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full points pleasure and i would print. the splined hotel in touch with the hotel and touch a group of photos and kooragang international house to change every little hotel. the because of saw oil people think we'd be in iraq if their major export there was broccoli u.s. warships move closer to the libyan coast and its speculation of nato intervention would be or the rich country as critics say claims that colonel gadhafi possesses chemical weapons but all too familiar of rain. and us protesters in libya hope for western support will take a look at history which suggests that support only applies to democracies in control. and outrage after allegations that a u.s. psychological warfare unity used mind tricks on senators to secure more cash and
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troops raising fears over the military's reach into politics. and russia of the r.g.s. in the minds it says set to continue their winning streak but they aren't just in the mice it's trying to sing a psychological level of two thousand and eighteen hundred points respectively for market analysis in twenty minutes. from our studios in moscow you're watching r t thanks for joining us now the u.s. has begun repositioning its ships in the mediterranean triggering speculation of a nato invasion of libya british prime minister david cameron has also said that he would not exclude the use of the military there well it comes as libya's longtime leader colonel gadhafi remains besieged in the capital tripoli but opposition
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forces nearby are just correspondent peter all of her has more from neighboring egypt. well what we're seeing at the moment is the united states navy moving their fleet into the mess in the mediterranean into strategic positions around libya now this comes after the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton said it's nothing was off the table when it came to libya raising some concerns of outside military action taking place in the country now the british prime minister david cameron has suggested that he would support arming the opposition forces arming those forces opposed to colonel gadhafi he also threw his backing behind the imposing of a no fly zone over libya well the nato secretary general has said that there will be no nato intervention into libya without a u.n. resolution a resolution seems something that won't happen now this is due to the fact that
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both russia and china who have a veto on the security council have both vehemently said that they will not support any form of outside intervention outside of their kid into libya this could lead to the words they're being thrown around or a coalition of the willing just be those people of those nations that are willing to throw military support behind intervention into libya this has echoes of the buildup to the war in iraq also something that has troubled those people that have seen the the similarities between this and the run up to the war in iraq claims that colonel gadhafi may possess stockpiles of chemical weapons well those there are those that have suggested that should outside international intervention outside international military intervention take place in libya it could be disastrous for relations between the west and the arab world this is very very early in return though you many charities. so seems have to be very clear
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sanctions i guess because. treason there are so. in europe that's ok let north. korea list then truism in norse and ask if the next step the industry just already. made in washington would be a need to station this would be absolutely disgusting but we cannot rule it out sort of what we're fighting is continuing in libya moment but overnight on monday we saw attacks against the cities of benghazi as well as artillery falling. so there is fighting continuing we're also hearing reports of heavy weapons being used against opposition forces we have seen this in the past and i've seen on arabic television the devastating results of anti aircraft guns being used against against the people of libya tripoli remaining encircled by opposition forces trying
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to remove colonel gadhafi from power feed himself has said that the people of libya love him and will die for him believing that the people will still fight for him and that he can remain in power we're also hearing out of libya this sister station that the arabic language channel has been blocked by forces in libya inside libya the satellite signal being. transferred cast surge or all celebs it says it's not support for a libyan people but interests of the country's vast oil fields that's driving us rhetoric. the only reason they're interested in libya is back to you oil we hear anybody screaming and yelling about all those people last week that were killed in the ivory coast. and i guess coco was it that you know of much of a national priority they'll try anything but we already heard hillary clinton say
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that they're willing to do anything for anybody in libya that needs aid so we're putting it out there already they're talking about no fly zones and they have popular see it's just beyond the belief i mean for example they did has anybody called for a war criminal trials against mubarak as they are for the you know in all of the the world is the. world of calling for his head but the other heads in bahrain and in yamin and in egypt they are are you know they're ok leave them alone what they're calling for could i said why because it's oil you think we'd be in iraq if their major export there was broccoli all of the impact of the middle east turmoil on the u.s. economy is being analyzed and the latest edition of the kaiser report which is coming up later this hour. selene prices in the united states recently hit
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a twenty eight month high that's right gasoline is really the only point at which the average u.s. consumer makes contact with the economy in a global economy and for this reason it's been kept artificially low for years as the basis for america's foreign policy is to invade a country still or gas and keep the people driving along. many western countries have gone out of their way to throw support behind the uprisings in the arab world well it comes as an abrupt change of heart as it has supported these regimes for decades let's draw further attention to a foreign policy that only seems to like the marker sees tailored to western interests and tries to undermine others which aren't such as hamas in gaza artie's policy reports. demonstrations for regime change across the arab world have spread
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like wildfire dictators like hosni mubarak in egypt afford him while in libya many believe the forty one years of war monger guffey are nearing an end western powers of come up backing the protests demanding regime change dramatically changing the colors in supporting the ousting of authoritarian rulers they backed only weeks ago as demonstrations sweep across the arab world western governments support a call for change but is it a call for change or is it actually a call for regimes if they want in power it's not the first time they wish to shown an approach to democracy in the arab world six years ago elections in gaza were hailed internationally as a mass of mass turn for the middle east. with representatives from the west renowned political figures and organizations who were present during the election and monitored it confirmed its authenticity to the world. but when the results were in that authenticity physique nord one hundred your. understanding here is that.
