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makes it even a little ritual. and we're trying to be just on. the small. pressure clips up. welcome back we'll here's a recap of the top stories on our t.v. protesters in libya are calling for a final closure to oust the forty one year old regime but there are concerns of a trial of colonel gadhafi who could expose sensitive backroom dealings with various western nations of the same as of foreigners or of pride in themselves trapped in the chaos and some are unable to get out. the escalating andress from the arab world and especially libya has sent energy prices skyrocketing affecting living costs and economy all around the globe and the problem has set the stage for
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a return to the oil rush by global powers. and a public outcry indeed newquay over the cold months of controversial u.s. security contractor off the margin britain's national census writes writs a lead for the government is risking big confidentiality of personal data it is reigniting a debate on privacy and they say. allows a former boss to serve leader radovan credits just preparing his defense to stand before the war crimes tribunals in the hague it may r.t. looks at how he managed to avoid arrest for more than a decade that's coming up next. belgrade become people of serbia in two thousand and two dr drug and god which a specialist in alternative medicine settled here nobody knew where he was from or
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what his occupation had been before. one instant popularity in the medical community he gave lectures i'm sure people of diseases receive him as someone who helps people and people love him. in one thousand nine hundred six run of on carriage leader of the bosnian serbs was put on an international wanted list for charges of terror and exterminating people in his home country. a five million dollars reward was offered for information on his whereabouts. for forty four months. heritage to refuse a campaign of terror against a civilian population. rather than carrot it was arrested only in two thousand and eight when he was brought before the international tribunals of the hague. during the thirteen year long manhunt for nobody not even friends and close relatives you like heritage and dr talmage where the same person.
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the small town of powell a twenty kilometers from boston is capital sarajevo. the psychiatrist rather than carrots settled down here in the midnight and sixty's. he had received a thorough education in his home country and later in the one nine hundred seventy s. he attended columbia university in new york. he first met his wife leanna when he was still an undergraduate. amusin said when i give the first time i don't i was about twenty one years old around one was just under twenty two at the time because those rays don't altogether and as we grew older together obviously the sometime passed differently first my son of the valley and then our daughter got married to madge and was very cheerful but we're going to be rather one was a man and our kids could rely on is that he wasn't very strict over his democratic
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plans as to result children were going to punish together and polly until the war was going to go to. one thousand nine hundred ninety two a bloody civil war broke out to bosnia former parts of the republic of yugoslavia the most powerful much population sells bosnian muslims the rest call themselves orthodox serbs. rather than carrot which became leader of the orthodox serbs and president of the serbian republic in bosnian territory because. they were this is a god in the one around one entered politics in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight so against his own little town up and see them in urge to answer politics from all sides islam beyond that i was not particularly pleased i said to him you know he said going to be hard times for the two of us and the whole family and yes i supported his decision if that's what you want to let it be argued this is the least i did them on. the war in bosnia that lasted nearly three years and ended in
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one thousand nine hundred ninety five when a fifty thousand strong international peacekeeping force was brought in. the country. split into orthodox serbs we're now in control of nearly half the territory. in one thousand nine hundred six right of i'm carrots had to leave his presidential post under pressure from the international tribunals at the hague. right under came a leader by accident psychiatry's by proficiency any poet in spirit and a national leader resigning. he did what he had to go to and he did it fairly skillfully and honestly he did what he could to make sure that the people acquired a state of the road. after his resignation. disappeared from the political scene a massive manhunt was launched against him every peacekeeper stationed in bosnia had a picture of him. postwar chaos of widespread support made it impossible for carrots
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to live in the town of power for some time right under the noses of his pursuers. whatever the could be i last saw my brother in the early winter of one thousand nine hundred eighty eight we would see each other late at night hoping that we would be safer that way he would briefly stay with us his daughter in her flat and then go on to stay with some other relatives that night we also discussed questions of security most local people share the view that would either be killed or arrested. in early two thousand and two flats was rented in a large residential area on the outskirts of belgrade. official papers said that dr dragon cabbage a retired serb from america who specialized in alternative medicine was living in that flats. he was rumored to be able to cure people with his hands by invoking his own energy he would stay at home all day long without venturing outside.
