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tv   [untitled]    March 8, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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page it's you tube dot com slash r.t.m. america and as always feel free to follow me on twitter as well it's lucy catherine of we're going to see you right back here in an hour and a half with more exciting stories. that. he needs. and the media the radio inveigh against him in a similar number for that matter if he goes to spray it on. the moment the germs. and radiation that exists in the nature. of the group in the vicinity of known differentiated so produce is so much the engine that he changes including and suit leukemia. by being out of the immune system.
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you don't have to have a college degree going to have to make really education dunder stay on if you spread radioactive materials all over something backyard if you've got a problem. we'll . bring you the latest in signs and signals from the realms of. the future.
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that's. guys are this is the kaiser report coming to you from cairo egypt behind me the october sixth bridge this is where millions of revolutionaries stormed and took over a country millions storming the brooklyn bridge to take out the dictatorship of the
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new york federal reserve bank or how about the dictatorship of the federal reserve bank in washington this is ground zero for the twenty first century revolutionary movement a global insurrection against banker occupation stacy herbert hello hello how do you like cairo so far tacit conspiracy warm there are great deals because it's not a single out a tourist in our hotel. and the people are free and you definitely feel that they're free unlike many of us in europe or america where we have failed to oust the dictators that have destroyed our economies just as mubarak destroyed this economy it's amazing the people here they say criticisms of the government and then you see them for a moment thinking when i say that and then the light goes off and like yes of course i can say that i'm free it's the opposite now in the united states where people will say something overly critical of the u.s. then they think of themselves you can see their mind thinking wait
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a minute am i allowed to say that so here are the two ships passing in the night one is becoming democratic and free cairo egypt was becoming ruled by a dictatorship of bank of america well you know a lot of these dictatorships of the bankers in america as you mentioned and they came in with reagan just like mubarak had come in with reagan we still have these guys now look at this headline next pentagon tries to blame financial crisis on foreign financial terrorists even just the headline it sounds like da feet could have said. it. exactly now that they realize that the problem is financial terrorism that's the first step now they're trying to point the finger at foreign powers of course that's false the financial terrorism emanates from wall street from the j.p. morgans of the goldman sachs they committed financial terrorism around the world in egypt all over country struggling to breathe free but primarily in the united states well this was a private contractor who made this report for the pentagon in two thousand and nine
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it's only just been released to the public and the guy's name is kevin d. freeman and he wrote this report called the economic warfare responses and he reports that the three phase the attack was planned and is in the process against the united states' economy but he says he says this could be coming from middle eastern states islamic terrorists hostile members of the chinese military or government in organized crime groups in russia venezuela or around so he's blaming somebody else and then he goes on to report this he says the new battle space is the economy we spend hundreds of billions of dollars in a weapon systems each year but a relatively small amount of money focused against our financial markets through leveraged derivatives or cyber efforts can result in trillions of dollars in losses and the perpetrators can remain undiscovered that's right it's leverage financial terrorism have leverage in the case of goldman sachs or j.p.
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morgan they're leveraged over one hundred to one if you consider the mark to market issues they're really close to a thousand to one so in the conventional warfare you can't suddenly turn one tank into a tank it's an analogue old world style warfare but in the financial terror war a financial terrorism you can use leverage when the fed keeps interest rates of near zero percent means your leverage is almost infinite well but as you say he's identifying here is just a small amount of leverage can take down the financial system and he's in. he's saying but it couldn't possibly have been us it couldn't possibly have been our bank it must have been a foreigner who did this so he's identifying that it was taken down with a controlled demolition but he said he actually equates it to the equivalent of the boxcutters a nine eleven just a box cutter the very simple instrument to. jack the huge jets down the twin towers is exactly right they should call the credit default swap invented by masters of
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j.p. morgan she should recall those box cutters because they're at the primary weapon of choice for these terrorists on wall street and people say well how do we know it's american terrorists that are doing this home bred american financial terrorism look at the bonus pool if the economy is shrinking and the unemployment rates are skyrocketing and wages are collapsing and yet a few people on wall street are paying themselves record bonuses that's your evidence are you so stupid people in washington not to understand the connection ok so this private contractor provided for the pentagon cover for the financial terrorists now here's a report that was released last week from congressional commission report war time contractors waste steal tens of billions then come back from war this commission found in a report to congress at what risk correcting our over reliance on contractors and contingency operations they concluded that contractors quote misspent dollars
