismanagement and h.r.t. opposed to patients blame the health ministry for delays in the supply of
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lifesaving drugs many are turning to alternative medication putting their health in danger. of about one another update for in less than fifteen minutes from now in the meantime let's get more insight into the continuing unrest across the arab world and a recent article in the wall street journal it would look like a writer and u.s. military strategist said that the removal of egypt's hosni mubarak would lead either to anarchy or to muslim extremists coming to power. and for more analysis on this and that's in an interview next here on r.t. . edward luttwak thank you very much for being with us today who do you think pulled the rug from under mubarak and pulling the strings right now well pulling the
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strings nobody's pulling in the strings because this is a crowd action crowd this is the popular insurrection it's not the revolution it's not the coup it's not some clever colonel who takes three tanks and takes two powers this is a real popular insurrection which is people are living under a government for one and ten and twenty and thirty years and one day they all gather because of an incident something happened in this case of as you know it didn't happen in egypt it happened to me one person was pushed around burnt themselves there was a crowd and they overthrew tunisia so this is the true popular uprising quite special but also very interesting to observe how states turned their back on the barracks quite sure quite quickly because. yes i know but the american government
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is always in a state of embarrassment when its friends are not democratic. so the united states. has always to manage a contradiction on the one hand we are normal american people we like friends and we don't like any on the other we also want democracy we talk among crecy so when you become a friend in the states and you're not democracy you're in the difficult question because the americans always talk about the markers so it's always been the balance in the americas of course on the one hand barack is a friend on the other he's a dick and so once the people go rob the rule is this if you open fire you lose there is so long as you don't shoot the americans can be half an hour once you tell the police to shoot that's it the rain ians shoot the crowd the syrians can shoot
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the crowd but if america is your patron you cannot shoot well all of this month in wall street journal if mubarak leaves now the result is likely to be in an article or islamist egypt or some of both until another dictatorship emerges is still second to that yes yes i do i do and the reason is that democracy is not something you come by in a shop it takes centuries of development to go to democracy for example the united states went into iraq remove saddam hussein. and what happened is not that the iraqis became the region speaks they remained who they are so therefore it took enormous difficulty to form a kind of mixed religious balance a democracy. half working ok and you cannot create it you cannot jump ahead i believe that the conditions don't allow democracy at the present like that
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on the other hand the united states cannot be. what happens to a dictator who shoots his own people you cannot do it politically it's not possible that this is a u.s. president you cannot do congress will cut to the money that's also if you look at what's going on right now starting from tunis it's a chain reaction of social apparatus like you said popular popular uprisings right and if they do not dictate or should they do not want to cater should know they want to. have a leader who to follow no you don't need a leader to have a democracy what you do need is to have respect for political rights could there islamization instead of democratization is quite possible islamization i mean if i look. at these nominees ation is retreating in iran because they have islamic government if you go to turn around today have to people in tehran to drink whiskey
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not because they like kristie just to give it to the god so islam is ation is increasing in egypt when this preacher this fanatic guy went to cairo one million people came to this because at this stage of the. religion is much more meaningful democracy and to have democracy have to have real respect for human rights and personal individual rights but let me tell you the middle east lost its importance already with the world and it's even less important to it generates a lot of headlines but the real politics now is in the pacific and it is china and china that's where world politics is it's not the middle middle east is just pictures television pictures of people shouting what is this what's going on there
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nothing there's nothing going. this is you're talking about countries that don't we do produce and they don't invent anything they don't develop. then like you and some of them have that's. the center of world politics is completely different to that do i understand correctly that you believe the europe is most likely to suffer the most out of this wave of unrest tourists europe europe is yet like of course i already know already started last week my prediction in the wall street journal is they paid the price if you read the article. first boats arriving from tunisia of people just want to entry to the day the boats you know arrive in these islands they have a plan to do is a. is the island's first i said in the article that be refugees because you're bizarre the upheaval tourism industry is that so right away people have no money so
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they made the immigration and this is a big problem for europe illegal immigration coming in and of course from a business point of view egypt did much more business with europe the united states and the states was providing strategic support not only weapons to egypt but the business of the europeans gone holiday shoppers say and you know if there is an islamist government in egypt you can forget about going to the beach and some say europe is much more close to tunisia in egypt than you neistat so you're quite hawkish on iran to pray mildly if you believe iran wants a bomb now i don't care if they want to bomb or not it's not important first of all iran is not exactly a great center of technology i'm not worried because of the technology they make wonderful donkey's samples but as for the rockets they're not the process and the
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nuclear program has been going on for year after year after year and nothing happens now the problem with iran is a different it is the fact that the iranian regime is in a constant state of instability they're always in an instability and they resolve the problem by external pressure so they are every day. criticizing attacking subverting. one to their paying every day hamas. sending rockets to hamas and hamas is sending the rockets on the heads of my jewish relatives and as you know i don't like that they are funding thirteen million dollars they're paying every week to his brother in lebanon a maybe they say steady maybe fifty of them know so hizbullah is a in effect a guerilla terrorist kind of organization as well as a political organization. and they're actively doing terrorism there are