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the worst support democracy as long as it's good for them i give it is not good for the world and their interests. are supported and the west most certainly did not support the new harass government despite being voted in by more than sixty percent of gazans western power was able to amass a terrorist organization. there are no really many instances of genuine democracy in the west the people for democracy but when people make. democratic choice lead choosing among us your views to help a western democracies a false democracy a democracy of double standards and for the benefit of europe. which is why as soon as hamas was voted in western governments got busy with trying to booted out through boycott and sanctions which raises the question why support felix's in the first place but not there i'll come. with you i believe the west is in constant need of regimes to go along with its policies the shooter serve the west be
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approaches or be elected by their own people what do you believe that the americans . don't really know how to hammer this iteration relationship is qaddafi aware of. there were times when post him and go bother him every time when he supported him when he gave them the oil but now he's no longer of use and like to take his elsewhere who at the start of the year winning favor in a waste he's been ditched the hopes of the arab world for change undergarment appear to be dwindling among some political figures at least the president. there are a lot of criticism that after they got president obama there was a lot of. welcome to the new america and mr obama. i would have hoped for the administration under president obama would have done
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better the protesters across the arab world hoping to topple dictators in the quest for democracy and may find that the choice may not be as free as they'd hoped for i thought making hand from afar still pulling the strings policy r.t. tel aviv. well don't forget to get more on all our stories that are de dot com and there's more of day to the day's news and analysis let's look at some of what song live right now. silicon valley the high tech innovation center skolkovo is also a flying start as fresh architects are ready to design it with an unusual shape to get the details and find out the latest about the ambitious tech called. it at it's high time for pancakes as russia begins a group of celebrations marking the end of winter to learn the recipe to make a russian son all this at r t a dot com.
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is the you to. the official. one called talk to me on. the registry. on the.
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other recent revelations by rolling stone magazine about the u.s. army's alleged use of psychological operations on a congressman have created a stir in the u.s. well it's claimed the psyops as they're called were used as a means of securing more military funding and support for the war in afghanistan well now there are fears that the u.s. military hawks are extending too much influence into politics as are things going to check out reports. were u.s. lawmakers brainwashed by the military when making key decisions on supporting the escalation of the war in afghanistan that's a question posed by rolling stone magazine which alleges lieutenant general william caldwell the man in charge of training in afghanistan ordered psychological operations against visiting senators and congressional delegations to manipulate them into backing more funding and troops for the war there the head of a special unit that conducts psychological operations now information support operations said he was told to provide quote deeper and now
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a series of pressure points we could use to leverage the delegation from more fronts my job in science is to clear with people's heads to get the enemy to behave the way we want them to behave and. people when you ask me to try to use these skills on senators and congressmen you're crossing a line in moreover it's illegal to do so according to the defense department's own definition psychological operations imply the use of propaganda and psychological tactics to influence emotions and behaviors and are supposed to be used exclusively on hostile foreign troops but instead of fighting afghan insurgents holmes and his team were systematically ordered to use their training to influence u.s. members of congress it is a methodology used for enemy yes this is not something you do with allies who are members of your own government tasked with oversight responsibilities of your
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operation that's why the senators were there not to be palace not to be partners or to have oversight over what the pentagon was doing and because the pentagon not wanting that every oversight as much and wanting to extract more resources from the senate to support their men mission he used one of the techniques they used against the taliban against the united states senate that's that's incredible the long list of high profile targets included carl levin. who's the chairman of the senate armed forces committee steve israel a member of the house appropriations committee senators john mccain and al franken although many of the senators say they doubt they were subject to any influence i don't see how it could have affected my positions. i will see what happens but back in january last years the climate's reported on the sudden shift of some senator's views after their visit to afghanistan was a very big jump in shift and i felt that there's something i wrote about and i
