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tv   [untitled]    March 29, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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the rebel advance contrapuntally coalition airstrikes are held up mcconnell began. but there's concern in the capital of the opposition small tracts of the. drug obama says the u.s. will not be take the guns on the roads in the conflict in libya even when nato takes from our mission in washington wants to make sure the dumped on meet the rubble. and more stable lives the forty victims of last year's twin metros still in. shock and they said that other results the flights against terrorists are .
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very warm welcomes you this is our scene live from moscow libya has seen one coalition air strikes overnight after a day of clashes on the ground between rebels and gadhafi supporters on monday anti-government fighters as follows the west woods but it was stopped on the outskirts of the birthplace of the libyan leader what is a report in the capital recomputing reports of rebels gaining control of sirte were met with shock. lissett is a sense of panic here in the capital city there's almost a sense of fear that you can touch the reports are so conflicting and that is what is making people here so distrait is why now we hear that the rebels are fifty kilometers away from his hometown of sirte the next hour we hear that they've been pushed back a hundred kilometers the frontline no doubt keeps shifting we actually heard that the rebels were inside syria itself they were never supposed to get this far and
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that is why talking to people here in the libyan capital is a sense of almost amazement that it will have advanced to this far and no doubt be freights in the claims by the rebels that the ultimate goal is to reach tripoli is why some in the capital city are starting to respond by saying they will be a bloodbath now we've been hearing from certain self that one stage we could have the soldiers they were holding up white flags and that rebels advanced forward but then there was some kind of clashes and the rebels retreated so it would have reported receiving at the moment all quite confusing and that is why people here are so long to they do understand whatever is the reality on the ground no doubt gadhafi forces all move in that is a much closer to the capital city it's also interesting to note how the government has been responding in the last few hours they have sticked up their p.r. if it's as foreign journalists working here we're not being invited in most alvey on various choices and excursions to visit cities that are clearly in the duffys hands and this of course is an effort by the government to put across the message into the international community that they are still winning to this war
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a short time ago the libyan state television started broadcasting pictures of moammar gadhafi he is inside a car he is in his compound and he's been flanked by supporters now we have no way of verifying when this footage was taken and if indeed he's inside that car but it certainly gives you a sense of the way the regime is handling the situation at the moment very much trying to put the message across that they still in control and that gadhafi is still the man with leading this country talking to people here most people don't actually think the pattern will change when nato takes full command well i as our state on that meeting that will. take place in london this will give some kind of political direction to the nato coalition now we do understand that countries such as it to meet france and germany they have to see interviews they are very concerned about the future of the operations now i think what the government here in tripoli is hoping is that as you have more more nations controlling in commanding this operation there will be more dissenting voices perhaps the steam for this operation to continue will be diminished. meanwhile in the rebel
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stronghold of the opposition fighters that express their joy it gains on the front line with gunfire is going on a ride from the egyptian border to libya's second largest city to bring us this report. the situation is quite different from tripoli here in benghazi we are also hearing shots being fired into the air but these are shots marking celebration and there are signs of applause to the opposition because any news that is received here in benghazi or even any speculation about any victories out there on the front by the opposition that's greeted here with the great up was i can tell you as we traveled from the egyptian border here towards getting guys it's pretty clear that this whole port of the country the east side of libya is in full control of the opposition the road to the main road which links benghazi to egypt that's
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heavily heavily guarded by the national police generally at the moment it seems the signs of normal life are coming back some shops reopened and there's food and water in the city electricity as well there are big problems with phone connections that's not working especially if we're talking about international calls so perhaps i think that could be one of the reasons behind this various information and the difference conflicting reports coming from the front because of the poor connection between the rebels themselves. or during his first major speech since airstrikes on libya. that the u.s. has a strategic interest in preventing you from running any opposition. that washington has taken and i. think russia is the. u.n. resolution while the u.s.
