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tv   [untitled]    February 24, 2011 8:30am-9:00am EST

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the situation will be an out in north africa and libya is what you killer you know and then you once we see what happens to you as they will make decisions for the future but i would like to assure you that both russia and the european countries surely you've got trees are interested in expanding the geography of there is cooperation. to text including even a news group with the third countries with levy just two major supplier advantage your resources to the european market to believe you know we were ready. to bring our it's acknowledged in our investment for our joint work there but of course there are no conditions for this today. and it's. well no further question please i think it's time for to conclude he said this press conference i'm sorry john but you can take all the credit but i thank you for attending this press conference. and if you need more question we are available
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this afternoon thank you very much. so you some very interesting comments that are being made at live in brussels the conference between the e.u. commission and many many russian officials including of course the russian prime minister vladimir putin some intriguing comments there about what's called the third energy package proposal from russia to the e.u. the e.u. commission president jose manuel barroso actually saying quite clearly that russian gas is vital to keep going but what the stumbling blocks over the third energy package that all distribution of gas to europe once your russian gas but who gets the rights and the profits to distribute it certainly the russian prime minister there being very outspoken in other issues they raise the current ongoing crisis in the middle east the arab world in north africa both of the both of them and condemning the ongoing violence and condemning the use of military force against
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protesters and civilians in libya both sides russia and the e.u. saying they're going to work together to help to prevent the influx of hundreds of thousands of immigrants whether it's through the republics of the caucuses or through southern and eastern europe the issue of energy was a big one between both major parties here. e.u. commission president jose manuel barroso saying that russia is the largest trading partner with the e.u. it is the biggest investor and that they will work to combine innovation in various areas of trade and technology the issue one big one was that of having a visa free travel regime and our prime minister putin saying that as often of the european business partners who are complaining that having a visa regime for traveling is hurting their business is now a promise promise to putin saying that he's convinced today's meetings were all very very constructive the in the realm of improving economic cooperation and other
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mutually beneficial areas between russia and the e.u. of course you can always find more details on that on a. website art dot com and move on to some other stories here. more to come to you live from the heart of the russian capital now a court in london ruled in favor of julian saunders extradition the wiki leaks founder is wanted for questioning in connection with sexual assault allegations during a trip he made to sweden last summer let's get more details now from marty's home or i mean wedding frost live outside the courthouse i know there's been a lot of controversy surrounding this extradition request or what are the judge or have to say about the ruling are. well essentially what we saw this morning was the judge knocking down these defense arguments out of the water essentially one by one he said that our songs had not in fact made himself available for questioning whilst he was in sweden and that our soldiers swedish go ahead misled the court when he said that he had. was unco on contactable and avoided interrogation while
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he was in sweden he also said that the european arrest warrant had been issued for us on might be disproportionate but it was valid and it was definitely issued with a view to prosecuting ourselves for these charges and he also said that certainly one of the charges that's being brought against these allegations that are being made against student ourselves for sexual assault certainly one of them would constitute rape in the u.k. and all four of them that were extraditable offenses now assault has always maintained his innocence in this case and in fact he says and his defense team say that this is politically motivated in connection with his work with wiki leaks wiki leaks of course we've seen releasing a series of cables relating to the u.s. diplomatic service some of which were deeply embarrassing for the u.s. government has always maintained that this is in order to facilitate his extradition own words to the u.s. we have heard in the last couple of days from the justice department in the
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american justice department in london said. that there are new charges currently against us on in america but there is an investigation underway into wiki leaks but the judge again said that there was no evidence that a star should be extradited to america all of that he might be tortured all that he could be executed or that he could be sent to guantanamo bay if he indeed was sent to america or so laura tell us what's next for science that. well this is very unlikely to finish here of the defense team have already said that they're going to launch an appeal they have now have seven days in which to do that they will take the appeal first to the high court and then if that doesn't succeed to the supreme court here in the u.k. and then if they have to they say that they will go to the european court of human rights so this is a case that will certainly continue into the summer but i wouldn't be surprised if it carried on for much longer than. life outside the courthouse in the u.k.
