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tv   [untitled]    March 13, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EST

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second reactor experiencers a potential meltdown in japan fears of a nuclear fallout grow now twenty two people have already been exposed to radiation and nearly two hundred thousand people are being evacuated as radiation levels appear to be rising. it certainly isn't a global level of violence that would normally marriage intervention but some western states paid a different picture of the situation in libya calling for a no fly zone and seeking possible military intervention only investigate the real situation in the country. and lifting the reset to new heights the u.
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us a vice president visits moscow backing the bidder for russia's world trade organization membership. coming to you live from our studios in moscow you're watching our teeth thanks for joining us now there have been reports that the second reactor at japan's fukushima nuclear power plant is experiencing a partial meltdown it comes just a day after a powerful blast rocked another reactor at the site following the failure of cooling systems caused by friday's massive earthquake of a number of people admitted to hospital suffering exposure to radiation is said to be rising and that a series of aftershocks continue to shake the country larches either but it has the latest from tokyo. actually the city is still shaking there been a number of aftershocks just this morning even one the last one about twenty
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minutes clear the whole room was shaking as i walk downstairs the light fittings were shaking and it's very hard to actually walk in a straight line you're swaying and injuring a night there in a couple of aftershocks so strong in fact that it worked me up and i could have actually hear the room creaking of things falling from the roof outside so the city is still experiencing aftershocks nandan actually inflicting damage on the city and from what i've seen that it is very little surface damage here but the transport infrastructure is definitely still suffering i mean trying to arrange transport now to sendai the epicenter where that earthquake hit delays ago. all the trains none of the trains going to the north of the country they're not working and they're still very unsure of what actual transport links they can run with all these are shots still happening so even as far away as tokyo still
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suffering the after effects local authorities fear that number of people that have been affected by the radiation is spilled out into the atmosphere eventually rise to one hundred sixty as they actually now analyze the exposure of that people have been evacuated from the area around the air fukushima number one power plant where there is a number of reactors are still on high alert yes they one of the reactors it's loaded and authorities are playing down the fears of nuclear meltdown now but they're still on high alert a number of other reactors at that for pushing a number one plant and number two who are now out because the pressure is still very very high inside a number of the reactors and they having to really let out its steam and obviously in doing so radiation to them which is building to the radiation in the atmosphere and also to keep cooling system actually on one of the reactors at that second plant was knocked out again this morning and with the other plant with the other reactors. function is not working actually using pumping in seawater even around
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the reactor to try to cool its move two hundred thousand people now i had seen these people coming out of those afflicted areas because that's what's used to treat the radiation explosion of russia is closely monitoring the radiation on its territory closest to japan and moscow also says it's ready to help tokyo with russia having had vast experience in dealing with both natural and manmade disasters artes and i thought an article by now joins us live from the capital for more now that tell you at this point what can russia do to help japan. well russia among forty five nations worldwide is and says it will stand by to send its helped to the shattered country so far prime minister putin has said that russia is ready to send fuel and double gas supply stooges if a search. requests that from russia are also two hundred doctors
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rescuers and psychologists are ready to go and help the citizens that have suffered in the earthquake also fourteen units of the hardware are on standby including seven jets russia is ready to how japan but what is needed now from japan is an official request so far japan has accepted help from six countries including the united states great britain germany australia new zealand and south korea meanwhile here in the russian capital people are coming to the japanese embassy and laying flowers its walls ok well we know that russia has been on high alert especially because the far east is very close to the center of the epicenter of the nuclear power plant just how has the situation in the russia's far east been affected by the what's happening in japan. caution atomic energy agency has assured that in the worst case scenario of
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a mission of radioactive particles they will not reach russia's sure's one of the explanations of that could be the fact that the air flows around the globe move in such way they move from west to east and from north to south so if you look at the map in the worst case scenario the particles would be carried away from japan and russia towards the pacific ocean having said that russia does have the sad experience of dealing with consequences over a nuclear disaster so nineteen eighty six ensure noble so in the worst case scenario russia is ready to help japan in that respect as well carol thank you very much for that to r.t. civilian offical reporting there from moscow. well our correspondent in the ukraine alexei ownership skewed looks at the similarities of eternal disaster with what's happening right now in japan. obviously this white smoke coming from the reactor building is the only ovis resemblance which we can see between the two incidents
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twenty five years ago chernobyl and at the fukushima plant now days that's where the similarities and the situations are basically different simply because of what's caused the what caused them you know the the fallout in chernobyl was caused by a massive human error what is happening now in japan is of course the result of a natural disaster the earthquake happened which happened on friday and the other big difference and this is a very significant difference between the two events is how the government has been responding to the to the events obviously twenty five years ago the government of the soviet government kept most of the information secret from the general population in russia as well as from the rest of the world and went on the massive secret complaint to just safeguard this information and this was this is something
