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tv   [untitled]    February 24, 2011 7:30am-8:00am EST

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increase in the for oil prices and you know the serious qusay should inside the us it is good news for us. prices on oil it's bad news for russia well you know my position is very simple that it will quite world price is good for us in the quantity because it's fifty percent of our g.d.p. . so that is why from this point through it's a good use. and one more one more detail that now will see the increase in the of the role of for us as a sustainable energy supply through europe of course you were speaking about i don't know two or three years there can be not in the coming problem there can be a political problem because it will be the beginning of that very serious political world crisis i don't know what will be the result of this story for us to constantin to the thank you very much national energy security is fun thank you very much for your analysis. and that's that wraps up the business bulletin join one and then less than one last time for more business news and to get most or
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dot com. it without a lot from moscow a recap now of our top stories a london court has ruled that julian a song the founder of the controversial whistle blowing web site wiki leaks will be extradited to sweden to face sex assault charges a songe denies the accusations saying that part of a conspiracy to hand him over to the u.s. defense team has one week to appeal the verdict. europe faces a threat of being overwhelmed by an influx of illegal immigrants escaping the revolts in the arab world i stayed over much as he's been declared on the italian island of lampedusa struggles to cope with five thousand refugees in the possibility of looming of three hundred thousand more still to come. and by the end
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of the year the u.s. will ground its shop. with the longest serving crawford discovery set to lift off for the last time russia's rockets will soon be the only way to get to space a fact some americans are viewing as a blow to national pride. well now i'll to speak to a former national security adviser to have a brand a snow craft on the u.s. role in the world today. mr scowcroft thank you very much for joining altie you belong to the school of foreign policy realists that's what they say and you're a republican with a career stretching across five american administrations so i would like to discuss several foreign policy issues with you in your view what are the consequences for the u.s. middle east policy after the toppling of mubarak in egypt and ben ali in tunisia
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you know one is always caught off guard by revolutions. because there are a surprise if there were a surprise to president ben ali and to president mubarak it's hardly unusual it would be a surprise to the united states. the. instabilities in the region are of course obvious and have been for a long time the question is can they be handled can they be dealt with in any thoughtful sensible way or does it have to involve. unrest and violence and i think. we have to wait and see so far the egyptian crisis has been managed i think quite relevant groups and armies behaved i think very well neither repressing the demonstrations nor encouraging them so. it's changes coming to the region and but that was that was inevitable as the old
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leaders passed from the seeds so i think we need to be careful but i'm optimistic fundamentally fundamentally our policy should change in our policy is the development of open societies cooperativeness and progressive development for all the countries of the region and that's always been the ball in iraq president obama has started withdrawing troops from iraq once all the forces including security personnel leave the country in your view is there a danger of iraq slipping back into the civil war i think iraq is in or is interpreter precarious state they're still in fact forming a government months after an election to do so there are sharp divisions inside the country. and it's hard to say exactly how they will develop
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i would be more comfortable. with a somewhat longer american presence so that they would be more inclined to solve their problems by discourse rather than strength but we'll have to wait and see but you don't think that. the danger is there oh i think the danger is there i think there are still still many forces tending to pull the country aside indeed one of the reasons for the strength of the dictatorship was to hold the country together but i am hopeful that the people will see the benefits of compromising their differences rather than insist upon them and destroying the state do you think that the nato mission in afghanistan is doomed just like the british failed in the nineteenth century in the
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soviet union just thirty years ago no i don't think so because i think we are the united states is there for a different reason which is not to control afghanistan but to make sure that al-qaeda or other terrorist bad don't use afghanistan as a base from which to attack us you anybody else so yeah our our goal is much more limited and i think they're for. one can have more optimism than one did of the previous occupants of afghanistan you yourself i think have been saying that the term war on terror. was compromised it has indeed been compromised how does that marry with the you know with the terrorism threat that is not going anywhere where terrorism threat is one thing
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a war is another and terrorism is a technique of combat it is not you can't make war on a technique so. i think war on terrorism was designed to motivate people for a maximum effort terrorist something that we all have to deal with and i'm going to have to for a long period of time it's in part a product of the modern age like television like radio people are now politicized by issues that they didn't care about before because they didn't know about and so i think it's a long term struggle against extremists who want to destroy a civilization that they can't cope with it seems that there is no progress in stopping the iranian nuclear program in your view what are the chances that the
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united states may resort to the military option i think there is still the possibility to avoid a confrontation. i think iran is a case that relative related to the reason that i'm here and that is cooperation between the united states and russia on the whole nuclear fuel cycle. iran has every right. to have nuclear power that does not have the right to build nuclear weapons and i think. the extent to which we can cooperate to induce iran to take the opportunities that are available and that is nuclear fuel from russia returned the nuclear fuel not insist on enriching its own uranium or doing things like that
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and i wouldn't rule out that. that we would be successful how much is you know is this the opinion shared in the united states i don't think i'm alone i am i'm not sure but i don't think there's any eagerness. to deal with iran by force and i think the extent the increasing degree of cooperation between the united states or russia on this issue will have a big impact. on iran and what it decides to do but there is also quite strong mood within the government of israel sort of you know they supported us huck on the iran well israel has what it considers an existential problem with iran but i think if we can deal with the nuclear problem. then israel will be reassured by that what is your assessment has the recent.