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called while this is like a confidence game it's you know you feel as if the military is manipulating people but i didn't know about these things article at the time or about psyops one example is senator al franken who in january last year went to afghanistan with strong doubts and criticism but came back feeling much better despite the u.s. continuing to pump billions of dollars into the military campaign in afghanistan the insurgency intensifies the rampant drug trade is surging just like the wars on popularity in america the problem is it's a political story we need a political solution not a military one general's don't bring wars to it and politicians do but some say the reported use of psychological tactics to influence politicians could be happening not only in afghanistan here in washington as well. tends to be. necessarily trust the political leaders behind the war but you can't trust the
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military there's behind a war that's not really the case that the military is just as eager to. get it. to its own benefit. unfortunately congress and i are all too willing to believe now the pentagon is looking into the matter experts say they're going to try and downplay the effect of this report lieutenant general caldwell has already denied having given such orders but it proved to me it's going to be a further testament to the wildness of civilian control of the military into these american i'm going to strike on our key washington d.c. well let's take a look at some other international headlines in brief a day in family and three children have been taken hostage after pirates hijacked their boat and the indian ocean there say the ship sent a distress signal on thursday and is now headed for somalia will be added that the government would do everything in its power to secure the families release somali
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pirates have become a serious threat to regional shipping lanes a total of thirty one vessels and six hundred eighty eight hostages are currently being held captive. iranian opposition leaders here hussein his mehdi karoubi have reportedly been arrested by security forces and taken to a jail in tehran it comes ahead of protests called for by the opposition urging demonstrators to all of the uprisings in egypt and tunisia earlier this month the two men and their wives were under house arrest after staging protests to work killed in the clashes with police while many more were detained. walks across new zealand were flying at half mast as the nation held a two minute memorial silence one week after the massive earthquake hit christchurch and their death toll is currently at one hundred fifty four but authorities warn with dozens still missing it's likely to be much higher rescue
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work is ongoing but frequent aftershocks are hampering efforts and the cost of rebuilding the city is estimated at fifteen billion u.s. dollars. now scientists could soon be able to predict out to ten days ahead of where and where an earthquake could strike well that's the extra work by a russian british joint project and already has been speaking to one of the experts involved will be for interviews coming up next hour and here's a taster. the idea is that hopefully in the future if we can understand the relationship between signals in the on a sphere and earthquakes we might ultimately be able to create a constellation of spacecraft which would be able to predict earthquakes but the main damage from an earthquake is not the actual earthquake itself which usually before i was and that sort of thing that happened after the earthquake and you can prevent a lot of that if you know you know things like to turn off the gas mains to turn off the electricity to reduce the likelihood of fire and just to prepare people for
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you know the likelihood of an earthquake so you'll save a lot of lives that way. but he gives people a change of heart or that is a heart transplant and now a renowned russian surgeon is working on a new technique to make a life saving surgery available to more people are to sex on a boy going to meet him it's a smile that comes straight from the heart i thought she almost died from heart failure to decades ago but these visits are cardiology ward for regular check out of the new. look at her she's just a picture of health but i know she's been living with her new heart longer than with her own. dr drew miscavige operated on natasha twenty one years ago but a donor organ was her only hope for a live one of the best known cardiac surgeons in russia he performed hundreds of
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lifesaving transplants but still thinks of the thousands he couldn't do because of the shortage of donor organs nowadays he's pioneering any technique that gives some patients on the analyst waiting list a more definite hope. a heart transplant is not a panacea firstly the supply of donor organs is so short that you can only hope a smattering of patients secondly it brings with it a number of complications starting with ethical dilemmas to biological functions that's why finding an alternative treatment that will allow to preserve a host organ is so crucial to the treatment that back court remodelling consists of seventh urge or is that together reversed the damage to a broken heart russian doctor started performing it two years ago and its long term attractiveness is still being tested yet for someone like this patient not stare it already proved a real life changer here buddy where was first diagnosed doctors told me i had
