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this is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. this is r t the main stories we're covering for you this hour a senior associate of the libyan regime is reportedly in london for talks over good darkens from the country's foreign minister has already to fix it for what fishelson may be about to abandon the. u.s. top brass grilling in congress many still uncertain as to about the golden ring in turntables and who's going to pay for it the. integrity of america's most exhaust routinized as if the north symphony in deaths in gaza and south ossetia could
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jumpstart your full citizens and democracy to other regions. of japan plans to pump out contaminated water from the scene is done with reactors to resume cooling system repairs radiation levels around the plant continue to rise dramatically. parties most vendors in the french capital to explore any brush in influences on presumed life. hello and welcome to the show on this week's program. life history and culture in paris to stop on the epicenter of. the lewis museum
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unlikely place to find bush in contempt. who's pulling the exhibition holy russia cater to brush off from ancient times great blues decided to display you can see. the russian show is on the loose medieval sixty's features works you think major russian don't. use to. say however popular. there passed. through. both. classical for lecture and there or are some. fifty words my fifteen russian can simply aren't as representing various generations which shows are. within the framework of the russian front.
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paintings sketches drawings fancy graphs and video performances reflect the evolution of rich people to see the tradition this is a grand space creates a specific new series. you complete a position to you can scam people it's been displayed the worst you can simply awesome is still in you know not just here in far all around the world but hopefully. thanks. to a movie. location isn't about kosher is all new faith we're talking about please i was strong enough i'd like empty bruce full of it. but first a drink and a little entertainment. of local could walk up our class and particularly because there are no simple proof look about health care for specific about nothing because if you look at raising kids and was about the russian food
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here now. this is mike cabbage rules russian dumplings mini and also beef stroganoff i don't mean i'm so now i mean the traditional need dishes such as sicily are also very popular among i would dine just wow very impressive it seems a little strange to be eating traditional stroganoff here in paris but it smells a looks fantastic throughout the strike. world that is very very tasty. many russian famous figures such as the right instance do it in the c. s. he does it in paris which immigrants started losing to france in the nineteenth century in today thousands of procedures and links to brush such as the next. letter to me now tell me your parents were both russian but you were a charter school here in france do you but as a part of you still feel russian well my i have three children
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a three year old greek russian perfectly. wonderful who lives in moscow since life too well tell me about the russian community that still you know here in paris well community is a great well because actually my association which is cold. and central. psalter belong to cuckoo fish that should. russian language should culture. now i must ask them to. speak english and. gives a name in english because we. paper. which is called in russian it to school because they're obviously. in french it just called
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it. is a french word. the long. and loud it. come out in english to tell me what you think of the relationship between russians and french people. trouble is that french people don't know any sick of all russian history french people and english people in german people and everybody in europe know ellison and so. a journalist can tell. well not him lots of people will believe it and that's why i felt it my paper because it is wrong information rush thank you very much for your time good luck with all your work thank you. so what house is influenced by russian culture in
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paris the church of the three center is one of the oldest cathedrals of the russian immigration of the revolution nine hundred seventeen celebrating its eightieth anniversary this year the parish was founded in nine hundred thirty one is small building which was originally a garage you don't see any and in terms of troops church but still it's richly decorated inside i mean i kind of the terrace was brutal. criminal and. in eight hundred twelve and in the one nine hundred thirty s. his relatives who were in the n.t. shop decided to sell it. the church congregation didn't have the money to. put a miracle happened there was a rich woman. labor just joined a church she understood the cathedral needed the people to preach so she sold. the emeralds and. was founded in one thousand nine hundred eighty
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five iverson exiles named after the famous russian writer he donated books from his private collection over the years the library funds grew considerably during world war two it's a collection of more than a hundred thousand books disappear in one hundred fifty. publications from its original has never been found. stranded in one thousand nine hundred five of connections between a few countries in various artistic and scientific fields and hosts more than one hundred cultural and educational events every year including film festivals close it's comfort says. has become. every year the principal. is free. and also for
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a feature of the russian we. develop. these three quarters full russian. forces are. in for. the first those feel just as if. if you are being sued by the russian french thais sculpture of the famous general and statesman chose to do created by young russian sculptor until it is usually cost creates the museum of the army in paris the bust was given as a gift to the museum to celebrate the one hundred twenty thousand first rate the work was appraised by the artistic community for its resemblance and the kitchen of the general's council.
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arriving a loft tile location of here backstage at the famous leader it's all this country started all the way back in ninety six and the current. meaning happiness has been seen by almost four million people and it has a basis of cost sharing many artists from russia the former soviet union in u.s.s.r. where i was born there was no much thinks to go for it now thing on the hill so i had to walk to go to work play and then i often use the porch about but i did not at all for three years and now in medieval for eight years. oh yeah i find i'm very happy to have. the many of the performers who train classically in russia or elsewhere in the two tools to continue korean ballet such shows like the leader in paris provided them with alternative stage work seventy artists six hundred costumes twenty three sets a pool and a real high street but he told the spectacular show something to d.c.
