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tv   [untitled]  RT  March 26, 2011 12:00am-12:06am EDT

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airstrikes continue to rock tripoli amid claims of more civilian deaths as nato considers expanding its role in the bombardment of libya meanwhile there are signs of a split within the coalition and with france on easy about nato placing us into the military operation still. the euro zone agreed to finalize euro aid plans in june as worries intensify the portugal is next to take on the country needing a massive lifesaving bailout outside the summit in brussels protesters clash over austerity measures as the sun rose over military spending and the latest campaign fall to europe but you. and the radiation spike at the fukushima power plant forces
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japan's government to consider expanding the evacuation zone to those still living dangerously close to the area are said to be struggling without bible support is up next on the show look sad what's been happening in libya after a week of western lead on bartman now that's what the goals of u.s. and nato airstrikes actually are that and how to put a positive spin in the u.s. on wars coming up right now on our two. guests just for. fish tst if. you. i can be alone a show where i get the real headlines with none of the mercy or can we live out of
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washington d.c. now we've been carrying out attacks on libya for a week so we'll have details from what's happening on the ground i will continue to try and find out what the goals are from the u.s. or nato over who ever is in charge and i will tell you about a regular we tell you on a regular basis about the military's missions in iraq and afghanistan but today let's look into another important element of war psyops archies laura lister will join me to discuss how the military works to sell a positive image when it comes to our war on terror and tax season is upon us it turns out that there's somebody who isn't paying their taxes this year big corporations companies posting billions of dollars in profits but yet they pay no income tax we're going to find out which corporations are getting that free pass and what if anything we can do about it and today is the one hundredth anniversary of the triangle shirtwaist factory fire it was called by some the day that the new deal began so what can we say one hundred years later about the plight of labor in america and it's friday which means it will toast to the hottest stories making
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a buzz in our happy hour segment there's a new study about religious people that i think might shock you but we're going to save all of the details for the end of the show now our top story. it's day seven for attacks on libya and the question about this war well they keep piling up airstrikes continue with mixed reports coming out of the country as to how many civilians might be victims of these attacks and all this to the confusion over identifying who the victims that they found really are the fighters are the innocent bystanders who for the media believe or who should the people believe reports from nato or from libyan officials are he's paul's leader has more on the ground in libya and the proof of civilians being injured and killed in coalition is strikes we've driven more than forty minutes to see the remains of a rocket and some glass in the bridge in window with a father says he was very lucky that his family was not at home forgive us for being a little bit suspicious but certainly here the pressure is on for the government to
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try and show the international community that indeed its claims that more than one hundred civilians have been killed our troops now we attended a mass funeral was in fifty three which we were told that inside we should billions but it doesn't a spokesperson later did acknowledge that across the city that some of the bodies were isis the sheriff speeches like this in a position to say that all libyans slices to fix the question in terms of what is the difference here. anderson because the manager misleads the person i spoke with where more than a dozen bodies were showing beyond recognition and presume to also as proof that these airstrikes are killing civilians there are we missed here in the capital city that bodies are being butchered for i think is the reason why do you think these into the foreign media as a p.c. game that civilians are the targets and are the collateral damage in these is strikes the reaction on the ground in terms of the announcement that mater now will be in charge of enforcing this no fly zone is rather mixed the average rebel
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fighter actually doesn't care he just wants to see more with us he wants to see more air strikes but the opposition leadership is a pretty concerned they do understand that when you have more power. always calling the shots you run the risk of one of them being able to veto any future operation a lot easier for the united states and canada to take this operation forward the nuclear powers which have domestic issues they need to consider such as migration here in the capital city this situation is very very tense friday prayer is always a focal point security downtown has been stepped up in fear that it could be mass demonstrations overnight there were it strikes in the east in the west of the city targeting military barracks a military airfield at the same time there was a lot of aircraft and gunfire over the capital city so indeed the situation tense people angry and most just fearing what the next few days and weeks can bring policy r.t. tripoli. and nato is our set to take command of the war against moammar gadhafi but
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it's still hard to tell exactly what that means on thursday night at nato said it would take over command and control of the no fly zone from the u.s. but the obama administration insisted the command.


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