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run into the tens of billions of dollars tens of billions of dollars two hundred billion in contracts again this is a black hole of of non accountability that's why america starts the wars in iraq and afghanistan as a place to launder money and supplies to throw money into the pockets of an edge of terror supports ten billion dollars channeled back to wall street as a trillion dollars in derivatives used to attack us so it's things a precious metals markets that are attacked routinely by these. because they fear precious metals to keep their feet high turn see fractional reserve zero percent interest free reign of terror alive and it's just remarkable that people in wisconsin for example in america are struggling to keep their little itsy bitsy union wages against the growth of the money supply there and people attack them in america they track their own because people are getting a living wage and yet they do nothing about the terrorist right there scott walker
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who's down with the koch brothers and other terrorists so the commission report goes on to say that this tens of billions stolen could be an understatement because quote it might not take full account of ill conceived projects poor planning and oversight by the u.s. government and criminal behavior and blatant corruption by both government and contractor employ people take a cue from the millions of streams over this i told her six bridge and toppled a dictator stream over the brooklyn bridge stream over the george washington bridge stream into washington d.c. surround the federal reserve bank demanded the dictator leave you i would yourselves to greet freely for once in two hundred years or since one thousand and thirteen when the fed was created yes but all of those go back to the military industrial complex max because my supply started to grow with our unfunded wars in iraq and afghanistan american some reason for some reason think they get a free war and they just get to steal stuff with no cost to it but as egypt showed
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as soon as you start to build this military industrial complex this corrupt military industrial complex it feeds on itself and you have all sorts a hanger on start to take more and more money oh well the problem is the us the just they don't want to compete anymore they've grown lazy and they don't want to compete with the workers around the world and so they get involved in these wars where they just steal money they print money and they're involved in plutocracy and cronyism and this is again two ships passing in the night egypt. going toward freedom and of us going to our cook ocracy that's right well let's look at another . member of this military industrial complex who's got too much prominence i guess in the last few weeks so now he's he's no longer buddies and cronies with tony blair isn't george bush isn't obama's of the world the dictator's dough astonishing wealth of khadafi and his family reveal the astonishing wealth of libyan tyrant
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moammar gadhafi and his family has been laid bare as countries around the world begin freezing billions of dollars worth of their assets the u.s. alone has seized thirty billion dollars well canada has frozen two point four billion austria one point seven billion and the u.k. one billion and that money came in after the patriot act a lot of it all of it you know during a period of supposedly these new answer you money laundering money for dictators a lot so here you have selective prosecution and it's your legal system if you're a dictator like and he will take your money we don't care who you kill the name of america's donor trench arises but if you are working american we treat you like garbage we treat you like scum because we think you're just should be working as slaves are wall street plantations and of course you should revolt what are you waiting for well just as the u.s. government commission report into the military contractors in iraq and afghanistan
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said that it could be an understatement how much was looted in stolen the same thing in this report they are saying that these assets could be just the tip of the iceberg because that's the stuff that was in a bank account with a number they don't know where all the other wealth has hidden right well the first thing americans should do is. a million or so million should immediately pick a day in the future to coordinate using a facebook type revolution a million foreclosure walk away just walk away from the from your mortgages because the banks are sold to those mortgages. financing terrorism is not a fact you would probably save lives by walking away from the war because every penny you give them or again or goldman sachs they just used to fund terrorists and kill people and murder people and starve people so do your species the human species a favor don't pay your mortgage don't give the cancerous terrorist any more of your money unless of course you want to live in prison well let's just look at how what is going on in the arab revolutions going on is the us wanting any european
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countries wanting to maintain their monopoly on weapons of mass destruction e.u. arms exports to libya who arms gadhafi this is a guardian exposé of looking at just the e.u. countries and how much they sold the weapons to khadafi since two thousand and four when tony blair went to cheerfully and count in the tent with colonel gadhafi and you see italy france and germany are the top three countries in europe who export did eight hundred thirty four point five million worth of in the first five years after the arms embargo was lifted in october two thousand and four and then there's a breakdown of the chart of the details and you see that most of the weapons were with italy and france and they exported mostly military planes but germany supplied nearly eight million dollars in tear gas chemical weapons and radioactive materials well the personnel strive for this kind of. post to be by law not just paving kind
