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a result disease mantra pure results this is just too good bill came a triple her true ok renaissance hotel ok real sweet rachael brown pacific so results. in israel which is available in some of the telltale of various some of her children recently. i watching our team here is a look at the top stories we're covering for you this hour radiation levels are on the rise in japan and surrounding areas near the damaged nuclear power plant they now exceed four hundred times in normal levels twenty two people have already been exposed while hundreds of thousands are being evacuated from contaminated areas. as colonel gadhafi continues to cling to power the daily lives for many people are
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slowly returning to normal but some western states paint a different picture calling for a new fly zone and seeking possible military intervention will be investigate the real situation in the country. lifting the reset to new heights the u.s. vice president visits moscow marking the bid for russia's a world trade organization membership moscow has been negotiating a seat in the trade group for almost twenty years with washington now running its strong support to the bid. adieu stay with us for more news coverage but for now you'll see a documentary film exploring the majestic north a such a nature century that's next on artsy. among the snowy peaks gorges rocks english years of the greater caucasian mountain range lies the republic of north the set. high in the mountains where men
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rarely venture wild nature lives on untouched. the habitat of the caucasian goes on and other animals is guarding closely here. from the top of the mountains the rivers rush into hundreds of streams which turn into endless waterfalls. this fanciful landscape attracts many rock climbers they can make their own roof among the rocks chains and mountain tops up to four thousand meters. in spring time the weather here can change several times in a day the landscape is slowly coming to life snowdrops are the first flowers to
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welcome the warmth of spring the tiny blossoms lurk in last year's grass. the alligator gorge to our doing river is the reserves mean waterway water is only just beginning to flood its wide bay. in early spring people used the river to get to the rocky range where a cave known as. it is situated along a tributary of the larger river nature reserve staff only learned about its existence by chance. when you're not here we had not been aware of its systems for ten years when locals told us about it they said sheep had once been sheltered in the caves first tunnel when we first came here we did see the tracks left by sheep yes that's right i remember the first time i came here we did see tracks left by sheep. the cave extends for more than a kilometer several narrow corridors hide
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a large central chamber the cave walls are covered in drip stones still lack tights and still like markets. in the north caucasus the largest that rockery hibernates deep underneath the ground they represent the red books species. and the horseshoe nosed bat more than two thousand bats gather here in the winter they cut all together in order to survive the cold weather in summer they fly to the foothills and return again in autumn they start preparing for migration in early spring and when they split up into smaller groups. sometimes i find all of the boats covered with jew. they look very nice like covered in tinsel. ok visit closed ecosystem the humidity is one hundred percent and the temperature
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in the caves is constant which is exactly what bats need cumin should avoid staying in the caves for too long as they start to have an impact on the special climate conditions. fuck it got that with lucy dickie he can't make ice can you hear them calling me you know this means we warmed up there confined habitat. i.e. if they start flying around they will use up their fat and may not survive until spring. so like let's get out of here. on their way back the rangers run into an unexpected obstacle to our john river bed starts to filling with water and water is now blocking their path.
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a few hours later no vehicle will be able to clear this hurdle the only path to the cave will be gradually immersed in water and will be impossible to use it again before next spring. the are doing river springs from the glaciers of the greater caucasus mountain range and runs the length of a nature reserve scientists say more than one hundred mountain streams and springs swiftly replenish the are done with water. punching in the reserves prohibited armed rangers make daily rounds of its territory as a rule their routes run through the wooded slopes of mountain gorges. wild
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boars inhabit the foothills unfortunately they still fall easy prey to hunters because they're obvious targets they lay grazing in open spaces and where lead go uphill. and. lyn march scattered across the reserve reflect the history of what has set yet. people first began using caves and overhanging rocks as dwellings times. the loans where the ancestors of. they built stone fortifications overlooking the mountain pass so they'd be more easily defensible. in those days even temper lanes mahdi army was unable to cross this territory the highlanders blocked the mountain passes and pelted his troops with stones. you know. these tell
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was began to built in the middle ages their earliest period dates back to the fourteenth or seventeenth century. the most celebrated architectural landmarks of ancient north has set it they differ in height and shape as a rules large extended families lived in wide short. taller ones were used as lookout points and for other defensive purposes the towers were built close to villages and in gorges with paths used by troops on foot and on horseback many were extensions of forbidding clips. faces. provided protection from clan infighting and come on the verse or is. was served as beacons if people manning which tell was in the lowest lying villages at the entrance to the door which noticed approaching enemy troops then they would lie don't fall as people in
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all the town was so the smoke signal was in remote parts of the gorge. in accordance with a long standing tradition building a tower was to take no more than a year if builders failed to meet the deadline destruction was pulled down and built a new towers belonging to the same clan were regarded as sanctuaries in due course they became symbols of the clans power and wealth as time went by they turned into veritable objects of worship. one of the most revered sanctuaries of the a city in people is a medieval architectural site called the. located in it's a scary gorge eighteen hundred meters above sea level. but if you go for a lie can test indicates that that c.
