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especially triggers stuff which you don't actually break in things could deter a geisha techniques that we use in jaded point tom friedman the senior leadership org. we'll be. doing. this is r t the main stories we're covering for you this hour a senior associate of the libyan regime is reportedly in london for the crossover and the office future of the country's foreign minister has been defected more officials maybe a bounce from brandon into. the u.s. top brass gets a grilling in congress many still uncertain as to what the goal of them may be the campaign is and who's going to pay for it. integrity of america's motives all
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scrutinised more civilian deaths in gaza suffer cynthia jumps an opportunity to bring to moccasins weapons regions. and plans to pump out contaminated water from who consumes danis reactors to resume community system repairs radiation levels around the ons and something boy is dramatically. coming out parties mostly andrews's in the french capital to explore the many russian influences on her is in life. hello and welcome to the show on this week's program i'll be taking
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a look at our bush life history and culture in paris and what better to start on the epicenter of odds here in france the lewis museum an unlikely place to find bush in contempt. for the clinton plant who's pulling the exhibition holy russia catered to brush off from haitian times the peter the great blues decided to organize a major display of russian content that's the issue isn't the least medieval and sixty's features work from top names of major russian johns. for the yankees to his tool investigation told see how are the possible police there looking at their past. through to friends or rivers rental men more than i can force or. classical collection and if they are or where he is they are saying. he was my fifteenth russian can simply artists representing various generations which shows
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are. within the framework of the russian front cultural yeah. the paintings sculptures drawings photographs and video performances be reflect the evolution of russia all to see tradition this is a grand space creates a specific you series. you complete a position to you can scam people and display the russian could something awesome is still insufficient you know not just here and stars like india all around the world but hopefully it's missiles like this and to challenge that. i'm moving on this net. location isn't about kosher is all new flea we're talking about elisa i was strolling off i'd like hunting bruce feiler. but first a drink and then we told him to take bits. of coke with walk up our classical curls because you know civic groups look about health care but
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specific about nothing because you look amazing too it's and was about the russian food here now. dishes like cabbage rules russian jumping through many and also beef stroganoff a main items on our menu traditional needs issues such as the sneak are also very popular among the we dine just wow very impressive it seems a little strange to be eating traditional stroganoff here in paris but it smells and looks fantastic throughout the strike. world but he's very very tasty. many russian fans think is such as to write his ten stories and the c.d.'s he does it in paris where she immigrate started moving to france in the nineteenth century we need today thousands of conversions and links to russia so she has the next. letter to me now tell me your parents were both russian but you are in fact born here in
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frogs but do you but is a part of you still feel russian well my i have three children. all speak russian perfectly. one dollar. lives in moscow since ninety one i tell me about the your profession community that still you know here in paris well community is a great tour because actually my association which is called. central. sought for too long. russian language and culture. but now i must pass them to. speak english. gives a name in english because we. paper. which is called
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in russia it to school. in french it just called it. the french word goose or took a long. and loud it. come out in english to tell me what you think of the relationship between russians and french people. trouble is that french people. know and the sick of all russia's history french people and people in german people on everybody in europe there were no else and so no. journalist can tell. him lots of people believe it and that's why i felt it my paper because it is in order to give information of bill to rush thank you very much for
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your time but it's me. so what else is influenced by russian culture in paris the church of the three think is the oldest cathedrals of the russian immigration of the revolution nine hundred seventeen celebrating its eightieth anniversary this year the parish was founded in nine hundred thirty one in the small building which was originally a garage you don't see any and in terms of this church it's still it's richly decorated inside i mean i can of the terraces brut the front. of the. in eight hundred twelve and in the one nine hundred thirty s. his relatives who went in and teach shop decided to sell it. the church congregation didn't have the money to. put a miracle happened there was a rich woman. who just joined a church she understood the cathedral needed the icons the people to pray to so she
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sold. the emeralds. was founded in eight hundred seventy five by russian exiles named after the famous russian writer he donated books from his private collection over the years the library funds grew considerably during world war two its collection of more than one hundred thousand books disappears in one hundred fifty nine. but most of the publications from its original have never been found. founded in one thousand nine hundred five to support and develop connections between the two countries in various artistic and scientific fields and hosts more than one hundred cultural and educational events every year including traditions film festivals concepts and comfort says. every year the principal. is free.
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and also for a teacher. we. do. you know these courses for. those. here. and for. those fields just because it is a fall. if the suit by the russian french ties a sculpture of the famous general and statesman chose to do created by a young person sculptor and it is a she coughed decorates the museum of the army in paris the bust was given as a gift to the museum to celebrate the pools one hundred twenty thousand first rate the work was appraised by the office to community for its resemblance of the kitchen of the general's character.
