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last day rebels in libya and western ruled the capital claiming they control down these home town of staff meanwhile nato is preparing to assume full control of operations in the country. prizing from the arab world war little foreign interests questions are raised over why the coalition forces told. me to suggest the reason is revenge for all the protect civilians. say this our radiation surges to a hundred thousand songs about normal at the fukushima nuclear plant runs its
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operation for what it calls on except from the states and handling the crisis the earthquake and tsunami dissolves the house killing time pals and say fall and the sixteen thousand are still missing. and when you need to keep your community from enemy fire there's only one place to go underground now heads of ukraine and far eastern russia hundreds of kilometers time tunnels. it's always darkest people who come often face danger you know jim incarnate god it doesn't work and. raged here a long time ago now they played. and even perform religious rites. we know is that there is nothing accidental in god's deeds these manmade cade's which are
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a significant part of russian history attempt to go underground. adesa a city in the south of ukraine from a solid republic. at the weekend local dave has set out on an underground expedition. the most comfortable way to get around the depths of the underground maze because by car. these manmade caves are the world's longest more than two hundred thousand kilometers long look at it will show me the way as a slave to the right or to the left normally i go from that side but if you make your choice this is a short cut but over there the scenery is more beautiful ok or go to the right of. locals called these pits catacombs stone for construction used to be mine kid the
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first excavation began some two hundred years ago. the pits stretching over some one and a half thousand kilometers have already been mapped each year researches chart new needs covered caves the schools of kilometers in length. and leg. scottish no longer there is no. old to tell you about it at all said the other end to the arch. how many metres then. it did a lot more twenty thanks the adesa catechumens were home to parties and bases during world war two members of the underground expedition hope to find one of them as the scientists who study caves known especially ologists found another passage did they map out the newly found corridor. but they can't go any further the pits a flooded they can only continue with the help of diving equipment. the water is
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just too muddy we can't see anything where is the clear deep water just a bit further on us. the pits all look alike on the water and you can lose your way in one time. they have to tread very carefully to avoid kicking up the line sediment it's next to impossible to find a way back through the muddy water. alexander has been able to determine the pits direction and height. of. the field i'm freezing. khushboo member out that bit of passage to you. will have to look for an alternative route now that will discover another bleach spot of the adesa catacombs. vladivostok the main russian military naval base in russia's far east some eight thousand kilometers from
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a desolate russian engineers built the fortress here at the beginning of the twentieth century. time it was the biggest and most modern naval military construction in the world. the southerland of a stoke defense frontline was located at muskie island the only way to get there was by ferry. it was the military alone which knew about the existence and location of many underground hideouts for many theaters today the island is open for visitors and members from the blood of a stork digger club author the tally dimitri and alexi carrying out scientific expeditions on the weekends they explore military architecture monuments from different eras the island has them all including fortifications built by the military engineers of the songs as well the soviet underground hideouts. if you
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keep to the mouse directions and don't lose your way chances are you'll find those installations the problem is that they're haters someway and beyond the woods it would take more than one attempt to find them on. the ferry to the village of god knows you're on the island of russkie reaches its destination in forty minutes the diggers came here to take a look at a unique fortification definition of battery which for a long time had been a classified facility it was a key element in blood of defenses the purpose of these guns was to protect the city from sea and land assaults their range of fire was thirty five kilometers they were never actually used for military purposes and the last salvo for training was fired in one thousand nine hundred to now the fort is a museum. these guns were cast in the steel works in one nine hundred thirteen. almost sixteen meters long and weigh about fifty tons. principle if you
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really want to. complex of underground structures three stories deep lies underneath the tower. was the last commander of the battery now retired he's the museums and is only too willing to show guests the underground storage of shells and powder. if you buy me this is the third under ground floor located underneath of the tower it's sixteen meters deep the room was used to store shelves and here the shelves. each shell weighs nearly five hundred kilos a mechanical winch operated by two soldiers was needed to lift them. the soldiers did their job like clockwork. between shots it took them less than two minutes to
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reload the cannon and fire. it has been loaded the platform to the next rock. show you how it's done. through our shells of various types are rotating racks which of them is loaded depends on the orders of the commanding officer. if you turn around now you can see around containing armor piercing shells. first caves were dug in the late nineteenth century. russian military engineers build the world's most powerful fortifications in blood of all stock after the defeat of the russian naval base at port arthur in one thousand and five during the war with japan. special care was taken to protect personnel from shells the votes were reinforced with for me to think concrete underground passages were also built between the caves. the fortifications cost seventy three tons of gold which equated
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at the time to approximately two hundred million dollars. of occasions and the saying every fortification has its unique layout depending on a particular district. the fortifications have been built of the highest points. the garrison of such fortifications could defend independently each holding out for two months of the most vulnerable parts of the fortification where the enemy could dig underneath the buildings dug what are known as counter mine galleries these are the deepest underground vaults of the fortress. soldiers would sit in these. listening to what was happening on the of the sonic the what if they heard someone digging underneath the force these were extended that way everything would collapse because of the explosion rendering this part of the fortress impenetrable to the enemy. the adesa catechumens scattered underground in all directions in the exact