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skin glass here disappeared from here in the tenth or eleventh century. this fence was built a couple of centuries later at the loving the initially in orthodox church was here when orthodoxy grew weaker it was turned into a pagan saying. if it did the scholars are forms of animals killed by hunters who are brought here. scientists don't yet know exactly when they're called was built only logs were used to make it no nails or anything made of iron carved poles support the wooden roof they feature patterns that look like a camel's head resting on a long neck. arrow and spirit heads have been found here according to legend a city in principles but the tar was kept here or hasn't there been travellers
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missing displacing the eighteenth century saw it when the. only natural features are destined to be the reserves eternal landmarks. over the centuries water and wind have crafted unique landscapes. many of them are hidden from the inquisitive eyes interests only the staff of the nature reserve are aware of their location. flip over the part that still this will fall is called the ring is a unique natural feature of this century it got really cold as in the river has broken through limestone beds here to make a hole in the shape of a ring there will be reflected it forms a rainbow. waterfalls like this one are rare not only in the caucasus but in the entire world the stone rate is about two metres wide. its
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broadest part consists of three layers of limestone the age of the rock is estimated between one hundred and one hundred twenty million years for. more than a start and the most is absolutely pure i would say it's the standard for natural water it's forms in the coast examine in the limestone of the carrier range there also is crystal clear of the filtering through many kilometers of limestone not over. the current since you can you know with rock terraces grados and knishes begins right under the ring waterfall into carts and on mountain stream thousands of years to force its way through the rock. good to know what if you blow it swaying many tons tumbled zone from cliff tops and
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terrace edges a stream of lorenzo loops through the stones and blockages this is where troll school. needs very clean water for life but it's a rare species in the mills and streams of the caucuses. the canyons must seawalls stayed back to giraffes and period in winter they're covered with tights they're known as weeping walls because of the constantly dripping water and some of. the reserves and mountain streams overflowed their banks in early spring but they're not the main threat to the mountain caps rockslide said in with the arrival of warm weather.
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in. peace. and the d.v.d. radio in de infinitesimal number of the bars he goes to spread in that are the. most dangerous. radiation that exists in the nature. of the group in the vicinity of known differentiated so produce is so much the genetic changes in moving and so leukemia. might be out of the immune system. you don't have to have a college degree you know you have to open a perimeter cation to understand big you should read radioactive materials all over somebody's backyard that you got a. yes
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my name is daniel smith this is julian assange we're here to make a short presentation of all that we can fix project. the first step in the fourth state to get information out about the real world. through him war on. terrorism because we are going to be a good marker for you. if i ever put in the sources in danger he would hunt me down and kill. this is exactly one of the reasons why we left the post because it has become more about this all the james bond. than all the actual information. but thank you. the whole people around the won't. we.
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in spring caucasian goats open mating season in the mountains of the north a nature reserve. this is the best time for observing what are otherwise quite secretive animals and scientists take full advantage of the opportunity. getting in their habitats is quite a problem no avalanches stand in the way. one of them is what the road leading to if your gun gorge where rangers have seen caucasian goes. will show that normal conditions so we could go on to the village off a log by car but now we'll have to walk. some hundred metres wide
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there have been two arches here a week ago the avalanche fell here. we'll try to take another road i mean the upper road. the train's caucuses highway is the reserves most avalanche prone area with up to two hundred fifty avalanches each season. a snow slide can be set off from a shelter from skis touching it slightly or from a drift of snow. snow usually slides down slowly from the slope and avalanche of dry snow is the fastest and most dangerous current. the planet with all the cordons in place yes everything's ready. in north as a special militia fights avalanches. attention i want to play.