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of military budgets but of course one has a law. but the other thing is this october two thousand and four arms embargo was lifted because gadhafi said i'm going to give up my chemical weapons and nuclear program so then germany supplies them with new stuff so it's a racket that the u.s. and europe operate you're a bad guy unless you take our radioactive and chemical weapons. it's an arms deal in ponzi scheme or shell game to be more specific one person says no more weapons they do it through another cut out. other country another backdoor financing another dark exchange another offshore balance sheet of course gadhafi i don't know what his career is going to be once he leaves libya but he could join one of the shows in america like america's got talent give you one of the judges he's got the flamboyant costumes and he's very good in front of camera you know he could be one of those judges on one of those shows like terrorists got talent featuring goldman sachs bankers they compete as to who can come up with the most extravagant weapon of mass financial to destruction and i would imagine by the masters gets the win
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right away she's the winner and then finally max gold buying by china jumps as investors seek to protect wealth. so this ends with our first headline really where they're saying that economic warfare financial warfare against america is happening well purchasing gold but from china is an act of economic war in a way against america gold purchases in china the world's largest producer climbed to two hundred metric tons in the first two months of two thousand and eleven oh says we recommended that revolutionaries arm themselves with gold and silver their positions are double triple quadruple the value and that's the going to be the same for the next five years as the american banking global banking dictators topple precious metal prices are going to continue to skyrocket say sarah thanks again so much for being on the kaiser report special edition from cairo egypt are going to join the revolutionary as well my way to tahrir square don't go away much more
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coming your way stay right there. for your social. your own food pulled from the. video. smiling. for a chance for you know with the palm of your. both
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of. her hood. it was. so. i welcome back to the kaiser report coming to you from cairo egypt i'm joined now by investigative journalist and blogger a long welcome to the kaiser report now show first congratulations on your revolution so how does it feel to be a journalist in the new egypt as your job as a journalist changed i think it's going to be more easier than it was a pause because we will have more freedom or a pulitzer to express our opinions i think we can initiate a crowds of those streets pretty soon of this in egypt this wasn't constitution so we can make it more free so what going forward as
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a journalist what are you going to be focusing on do you think what is going to be . the main focus do you think going forward it will be the new constitution coming up with a new constitution for egypt yes for sure first of all we have to bring these guys who got the wheels of fortune off egypt up roads they are related to the regime ex-president. family cronies all of them we have to judge them again to see how many how much money. so i saw signs that said no no cronyism no nepotism and a lot of talk of course preceding the revolution was that mubarak was stepping off stage as a dictator apparently son was ready to take his place yes and this kind of people were ready this was it this they have it we don't want any more so what is the status of
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a barracks well you've been able to seize it and then his son what's the status there any information about that we don't have any. confirmed formation of. some people the summated was seventy people. gyptian pounds i think it's just to me be like that's ok so seventy billion and of course you have this chart it shows the mentri in the branches of corruption yes and. obviously the barracks at the top and his family and his wife apparently was controlling yes and then a son yes and any other highlights on that chart anything stand out as being particularly interesting for you right now we have to know first that four of these guys are imprisoned ok there are facing throws for trials one of the. minister of interior. he had the trial last saturday and also
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we have to know that the people industries of the mistreatment dent's accepts. just kind of a change. as they succeeded to change it's a prime minister. to bring another prime minister who has some kind of. axis. who was a street people so this kind of changes kind of exit from the pressure so people want to continue. and there were three think. the forces are forces so american it's sunk amount they're very friendly with the bankers in london the bankers in the united states i think so there's a here a conflict there in the us i think of the way they talk about being at the equator ship and i care but then they finance. the and they finance the yes is also crime golf. countries that makes people here and all the arab world
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how fierce toward. the developed cancer is especially especially the states the kingdom. is a land so we cannot accept. choice or is there some pull for a specific candidates. for chris this is this so. people doesn't trust any kind. to united states or to the weakest race of the us is that thing is a force of liberation or is that a fair statement yes look we have an x. . on experience was iraq ok. iraq doesn't have democracy right so when injections in across northern africa when they think about the revolutions they think of the us if they get involved well we're going to be like iraq and iraq is a terrible example yes and gyptian is also societal bring democracy all the
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egyptian way north america way this is a point right now right and so when hillary clinton i notice you said that recently that the american media is atrocious that the media al-jazeera and our tea and other media outlets have been much better at portraying the reality on the ground as versus the us media you concur with that he noticed the difference between the way the us is covering this in a way maybe let's say an r t russia today or an al-jazeera is covering the ways cameras are specifically of american carriage plus why a policy of the earth was. just you know was making some kind of overwhelming. force and for the numbers of injured people so as a journalist doesn't this. i doesn't accept all the information comes from zero to zero ok look into c.n.n.
