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tv   [untitled]    March 4, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EST

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yes it's like the hotel points pushers and i would print certainly the splined hotel in touch with the hotel it's not your room the key to a good job how would international floods achieve every green lol he told them. as washington was warships and troops closer to libya many wonder if the situation's moving closer to possible military intervention in the country. they all feel you k. could use force to influence what's happening the country remains in deadlock as protesters to mont he stepped down. the rest of the middle east and north africa brings tarnished reputations out in the open it's the absolute power of british spin doctors being counted on to whitewash the government's image. for an out of this world journey.
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the next says crew is undergoing final examinations in preparation for their flight to the international space station on the fiftieth anniversary of the first manned flight into space for details just ahead. and the world's largest producer has rejected an offer by nouriel nickel to apply about twenty percent of its shares and the reason is that it's not in the best interest of the shareholders that's according to the company more in business in twenty minutes. three pm in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r t our top story there is increasing speculation the u.s. and u.k. could intervene in libya with use of force president obama says he's keeping all options open and ready to act if the crisis deepens washington has already increased its military presence in the region are. more. well i'm standing here on
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the border crossing between china sea and libya. and there certainly is a growing sense here that as the situation in libya deteriorates so too does the possibility for foreign intervention grow now the u.s. president barack obama in his strongest words so far against the libyan leader moammar gadhafi stated he had lost all legitimacy to rule and must sit down you also say that he had approved the use of american military equipment to assist in the evacuation of egyptian and other refugees from libya now there is concern here on the ground as there is in the international community that as the situation deteriorates under the guise of humanitarian assistance the united states the u.k. and other players who are motivating for some kind of intervention will go ahead with it the responsibility to protect is a very selective principle just a week ago twenty nine demonstrators there were peaceful demonstrators were killed
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in iraq by a government that has been propped up by thousands of american troops at the same time there have been demonstrations in the rain for weeks now we are thirty's have been firing tear gas and shooting on protesters the united states has not come out and said anything about this many people suspecting because it has been hit politicized at its feet there now the argument that the international community has a responsibility to get involved and stop gadhafi from firing at his people does not pull that much weight when you reach remember that wow hundreds of libyans have been killed just a few weeks ago when three hundred egyptians had been killed the response at that time from washington was the strained on both sides and more for any kind of international intervention libya has the largest oil reserves in africa at the same time european energy companies are invested deeply here this is why those in the international community calling for some kind of intervention is motivated by personal reasons rather than anything else i think we. actually think well the
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world. from what is going on in the middle east the people of the region in tunis here in egypt in bahrain and all these places and so with great courage exactly how you do get rid of the haters arms they have to be allowed to do this in libya the international community of the rule of the people who hosni mubarak right to with the people themselves are there for the arms and weapons which is now using against his own people and it's simply a fact that you cannot trust them to intervene we've already seen in iraq we've already seen in afghanistan the terrible mess that the americans and british have made and they really should not be even thinking about trying to intervene in any way here now the latest word from washington is that they are not ruling out a no fly zone this is in contrast to what the pentagon chief said a short time ago he said they're doing this would be an act of war it would require the bombing of libya's air defenses the latest word from president obama also was
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that they were considering all options on the table violence has continued throughout the day today friday that government troops have been firing and rebel forces particularly in the east of the country rebel leaders say that they will not give in and told gadhafi steps down the latest word from gadhafi he is as defiant as ever he says that he is going nowhere in the short time friday prayers will begin and then they will finish in fearful countries around north africa and the middle east there has been calls for protesters to take to the streets today has been dubbed ajay of rage and we expect demonstrations and clashes to many around the capital city of tripoli here at the border at the moment it is closed the last time it was open was there is day thirty five thousand bangladeshi came through there about sixty thousand people here they simply don't know where they're going or what they doing and the latest word we hear is that there is complete uncertainty as to when the school will be opened and what indeed will happen here
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in the coming few hours. when it comes to revamping a damaged image p.r. is the weapon of mass destruction whether it's a bloody dictator or shady businessmen they all turn to certain companies for help polishing away their so he reputations or he's laura and it reports there is no such thing as dirty money. the influence of p.r. companies in distorting the truth is well known in hollywood movie wag the dog a p.r. agent engineers a war to distract from the president's plan during the to do should be the it's a pageant. and sometimes truth is stranger and much more damaging than fiction spain has increased in middle eastern politics for many many years i mean spain is what took britain into the iraq war for example kras headlines about weapons of mass destruction and within forty five minutes p.r. industry experts reckon the majority of the arab states in turmoil bahrain egypt
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libya have some kind of representation in a london p.r. firm and the reason they come here and that could regulation while in the u.s. if a p.r. company takes on a foreign government it has to register the fact with the department of justice in the u.k. there's no such group. if you're a foreign government looking for representation in london you know further than bellhops india based in the building behind me although very cagey about who its clients are is believed to represent the bahrain bellary and exiled russian tycoon bodies but is told ski the facts also been writing to journalists in recent days on behalf of the member of the libyan royal family and it's all based certainly representing governments elsewhere in the region bell pottinger declined to give us an interview for this story but they've assured r.t. in the past that p.r. can influence questionable regimes for the better a country frequently will modify. its actions and its policies in order to.