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one accurate shot since the snow flowing down here its length. and avalanche still and if your gun gorge during the night and nobody was hit by snow slabs but the road was entirely blocked caucasian goats are grazing somewhere in the mountains and rangers will have to go on foot to reach them. i mean there's several on security a few days ago about a week ago his son came since then was it higher then sure a couple of metres all right let's go that. some time ago there was a good chance of people encountering caucasian goats on the mountain paths today scientists tend to observe them through their binoculars these graceful animals prefer the higher altitudes. cartesian goats have no difficulty clearing
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steep slopes they almost never slip off as they know how to spread their center of gravity evenly and choose the right foot hold and they have no fear of heights. but. the east caucasian variety of goats inhabits this reserve it's possible to tell them apart by the shape of their horns with them flew over the girls have horns in the form of a partial spiral with a bit like this like it that a. spiral up towards the right horn points to the left and the left horn points to the right. cohesion goats or wild animals. but high in the mountains they often allow rock climbers to come surprisingly close . to more than would the physical eat my damn matter of ten
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meters if he goes who got used to the presence of people who are the only only. the goods are quite tolerant of them near the training camps of rock climbers who go to or when they camp out for the night up in the mountains and. up to the rope. there are many fascinating routes for climbing through see a sweep in the reserve law. they often use the cliff faces in glaciers for training any ascent is always fraught with risk. a small cliff is the best place for training and testing out new gear right. i'll be careful as they go down from here. what someone once phones oh
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selves in an extreme situation there was strong gusts of wind during our ascends visibility was a mere ten metres in those conditions we couldn't climb down from the top of the mountain or i was a beginner in rock climbing that was my third climb needless to say i was a risk as. a wise climber never ventures into the mountains alone three climbers is the minimal number. summer is the ideal season for challenging clients. in spring climbers examine the best way to get out the mountains work out new routes and compare mountain terrain with its map descriptions. well we are going to the ice prince. well let's try and climb through that snow there and come from the right side through the rock. should iraq steer.
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well we'll see when we reach the place. which i thought ok let's get going. climbing even to the lower peaks of the mountain range takes no small effort. and the air is humid in rarified the sun is blinding snow may collapse at any moment the climbers have to exert themselves to conquer the fight mountain. in accordance with tradition and once atop the summit rock climbers drink tea with bitter chocolate. to help yourself. why am i here in order transfer me to the mountains that's the most difficult question i can think of i don't think any climber or phantom with dreams sports could answer it but simply i enjoy rock climbing and the beautiful
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landscape. descends on the mountains rapidly and in spring the weather could change very quickly the climbers need to get down as fast as possible. but mays is receiving. their group reached the top at thirteen forty five when they getting that ascends what's the weather like just fine everything's ok going down. yes thanks. to both of the reserve is situated along the bulk of we range where the slopes are steep and rocky some of the peaks are four and a half kilometers above sea level rocks stones in glaciers are scattered all around .
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discussed the scheme resort is situated in the glaciers melt and mrs corey gorge. and reserve staff get down to the most important work at the height of the springtime ski season they're going to release this small bison herd into the wild for the time being the animals graze in a special pen. these bison have lived in captivity since birth the blood of a wild ox by the name of cough because flows in their veins cause was sent to
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a private nursery after being caught in one thousand and seven by the russian emperor while on a hunting expedition when all the bison had been exterminated in the north caucasus it was come to cause at the forefront of the restoration of the caucasian bison subspecies. it's to do with a great grandson off the earth caused by the name of the door was born on or nine hundred twenty five of the ago as far as i can gather it was the forefather all the caucasian subspecies of the bison and of course in one thousand thirty s. he was taken to us conny a novelist and so he had nature reserve there or he me to do with female villar was by some of the latest that was the origin of a bison subspecies with caucasian blood. since early this morning reserve staff had been trying to compel the bison to enter special cages for transportation during their quarantine period animals became accustomed to their pen and learned to trust people so they're in no hurry to go
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out in the wild. after several and successful attempts one of the females is lurd into the cage and now the herd will follow suit mice and are known for their matriarchal behavior. come on faster. well done. the bison steadfastly endured their temporary captivity while on their way to their new habitat. the return of caucasian bison to the wild is a joint project undertaken by the north of such a nature reserve and the world wildlife fund. there are things ready charley grown yes let's go. to the. bison already accustomed to the wild graze nearby. it's not yet known whether
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they'll accept or reject their newcomers. the forests and the mountains are beyond human influence. thank. you. all that's left for the reserve staff to do is monitor the animals and preserve this protected area of the north caucasus.
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all. the official policy of acacia. called touch from the. johnson.


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