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an ambassador for the hotel for its pleasures and i would print search ill disciplined in touch with the who tell me touch your group the future a good international house. every dream lol he told him told him. here in tripoli the regime is showing signs of crumbling and that reports that more and more senior officials are defecting on point to save in the capital city joining the few moments in open you know. there will be no american boots on the ground in libya recent press reports at least indicate the cia operatives on the ground so boots on the ground as i would define it the u.s. top brass get a grilling in congress and many still uncertain as to what the goal will be and campaign is who's going to pay for it. and the integrity of america's motives are scrutinized as it ignores civilian deaths in gaza suffer such
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a jump so the opportunity to bring democracy to other regions. also russia prepares for an adverse to space flight center a new sleeve seen into its fifty years since mankind's close trip to the battle fronts here. there this is a carriage also this goes straight to the top story now the u.k. has reportedly been hosting a senior aide to the libyan regime is believed to be seeking an exit strategy for the leader moammar gadhafi some media sources suggest that top ranking libyan officials have now fled the country for the in the tracks of acts foreign minister moussa koussa. was in tripoli. we know if at this moment of at least two high profile defections the country's foreign minister mr mr russo koussa is
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currently in london where he is meeting with british officials despite the fact that they say they will not grant immunity and then mr. tricky is also a former foreign minister of libya he was also an investor to the united nations where he served two terms as president of the general assembly has also announced his departure now there can be no doubt that this is a psychological blow to the gadhafi regime certainly what we're hearing from london is that the regime is on the verge of crumbling but here in tripoli the government has actually laughed off these kind of suggestions of the fictions when questioned about what is the defection of the foreign minister the country's spokesperson mr mousavi it was him said that this was an old man he was exhausted he was suffering from diabetes and he actually approached the government for a leave of absence in which he could seek treatment you would not miss to see if we consider they had granted the foreign ministers and went so fast to say that if a foreign minister returns he will be welcomed there now when we questioned him about rumors we are hearing of a least another ten people who have defected the latest news we have is that
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a group of libyan officials who traveled to two newsier for talks are actually staying there and among them are a former prime minister and also the current head of the country's parliament the government as it is simply unaware of this now almost as important if not more important reports that we are hearing that for the past fortnight one of the most trusted aides of the gadhafi regime has been in london where he's been holding secret talks with authorities there over a possible exit strategy for gadhafi so the questions that people are asking are number one is gadhafi planning some kind of exit and secondly for just how much longer can his regime survive with the defection of such high profile members of his troops who are still advancing the current fighting is centered around the strategically oil important town of brega which is on the coastal road to tripoli now it is essentially fighting that's happening out in the desert. the rebels are fighting from behind sangean is a strategy they used to transform where they fired rockets artillery they've been
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seen spotters with not killers to go and see where those rockets landed and she reports back we're hearing that they are a lot more organized the rebels themselves but they're still calling on the international community for assistance in the form of weapons pricing in the eastern part of the country in the city of misrata continues there in the last twenty four hours we've been told that at least twenty civilians were killed by government shelling in residential areas here in tripoli airstrikes and anti aircraft gunfire continues now for two weeks there almost nonstop demonstrations in support of the libyan leader moammar gadhafi and rallies being held one was held overnight at his compound at bab al aziziya at the same time we're hearing from the vatican's top envoy to libya that at least forty civilians have been killed in the airstrikes in tripoli alone most of those casualties in the eastern tripoli suburb of treasurer and one such incident that we've been told about is when a house collapsed on a family with small children inside libyan state television is also reporting what
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it says is a statement that is from gadhafi himself although he doesn't appear on television it is rather a news reader who reads out the statement saying that these nato airstrikes are just going to cause more civilian deaths and just a crusader war. more now on the events on. british rapper and activist he says he figures in the ongoing military campaign such as the u.k. care more about you being civilians in the country. as a human being i don't believe it's right for britain or any other country in the world to have any type of military base in libya and believe me if these powers their way. there will be a for. i also feel that if britain is interested in defending itself against terrorism this is really not the way to go about it
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involving itself in a war which it doesn't need to be involved in it the fact that david cameron himself since sniper rifles took at that feat in november two thousand and ten really tells you you need to know about the crissy of the british government when it comes to libya. well u.s. defense secretary robert gates chairman of the joint chiefs of staff placed a grilling front of congress over the meantime kate said that washington shouldn't assist the rebels and should instead build them to other countries. twelve days into the u.s. bombing of libya. u.s. congressmen were hoping to finally get some answers but after two hours of questioning the secretary of defense and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff they were still confusion about the u.s. is the end game i think a policy success would be the removal of the khadafi