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which we cannot see today because the japanese government even though we have conflicting reports coming from the island of what's happening there and we have no certainty of what caused this loss still the japanese government ordered the evacuation of people from the surrounding areas at the fukushima region but this didn't happen twenty five years ago when fifty four thousand residents of the town of three people next to the chernobyl power plants were kept in the town for more than twenty four hours and this of course caused some damage to them the people were subjected to a great deal of radioactive threat coming from the open reactor spare no effort in getting the job done this typical molto for construction projects in the soviet union also applied to the chernobyl nuclear power plant when construction kicked off in the nine hundred seventy s. it was intended to be a dream project for all soviet ukraine. one of the birthrate in prepared
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was higher than all of ukraine. people who were given homes and there was a great demand for a workforce in chernobyl. so everyone worked and lighted. the other one. but this happy existence came to an abrupt and on april the twenty six nine hundred eighty six with the explosion over reactor at the power station. but it is the quality of the trans union melman emery seem to forty one has been growing since the journal disaster it's increased by fifty or sixty percent it might increase forty times by two thousand and fifty six. the very same ato used for building the plants are no effort was known to be used in the clear up of the world's worst ever manmade nuclear disasters the blazing reactor was bombarded with sand and lead measures which at first seemed very driven but which were elated
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deemed highly effective by the international atomic energy agency this action helped to contain the radiation and enable construction of the circle for good a structure built around the reactor to seal it off for several months after the catastrophe would be pierre their shelter who we stabilized western areas the most recent product line probability elise near restructures they were obliged to call the program not less than fifteen years the soviet union came under siege criticism afterwards for both the operation of the plant and the employment of unqualified staff and concealment of news of disaster from the rest of the world the lessons of chernobyl have been learned by experts worldwide since the catastrophe and will have been of assistance to those battling the latest serious nuclear accident in japan threatening contamination with large numbers of people being evacuated because of the radiation threat something which didn't happen
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twenty five years ago in soviet ukraine the chernobyl fallout was caused by a massive human error mistakes made by the authorities in the first hours after the blast also cost many lives but the events of twenty five years ago in what is now sovereign ukraine have proved to be an invite. for mankind look. see reporting from kiev ukraine. an anti-nuclear expert dr hall says that although h. and noble type disaster is unlikely to happen in japan become time an asian area from the fukushima plant will grow its into a horrible irony that the japanese who were to first be attacked with a nuclear weapons would now also suffer from the hands of nuclear energy and we hope that it won't be like chernobyl in terms of how wide it will be spread because if it was an explosion coming out of containment dome then it won't go as high as
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it did by with chernobyl and so it won't spread so far but that means that the radiation will be a lot more intense in the actual area so it's good that they're evacuating at the moment but it's really not enough because the area is much larger that we're talking about that will be contaminated. christopher simons an associate professor at a tokyo university says that not everyone will be able to escape radiation exposure differences between the type of material being vented here and at daiichi a heat that is mostly steam. in charitable. vaporised graphite would have materialized as as dust or affected people as dust so staying inside would have been the best option the scene applies to daiichi but of course if the water condenses and enters the water supply it will make it
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undrinkable so people wearing masks keeping their doors and windows shut and keeping their air circulation systems such as he thing and air conditioner switched off is about all you can do i mean. that the government isn't has even excellent advice and that situation there really isn't anything else you can do the military and the firefighters who are in the vicinity working on this problem are certainly specially trained to deal with this kind of emergency so they're simply seem to be options one is to continue trying to deliver water to that reactor core and the second is simply to to evacuate as many people as possible so obviously unfortunately emergency workers in the vicinity will be receiving. quite dangerous levels of radiation. at this point the best thing that the public
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can do what the government can do for the public is to move people as far away as possible. well do stay with r.t. throughout the day as we keep you abreast of all the latest developments in japan. well turning now to libya the arab league has backed the idea of a no fly zone over the country after an emergency summit and member states agreed to ask the u.n. security council to impose the restrictions the just the by the u.k. and france was artie's policy or reports the actual situation there in libya is far from the way it's being presented it is a lot more hectic on the international stage of the. size that the parking. lot. is lost and many of the africans just as it country the argument that it's not a pretext so far and it seems to ring a little hollow there have been several hundred people killed but that's not
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a huge level of violence it certainly isn't a global level of violence that would normally merit intervention could as he has often. if it can really stick with the weight of the opposition but it's a picture of an opposition strongholds such a prominent british was forced close to being cast off. because precious reports have to preach if it's nothing there the media. he's going to the places and. the cities are. the bridges and then given the people they're afraid to come up to. what they think and what they believe and many tasks while he made the little. inspiration that here when chance or us not being noticed and angry i'm of course in this room these people in the town.
