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tv   [untitled]    February 26, 2011 7:30am-8:00am EST

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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. because the reports. from moscow let's do a recap now about some stories government under arrest in the arab world the reaches a critical point in libya with protesters in control of most parts of the country in the gulf by chaos tribes forces previously loyal to longtime leader colonel gadhafi believed to be switching allegiance and growing numbers. by the libyan crisis triggers oil price hikes affecting the global cost of everything from transport to food there are fears it could be rail economic recovery in the u.s.
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and around the world. the u.k. is under fire for a court decision to extradite julian to sweden over a break on occasions experts say it exposes the hypocrisy of a justice system to provide asylum to a number of suspected criminals and terrorists. and it's the final straw for the first race of the two thousand and fourteen winter games the winning mascot for the sochi olympics will be announced later today ten candidates are currently running neck and neck in the final of the nation contest. coming up now and the president of russia of the middle east helps to shed some light on the turmoil in the middle east and north africa and the effect it could have on the region and the rest of the world spotlight this next.
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hello again the welcome to spotlight the interview show on r.c. i'll be not one today we're talking about the iranian turmoil after a relatively peaceful change of power intonation popular unrest started spreading over the arab world the long standing the regime in egypt fell after weeks of bloodshed the regime of gadhafi is fighting violently to keep power in libya what's behind these riots and what may the changing regimes mean for the rest of the world let's ask him he needs that they're not the president of the institute that middle
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east. after forty years in power libyan dictator colonel gadhafi is very close to defeat the military machine if you launched against his own people has left hundreds dead yet the demonstrators are standing firm the libyan revolt is part of the unrest which rippled through north africa and the middle east in russia the leadership is worried the chaos in the arab world could become the trial ground for terrorists prime minister putin says that if islam is get more from holding the region they will easily be able to reach the caucasus in russia south. home is the circle of skin the welcome to the show thank you for being with us first questioners what do you think are the fundamental reasons for this popular because it's not as easy as al-qaeda started it or washington masterminded their
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goal there are different answers on this question somebody think there may do this all come in united states maybe he's a real somebody say year. through radical islamists i'm going to see a brother muslim movement somebody suffer another are the real answer he's everybody in some for and against their reborn in this world sometimes the situation is so good there. of that little summarizing of for this effort events such stable regimes this include leisure egypt or some super stay with as we can see before but may be not so true in libya our united states and europeans democratize the region and different foundations and personnel it is like george soros of this false system which try
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find jobs for people. reason for the nation after colts' of the soviet union as well all the world against georgia and russia and china and india and the muslim regimes in this concretes police in this come krypton it's the revolutions of all of them the brothers milsom whole declaring it's all work and work and work well hardly against the former regime soon egypt for example that you can a couple of more specific question libya is could there be history or does he have means to to to to cling to power. they have no chance no trials. i'm not sure that anybody in libya will forget this situation when libyans were killed by people from africa people from clooney shares somebody who when we start
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bombing your own capital and some other suitors you're not malodorous the mistake was the not the mistake for code bethia that was the principle ideal of these gentlemen which means is not the leader of revolution he's a dick platter for all the libyans who can have his own people but he still he still is there what's his support base who supports him. he's still the year because. he have some small resources not even his truck not. for the car they're for their a son a leader's sort of for his clan or against him or he is not supported by any abroad even iranian school not ruin his regime like they try to do this again siege of the not touch can bluff in their car and the brothers muslims think it must be killed because of all this blood on the streets of libyan cities
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what if regime had some resource any regime would be saddam hussein regime or cheney's regime. and main. square. or iranian regime if we say about the ahmadinejad and the green revolution which also lost presidential but it was very religious what happened in iran. years ago we remember it yes but it's had a very very strong religious for the what's happening in the middle middle east well despite the muslim brotherhood it's not religious at all or maybe a mistake a. mistake in both cases because in iran we have now a situation when the first and second generation the ayatollah send their children who pushed the generals of the military service a little more initial and walk on in the support that there's like nineteen thirty seven the great career or in our own country in style and are also well or at all
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is an oddball surely as well. as in libya the situation is not so clear because up to my view step by step. two years later five years later ten years later maybe twenty five the brothers mostly will take power in their hands you sure and absolute in order for the restoration of barak here because the the royal family of living here they live in london and they say they're ready to come back to you. know what would all be year for some period maybe all that was such discussion about the afghanistan but we remember what was the year with the taliban movement and was postell of them all and also some religious and religious groups in collison was army maybe in college and was local tribal leaders maybe in college was more maybe but step by step they'll move to islam ization of all this and then we'll have the situation right. over the last
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week several hundred russians are being taken over from the turbulence situation in libya spotlights in the media has more in. the uprising in libya history due to google ideas to build the arab. rule hundred and to go in and build repeated dad and over four thousand dangerous in the first week of violence moammar gadhafi promised true blood for those trying to work through his regime he reportedly ordered the army to use this strikes against the demonstrators something ignites the know several european countries including russia have sent special planes to the troubled north african country to bring their citizens back home most three laird their shooting there it's dangerous to go out after five pm some places they have even been bombings. it was a risk getting to the airport because after poor b.m.