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or for example for previously i have to think twice yes. they may be right let me get your take on this about the third rail in the arab narrative we've had the islamic fundamentalist story we've had the the more. arab story the dictators who are in control and then there's a third story which is this facebook revolution story yes is that true is there a third story and will this third story is it will it be as important as the other two stories or can push out the other two stories and become the dominant story like i don't think this is a phrase. you should or support of the. size they have the powers to get it to face them and to get a specific place a strong place between the. pilots in fact we cannot accept also islamists or even the dictatorship regimes to come pick any more we need them we need we need.
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their first ok we can accept everybody over periods. we cannot give. a pretty unity anymore to comments rules. are going to be rewriting your constitution and do you think i just had this idea while we're talking here is there any room maybe in the constitution to make an official acknowledgment and representation of somebody representing the facebook element of egyptian society in other words the senator or the from facebook in other words that's the virtual population should they be represented in the constitution do you think this is just sort of this idea of this or on the spur of the moment does this make sense to you know for sure it will not it's because for example of. any kountry in a company i would walk so we wanted to be accepted the guise of pleats or of. anything you can constituents. of
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percent perspiration supposed to life in egypt freely and we have some some of the radio started making some porches and they are there are probably out of the clear is that courts soon as a constitution. be in public for a friend that i want to talk to about the moment the actual moment in history when the use of social networking sites like a facebook and twitter when it suddenly became seen in a different completely different light tell us about the story when you were using the social networking sites really for trivial purposes and then suddenly there was a spontaneous recognition that you could use it for something else and i thought that was remarkable because it was a spontaneous flowering of a concept that happened suddenly which led to this mass uprising can you talk a little bit about the article you had some statistics that say. oh there are guys
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that are using it's not just for sex just for looking for poor little. making friends it's a man's and it's working but nothing more. it's not value of course i mean you're serious yes but ok i'm serious ok for. once opponents. have approved for all the world these guys can make change they can change regimes become the change this new. internet a lot of people say that the revolution that happened in the videotape industry was driven by porn people say that the internet industry was driven by porn first before there was anything else so you're saying that porn is the basis of the revolution no for sure i mean i don't mean that with. for sure but i think that. anyway so there was a spontaneous combustion of this idea which which swept across like wildfire yes and then you have this this idea to just get up out of your chair and start walking over this bridge behind it yes for sure let's talk about the future because at
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first entire square there was a smash rising and but now it's a taken on a new phase a phase where every friday there is a gathering so what happens on each friday. and what is the goal now in the next few weeks and few months i think that people will go there pretty uniter for the new prime minister to achieve. chiefly as a child beats on. he will change some ministers who are not acceptance of the streets and he will wire to. some plot to kill in prisons and to teens also work to make more freedom for expressing their opinion before press the media. as we know that. some often depended he was peepers in media are suffering from pressure even
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through. the. minister dr sophy you know with. some friends and journalists were penned to appear on private channels and the force of them to cut off of interview with him right so we're not completely free of it so we are practicing some kind of pressure on the new prime minister to give us more freedom to make any kind of censorship or media. to help the people the right to express themselves as a y. way the right to them in a straight the right to judge even supreme is a prison to himself as as well as we say we let me ask you who is the leader no leader. no leader no the people the gyptian people that's a new
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a new concept in freedom yes fantastic well we're looking for a thing out of plays out and we'll be back again to check and my guess has been a sham alarm is a blogger we've got is a website on the screen right now thanks and. thank you thank you ok this is going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert our theme i guess a sham alarm there's a blog site check it out if want to send me an e-mail please do so at kaiser reported r t v dot argue this is max kaiser saying bio. hilmer been here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.


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