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right from. normal normal life and. calm on the streets. it's. based. there are events unfolding right now in ivory coast where there is also conflict an armed conflict between rebels and the government but nobody seems to be thinking of it it's only because fashionable attention is focused on libya the only reason is to libya is bad for your oil here think we'd be in iraq if the major right there was broccoli. tracks it's. it's it's a. chance. antiwar calling this an historian a bushel mallets from washington d.c. believes that there is absolutely no justification for anyone to meddle in libya's
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affairs this is reminding me every day more of bosnia in the early one nine hundred ninety s. when a clear cut case for intervention couldn't be made in the public was not very much in a mood for war so one had to be sort of created gradually by gradual involvement and it started with you know humanitarian agents in observers and scouting missions and it continued through the north fly zone and it ended up being for the war several years later right now i mean walking the responsibility to protect doctrine is basically going to make it obvious to the entire world that this is a license to meddle doctoring there is absolutely normal. possible justification for the united states or even the e.u. to get involved in libya there's just nothing in their charters or just there's nothing that would justify this. a rather the deputy editor of spike magazine in london says that even if the talk of foreign intervention is affecting the
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situation on the ground in libya. there is actually a bit of competition going on between the major western powers about who can seeds and who can spew seem to be the most kind of moral the most ethical in the world so france at the moment is really seems to be trying new things about my work but then the british prime minister and foreign secretary had been talking about the possibility of insurrection as well and usually b.'s things are a sign of things not going well for politicians are home that they were they want to try and find some some story some issue on the world stage that can provide a bit of destruction provide them with a sense of they've got some sense of purpose which is lacking in the domestic sphere i wouldn't think too much about the oil situation what do you think there is but even the saber rattling is going to have a very bad effect on this on the ground in libya i mean just the possibility of intervention. on one hand i mean it could after he's going to have to work much faster to try and end the uprising before that possibility arises and on the other
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hand the rebels will now be looking at broad. to try to resolve this conflict rather than looking to their own ability to do with this situation and i think that's a very very bad side as well i think that's going to make a mess regardless of even if one shot is fired from from from the west the possibility of it happening is already distorting things on the ground. later this hour r.t. talks to russia's envoy to nato did meet the rug was in he says certain countries are pushing to get involved in libya because they are reliant on its oil resources . but. i think if libya were just a banana growing country there will be so much interest in his domestic situation including in the humanitarian spear of course libya is a big enough energy supplier to europe certain countries like italy for example are heavily dependent on libyan deliveries others are not so much dependent but either way libya's share is considerable we know that nato for example puts energy
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security matters at the top of its main agenda for this reason i think that this factor has a most direct bearing on the speed of the west decision making regarding libya. that the u.s. vice president was in high spirits when he arrived on a two day visit to moscow earlier this week well as main goal was to encourage the continued reset between the two countries while libya understandably made it into the discussions the majority of the visit was focused on a boosting trade the talks may have been on serious issues but the mood was certainly light. of job with joe biden that he hopes the u.s. vice president won't be working on russia's a bit for w t or membership all the way to the end of his career the russian leader was promised that washington is doing all that can to make the a session happen on a product strategist chris says the u.s. needs russia's support and this visit highlights that. i think that the
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existing relations are on a track moving forward no matter what the little disruptions are and i think that's very important and i think that's part of what this trip is all about and then obama's trip will be all about which is that even if we have set backs along the way the message has to be very clear to the russian people and to the american people that russian united states now have more of a. and there we would we do that separates us we need that russia to be part of the w t l we need to free trade with russia i think that that message is being sent to anything the united states does it will clearly take into account how the russian government the russian leadership feels about things and i'm sure that vice president biden is making that very clear to to the russian leadership that you know whatever we do in libya we're going to try to make sure that we cooperate with you and we're not in conflict with you the other thing of course is that we're coming up to the tenth anniversary of nine eleven i don't think it's lost on the