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regime a military mission is a limited one and does not include regime change. who the rebels that we don't have much visibility into and of those who have risen against each element has its own agenda. and whether the u.s. will arm them discuss our plans if you need regarding arming the rebels they seem to be getting their butts whipped but keep in mind pass the buck that one differing to the white house but if it was ok to decided to pursue this story would clearly have a problem about how long the u.s. will stay the bottom line is no one can predict for you how long it will take. for that to happen and whether the u.s. is at war at all these are combat operations were intended to. be going to i don't know why this administration has not been honest with the american people that this is about regime change or your circular defense you ought to be an expert on what's
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an act of war of war or not gates told congress the president actually did not make his final decision on what to do until thursday night less than forty eight hours before the first two hundred tomahawk missiles were fired we don't understand what he's doing still. and i don't think he has the support of this congress when was the briefing of the armed services committee. there wasn't what is clear could cost five hundred fifty million dollars in the first ten days alone and it has to made it forty million dollars a month but not how it will be paid in terms of how to pay for this. there is a we are in the discussions with the white house would be very difficult for the department to eat this cost it's mel and repeated over and over again there would be no american ground troops there will be no american boots on the ground in libya who is the person on the ground that is directing closer support missions against
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his fortunes there's no one on the recent press reports at least indicate there are cia operatives on the ground so boots on the ground as i would define it and of other spending troops i guess is we'd all read about it in the newspaper at the same time i see that's my concern is that we read about things in the newspaper and then we get to come and ask the questions he has formally handed control to nato today and operation odyssey dawn and beginning operation unified protector but newspapers quoting vatican sources said that forty civilians were killed in coalition air strikes guaranteeing that there will be plenty of more questions for a top american military brass here in washington and ford artsy washington d.c. . former u.s. intelligence officer to randy explained why it's impossible to avoid the ground mission in the if secret agents rating. the problem is if you have several thousand rebels who are not used to using weapons have no idea of discipline or how
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to fight a battle a general is not going to make a big difference you need to have people training them and directing them at a lower level then of cia people are doing this at a lower level that means they will inevitably get involved in the fighting and this is what robert gates as recently as today promised would never happen boots on the ground. going about twenty minutes and he's cross don't debate should discuss these issues back in the revels that's going to campaign appearance on there's a creepy. we have to be a little skeptical that that's a us good us strategy to go in and then hope for it is the idea acidy of hope i guess you could quote the president's own saying to run a strategy like this oh well we're going to get in do some thing and that sort of thing and hope for the best and i just don't see going to war in that way is responsible and i can't believe the us foreign policy establishment is supporting that type of a half baked option but this is not the u.s.
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against gadhafi in fact the u.s. has taken aback at backseat role this is forty three countries internationally are us against it i'm not even pondering it is the us against. writing most of this is not boring please can i finish my point please five out of countries two of them are engaged in the military action parakey norway canada. and the netherlands denmark one to three countries france britain you know why does not the us against gadhafi and we're we have not invited to you as to come in. but as top officials across the world continue to rally against gadhafi actions somebody their reaction is consistent former conflicts that the this can sometimes get away with the crimes they commit if they have the backing of the west that he's going to kind of course from washington. warm welcome and firm
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handshakes for someone who just three years ago gave the order that led to the deaths of civilians in the republic of south korea dealing with one of the great leaders of the world the georgian president with his fluent english is a welcome guest on american t.v. shows where he's never asked the question why in the middle of the night on august the seventh of two thousand and eight the george would begin the major artillery bombardment of the sleeping city of god and other peaceful palace nearby. the region was georgia wanted to bring under its control those race to the ground. hundreds were killed in the attack. as nearly lost his daughter in soccer bombings she was visiting relatives in one of the towns in the south of setia i believe starkest really should be removed from office i think you should be tried in international court for rule crimes but when it comes to me karl saakashvili even
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though the e.u. finding mission determined that he started the war in two thousand and eight and ordered the bloodbath in south the safety of the georgian president is still supported in the west they have no strategic interest in. supporting his overthrow the notion that decisions get made on the basis of humanitarian concerns is simply false it doesn't it's not the basis for the decision about libya it's not the basis for decisions about georgia about palestine about kosovo the question of who is held responsible and how is very much a strategic question it's not a legal question as it should be to boost its strategic importance among other things georgia has dispatched one thousand troops to join allied forces in afghanistan and became the leading troop contributor relative to georgia's overall population there boundless and as this locks. you see interview shows almost