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have what they sometimes. having bad relations with. but that doesn't always happen in libya for one has used london's p.r. machine before with misleading results in one thousand nine hundred five u.k. based. our agency was paid four million pounds to try and subvert the evidence that pointed towards libyan involvement in the case and this is what has led to all sorts of alternative theories about lockerbie although of course all gibsons to point to the fact that i am a grotty in female we're actually responsible so libyan knows how to play by these rules they know how to play the game and it's transparency that's lacking in u.k. p.r. information appears in the media but people have no idea who put it there the only way that one can be really sure about all the information that will be bombarded with on a daily basis is where does it come from and is that person partial or impartial
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and in that way we get a much clearer idea of what it is that we're being told although there is a new body in the u.k. designed to regulate a p.r. industry declaring clients is still called a tree london's soho is the heart of the p.r. industry in the capital where images of burnished and the un palatable becomes palatable london's top p.r. firms are known to be working on declared to some of the world's most unpopular regimes but that expertise could be being used to shape the future political landscape the local noble region your average aussie london. stay with us here on our t.v. probably more headed your way including losing ground i was the u.s. state department is a call to arms for american media to up its game here so that's why making news you know but for how they are part of what. we zoom three hundred kilometers north of moscow to show you how whatever russia's oldest child is keeping up with a twenty percent stay with us. russia
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would be soo much brighter if you mean. a song from feinstein. come. wealthy british song it's time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars reports.
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that are staying with us here on our team ten minutes past the hour in moscow out well they may soon be going where few have gone before but for now the only place they're going is back to school the next crew to the international space station is sitting down for exams to make sure they are fully prepped for the mission artie's or an igloo should go as more from star city near moscow. examinations will take place over the next two days of the team will have to pick out a special examination ticket in x. out according to the instructions in the ticket and they will be graded not just on their performance in usual circumstances but also they will be able they will have to be able to perform well in emergency situations essentially they will have to be prepared for anything that may go wrong in space on route to the ice says or at the international space station but when we spoke to them they did say that they have
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spent the last two years training together they are psychologically and physically prepared for this mission and they're really looking forward to it and they believe they will perform to the best of their ability now after the are done with their examinations they will have several days left before they go to kazakhstan to the baikonur cosmodrome where they will take off into space on march thirtieth now again the team is very excited about this particular date because because this comes on the fiftieth anniversary of the first manned flight into space and the man of course being who to guide him and everything this year because at the baikonur cosmodrome and. the ice says is going to be about essentially the celebration of the anniversary of your guards first flights and in fact that to me too one capsule is also bearing the name of very good guard and also will bear his image on the body of the capsule and the cosmonauts a very excited about the fact that they will be flying off into orbit on the
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anniversary and they consider it to be agreed on or but at this point they are going through some examinations that and like i said earlier they are absolutely certain that they will perform rather well as our views are going to lose your reporting on the latest preparations before the next crew sets off the international space station. well america may be losing the war of words words to new players are among them a top u.s. diplomat hillary clinton has lamented bad for an english language media is putting homegrown news networks to shame she asked congress for more cash to promote the u.s. agenda abroad media professor christopher chambers doubts the money will produce balanced reporting. the corporatization don't mess to clean up america new has basically thrown out the whole need for news gathering and real reporting in exchange for punditry and entertainment and sensationalism because that's going to deliver the demographics to the guys who pay for the commercials what's happening
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is we open up these huge gaps because we're more concerned with reality t.v. and people arguing with people attacking the president than we are with having people on the ground finding out what the problems the problems are and when you do that you can produce a product that people here and around the world are going to respect the amount of money we're talking about she could literally set up an entire. voice for america on steroids a real state run news network she's not that's not what's going to happen they're going to try to go into these countries and probably try to find who's basically a true propaganda arm rather than a news gathering and reporting outlet which is what al-jazeera and the chinese network are going to be yes they're going to have their messages but they're real news networks they are pretty much where c.b.s. a.b.c. n.b.c. were thirty years ago before things fell apart and got a record. or you can always find more on our top stories along with blogs analysis
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and video online of our team here's what's click away right now. we cue leaks and julian assange might soon be making it to the big screen as steven spielberg buys the rights to the story of the online whistleblower. and a russian budget airline is proving she can certainly be a cheerful by putting gibbs on thirty thousand feet enjoyed a performance at our web site r t that you can watch all of the best videos what are you to pay. its bills.