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states supporting terrorism therefore they are disturbing element in the middle east and therefore i believe that even if their government was popular they would be our enemies. as it happens the government is unpopular but iran is still a sore point what do you suggest could be done because while sanctions could hire people on the government the sanctions are symbolic measure i. there are some few things that could be done will be useful for example. there are measures the europeans could take very cheaply measures that would really create a problem for iran for every day iran air is flying to italy to frankfurt to rome and with these flights they are bringing some jurors from the south but usually government. who are doing government because. closing those flights would
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put the real pressure. and make it clear across so that there will be some leadership sanctions target like for example we will not give a visa to anybody that is a government official that's. the visa you work for the government you have a no so this will be cheap easy measures to make but i don't believe that it really works what will work is time time will suffer because they are creating a post islamic society in iraq iran is the only muslim country. which is becoming less muslim every day every day there's another irregular who says that i'm finished with that the only thing that bothers me frightening will be too strong the word is that we have a serious financial about strategically this is not a threat no. we don't this is not the cold war so this is the time for the nice
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face to focus on domestic financial public finance problem not the economy the economy has to solve itself but public finance. at this moment forty three cents of every dollar spent by the u.s. government is borrowed half of it from abroad from germany japan and china. that's not really sustainable supplies there's a that's big stuff not for this middle east noise stuff all that comes out of the middle east is noise. nothing important happens all right edward luttwak thank you very much for this interview thank you.
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sure is that so much of an issue on the market days of revolution in the middle east is the era of dictators coming to an end in this fight. it will
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reach and as the west. top stories this hour no fear is a volunteer overcrowding running wild in italy as the government braces itself for an influx of immigrants from arab countries in turn on its feet hundreds of thousands could flee libya in the revolt. for new clashes rock cafe and those thousands rally against austerity measures this comes amid fears of billions of dollars of aid going to the middle east at the expense of the e.u. and europeans say that countries are concerned about promoting democracy abroad but the neglecting their own citizens in the process. ukraine is hit with accusations of corruption and mismanagement h.-i the president patients play in the health ministry for delays in the supply of lifesaving drugs and many attending to alternative medication putting their health in thanks. when i'll have more on those stories shortly but for now it's remand with the latest for schools very good to
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see you good to see as always bill well sounds like an exciting day for both football and ice hockey fans well they'll unfortunately someone has to lose in the champions league and they can't shell playoffs and not everyone will be happy tonight however i've gone be sad regardless of the outcome so stick around for some support ok thanks. a lot welcome to this forum artsy comments you live from moscow with me for details are moments away but first the headlines. the chase is on they can't help playoffs are under way with the opening games of the western conference quarterfinal series already over. playing the blues to make a successful starkey's of the champions league knockout stage by beating copenhagen away in their first leg. through to the last sixteen of the europa league following
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a c. one. aggregate win over politics along the top. and we'll start with ice hockey and the kid shall playoffs where a local might see already came a difficult early hurdle in their guiding top campaign that men pushed to the limit by do now in minsk in the opening game of the western conference quarterfinals the first player to spend well over mashed at first as the conference champions a reality to apply by the second period the belorussians scored three in a row after that but their comeback occurred ultimately fell short period simply not enough to decide the winners of the other three games rather. than overdesigned by their namesakes from the russian capital star studded scott st petersburg needed an extra session to hold off sparks off and that's often or fourth and fifth place . even the match then fill the visitors managed to escape with the big game one win . let's continue with football where there is another big night in europe where two
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champions league games take center stage on wednesday including holders inter milan taken on by or munich in a repeat of last season's final and then south insider missing the kingpins of that success striker believes. miletus scored both goals in their famous two nil win a dharna battle in the ashes decider but now they are in is sidelined with a hamstring injury and enter have also changed twice since that rafa benitez stepped sense of fill the void left by a divorce years of madrid but he was later replaced with the current boss there an hour ago who insists his side's mindset is right for the upcoming game. i mean i know something for sure this school is still you can only. we are the champions now we have to tell a t in our minds we want to win and we're able to compete with anyone i know that we feel that. elsewhere manchester united have arrived in march say ahead of their first leg of the champions league last sixteen at the start velodrome marsay will
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be without key striker andre pierre genius due to a groin injury and forwards luke roomie and brandow are also a doubt the premier league leaders united meanwhile will play without rio ferdinand and ryan giggs chris smalling it sets a partner up with them on your feet it's at the heart of the defense and majesty united's boss says this year's champions league is anybody's game. well i don't need to feel. the prayers of the because it doesn't concern us doesn't concern us a person opportunity when you get to the stage and work in. the champions league this year is very open. i know there's a number of teams you could win it. let's take a look at some nice pictures once again inter milan inverses supplier in munich at the san siro and maher say hosting matches so united at this dog fellow draw. staying with european football whereas says scott became the first russian team to
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reach the last sixteen of the europa league and she's the night snatching a late one one draw with ball right here in moscow says i won the first leg one in the last week but found themselves down in the six to seven minute after. beach levelled matters overall back and are a lot of them missed the penalty in the eightieth minute. was there to smash the ball home after a rebound so one want to finish the night's meeting say god get through two one on aggregate meanwhile shelf you have made a winning star in the champions league last sixteen as they beat f.c. copenhagen to nail. has double sealed the win for the blues elsewhere and houston night real madrid missed their chance to win in france if they were held to a one one draw at the all but despite the result josie moreno is optimistic for the outcome of the return leg. everything is open. as it would. have experience. so the second match would be as no one but.