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american people that the russian people have been a victim eyes by islamic terrorists and we share that in common and i think the metaphor for that is this idea of a missile defense although it's aimed at states like iran and others i think that it's a symbol that we stand united against terrorists and that's another thing so while we might disagree on things like libya i think going forward the relationship moves forward no matter what the little setbacks might be. let's get more on other international news making the headlines this hour six people have been killed and hundreds injured in the violent clashes between police and anti-government protesters in yemen. stormed a makeshift camp of thousands of demonstrators in the capital and the use live bullets tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowd of protesters responded with a hail of rocks and live ammunition the demonstrators have been camping in the area for weeks demanding the end of president ali abdullah saleh thirty two year rule.
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will refer to a bus accident in new york has claimed the lives of fifteen people and seriously injured another ten a coach was carrying at least thirty one passengers when it flipped over slid on its side and a pole that pulls lies the bus and half along the windows tearing the roof top off of the vehicle the driver told investigators he swerved to avoid a tractor trailer but witnesses claimed the bus had been traveling at high speed if you call was returning from a casino outside the city. israeli army has sealed off an area in the west bank as police search for the killer of a jewish couple and three of their children the family were stabbed to death in their home but it's really army has declared the area eight closed military zone israeli forces have set up checkpoints in the area and have restricted the movement of civilians the incident comes as israeli palestinian peace efforts of ground to a halt. earlier this week russia's republic of chechnya hosted an all star bash
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widely seen as a major step forward for the region a team of brazilian football veterans arrived for a charity game against a team captain by chechen leader. artie's a top explores how a former arena for military conflict is leaving its bloody past behind and showing a new side all thanks to sport. it must run to. one of the more curious fixtures in football history at a press conference late the night before chechen is leader ramzan kadyrov spoke of his excitement at the arrival of the opposition it's a real holiday for all our fans who have been waiting for this event for such a long time it's an exciting day and i know that many of those who left the republic years ago coming back to enjoy the match but many reporters there doubted a team of brazilian veterans who'd really come to play in chechnya the next day we were greeted at the airport by a sea shepherd virus style clear of faces shouting supporters. walking into this
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cult like scene came the brazilian team looking a little bit mused the chechens however were ecstatic. i can't believe this is happening we couldn't even dream of an event like this happening before us come to grozny specially for this much and i think it will raise the sad memories of the past and everything will be great. five years ago this match would have been unthinkable because ne was in ruins after two military campaigns from the mid one nine hundred ninety s. following an insurgency it was in this very stadium that rahm's and calderon's father was blown up a decade before the area is still subject to high levels of security against the threat of terrorism as it moved towards normality after years of conflict situation across me has come a long way and the good things change every day we see new facilities being built and people understand that they have to forget the past and move on come kickoff
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time the stadium was bursting at the sea brazil scored an easy first goal followed by repeated attempts by the chechens to get one back. who knows what was said in the changing room but could hear of and made sure he was the center of attention. despite missing two penalties he eventually managed to get himself a school she game ended six four to brazil. was a very disappointing score but what can we do our game is again we wanted to win but we lost the presidency shown again the brazilian team is the strongest in the world today for the dog they were keen to stress they were only here at the charity i visit so chechnya make world headlines again but this time the sport and for them . it'll take more than just a football match to trace the structure of war on terrorism away from chechnya and the north caucasus but for now the spirit of friendly competition everyone here
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agrees it's a step or kick in the right direction some parts of nazi chechnya. you're watching our team live from moscow and i'll be back again shortly with the headlines.
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