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announced by the obama administration two years ago brought any serious results it's not what could be the reasons i was a little disappointed for a year or so i am now encouraged i think now that we're beginning on a much more positive course. both sides have ratified the new start treaty and that is. a major step forward in terms of renew in a cooperative sense the. nuclear cooperation agreement the one twenty three agreement as we call it is now in force and i think the the the warmth between the two and the progress we've made together with respect to iran for example and i think even on afghanistan there is a sense that we both there we have a common problem there common of the export of terry export of heroin so on
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those things are. our leading and i feel good about the reset button now why were you disappointed then did you feel that those two little happening yes yes i thought that i thought the language of reset was good but but there didn't seem to be much follow through for a time and now it just took time to catch all but now i feel very good about sensible ready mentioned start what is its political impact on the u.s. russia relations i think what it really does is that it's continued the framework that we build up really over fifty years of how to talk and how to deal. with the military nuclear issue that it continues that process and now we can look at ways we still possess over ninety percent of the world's nuclear weapons so we need to work together to ensure that
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those weapons are never never need be used. and that is to increase the stability of the nuclear bomb so whatever the problem between us there's no incentive. to use the money i think now the way it's clear for us to sit down and have that kind of discussion there's still there's so many nuclear weapons out there but just not just a matter of numbers it's doing the kinds of things that ensure that those weapons are never going to be used and that take that'll take a lot more discussion goshi ation thoughtfulness on both sides. but i'm sure we can make progress now that we've laid the groundwork mr scowcroft thank you very much for this interview you're very welcome.
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a human voice face to face with the news makers. we are without a live from moscow working at live pictures right now coming from brussels a big conference between prime minister vladimir putin and his e.u. counterparts let's listen in now and see what they have to say prime minister vladimir putin for the russian federation president i give you the throwing me to thank you very much stuff in the legs and gentlemen. let me say to you all happy i am to receive today here prime minister putin i think it's very important to have this meeting between you a few commission. and the russian government led by prime minister putin in fact we have we have we have a very fruitful and close to meeting with the russian government led by. prime minster for the depth and quality of our discussions in these launches
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executive to exact meeting ever reflect on portland's we both gave to our dynamic strategic partnership in the sense we have also discussed today walton's issues that are very high in the international agenda we will also agree on a joint statement on the middle east and north africa that has been the subject of intense style of name between half years and this high representative and foreign minister lavrov we condemn and consider an acceptable the use of military force to break up peaceful demonstrations as well as any other money for stations of violence in particular we strongly condemn violence and the use of force against civilians in libya which has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people we express deep regret and condolences for the loss of human lives we urge all parties involved to show responsibility respect human rights and international monetary law
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and ensure the safety of civilians and foreign nationals supporting the peoples of arab countries and there is provision for a more just and prosperous life we stand ready to provide economic and other assistance to interest countries at their request. but of course the great part of our meeting today very constructive very concrete discussions was. in terms of the european union russian relationship he's meeting as shown. yet again all important our common interests. russia is always third largest trading partner. european union is the biggest market and investor in russia eighty percent of direct investment in russia comes from you opinion companies russian energy ski to keep. europe
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going. our industries our households are very much linked to russia and. we believe that it is in our interest to work together formalize vision and to increase deported it is for citizens boasting of russia and european union today we have discussed how we can further boost these strong common interests and how we can resolve a number of outstanding issues. we welcome the substantial progress made on the publishing formalisation our work plan for the partnership is now under implementation and giving results a successful modernization strategy to which the russian government has committed itself must address the economy pick knology and the rule of law and involved in society at large the commission will spare no effort to make the partnership
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a success. we also. we also discussed our partnership organization. in terms of the rule of law and human rights in a very detailed and constructive meeting together with prime minister good to have address these issues the issues of rule of law fundamental freedoms including some specific cases strengthens the rule of law and fundamental freedoms we believe he's a shared commitment and we expect russia to respect its international committee. munce in the field of human rights it is important that we keep an open firm constructive dialogue on these matters to make progress on these issues not least because the rule of law is crucial for and the mobilization efforts will therefore continue to work not least into the case of human rights consultations that we have