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the official. pulled from the. mine the old girls. are in a sense now in the palm of your. eye on the comb. good to have you with us here on r t sixteen minutes after three here in moscow as take a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe hundreds of angry mourners have gathered for the funeral service of a pakistani government minister killed two days ago shahbaz bhatti had long been threatened for vocal opposition to his country's harsh laws that impose the death penalty for insulting islam the taliban claimed responsibility for shooting bhatti in his car the residential neighborhood wednesday it was the second pakistani politician killed in two months over the matter. nasa said to launch its latest
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earth observation mission has ended in failure the glory satellite lifted off from california in the early hours of the morning but five minutes into the mission it officials became aware of a separation problem with a rocket therefore too heavy to reach orbit it's fall it's feared it has fallen into the ocean near the antarctic although it has yet to be confirmed how to treat or. tired f.b.i. agent who disappeared in iran four years ago was alive and being held somewhere in southwest asia according to the u.s. state department robert levinson it disappeared during a business trip in march two thousand and seven while staying on the island of kish the u.s. has asked hiran to make a humanitarian effort to return him safely to his family iran however has repeatedly denied any knowledge of what happened that. time not to take you on an unforgettable experience of one of russia's hidden pearls as we take you close up.
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this time we bring you three hundred kilometers north of moscow to the region the main town there is a thousand years old but residents are certainly keeping up with the times it's home to one of the largest oil refinery plants in a country employing a third of jaroslav as populous smaller towns they're also forge ahead reviving diving dying craft with modern techniques are losing friends takes a closer look at the thriving businesses. whether it's fast motors historical real estate or funny felt the people of the jaroslava region are not short of space for their robust emissions take the landscape for example almost thirty seven thousand square kilometers covered in snow in the winter months so back in the one nine hundred seventy s. rusco mechanica set up a factory in robbins churning out man's new best friend in the area the russian made snowmobile in russia actually that is not all the trails writing.
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and we have a north territory yes you can write anywhere. now the company is the number one snowmobile manufacturer in the country with seven hundred employees every machine is fully tested before it leaves the factory down for customers who include even the local police. over four hundred thousand of these have been manufactured since the company began in one nine hundred seventy one and with the winter olympics hitting saki in twenty fourteen it's hoped that they will be used exclusively in running those winter games. moving at a slower pace is the sleepy village of yachts go investor all a jar of showed me around and told me why he left a career in science to create a tourist destination and it almost forgotten place he read about just a few years ago he has sunk
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a cool million dollars into an antiques museum restaurant outsell and revive neighborhoods to attract travelers seeking a russian provincial experience i think a lot of the whole thing began as a hobby gradually evolved into a way of life and then to business project we can describe it as a social experiment of sorts into reviving our culture and historical heritage i've been handling this project for the last four years in the local populations change their attitude radically. now confidence in me this market has very much economic potential. and people living here are now keeping up attention on live by promoting traditional russian lifestyle choices from baptizing their babies to the way they keep warm. how to make songs and fireplaces from or a grander people are rediscovering country life styles and they were russian stove in their house faced with ceramic tiles and brick generally new villages are that way it's widespread i get thirty years were eighteen grandchildren will live long
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enough to enjoy it. and that in ribands children are on the minds of a creative couple working in the business puddle gavrilov a children's book illustrator thought of another camp as for the characters he created on paper and started adapting them into felt the funny thought company is now something between art and factory mass production it employs single mothers so they can work from home and raise their families. as people are very different in rural here this region is well to do compared with other regions businesses there are many people with artistic minds or is imposed insistence on always be manifest it often is difficult to find how to do that. many people the idea of socially important and for nashville is all new they don't understand what it means and i believe it's to feature this region. whether it's sports history or art there seems
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to be something here for everybody who wants to make a buck and create new ideas in the jaroslava region linsey france r.t. . in less than ten minutes peter labelling his cross dog as talk about what's in store for the middle east and north africa but first yulia joins us with the business news. that's right time to get the latest from the world of business and friday we'll see tame k.b.p.s. shareholders meet to decide the fate of the joint venture between b.p. and ross net they are these russian partner in the joint venture t m k b.p. claims that a recent deal between british royal major and ross neff violated its exclusive agreement with me in russia three sides have since try to end the conflict chain