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and little interest in the cost of french english cranial straightly in recent months is to name a few as leader solo performer she can say it's a sign of the times true can operation be. seen. as france and russia become closer as a result of strength three guys the two worlds exploded into opportunity russian culture as fascinating. two reasons for decades it is sometimes misunderstood one thing is clear times oh changing. weather is awesome sports food or does bush imprisons is all the rest. absolutely brilliant and with the supports all some russian talents excellent both fortunately that's all it's how we have on this week's show i'll see you get to the
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same time next week and tell them for me how the rest of the crew of the shows only say here in paris around. two. years you know was sixteen years old when he committed these murders that's not to say that song so are some upbeat and for his crimes song is being no rational person can deny that china has been is been and will be punished. as ours must be executed for the group. this is punishment this is not. imagined. friends. because you.
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know me wants to her. and i didn't come here last june's fist. in her game for mercy. it's time for the small town. america. and my that is now. disarming saddam hussein. passenger r.-t. of iraqi citizens. this event brings further assurance that the torture
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chambers and the secret police are gone forever. thanks guys again every embassy in kabul. cherish too much occupied afghanistan. and now occupy sales at guantanamo bay. image met. it is appropriate to this day in accordance to switch a speech in if be to be a bitch face lab study slap if you can should do nothing so that it shocks them especially if you're just on staff but you don't actually break it in terms of cut the three days intake base that we use in j.j. if one tom are approved by the senior leadership award. the movie is nothing to. believe transference. wealthy british style.
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that's not on right. now to. market so why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy him cause a report on r t. a senior associate of the libyan regime is reportedly in the london for talks have come to the gulf his future at the country's foreign minister has already defects. it was officials may be about to abandon their leader. u.s. top brass gets a grilling in congress with many still uncertain as to what the goal of the libyan town page is going to pay for it. meanwhile the integrity of america's motives are scrutinized as it ignores civilian deaths in gaza and some percentage jumps seem to bring democracy to more than regions. and plans to pump contaminated water from
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consumers damaged reactors to resume cooling systems and radiation levels around the plant continue to rise dramatically. for sports music with their underwear and some news about bosnia being suspended from world football that's right kerry that news just coming in the last few minutes a fever has gone ahead with its threat suspend the country from international soccer effectively stopping its domestic clubs and the national side from playing teams from abroad it's all over round about how the boston football federation is run up got more on this just in the sack. hello there thanks for watching the sport and this is what is coming our. miami nice rabbit produces a comeback winning to reach the sony ericsson final in florida. last staying on track locomotives done atlanta keep it going cup dreams going. and russian
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president medvedev meets the country skating stars ahead of the world championships in moscow. we will start with the tennis there were they were facing tori as a rain care in the final of the sony ericsson open as a ranger from belarus defeating russian beers of already over in straight sets in miami while she rather produced a great comeback win over the german and repaid give each a sure out of the start of this game the favorite and rank five places hired and paid give each but it was the german who had a much better start and quickly adjusted to the blustery conditions to take the first set six three however two out of the found a rhythm in the second taking that to love and then spread through the third six to the russian is after her first i feel since may last year was pleased with how she thought her way back into them. yeah i don't have the first first i felt pretty slow and sluggish was a moving of the barlows kwaito windy out there today and i don't feel like i just did well and i think that's what i started doing in the second so i was really
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moving to the ball and taking the ball early and just surf i worked hard at it so as the range is her next opponent and a girl in form to you after beating kim clijsters she swept past world number phrase of one of the over taking the first set to love and then the second six three match point decided by one of your vision where you would forehand as confirmed by hawkeye. meanwhile roger federer will play great rival rafael nadal in the same he's after getting partial samone the frenchman losing the first three games and then having. to retire with a stiff neck so phèdre with an easy passage into the last ball that he will face world number one doubt he defeated thomas birdie in three sets and the dow looked to be cruising half to the set in this one six two finishing with an ace but then burdick found some form of his own to level the match. and in the decider there were some great rallies to enjoy right from the very first
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game and adele winning this one to go one game up and in the end the spaniard was just too powerful take in the last six three and he gains them expanding to the corners of the court so math watering semi final to look forward to between it now and federer. playoffs locomotive jaroslav will live to fight another day they want to thriller against atlanta last night to pull back their best of seven series to three two and denying their opponents what looked like a certain place in the garden cup final the lockout were trained by two goals going into the third period and it looked like atlanta had done enough to go through big goals from his van like a chain care and alexander gleam of sent it into overtime and their pocket change got a second to give his side if three to win atlanta are still three two up in the series and have another chance to wrap it up on home ice on saturday pull over in eastern conference tell about your live show one win away from the guard cup final they