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the assassination of some. being prime minister zoran jinja chain two thousand and three a police scanner with the city in search of the assassin with the name of a reason brenda van thought staying at home all the time was a bad idea he just started to show himself in public and lead a normal life to avoid suspicion the other reason was quite clear in place though he needed to make a living somehow out citizens he was. you know down. there into this office in my clinic and introduced himself as dr dumb bitch. he was wearing a wig and clothes and looked very cold church. to share is respectfully he said he
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wanted to help people because he possessed a very powerful energy. told him he could use it here if it was really effectively a mother with a. daughter some a boy which is a professor some time ago he opened a fertility clinic in the suburbs of belgrade to study human reproduction boy which suggested they set up an experiment to test talking topics in skills. me on those we did a microscopic examination of the sperm of one of my patients and i mean we use this my discovery was in the sperm was of poor quality you know that there was an octave enough. oil still to damage to test his powers on it. as i held the sample in my hands he repeatedly passed one of his arms over it's the other underneath. him fifteen minutes to complete the job. so that's our exam in the sauna under a microscope once again i saw that the sperm had become much more mobile and damage
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to demonstrate his very powerful energy. which had a very high opinion of dr john which is skills he wished to have a long and fruitful period of cooperation with him this celebration marks the clinic's twentieth anniversary. dragon tabish was among the dignitaries invited to attend its. thank you for coming nice to see you. doctor and turned out a public functions in a new context and struck up a new friendships. he was one of the bridges new friends they met at the medical conference dedicated to alternative treatments so he asked her to be his assistant. that dr dobson invited me to go to a sicko voigt to examine him anymore if we went to the house where he lives and i was there we met the child his name was daniel and his parents than your.
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meal was born in two thousand and four into the family of political fugitive branco . when the war broke out rankle his young wife and her parents moved from bosnia to belgrade. then he'll became seriously ill when he was one year old he paid no attention to the people around his mental development slowed down he made no attempt to engage with anybody not even with his parents or elder sisters. from an event first meeting constantly connected with the doctor soon and they were already communicating with each other the boy told the doctors beard and took his half remember it was and we were surprised it was like a miracle the doctor damaged wasted no time treating the boy's illness my son like the doctor very much he played with his beard and mustache. and going always met outside daniel's house in the morning at about seven o'clock in the dark and dad
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which normally came by bicycle wearing his hat it was a very funny spectacle. the doctor would put his hands around the boy's head like this. he kept his hands close to the back of the head like this sometimes he pressed his hands against. elias he kept them a short distance away if you wanted to produce an act on the brain she would put his hands on the spot keep them there for a long time. did what traditional medicine can feel to do finally began taking note of the people around. him tried to talk with them they could now show his emotions and indicate what he wanted through gestures. as soon as the boy got to the dr would begin playing with him just as anyone would play with their children who thought about taking off the doctor's glasses and lifting his moustache and in attempts to kiss him on the mouth of the group it was great
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fun. for the press dumped him the bosnian butcher the international tribunals at the hague charged him on eleven counts including genocide forcible deportation and extermination of people terrorism and hostage taking. the special services of most european countries were trying to hunt him down the hague tribunal was demanding that serbia extradite whatever carriage and admission of legation from belgrade east to paris and trudi. meanwhile he was in belgrade meeting his colleagues at seminars and pursuing a successful medical career under an assumed name drug i'm got it. wealthy british style.