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says it they control it in a sense that doesn't mean american bombs will start falling again it is. here is what we heard from president obama he said the u.s. involvement in libya would be limited that the goal is to protect civilians and that the u.s. is happy that need always taking command of all libyan operation is take a listen this transfer from the united states to nato will take place on wednesday going forward the lead in forcing the no fly zone and protecting civilians on the ground will transition to our allies and partners and i am fully confident that our coalition will keep the pressure on gadhafi is remaining forces you know there for the united states to play a supporting role it may seem that the u.s. is taking its hands arms right there off leave you but many experts say in reality this formal transition does not make the u.s. any less involved in fact a pentagon official said friday that even as other nations begin taking
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a larger role in the international air assault mission in leader the pentagon was considering adding air force gunships and other attack aircraft and within nato as well the u.s. is the largest contributing the organization so handing over command to nato does not mean quitting we also have to take into account that this speech comes amid growing frustration over what they do west strategy is the president is clearly on the defensive trying to win over a largely skeptical public poll showing the last four decades americans a disapproval of the military action has never been as high as it is now we believe the intervention the official reasoning which is we're there to protect civilians doesn't sit well with many because they ask why do we choose to put our civilians in libya and not in other places where even worse massacres have been happening and they don't get straightforward answers the answer that president obama gave in his speech also sounded rather vague it's true that america cannot use our military wherever repression of hers. given the costs and risks of intervention we must
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always measure our interests against the need for action. but that cannot be an argument for never. on behalf of what's right but some of the statements previously made by u.s. officials could suggest an idea as to why leader we remember hillary clinton saying what the u.s. fears most is leaving it becoming some dry in somalia somalia means power vacuum cares and no credible leader to deal with experts say will power specifically western powers would never let leader which sits on vast oil reserves become anything like somalia italians for example accuse the french of being more invaded quote by a desire to secure oil contracts with a future leaving government the turks voice certain conditions with nato saying nato should go all in with recognition an acknowledgement that the media belongs to libya's not for the distribution of its underground resources and wealth another interesting point from president obama's speech the united states will use the thirty six replies billion dollars of this frozen assets to provide assistance to
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good to the people of libya although the president did not say anything about this money being spent on strikes but it made some people wonder whether the u.s. and allies are waging war on khadafi on his money. or kenny hughes the former diplomat for the u.s. foreign service told r.t. washington will end up in a trap if he continues to play the leading role in the operation over libya. further american military intervention is almost certainly going to result in in in a variety of failures this ability that we have promoted has allowed some very un representative regimes to stay in place so that we can get cheap oil but i think it's pretty clear that the kind of environment that the united states has supported for decades has not worked to the advantage of ordinary people the
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problem is that on the one hand the united states said well we support peaceful demonstrations for democratic change but on the other hand the u.s. government has said well if you're peaceful demonstrations don't work out so well for you we will consider supporting an armed insurrection and those are quite contradictory messages and i think that they're being received in very different ways all across the arab world. violence in libya north africa is second largest producer of crude oil is affecting global world markets expected the level of one point six nine million barrels a day has dramatically for more the latest numbers let's start off with now. here. is news of rebels closing in on if not affecting oil prices now is of course oil prices have slightly slipped recently on the news that libyan rebels have managed to retake the key oil tons of bragger and news raising hopes that the country's
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oil exports could be restored sooner than expected and key oil. for structure would be preserved and as you know much of lead exports go to europe but how quickly the rebels could raise you exports is unclear at the moment. who would risk buying the oil western companies say that. no time has dad to go pick up oil for two weeks now because of the allied located and sanctions and the lack of insurance and. the certainty. that the rebels publishing it could with international recognition as leave is legitimate government news the still enough to drop oil by by a dollar thirty eight cents. to one hundred. dollars per barrel in the morning trading on the new york. mercantile exchange and
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in london brant crude fell ninety percent. to one hundred and eighteen dollars per barrel on the i.c.e. exchange that's in london but just to remind you. crude jumped twenty. four percent since me february is fighting stopped all should friends and they previously. they previously only two percent of the world actually is a two percent supply of the world's oil and in addition to that. oil prices were pressured by negative developments in japan a nuclear story as you know and also china could go further with its monetary policy tightening. crude demand but still despite
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a slight decline retained gasoline prices continue to recall that at the moment ok really and many will be hearing more from you in the rest of the business even a bit later in addition. to developments in syria now where there are also anti-government protests thousands gathered in the city of daraa are hoping to get the president started long awaited reforms the government has promised a greater freedoms including the lifting of a controversial emergency law used to detain is that and without trial well more than a hundred people have been killed in days of fighting and made a wave of unrest that is shaping the regime of president bashar. while the government blames foreign sources locals claim government troops are responsible for the situation in syria has raised a number of foreign intervention it be possible james. on middle east politics and security issues says although the west is not with the beaded series of right now