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thanks so much. and it's got some more analysis on this now we are going to speak to a writer and journalist. you're actually also a credited with the wiki leaks story the court ruled in the case on the case so quite quickly today when you think was the final swing point for the judge well you know it's really difficult for a judge. in the role of the european country actually not to accept a warrant issued by a fellow europeans the. european union state. that's a law that was accepted by the opi of the union that it is able to. warrant and search warrant should be served in any other country so basically it was difficult from the very beginning to clearly. he should not be excluded members of your opinion and they have to work together here when it comes to the legalities of this process so they couldn't say no basically or a no no during
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a start he is expected to appeal this decision how long could that take there there are some reports. from our reporter laura meant saying it could go to the summer absolutely absolutely well or ill and say it will last as long as there is some money people oil. the proceedings in england they're extremely expensive and the last extremely long time and nobody knows whether it will be or when i was lawyers i've been expressing concern over the swedish judicial system saying there's evidence to support their claims that assad won't get get a fair trial would he like about well he has in a way absolutely first of all it is true that the case is well it's politically motivated and the second at all swedish legal system no way they speak very much skew it became extremely influenced by a feminist elements a. serious them and it became a chile as such a system that practically every man any man could be sent to jail or the complaint
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made by telephone by anybody so you're saying that there's a huge amount of feminist power in the judicial system in sweden but let's talk about let's talk about the aspect of not getting a fair trial here let's talk about him possibly getting extradited to america you had mentioned a moment ago that there are many that say that this whole case is politically motivated what do you think are the chances that at the end of the day julian assange will get sent back to the u.s. for trial well you know it's also possible it's also possible there are very close relations between the present right wing government of sweden and the united states actually the turn of sweden over to the united states beginning quite a few years ago. maybe some of our audience remembers a story about russian submarines in sweden now we know that it was probably keep it all together the united states but when it went on it made
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a huge impact on the swedish mind american spent a lot of money trying to influence. actually succeeded to great extent to influence now we have also an important person who is your viewers probably remember or know karl rove the men behind the little man to be brought to trial and even be hunted down and even karl rove was suggesting at some point he should be executed he was going as far as that but. if. does it make it to the u.s. what started to happen to him because one of the things that people are saying is that if the wiki leaks which has been from american media they've been saying this is all nonsense this wiki leaks stuff. if it is not us then why is america so much trouble trying to get. its nonsense and actually the united states officials or lists official people or for julian assange one hundred million dollars cash
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to take it give them all the cables he refused so it's not it's not been that's. very very important thing and finally just to get back to the question that i asked you moments ago this service appealing now in england after the court has ruled that it's actually dition to sweden can happen the appeal could now take how long will probably it will take a few months ago a few months or so. that other animal species soon again journalist and writer is russian thank you for coming. well italy fears it will be brought to its knees as a new wave of immigrants is expected to flood the country thousands of refugees have reached its shores from unstable regions the government has called on the european union to help with the predicted invasion of up to one million people. dealing with the situation. at eighty miles off the coast of north africa the tiny italian island of lampedusa has fishing and tourism for its main sources.
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for the first time in years the bolts on the mets are dry. but. they're always out here we haven't gone out to sea for twenty days now since the recent uprising in tunisia the island has been flooded with with fiji's over five and a half thousand arrived in just two weeks sometimes up to three hundred refugees just one tiny fishing boat to make the perilous journey to the mediterranean. doesn't have already drowned many of those who have nothing to lose turning. on its head with no jobs they have already been cases of vandalism and theft. who started leaving the lights on at night they always wonder ronde none of the locals ever used to lock their doors now that this people out here will feel
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uncomfortable. with the refugees but many in such a short period of time and with many voicing strong beliefs official say identifying genuine cases is one of the biggest problems. that. we are historically a free nation and we want freedom we want to live like a prophet told us and to live in an islamic state. most of this refugees. center where they're provided with food water clothes and medical aid all financed from the state budget is designed to house only around eight hundred people so under tight security hundreds over a few g.'s are flown to the mainland each day. we sent four planes yesterday but on average two planes with refugees leave every day to crew to me and pollute the world with. italy and tunisia used to have an agreement under which
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most with fiji's were intercepted before even reaching the island but now that the government has been overthrown the floodgates have opened. i violence continuing to spread in both north africa and the middle east italy's already warned other e.u. states up to three hundred thousand refugees could flee libya alone for decades limpy those are managed to remain a tiny isolated world of its own rubble with peaceful lives and no one was afraid to leave their doors all the while while find something changed in the biggest wave of refugees may still be out there only one this tiny island but the entire continent you've got this i'm all for the one you know about italy. has come in your life from the heart of moscow that's going to some other world news in brief for you this hour and the rescuers are easier than say they have little hope for