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read russia and once again i like to flame prime minister putin for the very opening i think. when our discussion we had on these matters where prime minister putin was expressing to me the position of russia in this very sensitive issues. we also agreed to give a further push to negotiations on our agreement we would like to see this agreement to have substantial trade investment provisions including on energy we believe this deal is critical to unlock the full potential of our relations we should make progress soon in the interest of our businesses and citizens in the same wind conditions stressed its continued support for an early russian accession to the cio iraq i'm prime minister putin's commitment on this we hope that to move what will negotiations will now be completed soon i'm confident that it will possibly
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possible to come to a final deal with the kyoto soon. energy is a further key element of our relations a good example of the importance of a constructive management of our shared economic interest yes we have also had differences in the past but we have also shown that we can solve issues together statics part of our discussions today were precisely based on energy we have discussed ways to make progress on the energy provisions i also encouraged. our. sides to engage in more detailed discussions on some matters related to the for the internal market package for energy and the stand there are some concerns in the russian side and in fact commissioner. smart will will sign several important documents reach him on traits that our energy dialogue moves forward
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another point where we were very along the same lines innovation scientific and technical cooperation in fact we are speaking the same language there we believe this innovation and scientific and technical cooperation can be extremely important for our joint interests and our industries and our economies on the busy issue which is of great importance to russian dupion you know we have launched joint work on a list of common steps towards a possible visa free travel regime as agreed last year as soon as our member states ever agreed on the draft common steps we will discuss this steps with russia we are also willing to launch negotiations amending our visa facilitation agreement i believe it is possible if there is goodwill on both sides to achieve progress on the visa issues to fruitful discussions today and
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a good atmosphere in which they were held show that our strategic partnership is delivering and that its momentum is growing like good partners we have discussed issues frankly openly constructively including topics on which we may not agree completely but what i have seen in my talks with prime minister putin and also in the broad meeting with the russian government i think thirteen members of the government of russia are coming with prime minister putin and almost all the commission was there what i've seen during this meeting. it was a common willingness to make progress the understanding that we have indeed to tangi interests and that we did spirit we will of course work to remove some of the obstacles and to make clear our common interest commission and i therefore look forward to continue our work with prime minister putin and his team and once again thank you for coming to brussels and to engage in these very deep consultations.
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prime minister i give you the for. the family demigods. stand which made it in japanese. disputed and that it would work today which conflicts even though. most of them the government isn't in iraq to match their notions of the british so far but you know your liberal union. yeah. we're in store it isn't just what you do you know james lewis many there is some difference there you're getting. there were some of the same and we're ready to add new dynamics to our dialogue just as but in the young mr president aleutian. said something for the full hearing good for me or will you vote for you he gave us a very good formula a very good idea actually you could doubt but i see he said you know the russian
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energy industry guarantees in the book as well being of europe actually we could stop there our press conference which. of course. we also discussed a great number of its other equally important issues. he would know them to tell us this morning that the musical we had when you can meetings between you should hear them say that it is the representative self some government agencies of the russian federation are ministers can be collating and their european counterparts european commissioners. if you might need change to look at the earth again you don't know we all would like to know that. because our laws are welcome for the native looking anti-crisis measures by the russian federation and been put in the governments of european countries economic growth but actually each of reasons in one thousand and ten rules of course we'll see some risks and challenges because of growing energy
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as rice is with nothing to say we saw a hundred and eighteen to dollars per barrel or barrel of media if you can if this is a serious threat economic growth in the world and if this goes on the theory can i can tell you that actually the russian economy is not interested we want the new my employer process to meet fair and we realize save much and i think economic growth slows down worldwide and this will have a negative effect on our economy as well so we will do everything we can come to it with our european partners who when you go to prevent this from happening of the needs of people yet. although of course we cannot release this effect. of these prophecies directly yet refuse to at the same time who wouldn't belittle about a little if we are recovering the level of trade or turnover between russia and europe will countries after last year it grew by thirty percent to four million it
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in exceeded three hundred billion dollars wm we're. speaking off the trade you know somewhat we also touched upon a very pressing issue that i see with russia's succession to the w t o we're going but i see you both from russia and the engine of whom you european union are interested in this and i would like to remind you of the new european union these are you who are to blow are just going to read a partner a little bit has it counts for more than fifty percent of our foreign trade sixty percent to sixty eight percent of our exports yes and i see that you might fandom use that with. russia is the third after the united states is china in the european exports of course the us is also but this also holds along the way for us to join you go into you know this will further says he will lead with of our talks on the framework agreement between russia and the one you which we think is very important politically also disgusted at issues will we.


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