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markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the cons a report on r.t. hungry for the full story we've got it firsthand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. by two thousand and seven dragon tablets have published several articles in medical journals. earned a reputation in the medical community. can join the red cross have lectures and help seminars. at one of the sessions at minimum each serve painter who was practicing alternative medicine. or used to sit here and this was his desk this is where he received three shots at
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the end whenever dr talmage came around he was here thirty years this computer along and your grandpa were karate a book about alternative medicine of the early we're going to stay here well into the night he slept in this room on the couch. i mean i mean it's a healer with extra sensory powers badly needed advice from a professional physician the two men spent a lot of time working together to give treatment to sick people and they hoped they would be able to complete the book together. in a minutes even offered dr talbot's to move into his house it's as though the house was under construction the top floor was still missing often i was going to comedy him on that floor and windows to windows as soon as it was really. those plans never came to fruition after many. july two thousand and eight minutes and dragon babiche never saw each other again. i need me to attend one of
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his sessions and it was past one o'clock in the morning when the session was over to mean ask me to take dr damage to his house in my car i was going to same way. well a mere doctor down which became fast friends velimir often took damage home in his car they would talk throughout the drive he shared his problems with a professional psychologist dr john was always ready to help people he knew he always did his best to help but i don't think he ever asked for help or at least i never heard such requests from any of i always paused at this traffic light he would get out of the car and walk away i never even saw the house where he lived. his unusual style made him stand out in a crowd. but people who saw the man never suspected that he had a five million dollars bounty on his head.
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and don't actually lose flitton no i lived on the ground floor and he's in a recall that when my father died he met me at the entrance to the house and gave me his visiting card with d.d. done each region on it at the he said he was a psycho therapist and offered help and then i write to him to come to my flat for a cup of coffee and i felt relieved after talking to. rather than carrot it's never dyed his hair nor did he ever have plastic surgery. his only disguise was that the old age grey hair and a long beard. both above and i always thought that the man who often came here was dr the average nun rather than kara ditch the his appearance and behavior betrayed his great intellect. as a rule he would buy one out in one pair and one temporal but what i felt was very odd because that's exactly what attracted my attention besides his appearance he
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was very extravagant his house was nearby and i also you know many often said here just outside the loop a coach or cafe. here initially he bought stuff in the shop across the road he's unusual appearance more came out in the crowd. became a visiting microfiche to the former. iranian her blue. barrel through. her. women johnny church gear splendor soul tree he dropped into listen he's a very affable man. he would always ask for permission to take a seat at
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a taco bell he found himself in good company but he would always think each gift played the psalter in several occasions and was quite good it had to go but she never sang he preferred to drink red wine cold beer is blood but never to excess he simply enjoyed the weinstein's through. wild ride of an carriage which was in hiding in belgrade under the guise of doctors out of the homes have his wife and children in the bosnian town of palin were constantly raided and searched. though i think you know her long massive ground that happened during the night. there was a large number of military and police vehicles and even tanks and a helicopter all three of the b. when we looked out of the window we were blind. by a bright red light and it was so intense it hurt i know they were very scared that's a more. psychological pressure on his family was one of the methods the authorities
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used to compel the out of a carriage to surrender in two thousand and five lily and i carried a chast her husband to do just that in a televised address with all my heart and soul i beg you to give yourself up. pains me greatly to have to ask you for that. to be a sacrifice for our own sake. and to the sake of. the. journalist put forward fantastical theories to explain why she had done it one of them put her behavior down to fame jealousy of an invented mistress tabloids assigned to double chins assistant. but the fact is that she first met dr garbage only two years after a million was televised address. meekness i never had
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a love affair with him but it as can we had a friendly relationship and we worked together in this humanitarian job if i can call it that not something that's all they have missed mobilise in all these countries and in foreign countries you are not in touch evans who were often searched they would bring into our home and take us in for questioning my son spend ten days in custody and i was under pressure from various foreign service and threaten to arrest million i don't tell the guards i asked rather one to give himself up because i saw no other solution persuading them to leave at least my children alone. and i thought that price would set my son free. the search for carriage which was conducted both in built up cities and difficult mountainous regions. the yellow press regularly churns out conflicting reports concerning his whereabouts. but in fact he had never left the serbian capital his friends regularly received letters from him moreover he himself put them into