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it's already curfew i was lucky that a friend of mine one of the locals agreed to take me to be airport look at the bridge when it all began you know became really scared i don't know where it is a civil war some plants a plane is it when you sit at home emotion going to shoot you that's really scary. most all of the people who they did had to leave their jobs behind and so they were hoping for a peaceful solution to the conflict and an opportunity to go back we being has been opened to russian investment since two thousand and eight when prime minister putin visited the country with a delegation of businessman and several deals were struck. to russian all giants have been working in the country nafta and dance the russian ruiz company you are to be poor in libya for building a high speed drill willing there was due to be finished in two thousand and twelve taken a promotes earth has built more than six hundred kilometers of electricity transmission
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facilities in the country now the future of the russian projects in libya is under question. well this actually was a good question you give me do you think russia and also some western countries will they keep the look at these contracts that they got under kind of a regime really will say or not we have so many contracts in iraq now for the iranian revolution i have so many contacts with the europeans before the russian revolution and then i said mr well more sensually we normalize our relations with europe who knows we are not sure there will be libya as one can treat a disintegrate just because some people went when a part of the country is the revolutionary control the other product interests and that is control it may be a four part of you think it's possible everything is possible in this world look at iraq look at afghanistan are no more countries. there are territories where the formal warmed up saddam was sure has been officially formally not one state and
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that's not the end look at the africa troubles living is also the african country and the african borders will change dramatically so so you think we live in a period of the center gratian we live in interesting times like cheney's see god help you not to live in interesting times want to live in times of change. you give me such enough ski. spotlight today and just a reminder that we're talking about the situation in the middle east begins at dusk he is the president of the institute for middle east based here in moscow spotlight we'll be back after we take a short break we'll continue this sense of you in the studio in less than a minute so stay with us delta.
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felt that they both at their own chip affect the course they were treated so well themselves one question means one career you ask one question you could be uncertain and you might or might not be able to publish it but that's the end of your career. welcome back to spotlight our going of and just a reminder that my guest in the studio today is eve guineas that i lost the president of the institute for the middle east and we are talking about the situation in northern africa in libya where the revolution is there now and also in other countries that have been the places of unrest and trouble of old may
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become such places in the near future but first i want to ask you you guinea what may be the consequences of the libyan revolution for the world markets for the oil and gas market because canasta says he'll be he'll be switching off he will be shutting down the pipelines europe is also all reacting already by a rise unprecedented rise in prices will this continue. this will continue god help us it's not here to nigeria. which. made this possible in this case and european markets will ruin well and guess from the northern africa is so important for france for you to live for spain are the. most dangerous for intel and balance of the economy around twenty percent which are oil italy from a little bit more than that's not only economy look at. the nearest
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future hundreds of silence of people can come from tunisia libya to the territory of european countries what will europeans doing with this well let's hear what prime minister putin had to say about the rising oil prices. we're all nothing good will come out of it so we're very serious because we're not interested in the . energy prices drawing without limit what little everything is interrelated and unlike other it will producing countries are economies more diversified and we're actually emphasizing in the v. to be industry is how can we deal with those but we've told you that this will not happen by the way i would like to see that all our projects. infrastructure projects to deliver our carbons c. to europe to the european market the north stream south stream are especially
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important in this situation would not be as resteal for europe we had these two projects already working. well the prime minister of russia speaking in brussels seemed concerned about the situation well he many would think you should have been glad because russia is a big oil gas producing country but still this by the concerns of mr putin is it still good news for russia in the short run can russia exploit the situation to confirm its reputation as there as a reliable partner. as some cherish and others give us some possibilities sometimes over a border crisis and every possibility you we have. general troubles on the security with the middle east and problems on our own novel
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incompetence and muslim terrorists it's very dangerous for russia not only this terrorists we have hundreds and hundreds of radicals who come back from us car university or maybe in future from the masters from pakistan and all tried just about our situation and our own church we have for all these gaps in our barges where the railway companies and the electricity companies and songs on science and so on a multi-billion contracts will be ruined in libya in other countries maybe and there's a good new we have some possibility club breed low in the world markets process for them guess this is the balance of use there is nothing good and bad there is something we should be and maybe can use for a bottle above the limit of negative value is so like well. you already said guinea that you think that we are witnessing a time of this integration and islam is