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p.v.p. this week offering choice place me in their deal with the us next our correspondent daniel bushell has more. to yank a b.p. was to pour the british out of the rosneft deal chief financial officer jonathan claims he can easily raise the eight billion dollars plus needed trouble is close and the russian government won't be p t in k b p because only it has the expertise to develop in conditions the stock of attrition called suspended p.p. rolls nifty agreements while they sort out their disputes b.p. spokesman. says it will consider any t.i.n.k. b.p. offer but adds it has serious concerns with the financial operational and strategic aspects of the proposals russia has become the paul the p.p.p. caught live with called living with the world because she provides
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a full twenty five percent of its worldwide profits bikies shareholders a rid themselves of t.n.t. b.p. russia for dudley off the saying he favored the british saw it they also accused b.p. of blocking international expansion of a joint venture now this threatens to derail these new baltic cakes duration plans in january the head of b.p. told me how important the arctic was to the future of the company if you look out to the year twenty thirty degree. an oil production will be fairly limited its value though will be high yeah the world will need forty percent more energy quite twenty thirty it's going to be something the world needs both sides have said they hope they can make progress toward sits a little bit disputes in the talks today. r.t. is gen bush reporting and there's yet another turn in the ongoing struggle for control of another major company in the world's largest producer who saw has rejected neural cyclicals offer to buy out twenty percent of its shares saying it
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wouldn't be in the best interests of its shareholders last month and are also covered by twenty percent of its shares from blue sulphur twelve point eight billion dollars which would leave bellamy with giant majority owned by tycoon lifted pascoe with five percent stake commenting on results decision they're also mikel said it will make no move by our office to solve meanwhile clicquot is heading for another extraordinary board meeting on march eleventh where the fate of the nickel giants leadership which shifts once again. time to see how the markets are faring this hour and european stocks are higher as opposed to data from wall street thursday and asia overnight stretched in european investors the u.s. labor department is set to release its monthly jobs report for february at one thirty pm g.m.t. and optimism is growing but every data will finally show its solid pickup in job
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growth. if you go into russia where the r.t.s. in the minus its top end to rattle some profit taking is taking place shares a mixed the r.t.s. slipped into negative territory at this hour but still hovering above the psychological benchmark of two thousand and six crossed on thursday let's have a look at some individual moves rural slicko is gaining more than one percent on the news of its offer for the four who saw. this offer was rejected not seeing a profit taking off with his rally on the news of a deal with joe child porn is the author is down after its weekly rally on the analysts say the market will be looking towards danger from the u.s. today. today's a very important day for the markets because we're going to get. i guess the most important piece of statistics coming are reunited states and this is there are statistics from the labor department regarding the labor market for february the
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market is expecting to see a very significant number of jobs added in february the consensus is not always plus two hundred thousand jobs this is going to be a very significant number if we see indeed i think we're going to see a number one higher than that and this is certainly going to be very positive for the markets. barker was tired from i've seen much more there with his nose is a war we can expect from the markets today and now mazda is considering building its fast assembly plant in russia this comes after the japanese carmaker thirded make her tail its u.s. production jute are a drop in demand just that the new plant will produce up to thirty thousand cars per year and create one thousand new jobs become please her third entering the russian market is now out of the company's view export strategy. and to another all major look or oil has sold more than half of its gas stations in the united states
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one of russia's largest oil producers saw the total of nine hundred counts stations to the u.s. based cambridge patrol a group which started this u.s. expansion back in two thousand still owes six hundred thirty five stations in the country analysts say the petroleum selling margin in the this road to the low in the decision is financially just. that wraps up the business boys and you are up to date now more news from our website r.t. dot com slash visits. to.
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the. russia would be so much writer if you knew about songs from funds to the question some of. these stunts on t.v. don't come. culture is that so much of a given it is a huge decision on the mark when the world clamoring for change around the globe people are protesting against governments and can a self defined democratic west learn. wealthy british style.


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