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one one away at home we play at home the same we. supported him a look. at him and of course mused for the second over in the english premier league second place arsenal are gearing up to hold stoke the gunners somewhat shortened firepower robin van persie is alex with a hamstring injury while i. spend it adding more pressure on the gunners is their schedule with wednesday's game their first off within just a fortnight. voyde involved in four competitions. stage of the she didn't so much use credit to misquote you know. which is fantastic and they deserve to be rewarded the n.b.a.'s most talked about trade finally went through as carmelo anthony completed his move from denver to new york after months
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of speculation and mega deal involved it's always all of nine players with the russian ricky seem what they must golf among those moving to colorado. particularly thrilled that longtime friend and fellow all star anthony is finally aboard the ship in new york it's going to great he's going to grab some real effort this is just a news staple center for concern because you know we're always known for of all the stars the one thing you're just not going to go over to this storm stage. time defending champions los angeles are meanwhile making do with their a battle tested lined up for the lakers putting a three game losing streak behind them after a twenty four point rout of the visiting hawks kobe bryant scored twenty points and got plenty of help from his supporting cast setting up teammate shannon brown for a big chunk of the twenty six twelve. seven eubanks continuing to entertain the crowd with the game out of reach and from steve blake one of the many lakers
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highlights as the chance for a prevailed of one zero four eighty. five a day with three years left before the sochi olympics the first test event was held at the largest venue of the twenty fourteen winter games. was there for us. just fifty kilometers from the russian black sea city of sochi and you find yourself among this stunning beauty of the cookies a smile intense however they're not just there to be admired the alpine ski resort of frozen hooter is situated on the northern slope of the eagle reach the plan is to create a unique here around when you can bring the possibilities for alpine skiing and seaside relics ation i have to say that i'm really impressed by the raising the quality of snow we can find in this mountain and this is so result before. we have skied all over this last. says i. see special snows are to be. made even the question and both as well as the international guest
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who are very demanding. the best work around the result rosa who has seen a massive overhaul and will become the largest venue for the forthcoming winter olympics in twenty fourteen there are currently four ski leafs well in three years' time they will be eighteen and old at peace between a thousand and two thousand meters above sea level and can host international ski federation events which could be expanded by eighteen found. and spectators and there is even more to count as a snowboard park and freestyle center being built on the east of the rose a plateau since the thousand seven one special was awarded the winter olympics one of the biggest construction project in washing history got underway the largest venue of those future games was finally put to the test as the first major sports event their european cup took to here. and it feels like their lympics
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have already started for the rosa khutor resort and the venue claimed its first piece of global attention as russian president dmitry medvedev and prime minister vladimir putin visited the slopes to see for themselves only organizers efforts the european cup was the first test event to mung seventy that will take place in sochi over the next three years. and the inaugural alpine ski events across the whole of russia received its first serious examination and was an obvious success all the systems what has to change sure they met their proper weight snow covering safety requirements and logistics and everyone seemed to be satisfied with the slopes and with the organisation of the tournament around the whole time. i really can. hear it in full mountains and the organizing committee they did great to get this globe ready piece of very good and difficult they are very challenging
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and writing the slips is very interesting it can be compared with the best venues in europe and it's absolutely the best site in russia adverse weather conditions did change the plans of the organizers but they have always had a plan b. and there is nothing to worry about even if there is no snow. it was a real destruction and quite satisfied it is a job before all the team of school staff to. paul spoke to was a very new result and i can feed six his food takes your folder. and the school struggling to get the slopes are unique and suitable for skiers of any level but it also means the city. olympic disciplines in just one area it's not only set to become the best russian ski resort but will be able to compete with other european venues for world class. r.t. such. i'll be back with another update in just under two hours meanwhile why don't
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you get involved by commenting and voting on the stories seen here on our you tube channel just head for sport news thanks for stopping by. today. these are the images the world seeing from the streets of canada. today. sure is the same a. revolution in the arab.


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