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it might change its mind. it's bad to predict what's going to happen in the middle east the moment but i would say that certainly what from what we're hearing from washington and from the europeans there is no appetite for expanding the current intervention that we're seeing in libya i think even in libya the americans have been very quick to hand over to nato in their force and wash their hands of total responsibility for what will happen next there clinton was quoted as saying that she still believes that bashar assad is a reformer someone who can potentially deliver a better syria rather than heading down into a civil war which would have huge repercussions for the rest of the middle east bearing in mind syria's geo strategic position so i don't see any kind of presence for western intervention in syria that said syria has a legacy in mainly in the eighty's of heavy handed clampdowns on its own sort of civil protests and i think if we saw anything like what happened in say nine hundred two. there west would be forced to intervene simply because the level of
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bloodshed but i think once again we're a long way away from that right now so libya has a more natural resources in terms of oil and is of course located right in the southern flank of some pretty powerful european states syria on the other hand is deeply intertwined in the middle east peace process relations with israel of course it has a longstanding and very complicated relationship with lebanon a country which still has yet to form a government following syria's ally hezbollah are sort of bringing down the previous one and of course has links with iraq to i i'm interested in what i've heard from various commentators about the role of the saudis and the jordanians have had in putting pressure on the americans to sort of back off syria and syria usually is an easy punch bag for the american administration has always been quite happy to have a go at the state's actions and its lack of democracy and freedoms but it is quite interesting that she said americans almost defending bashar assad as a reformer today i think which is a reflection of how incredibly dynamic and fluid the situation is in the middle east at present. change. from middle east policy and security issues we've got the
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latest from libya around the clock and online check out regular dates from our correspondents on the. twitter stream and our facebook page and all the latest videos on our you tube channel. is it. that many mosques traveling on the match of stay are likely to think back to the devastating events of exactly a year ago thousand where dozens of commuters were killed and many others injured
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by two female suicide bombers saw getting to stations in the morning rush hour covering us out of it is outside one of the stations discuss the effects of a terror attack sac catechize state you have a second blast happened around this time where you people are starting to return to the interim member those hinge on. some possible it will. start i think there are pitfalls that brought the day people will be late and some hours all metro stations will be on the metro station just a block from station and part of the russian capital one here are. terrorists or middle of the morning rush hour will. all take. this as the body shop is seemingly.
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locked up albert j. a lot of my colleagues are already here also waiting to attend those embedded services a. while back or it's a make or break let's talk to the supply person for any problems. it was like it was here at the late. hours of memories. of course marking this terrible day is there any. day that possibly that's the worst terror attack that we're. still very early morning oh my god what's the what's that at that terrible day. it started off as just an ordinary monday morning for me to be truth she like many others had a certain spring in his step you know in the harsh moscow winter was a little bit over the little did she realize the nightmare he would be thrown into
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just a few minutes later suddenly there was a horrible sound as if something huge had formed. and i woke up there was a small haze. people were shouting and rushing out of the car would meet me had heard was the start of the worst terrorist attack in the russian capital in six years just before eight am defers to two explosions hit the moscow subway killing twenty four people at the crowded lubanga station which lies beneath it had quarters of the federal security service forty minutes later the terror trail moved south targeting a station at a crucial city intersection killing twelve more. established last year ultimately they said it came at eight thirty eight right in the middle of the
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rush hour work its truck out the back of the train asked commuters try to get on board it was dark there was no life and i just saw here. that whatever remained of them some of them were stretched on the floor near the metal frame and the side was horrible it was people. just before us there was nothing that could save them with eight million commuters averaging a moscow subways one of the busiest in the world that's made it a terrorist target in the past and on the stage a year ago in wash be a target once again a twenty year old student leaving. for herself between fuses still isn't she a tradition sometimes i feel something like this i think about this but general i think that we have a safe safety. a year ago tires brought moscow to a standstill by bringing koro to everyday life but if they wanted to destroy
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people's spirit those goal was certainly know what it shift says alive goals own and while the terrorists were out to millions was in moscow an across the globe remains at something people how grown to live with mines and of course now also a moscow. katter's devastating images that whatever twelve months since the attacks we've seen changes in terms of security. indeed while there is a very visible security presence it was out day just outside the city. is making sure that the day the past is actually. stepped up security in the air it was sufficient to make sure that their every. citizen is that of the russian capital also. has been doing it.