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a show of the arab world to north africa births in for the tugging works kind of regimes will replace the following dictatorships in these countries what would you say. the washroom brussel things that all bizarre and less than style democratical regime sound science on song a to my mind that will be a type of all coal regimes was a brutal level of political islam is was upgraded in serious. all of chocolate new autumn on an hour of governmental google and there are bill gun and iran these not only ideas of islamic revolution but on their ideas off. she parsi in our new nationalist empire like we look at lebanon only in syria in the return air. long distance from the iranian borders
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for the decay of the whole arab world and maybe the whole united nations focus only on the israeli palestinian and israeli arab. that is the minimal meaning moral of the whole region this is practical enough and if we look on the millions and millions of refugees we have now on sudan and afghanistan and for iraq it's a million refugees nobody give the status of wreckage so signs up if the our world itself and the world community not understand what's in the region and will not work with the normalization situation inside and this will be only the beginning and libya will be not the last and most long or weekend list of the revolutionary restrictions what regina's could be next for the train yemen maybe saudi
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arabia maybe even jordan where situation is very very unstable saudi arabia. is on the list and if that will be so will the small monarchies of the gulf will be in huge danger of a look at algeria civil war there was all blown bio the efforts of president winter flicker while there is out care of margaret there are some other countries there is experience of people internees really be are this a very dangerous situation and if it will do something algeria something serious on the libyan level and assure there can america will be such stable as are now practically the whole world from america to pakistan from some only wish just now is destroy to the russian border is under part of the revolution radials it's like it was in europe after one thousand nine hundred seventeen where there were new monarchies and new republics on the whole europe which were stable or photographer russia gave the world an example that. revolutions in
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a very traditional societies don't necessarily lead to modernize ation are the societal social modernization world. do you think that what we're witnessing in the arab world which is a very traditional society will it really lead to modernization to what americans call democracy new life new attitudes all i would be just a change of elite you know will be a change of really stand in the middle east the democratization mean the rules of the big group or to destroy the small groups that some of the rules of minorities democracy theirs and all the rules of personality democracy a look at iraq this is the example of what mean democratization in the traditional arab world even in the more than and secular state it works let him call it there
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with all of these democratic centralism that. are radicalism of all types of islamism of all clubs deep corruption of all types i knew once a dump will soon but one small saddam hussein on his play is this the blues ition league will are millions of refugees first of all religion minorities and intellectuals that is the result of such type revolutions you're remarkable men you agreed to talk about the future so how we continuing asking you questions about the future what do you think will be the prove the revealing ideology after the former dictator ship more of this land maybe like him terribly liberalism relational as socialism welcome anational the center will be a slum of the type of socialism there are worlds french the type of or nationalism of the secular. the next generations who will have no
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success but will be islam more than a liberal political radical revolutionary terrorist style. well some barbarian was flying islam aleck in taliban. movement barbell crowd of margaret hall knows different corners will have different possibilities i'm not sure there will be some qualifier like programmers and different countries different nations it will trouble plan and trouble place for the do you think i'll carry their will will be able to capitalize on these events they're doing one hundred percent the only question is the whole karl rove's brand and that's corporation which is their central lines there's not one political movement in different countries and different areas in margaret been marcia there are different club leaders and of course this mill soul of it type
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a slimy radicals will take everything they can from this subject well as we see even can even a strong like a lefty is not able to to. stay in power in case of such particles and risk so the only thing as it seems to me is for the always did this these in their world to try to somehow roof or of themselves are they capable of ruefully themselves or they are doomed hundred percent it's possible it is the only question of time in our conference and in here to they have to do what the only thing we have in this planet list now. three generations around seventy five eighty years and the reason will be more or less normal or better than our thank you thank you very much for being with us and just a reminder that my guest on the show today was give guinea set a nasty president of the institute of the middle east and that's it for now from
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all of us here if you want to have your sales talk right just drop or walk back with more first now comments on what's going on in and outside russia and to learn r.t. and take a simple. look to spain to the country and republic. the center of russian defense for. the wall she heads to central russia. because of some become an industry. the harsh winter makes schools even more dangerous. and where you can train to be
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