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opposite of the straight cemented tunnels of vladivostok the soft calcareous rock allowed the a decimal and as to extract stone anyway new mines were often connected to the old ones creating a complicated network of underground passages that the but there's not a soul was found in this because of the cancer cures. it still works well it can be used. kirk you can see how it cuts through limestone you can see how that is of. until the one nine hundred seventy s. stone was extracted manually with the help of special souls but the process became simpler after a local miner invented a special stem cutting machine. the average depth of the adesa catacombs is twenty five meters but a million years ago it was actually the sea bed the remains of shellfish slowly built under extreme pressure to form a solid but light calcareous rock layer after layer but just as they did business
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there on new forests around the desa suit to become be used as building material breaks gone be made in the absence of coal and that the soupy built into limestone underground mining is as soon as a dust was founded and you constructions in the city are required more limestone. stone is used for almost all of the buildings in the residential houses and theatres shops and restaurants and even churches. today the vladivostok fortress is abuzz with activity each day scolds tara the quiet for number seven is passages. going to have taken a fancy to the central park to the underground for vacation. to
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schoolchildren in this last can kill to affect their skills by clearing the curtains they've set up. if we know that our grandfathers and grandmothers built before it's part of our history and. we really come here to skate. but as a rule we skate here when it's just rainier saw it. but most of the time the faults of the vladivostok fortress a quiet. in the peaceful environment of the central russian panzer region hamet monk seeking silence dug out a small cave in a hillside close to the river. that was in one thousand one. later other monks turned the cave into russia's largest underground church. in soviet times the structure was almost destroyed and buried but in two thousand and five excavations began.
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later a senior priest restored the church and now services and. people can be present at a service in the temple at the same time because that is why the temple is considered the biggest underground temple in russia. the temples history is full of mysteries. according to the legend the cave was the beginning of several underground passages which lead far beyond the monastery territory the passages have not been found and excavation is still ongoing research as think that church items may have been hidden underground from the bolsheviks. excavators have already dug up and restored an underground cell when i have it monkeys to live. now we are coming to a special place in our monastery. the old men will have to sit at this spot
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he would spend all his time in prayer he would spend ten years here. this is the window he was handed food through from the male monastery on the ground the entrance would be sealed up he would talk only to god and spend ten years here praying. and dennis geophysicists they hope that special equipment will help them locate underground voids to support the rumors which claim the existence of the secret passages. question is that so much of a given to the huge musician apparently trying to mark what would be a would be in the great arab awakening
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a one off detour for the maintenance of western military and from legal intervention in the arab world. would be soon which brightened if you need someone from the finest impressions. to screen starts on t.v. dot com. the adesa catacombs the world's largest manmade underground structure people extracting building stone here for over two centuries often found natural underground cavities filled with clay work was immediately halted in such places because of fears they could collapse local dacres take special care when examining such dangerous sections of the catacombs. so the chance
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of the remains of prehistoric animals can be found in the cost k's of a desk you could go to more than they claim preserves bones very well of course there are what you but with will have a look for and across the water. red brown clay is a wonderful preserving agent for such bones. typical cross here of. course of the course the used knees of fossilized bones. will give them to the museum of paleontology who was the. addresses museum of paleontology is one of the best known museums across the former soviet union nearly one third of its exhibits feature objects found in the catacombs scientists discovered that thousands of years ago the area of what is now a death was inhabited by desert animals such as hyenas and camels there's also a unique exhibit two perfectly intact ostrich eggs they date back to the third
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century b.c. but the museum boasts even more valuable finds. very interesting elaboration on the brains but they ways interesting question is that. this is all how has been the subject of debate how did it come about was it the result of mechanical treatment someone doubt whether this could have been done by ancient people this is highly unlikely there were no humans of any kind of three to five million years ago. play helps the paleontologists make discoveries but it makes life much more difficult for geologists looking for an underground passage in the monastery in the pens a region the clay is so thick that it prevents their instruments from examining cavities hidden below. so the geophysicists turned to equipment used for vertical electrical sanding. it
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can pinpoint underground voids the depths of up to fifteen metres. up already. let's begin. as soon as you're ready. to turn your nearly go electric shock. what was the voltage about eight hundred volts i would have thought. scientists gauge the electrical conductivity twice they carry out one test where they think a tunnel might be located the other is where they don't expect to find any tunnels this is to help make the results more accurate the tests reveal the. cavities around the tree. the new shows and tony the churchwarden the outcome of the tests and suggests that excavation work should continue. however
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have their own version of the underground ministries layout. according to the book the monastery points east words when we accidentally turned the book upside down the underground monastery revealed an image of the holy mother of. the two entrances look like her legs. the baby's head. is the head of our lady the church and burial are her shoulders and streaming robes we don't know whether it's a coincidence or providence. is that there is nothing accidental. these manmade caves attract artists as well as scientists. is a professional photographer and journalist some years ago she often to people on guided tours of the caves of the. us it was then that she came up with the idea of an art project to draw public attention to the neglected.