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unstoppable praise of the u.s. is also believed to have played a role in the west supporting saakashvili no matter what his clients and their affairs like because it's based on a great american archer and more or even right through them all through go through religion is to say for a graduation that the bastards are you now as the world has declared a no fly zone over libya to stop gadhafi many wonder why a no fly zone was never on the table when the georgian president launched his dad lee campaign or when israel bombed the garrison for three weeks in a row on the question for example of gaza where you had a blatant act of aggression clearly violated massive violation of not only international human rights norms but war crimes crimes against humanity being created fourteen hundred people killed of whom more than nine hundred were civilians more than three hundred were children it was a situation that went on for days the problem there is that israel is the
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protector protectorate of the united states and the u.s. was not going to allow anyone the united nations or anyone else to actually engage in a serious way in stopping that massacre you would think if a leader commits atrocities he would be pretty like say kidnapping the now and then from travel but misprints that's not the way politics works the georgian president killed scores of civilians but was exonerated by the west politicians accept him as a friend business leaders are looking to invest in his country and it seems the grass is happy to continue turning a blind eye to the blood of these heads and better check out reporting from washington r t. two israeli businessman hundred million dollars by the georgian government have been found guilty of bribery criminal courts and to receive comes after them think trial with both business training they were the victims of a government set up. the only food was hundred seven and
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a half years in jail and millions of on his associates wrinkle was given six and a half years and two hundred thousand. comes after international court ruled that suckers for these governments should compensate ultimately its own contracts which of course tensions between turkey and we see with georgia's parliament speaker being asked to suspend his visit to israel. also to come on the program craft perfect through time. with the only thing he was somewhat slow in coming to is like oh what a great deal people here continue to make things which are being planted by watch the world over i guess for france he watches the cold steel weapons across one of you off this building the latest substance. the russian space agency has dedicated its latest so we've spacecraft the
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anniversary of eureka guards allegedly flight fifty years ago blasting off from kazakhstan in four days' time the will carry two russian cosmonauts and an american astronaut the international space station ati's source of the story. well it's a few days before the a crew of the t.s.a. twenty one it blasts off into space and as expected in the few days in the run up to the the actual flight they are going through the preflight perforations and right now what you're seeing behind me is the actual capsule that will be taken some space this is the top part of the a space shuttle where the actual crew will be staying and the crew members that we have of for this flight are excited there are some chives and supercycle and american astronaut ron garan now what they're going through right now is actually called a fit check literally checking whether they fit into the seats that have been made it is designed especially for them each astronaut cosmonaut has a different filter different weight different height and so they have to customize
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everything inside the cabin crew area so that they're going to feel comfortable in doing the tasks are supposed to do now the blastoff will happen in a approximately about four four days and they're going to be doing about forty experiments in space what's special about this if you can see in the background is that you can see a you got in the first man in space a logo of him patter having a very special about this why does that it's happening very closely i mean first with fiftieth anniversary and a few to get got its first flight the space that was of course april twelfth mightiness sixty one all the preflight preparations are very precise and followed down to the last detail but it's not just the mathematics the science of the rocket science that is that they actually follow to the last detail but it's also the traditions that c.b.s. cosmonauts and astronauts have to go through a few days before the flight and today they had gone to the museum as had the other cosmonauts who had gone to space a visit with the museum but you could got a museum they put their signatures every single person that had launched
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a god gone into space had done the exact same thing beside the went to uni oh good god it's a cottage as well they visited that and it's again it's even more special now that they're doing this because of the fiftieth anniversary of the first larger community got. their start or some other international stories. this out properly officials are trying to pump out contaminated water from the stricken reactors up the receiver nuclear plant authorities hope the measure will help resume left it's too strong since it's proving system it's unclear when the operation will start as radiation levels around the site are continuing to grow latest tests show it's ten thousand illegal limiting groundwater apart. intense gunfire has broken out across around chicago by spotters attempting to unseat puncheons entrenched presence known as residents are fighting it comes after forces supporting the internationally recognized president alassane ouattara took control
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of them jointly. regular army puts up with the resistance of soldiers under its un has now introduced sanctions placing an asset freeze and travel have only incumbent president. seven people were injured after fierce winds and rain battered aviation testimony at central florida severe conditions small planes are grounded more power lines leaving tens of thousands of people without of the trinity storm started in the gulf of mexico and travel east bringing a second date extreme weather to the region. now it's time for a rush up close out the series where the team travels to the heart of the country's industrial. yes nestled on the border between europe and asia where in the chilean instant