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for justice although it is. a. site. that detonated their license killed last. that i want. to work with those with. spouse has now been issued with an international arrest warrant so not only security forces of this country like also the international community is now looking for him and of course hoping that in the arrest made soon soon bill that says everything possible to bring to justice. those who are responsible for this terrorists out but also for the devastating suicide bombing plus the budget of the airport police took place just a few months back we know that these men would change those who are believed to the sport of the suicide bomber to moscow and drop them off at the airport or detonated
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this device those that are arrested in the russian southern republic over the states as part of the special forces operation there of course were also issued with an international arrest warrant and they will now be brought to moscow prosecuted for the hold the evidence that the possibility of the shows that managed to gather so far of course we do know that both the midst of the moscow metro the terrorist attacks and the demise of the airport. board plane be the responsibility of persons most wanted terrorist the model. that's him anything else that sounds he's got that in the side of their reporting to us from central moscow. there's a new very vicious japan now where traces of highly toxic pertaining have been detected in soil near the quake hit because she replied the substance is believed to be sleeping from nuclear fuel the discovery pertaining has that is. over the stricken plant highly radioactive water has
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a been found outside one of the reactor buildings for the first time the government is considering whether to extend the evacuation zone beyond its current perimeter of twenty kilometers fears of a nuclear meltdown began when four because she was reactors was severely damaged by earthquakes and tsunamis too and rather too and a half weeks ago. kitchens of the latest international reasoned brief hour at least one hundred are. you in a series of explosions out of bullets making factory in southern yemen a plant which had been seized by a militant group was in the process of being looted by civilians on a cigarette is thought to have spawned a massive blast it comes around the government. in the country with thousands of the streets of the capital sanaa yemen western about president is facing pressure to stand down and face trial. at least eleven the pakistani
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soldiers have been killed in an ambush by militants near the border with afghanistan the convoy was a time near the city of peshawar as it returned from a mission several of the attackers were also killed pakistani military forces are often targeted by rebels linked to al qaeda and the taliban. in the ivory coast of course is loyal to the internationally recognized president say they're trying to seal the border with liberia alison or tartars the troops accuse the incumbent leader will of importing of places from the neighboring country budhwar refuses to step down despite an international consensus that he last november's election up to one million people have fled their homes area of widespread civil. thank you uli is our next little religious business for us this morning.
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hello and welcome to business r.t.c. it's great to have you where that's the price of oil has fallen by with brands slipping below one hundred and fifteen dollars a barrel investors have high hopes that libyan oil may be flowing back through the pipeline sooner than expected that's after rebels regain control of key oil town is and pledged to restart about how about richard saw plants energy agency says it may take some time before companies see stable supply. if we can convert a hold of the oil fields and they have some production they now control the ports so they have the infrastructure in theory this could mean that they are capable of exporting oil but there are certainly legal issues around those companies are going to boil over there i mean libya is still subject to sanctions different sanctions from the united states from the european union from the united nations let's not forget companies are going to be quite wary of who were trading with who were is this all before boy this oil to get yourself in trouble russian billionaire yuri
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milner the founder of the moscow based d.c.t. global investment company has founded a new investment fund d.c.t. global to be worth several hundred million dollars was formed in conjunction with follow with fellow russian billionaire smile that is mainly funded by western investment funds in the operation will focus on attracting foreign investors it has already put money into social shopping side groupon and its partners think five percent of the music services offered by fifty million dollars. let's have a look at the stock markets now starting with asia most asian share as a little higher than sign is that point one percent that it's so narrow losses in early trading as h.s.b.c. home doings and some property developers were hit by wall street's pullback overnight countering strong gains in cool mines tokyo's stocks dropped by setbacks in efforts to bring post great japan back to normal make haste trading down point eight percent. and here in russia the markets finished in the black on monday the
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r.t.s. is up by zero point one percent and of mice is gained zero point two percent and tom mundy a problem at the crease here says the metals and mining industry is growing to be in this spot light during the trading day on the home. market is starting to focus on what is a big week for results from athens and mining in the industry in particular. as i will in a lot of the gold. euro carry all companies that are reporting results this week so from today from our stance of price in ways numbers i think will be really interested in is the extent to which the high input costs it was cold prices are or prices have been very high over the first quarter of last year. i've asked all the business is the soundtrack is one in about fifteen minutes time.
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it's the secret incursion into the country. the invasion by means of. tradition the language still you from the first day copied copied. and culture.


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