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a year to leave now and i have all the reasons to hope that i'll see my little daughter grow up i was told that i may steal your heart transplant in the future but the surgery was there before years of. eighteen serious carried out this procedure is far from being routine yet this successful recovery of all the patients has already given to many on the transplant waiting list a change of heart reconstructive surgery has many advantages over heart transplant patients not have changer and agonizing and far from guaranteed way for to do no more than the chances of successful recovery or higher if i can transplant these procedures has one major setback the gap between those who need it and those who get it just suit disheartening to huge. art scene my school he was wanted internationally for genocide and crimes against humanity but the former boss servitor out of unguarded managed to avoid capture for almost thirteen years later
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today r.t. special report looks at what eventually gave him away. good some. excellent professional. extravagant possessing an extraordinary car. the doctor who helped many people in his country. the political criminal responsible for thousands of deaths. was it an attempt to repent. or just escape a fair trial. the other line thugs run along. on our t.v. . i'll be back with the headlines shortly but you'll years here with this update in a few moments. time
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for the business update a very warm welcome gaspar i'm has more than doubled gas deliveries to italy after the country was cut off from its lead and gas supplies doesn't seem enough from the national energy security fund says the current unstable situation on the energy markets may give russia extra opportunities russia may be the last hope of european union in the situation in the vision. in which. is still a very very important come what it remains true also feel so liberalization of access to guest by open system it means that if you have no guest completion. baggage is excellent for russia because. you are on. the direct
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way from our gas wells to final consumers group in union and but we must remember the serious decline of the mystery guest where the actual european union so there is a way i have to sort of build not all serious amount of i don't get some european union. because even a from the national energy security fund and staying with gas for the company will finally be able to develop a giant convicted gas field which has enough reserves to cover global needs for up to eight years russia's goes giant has successfully bought all assets of the bankrupt convict or greater will see a petroleum in a deal worth around seven hundred seventy million dollars the deal will allow gasp from to help secure gas deliveries to china after it pledged to deliver thirty billion cubic meters of gas annually to beijing starting from twenty fifty and. that's a look at how the markets are faring this hour asian markets were high on tuesday
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helped by monday games on the wall street and relatively stable oil prices in tokyo the stocks were also supported by the week again with the nikkei are one point two percent down the hang saying this point three percent higher at this hour although it's weighed by a sharp decline in h.s.b.c. shares there's a priest almost five percent after the bank last year's profits fell short of analyst estimates. and in russia the markets are continuing their winning streak by higher oil prices and striking asian gays they are she has in the minds of targeting the levels of two thousand clients and eight hundred points respectively traders will be eyeing another bunch of my program on its distance from the u.s. to later in the day. russia's bout of factoring out the term has reached its highest level in three years the country's richest and manages index rose to over think if we point helped by new business growth and stronger domestic demand index
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which is compiled from a survey of purchasing executives in three hundred companies indicates a contraction if it's below fifty points under growth if it's above thirty. growing inflation or risks have become the key reason for russia's central bank to raise the benchmark refinance and rate for the first time since two thousand and eight it has lots of liquid tortured by russia says consumer price growth will slow down the song or how whether it will be tough to match the official six to seven percent inflation forecast twenty eleven we expect inflation to continue rising in the first quarter partly in the second quarter of two thousand and eleven but starting from the middle of the year we expect a moderation and inflationary pressures and that slowdown and we expect to persist throughout the second half of the year so overall our forecast for two thousand and
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eleven is eight and a half percent for russia's consumer price increase with some upside risks partly emanating from that forecast from high oil prices that we currently see him what will markets. the want to go buy crush and that wraps up the business bulletin you could always find most or as in our website r t dot com slash business. the.
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wealthy british scientists scientists sometimes tirelessly. market finance come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our cheap. the fashion for. more news today violence is once again for.


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