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the more than two hundred people still unaccounted for as the death toll from tuesday's earthquake reaches ninety eight at one side up to one hundred twenty people are missing crews are continuing to topple buildings two days after the six point three magnitude quake struck the country's second largest national state of emergency has now been declared meanwhile thousands of flock to christ church as recently reopened effort in an attempt to escape the devastation. six suspects in front of the media arrested for the fatal shooting of an american immigration and customs enforcement agent over a week ago the group were snared during a raid on my gang's safe house it's believed three of them participated in the attack which you also authorities describe as a deliberate ambush a second american agent was also wounded when the gunman opened fire on the officials as they drove towards mexico city the incident sparked outrage across the
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united states. and the bolivia have declared a state of emergency with massive flooding affecting both south american nations in bolivia three people were killed and almost seven thousand left homeless as a result of heavy torrential rains hitting the country over the past few weeks swollen rivers have spilled their banks destroying crops bridges and washing away roads there were similar scenes in peru where some three and a half thousand people lost their homes. and the radical islamic cleric abu bakar bashir has denied tera charges as he returned to court in indonesia he's accused of setting up a new cell and training camp that was preparing a series of high profile attacks on western hotels and embassies claims he was the victim of a us conspiracy but all charges against him fabricated mom has previously escaped tara convictions in two trials that attempted to link him to the two thousand and two bali bombings if found guilty this time he could face execution. time for the
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sports to stay with us. which brightened. soon from plans to try to shoot some. cruise stunts on t.v. dot com. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've got the future coverage. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest
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issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on. the headlines on our t.v. a london court rules the man behind the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks should be extradited to sweden for questioning over sex crimes songs plans to fight the verdict and insists the case is politically motivated to get him to the u.s. where he is wanted for leaking classified information. let people decide their own future that's the message sent by prime minister vladimir putin as he addressed western influence a meeting in brussels he also condemned the use of force in troubled regions as he spoke with top european officials. to sell for a massive flow of migrant sunda calls on the e.u. he would from a humanitarian crisis which could see more than a million people flooding the country thousands of refugees have already reached its shores locals are started complaining about vandalism. ok more of those
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stories in about fifteen minutes time but for now roman joins us. elizabeth. lowers the ceiling game so the ice hockey player also held any surprises of the early stages as well as many expected these playoffs are unpredictable as ever a couple of games are underway right now i'll have the latest scores plus wednesday's action coming up in just a moment. hello and welcome to this foreign artsy come and see a live from the russian capital with me romano costa and let's take a brief look at the stories in this bulletin. plans to bad spaza have to score twice against spar talking to days europa league clash and they will also have to contend with the freezing temperatures here in moscow. best of both worlds they
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need to make a shell's gogarty call playoff season the eastern and western conference teams in action. fruits of their labor and you traded superstar carmelo anthony records a double double for the next in his big apple debut against the bucs. will start with football spartak moscow are in good positions of propel themselves into the last sixteen of the europa league by their car prince charles is with a one goal advantage against basel with the swiss looking for revenge in the return leg at luzhniki sparred zog seemed zan at last thursday when they conceded the goals in the opening period but second have goals from dmitri come borrow and out of the brought them right back into the fold on a needs a strike in extra time then saw the muscovites complete an impressive comeback it's back to the capital for sports but they won only one of their past seven home games in european competitions and while the cold weather would seem an advantage to the
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hosts garp and doesn't underestimate those coming from a warmer climate. to go to the match will take place regardless of the weather so thorough preparation is key we saw how will teams from woman climates complain these conditions during the c.s. compound match and we already found out what bowser is capable of back in switzerland. so basel will need to score at least twice in moscow later today to have any chance of progressing richard van portly now has the latest from the swiss team who braved subzero temperatures in the russian capital preparing for this match. things could have been so much better for bars old a week ago ballots partite to know over an hour of the first leg on however they imploded of an expert in minutes as visitors struck three times to give ben the edge going into first his return leg imus was sides head coach knows his team will be up against it's. really golf of course we've got