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arriving the last battle location of here backstage at the famous leader the dons company started all the way back in ninety six and the current show meeting happiness has been seen by almost four million people and it has a basis of cost featuring many artists from russia the former soviet union and u.s.s.r. where i was born there was no much think football for a golfing on the hill so i had luck to go to work play and then i asked to use the porch about that i did not at all for three years ever knowing for eight years. oh yeah i find it i'm very happy to have. so many of the performers who train constantly in russia or elsewhere i'm with you tool to continue korean ballet such shows like a leader in paris provided them with alternative stage work seventy artists six
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hundred costumes twenty three sets a pool and a real high street but he told the spectacular show something to d.c. and with an interest in costa french english ukrainian australian immersion dances to name a few as a leader solo performer she can say it's a sign of the times true can operation be. seen. as france and russia become closer as a result of strengthening spies the two worlds have exploded into opportunity russian culture has fascinated. two reasons for decades though sometimes misunderstood one thing is clear times oh change. whether it's awesome sports food or dance which imprisons it's all the records. absolutely brilliant and with the supports all some russian talents excellent well
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fortunately that's always how we have this week so i'll see you get the same time next week until then for me and the rest of the crew and the socially say here in paris around. it's the secret incursion into the country. it's the invasion by means of. tradition the language is really you this is the first day copied could be totally. and culture. the thing is that the had the germans are still unaware of what's going on in the land you're still asking them
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my dear floods like nothing i don't know any but alaska. and are cheap. and some pain has been to the jaroslav the region where handicrafts have become a major industry. party goes to a former top secret military stronghold. which today has limitless possibilities for extreme sports. with the most secretive damasks the. discovered plug the real something in feet. clean creature. russia close up. please. more news today violence is once again fled the
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flood these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. today plug. lists.
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a senior associate of the libyan regime is reportedly in the london for talks of the drafters future the country's foreign minister has already it's affected her or officials may be about to abandon the media. u.s. top brass gets a grilling in congress many still uncertain as to what the goal of the campaign is and who's going to pay for it. all the integrity of america's motives all scrutinized as it ignores the civilian deaths in gaza itself the sensitive jumps of the community to bring democracy to other regions. to pump out the contaminated water for her she was damaged reactors to resume cooling system repairs or
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radiation levels around the plant continue to rise dramatically. the amount of its type of data sports updates without you and the question that often comes up why does a country like russia with all its failed to produce top. question kerry i don't know they aren't really so i didn't know until all reporter richard all think it's a bit of digging for itself that's why plus we've got pictures to wrap up his ratings when in miami i will that coming. hello there you're watching the sports and these are the headlines. i mean i should wrap up the produces a comeback winds reach the sony ericsson final in florida. plus staying on track lock motifs down atlanta keep the garden cup dream going. russian president
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medvedev meets the country's skating stars ahead of the world championships in moscow now let's go straight to the tennis when rachel wrap of us will face victoria azarenka in the final of the sony ericsson open as a ranker from batteries defeating russian bear is one of the over in straight sets in miami washed out of a produced a great comeback win over germany and the repaired give it your she wrapped her first starting this game the favorite among five places i've been paid to bitch but it was the german who had a much better start in quickly just the blustery conditions here to take the first six three however throughout her found her rhythm in the sack and taking that to love and then step three the third six to the russians are to her first prize and since may last plays for the white house and i'm. sure i didn't have the past first i felt pretty slow and sluggish was the ballers quite windy out there today and i did feel like i just did well and i think that's what i started doing in the second
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so i was really moving to the ball and taking the ball early and just start feeling more confident. so as a ranger is her next opponent and a girl informed say after beating kim clijsters she swept past world number three's a quantity over taking the first sets of and then the second six three match point decided by sports of only a bit wayward forehand as confirmed by hawkeye. meanwhile roger federer will play great rival rafael nadal in the same result beginning cacheris among the frenchman lost the first three games and then have to retire with the next a federer with an easy passage into the last four but then he will face world number one the guy who defeated thomas thirty three said it's. garlic to be praising after winning at me said he sixty finishing with a night. then burdick found some form of his own to level the match. i am going to decide that there are some great rallies to enjoy right from the very
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first game of winning this one to go one up. i am a spaniard was just too powerful taking the last six six three when he again sent scrambling to the corners of the also a mouth watering sandwich to look forward to going down and federer. man page all play offs lokomotiv forest level live to fight another day they want to throw a leg and atlanta last night to pull back their best of seven series to three two and deny their opponents what looked like a certain place in the garden cup final i lost i was trailing by two goals to nil going into the period and it looked like atlanta i'd been enough to go three goal from it and took a chance catch and alexander kayleen was sent into iraq times and their tech jenks twenty seconds he decided three two win pass and still three to swap in the series and have another chance to wrap it up on time ice on saturday while i released in
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conference about a live also one win away from the garden cup final day play metal old might be because the game. today after taking a three one series lead in a contest on wednesday this is action from matt forty which had finished with just our calls love grabbing the third in the second period before alexander people think the school didn't make the nets or. the mall money curial merry go round keeps going rantis to moscow have signed slovak coach bluff and an armory he guided his team to take a guard cup quarter finals while the army men failed to make the post-season and the gave me keen. on an english premier league regimes on saturday with sixth place liverpool looking to keep their hands on the europa league place they are at west brom managed by former boss roy hodgson and could welcome back steven gerrard after almost a month. if you go to do them from the surgery groups who see the years before.