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their post boxes. get them in calls midnight when i received a call from a man i didn't recognize his voice mails me to examine my letter box in the entrance hall as i went downstairs i opened the box and found a cd that ever did on my computer are stored in oval britain by carriage. after the war miroslav toehold the x. information. mr of the serbian republic founded a publishing house in belgrade. he published a novel by his former workmate and friend moreover the publication fetched a small profit. they very nearly every book published by us is in this shop except for books written by carriage richard and this means they are sold out of the this is very good and good of. h.j. dr talmage took the number seventy three bus to the fertility clinic for work. he
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found the route very convenient it took him from thirty to fifty minutes to get there. like many times before on july eighteenth two thousand and eight boarded the number seventy three boats outside his home. and it seemed just like any other trip to work. before going up about two sturdily built young men had approached him in the bus and were standing side by side with him for some time later another two men got on the boards they said to him you must get off and follow us order before they took him out of the bus or bundled him into a car from campbell resides and drove him to someplace he knew nothing about three days passed before he was put in a court and jail and told that he had been arrested. i the arrest of relevant carrots in two thousand and eight started the balkans the muslims rejoiced. massive protest actions involving thousands of people were held in the streets of
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serbian towns. up. today some serbian youth organization still take advantage of any pretext to demonstrate their support for carriage up even sporting events are politically charged quite often fans will chant the name of radovan carriage rather than cheer on their favorite team. the r.c. is a double standard they use one standard when judging muslims in chorus in a different standard for serves the reverse of what they offered us right in our face we must stick up for our era's defense of all serbian seems most stand up for hearing all together at the un and. in two thousand and eight and read about in the carriage was brought before the hague tribunal which was founded for the express purpose of investigating war crimes committed in the former yugoslavia. look south
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almost since around his disappearance i have heard files and stories claiming he's either dead or estate about seriously has suffered a stroke or has been told is from one place to another this is the most terrible origen you open i have ever gone through there is one poem i can say now that i knew has been arrested little better this that is because i know he is alive and i can see him and talk to him that among those leaves that. leanna carriage spends most of her time in the hague she sees her husband quite often but those meetings are excruciating for them both they do talk a lot but what they have to talk about is not what they want those of a demagogue come talk about something significant come talk about intimate matters either because we know that all the time they're listening to us we also know somebody might use what we say against him proclaiming their goal therefore i see to it that he doesn't get into trouble as an out to continue to be.
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one of the most heinous charges brought against read about encouraged by the hague tribunal is a stretch but it's a massacre. according to some sources in july nineteen eighty five eight thousand bosnian muslims were massacred in that city after serbian troops seized it with apparent ease. sort of an acceptance probably cause a lot of the need to episode was a fabrication would be actually the death toll. there was much less most of those people died in fighting the war was going on and the muslims claim that dead soldiers were in fact massacred some billion. presumption of innocence exists in anglo-saxon and european legislation national at the hague tribunal this principle presumably means the following everyone is innocent until they're proven to be serbs because of us a bit. according to some of the materials that the hague tribunal is expected to consider the police and the army of the serbian republic organized the whole field
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massacre of muslim residents the corpses were buried in mass graves goes on to allege we all know what's going on that day one year because he called a criminal and of showing that i don't believe those charges are being made several calls to us from the hain't got to ask me about them he likes his behavior on it he told me how that he was should be treated in addition should on the also asked me why didn't he was receiving the treatments recommended by him why was he called to . doesn't believe that somebody who has given treatment to his child might give orders to kill people as far as his family is concerned the man sitting in the dock at the hague will be forever the good doctor garbage political games deprived of the opportunity to cure their boy. and your wise m g p convince these court to measure is representing itself falsely
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as a court of the international community when it is effect a court of nature whose aim is to liquidate me. very hard for me to express my standpoint on anything with all these is cleared up some place though that i have stopped using opposing name and i think all parties should do the same with. somebody else or beer is in a state of quiet secret occupation and you know people are everywhere starting from the defend. ministry going to and from the interior ministry it is not the only evasion and we shall know more territory. that it go where guests in this territory foreigners are our masters that's. a new generation has grown up in serbia since ratified a carriage which was in hiding under the guise of doctrine coverage to them yugoslavia is just a page and a history book also has a different country and most indians are foreigners. and yet fresh graffiti can
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still be seen on the wall of the house where dr dubrow just left it says radovan carrot at st.
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