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region the enterprise powerhouse that has been a vital cog in the gears of russia's economy for centuries now it's also a major manufacturing area producing everything from military watches to engraved rattle works. he's going to go to school discover some of those rooms of the past are experiencing something of a comeback as collectors and the public turn to timeless classics. time stand still and let oldest. of this time catherine rightly is like being the time anything has to be here over the last thirty to forty years in fact when i look around these are some of the archives here i'll catch phrases like this one there from back in my childhood they were married in one thousand six thousand nine hundred seventy one despite the fact that the as they say was the word incoming does not go with what three still people here and you make some things which are being hunted by watch collectors the world over you may have heard of these russian
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divers watches they have been hard by collectors worldwide for several decades now but most can only get their hands on costly replicas which have nothing to do with the originals the real deal is being made right here in town of the most. we produce these watches until nine hundred seventy four for the soviet navy then we stopped because there was no need for them but now suddenly they become popular so we renewed production but in a very small capacity now these are the famous divers watches which these are posed to watch by and is known for of course there is nothing dainty about them they're extremely heavy and well frankly very bulky so i don't think i could pull them off but for any watch enthusiastic out there who is into big things this may just be the ultimate choice and it's not only watch fans taken care of here so that those has something to offer even to modern day swashbucklers. not from eight
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hundred fifteen as low cost was the center of calderon's production in the country return essentially supplied weapons to the entire russian imperial army. these days the town supplies cold steel weapons widely used by russian special forces and military and state officials and state gives every wards for outstanding service. clients include the army greet russian federal security service and private collectors called steel weapons are more of a symbolic item now rather than a functional one they signify power in order to this day i think every officer should at least have a cutlass in his possession so whether you are going to reaffirm your status with a blade or to keep time with a heavy duty military watch is that ost the town of iron workers who manage to evolve with time will probably have what you want it includes korti to lebanese krege and it's great skill it lets us some business news now with country.
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banks carrying banks or staying with us here in our day and welcome to the business news that is our business isn't russia could be in for a tax break president dmitry medvedev says the social tax rate which pays for health care and pensions should be lowered it went up to thirty four percent of the beginning of the year and many analysts say it's having a negative impact on all types of businesses however appear at certain medvedev a partner and senior science taxation is not the main issue for potential investors . people want to understand you for in the making of us with decision for a business. they. are doing a business plan that will be a pain in the ocean a lot of times but this is exactly the model so give them they're going to pick some of the surveys for the russian business and what is a major impediment for making this brush bureaucracy is the number one guy for. actually wrote systems about number four in the. ballots have
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a look at how the stock markets are forming the nikkei closed down on friday as the sector struggles to repair the economic damage from tokyo as an earthquake bearing saying on the other hand is progressing in the black this hour more than one percent with hong kong energy producers leading the way on rising oil prices european markets are open strongly after finishing in the red on thursday with support coming from the financial sector the fourteen is up this hour at around point a to the percent and the dax is also up almost one hundred percent. here in russia the r.t.s. on the my six i trading in the black with my six up almost one percent and the r.t.s. almost one percent also energy companies are the main game is this out with lukoil and rosneft about one percent. proposals by president medvedev to have government officials taken off the boards of state companies has affected the russian markets on tuesday role and there should be no capital so the changes will continue to have
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an impact. today the market is really going to be focusing on. the results of what we saw yesterday you know coming to terms now with the present maybe at its comments about. a board of directors what does this mean for sachin what does this mean for how does it impact the companies that are associated with trying to price that it's difficult to price something is off market as those kind of comments investors will be looking at the government controlled company and it seems to be a lot that's changing at the moment in most government controlled companies they are fundamentally some of the cheapest assets in emerging markets globally so if there is likely to be any positive change there and i can have a big impact on the price of oil has reached a two and a half year high amid new concerns about the situation in libya brant crude is currently trying to around one hundred seventeen dollars a barrel while light sweet is hovering around one hundred seven dollars the
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chairman of german energy company which is hold says he's expecting oil prices to hold around these current levels. we do a see an oil prize which is in the order of magnitude magnitude of one hundred ten dollars plus per barrel i think there sir the recent development you do see in the arabic walden in japan we really keep the oil price on the certain level we do see right now but the volatility will increase and pending on what is really happening on our globe this therefore we have to deal with the situation but the level on short term i just see there. well that's all the business we have time for this hour but you can always keep up to date online at r.t.m. dot com for its last business.
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and even. talked. god. from an. underground. wealthy british style. market finiteness come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy which might structure for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to the report. see. more news today von.


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