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the same groups you're going to be an early zero. seven has done their work through this week the world over to now runs of them being done most of them small already seen. on that matches one of eight taking place on saturday elsewhere leaders manchester united for the fourth bottom west am for the lunchtime kick off then second bottom burning in welcome bolton everton take on aston villa you castle host portables chelsea there an arsenal green flag burning in the late game after wigan played tottenham i read not side regressing well in the champions league but were good in martinez is hoping his acting side can catch spurs unaware of claim spears in between all of them clearly see me line and grandmotherly it and i think that shows you in competitive games that shows you how far we've progressed is a real good test for us. they've got a wonderful players will clash players and we can affect the game in one second on the concentration levels are going to be really really really important. meanwhile
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with two games going in the new season there are four matches taking place in the russian premier league on saturday and you boys clubs in the dark would take a lead in the tables if they win it home disbarred act alone car to get off and only played one game save far this season may decide bulger take on banana moscow and la committee face brush stuff. there is just a week to go before golf's first major of the year the masters in all gusto and the world's top players of fine tuning their games at the shell eastern open in texas at the moment world number two league westwood is among them and he almost hold this bunker shot during his opening round of sixty eight low that's still five shots off the pace set by american jimmie walker he tied the course record and his two shots ahead of nica here in georgetown time. and. it's island's peter laurie who tops the leaderboard at the trophy has sand. on the rock a right under par and of sixty four playing in three shots ahead after the first
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day english trumpington welshman restart it and huge problem for india dive under this is comparable with the lovely approach of the fish. and we will stay with the gulf because japan's top ranked player rio and she cowan has pledged to use the game healthy in the country to place an army overnight was winning the season because which could amount to around two million dollars of his innings from last year anything to go by and she kauai is ranked forty five in the world and will be taking part in next week's masters he's also pledged to give money as he will says makes. russian president dmitry medvedev has made his country's figure skaters ahead of next month's world championships in moscow which were placed tokyo as the venue and he visited a brand new sports center in northern moscow and told the sport chiefs and athletes there multipurpose entire stadium has a figure skating school run by you mean
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a teacher by at least coached multiple world champions in the present said having moscow as a venue for the world championships is a big on. the people who tell me it wasn't offered our help if you could close it it was a boost. and you respond as i understand this is a token of respect for our capabilities you know merits of each of us while russia is hoping for some success at the upcoming championships but downhill skiing is still a winter sport where the nation is short of talent so why is this one recently snowboarding has enjoyed a blue riband porfiry looks at the reasons and how the country intends to turn things around. russia and the soviet union have been a dominant force in the winter olympics for decades implanted medals in hockey figure skating biafran to name but a few all of those one school that continues to elude success all points came to
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want to go on the show and there's a thing or two about the sports as she won the country's only link that medal in the discipline a silver really hama ninety ninety four. it's for all signs cain has always been an expensive sport it costs a lot of money for bad the slopes and get the necessary machinery to keep the peace in good shape i remember when i was growing up i would go skiing in the caucasus there was a lot of interest but will at the same his knowledge that those in europe and america are always had to train abroad it's something when a country like liechtenstein of just thirty thousand citizens has nine times more than pick out points skiing medals from russia whose population is fifty thousand times bigger however children in the tiny all point principality learn to ski almost as soon as they learn to walk something that is not accessible to those in russia at the moment. most slopes in russia on artificial and there aren't a lot of them when
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a talented youngster goes abroad to secure regular income and the teens he or she has to get used to skiing real snow and correct. and this is a major factor high ranking behind the. scenes could be a nice change i'll point skiing in russia has the backing of russian prime minister . who is neither an accomplished spear in his own right you say it's been popping up in the euros in the caucuses or the last decade of the sochi olympics will give russia's newest generation the best possible facilities only with regard to the wouldn't such a will be a message to how they're trying to develop opines kenan russian alfa duration recently had the first ever international standard alpine skiing in the country and we had the right. everything went well as the weight of the suits he's now being put in place there's nothing to stop russia skiis from enjoying the same sick sense of the country snowboarders have had over the last few years so boarding has been much easier to develop because the peace. unless money is made to maintain than the
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sochi olympics will probably prove to be a games too early for russia to join any medal success in alpine skiing how well the vicinities were laid carnations the future generations to properly challenge the world's best. policy. and that is all we've got time for for the moment you know the weather coming next. question is that so much and there's a huge musician find that the battle for libya is a so-called humanitarian intervention there so noble and straightforward most intervention. wealthy british style. free.
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markets. can find out what's really happening to the global economy for no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports.
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