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after to me his preparations she began taking pictures of red figures wearing long clothes and standing against the background of flips and underground galleries of the naval full trust. as a result you get something incompatible. you have current realities with those grandiose just discovered with stupid inscriptions like seven south has been here on the other you have these creatures. so you get contrasting images and the spiritual as opposed to basic human passions. is now intend to draw attention to another underground object that up until now only special service officers knew about.
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and. the facility consists of several long tunnels and is a former reserve command point for the region's leaders. the facility was declassified in the year two thousand and is now completely abandoned. digger enthusiastic intent to start a cold war museum in these tunnels and they've already got the first exhibit. with . this scary figure it is the will to do is call it boria it's me and the guys from the deer club who made it as a sort of sawmill of what a long gone age was like joe montana has it suits. symbolizes the cold war years of constant readiness for war. very little is known about the facility to this day. that's why. all the equipment and documents they find in the abandoned.
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ribbon with some text on it still work so we'll have to draw it to find out what it . is riven is a very important they can help restore the facilities history. names addresses and other figures we've got a lot to decipher. we've never been past this hatch. let's go. the official blueprints of the facility is still classified so the diggers have to study each room sounds. somewhat dangerous containing worn out electric power lines but that doesn't stop the research is curiosity and they proceed carefully. and there are two rooms there connected by a passage
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a wooden staircase leading up it's a very old. the bunker was built during the second world war in one thousand nine hundred two it was intended for use by the primordial regions administration and had all the resources needed to support people over two months. obviously the communications are allowing the inhabitants to receive fresh information make decisions and inform people about their decisions this is over territory would be controls fortunately there was never a real war in these parts so the object was not needed. by contrast severe fighting used to rage in the adesa caves explorers are still finding parties and bases down there. world war two resistance fighters operating here for to get germany and rumania and troops a group of diggers has found the camp ace of one of the potters and units black dust is all that's left of the straw that used to come one of the bands.
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here is something big there's a lot of something. i found. when the partisans were asleep sometimes coins are rolled out of their pockets but. one thousand two hundred to. search here once again. the diggers take every object they find to the small museum the cartridges and small coins will be added to the collection. these are the weapons. they represent the types of armaments you would usually find underground. the germans were aware of the location of the camps but they never ventured into the depths of the stone mines the only exit to the surface was three kilometers from the partisans base camp. to the camp were blocked up undermined sharpshooters
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carefully protected the main entrance. normally these barricades were manned by two fighters they were on duty for two hours at a time and it was pitch black here an untrained man found it very difficult to sit here under such conditions very often the partisans saw the light when somebody approached the barricades from the entrances and they targeted it is just not the barricades are going to be unassailable that we. have never seen real life fighting today there frequented by members of a reenactment group response team imitate russian marines. is that. do you read me. the role players submachine guns and pistols are exact replicas of real weapons the only difference is that small plastic balls are used instead of
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live ammunition. was designed for military operations in the first place second grandfather served here. as a military spirit and the atmosphere of this place for you. even the people working here won't serve with me in the same division of the marine corps. so we've got a lot in common i'm no good. in this exercise. his soldiers to defend the barracks in a final way possible which is seen by. breaks out in the fields on the. russian engineers built before christmas one hundred years ago still be defended against weapons with him simply says.
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focus is going to defend this firing from this nice little full well that big circle in because the corridor is exposed to gunfire. protected by thick concrete. even a flight of stairs stops attackers in that tracks. if someone appears from that side the defended first sees his feet. even if you crawl in all the force of the first thing you'll see is the defenders go in are. several assault attempts have ended in failure the blood of a stock fortress has proved once again that it cannot be conquered. people have a special fascination with manmade caves the footsteps and flashlights of new explorers and pound to disturb the quiet darkness of the underground labyrinths for years to come but those who've experienced the excitement of the trailblazers are almost bound to return to the sumptuous world again and again.
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