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a tough task ahead of us after losing the first leg three two that said we have got absolutely nothing to lose and i think my team will take to the pitch on thursday in a completely relaxed frame of mind we're missing a few players through injury but we'll be looking to put out our best possible side against spartak. the weather wasn't very welcoming for the visitors eva the temperature pitch side when they trained was well below freezing around a minus fifteen mark or judging by what the players were wearing it seemed they were preparing for a polar expedition rather than for a football match but said it isn't exactly warm up moments in basel and fing doesn't believe it will be hard for his team to adjust this is closer to my we haven't undertaken any particularly preparations to combat the cold ahead of this match we will just dress a warmer than usual and will drink more by this i mean we won't be drinking beer of course but water and of course it's important that the players constantly keep moving when they're on the pitch. bonzo currently sits four points clear of the top
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of a domestic championship a swiss league resume fallings winter break the start of faith and basel have won all three domestic matches what is the reason to keep secret we know were good enough to get a result against spurs by the same time we mustn't forget about this was league games you know we have got some very important games coming up here and have a good chance of being crowned champions so have definitely get to keep one eye on our domestic championship whose. buzzers head coach thorsten fink knows more than a thing or two about playing of illusion of the stadium and playing against. has been midfielder came up against the red and whites four times while playing for pine unique around the turn of the century and he expects a tough evening when the manager gets under way you know this movie. russian football is improving all the time i know at the moment there are four teams from the country involved in european competitions spartak have an artificial pish and
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a very strong home support which i believe is the best in russia they'll have their fans behind them and we must make sure we concentrate which is certainly what we didn't do in the first leg so i just went to business. sponsored off favorites going into the second leg pulling back the second half a row it's in switzerland last week how the boss will be hoping to spring a surprise and continue their run and this season's europa league i see possible be absolute kicking themselves out of throwing away a two goal lead also we can switzerland in the first leg a sponsor came back to win by three goals to two well some things men are going to provide result behind and they'll need to score at least twice or more promise to be an absolutely freezing nights in the russian capital any chance of progression to the last sixteen which of i don't see. the other two russian seems a european action is it needs and rubin have a much tougher road for the last sixteen the rating russian champions down to want to have the patrols to clash with young boys the swiss and things they need six
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match european winning streak with that when alexander cares i call alexander bill harlow and the long the notable players sitting out for us in eat and ravine are down to unable to do much cites when to they'll need to score three goals on the road to progress. both the beasts of the east and the best of the west will be going head to head on the second day of the cage while playoffs the western conference teams playing in back to bag aims after wednesday's opener while things are only getting started on the other side of the bracket the league's top dogs that bark hoping to avoid unwanted stuff. hope to have. a heavy
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favorite. back on the. game for us. with the big game the playoffs getting started on wednesday even more so when. are the. best of seven series in the. preseason favorites the quick to put under heavy pressure here is. through rigorous defense instead early in the first period. later the muscovites latest signing free son phone himself
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in a great position to score but. meaning it was new in the first intermission the passionate support from the home side forward although it was who scored the opener mark hard to hear to make it. although it didn't affect the course of the game at all the grating olson chances to score with us just nothing in front of the visitors gill in the final period meanwhile we're sitting there fortune tax. had a great opportunity to score in this one. one break away but michael garnett stepped in. in just five minutes from the host's efforts will finally rewarded blackamoor off to the puck away in right field home to little mothers one one that's how it came to over time we still do number rega celebrity and that is there's first line easily findings now at play but it's definitely the visitors do only still quist
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who should be called the men of the match their goaltender played amazing we had all the chances we needed we just couldn't score and. he made some really good c.z. even the ones that didn't get by him he was able to knock them away and. you know tonight i think we played probably as good as we could play but you know a lot of credit has to go to the top first reader now in a one new lead in their best of seven series against you know more skill with a name six make it back to the same ice rink late tonight robert for the known marty. and that's finally head over to the n.b.a. where carmelo anthony made a great debut for the next as he scored a game high to help lead new york to victory over the books melo joining follow the all star is that him are in the front court giving the next that pose in jail in madison square garden the former not good shall case his skills grabbing twenty
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seven points and ten rebounds as new york held on to beat the walky one hundred fourteen one hundred a night with the big three the next match there went all twenty nine from last season meanwhile anthony cleared it looks like he's here to stay. for the reaction was great so great man you know i never experienced anything like that before we were just running now you know the fans going crazy just by my system. has been. just excited to so dangling down and you know to come out. tonight and i know that i really meant a lot to me. i'll be back with more in a couple hours but our you tube channel is always available just head for our disease for news and you'll find us thanks for watching.
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