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play metal it might be of course again today after taking a three one series lead in a contest a mainstay action from that here for two was have finished with just of course love grabbing the third in the second period before alexander completed the scoring with the net. i mean a managerial change in the cage shelters can moscow have signs followed by coach from then armory he guided his team to the current cup quarter finals while the army men failed to make the post-season under surrogate cina. by fever and u.a. for her suspended balls in the air from world soccer because its federation refuses to replace a three member presidency with a single leader fifa says it deeply regrets the decision which was taken with the backing of u.a.e. for these federation presidency and shared by a bosnian croat and this fee for insist there should just be one leader however opposing serves a. the single present plan fearing it could jeopardize their autonomy means bosnia's national team will be removed from the european championship qualifier
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this. we will stay with for ball because english premier league soccer review regimes on saturday with six place liverpool looking to keep their hands on the europa league place they are at west brom managed by former boss roy hodgson and could welcome back steven gerrard after almost a month that thing. as you probably will from the surgery groups who were serious before. but the same groups is going to be in early zero. seven is down the road through this week and one of the two of them be doing most of the school scene. and how much is one of a taking place and saturday elsewhere leaders manchester united travel to the top part of my stamp of lunchtime kick off while black but come to second place arsenal who are five points off the top of a game in hand chelsea who are third away stake in spurs play struggling wigan remark three games have gone in a new season in the russian premier league that gets under way again on saturday to
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look at those fixtures a new boys club with darker taking the lead in the table if they win at home just. created yet of we've only played one game say far this season or made a side bolder take on the nano moscow a lot of mighty ace rough stuff. russian president dmitry medvedev has made his country's figure skaters ahead of next month's world championships in moscow which will place tokyo as the venue following the earthquake he visited a brand new sports center in northern moscow and talked to sports chiefs anna weeks there and multi-purpose stadium has a figure skating school run by you lena chekhov sky coach multiple world champions the president said having moscow as a venue for the world championships is a big honor. it wasn't only arse who offered our help in the capacity it was a boost because it was to chosen as the venue the stars understand this is a token of respect for all capabilities and it's really cheap. well russia is
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hoping for some success at the upcoming championships but there is still a winter sport where the nation is short of talent so why is this when recently snowboarding has enjoyed a boom or richard looks at the reasons and how the country and to turn things around. russia and the soviet union have been a dominant force in winter olympics for decades plenty of medals in hockey figure skating in biathlon to name but a few all of those ones continues to elude success alpine skiing but all are going to be shown as a fiddle to about sports as she won the country's only lingering medal in the discipline a silver hammer and ninety ninety four. it's all fine scheme has always been an expensive sport it costs a lot of money to prepare the slopes and get the necessary machinery can keep the peace in good shape i remember when i was growing up i would go skiing in the caucasus there was
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a lot of interest which will let the same technology that those in europe and america has always had to train abroad it's something what a country like you can shine with just thirty thousand citizens there's nine times more limpid outpoint screen nettles from russia its population it's fifty thousand times bigger than all of our children in the tiny alpine principality learn to ski almost as soon as they learn to wark something that is not accessible to those in russia at the moment so the nine. months lopes in russia artificial and there aren't a lot of them when a talented youngster goes abroad to ski regular in their early teens he or she has to get used to skiing on real snow and correct their technique and this is a major factor why well again behind. things could be about to change our point see in russia has the backing of russian prime minister vladimir putin has more than accomplished here in his own rights new slopes been popping up in the urals in the caucuses over the last decade lympics will give russia's news generation to its
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possible facilities. there would be such a will be a massive help in trying to develop opines kenan russia our federation recently held the first ever international standard helplines keening around the country and we are delighted that everything went well. with the cities now being put in place there is nothing to stop russian ski years from enjoying the same six cents but the country snowboarders of hand over the last few years so boarding has been much easier to develop because the piece to shorter and less money is needed to maintain learn the sochi olympics will probably prove to be a games too early for russia to enjoy any medal success in alpine skiing however the vicinity is will lay the foundations for future generations to properly challenge the world's best. you can see. other new sure lanka expect star botha murali relief there and to be fit for tomorrow's will cup final
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against india he had strained a hamstring against new zealand in the semifinals and also has knee and growing and side problems but has been back in the nets today after a day's rest on thursday in coach covered bayliss expects him to play against india on saturday in the bar. i think it changes it good but it came three goldies you know it is in the semifinal and it came through that catcher that ok jealousy just a little bit stiff and sore but. character them in these will to want to play cricket not see we don't know that will work up. it would be. i would use of course it will be people right but it is just the way to go before golf's first major of the year the masters in or. guster in the world's top plays the fine tuning their game at the shell who used to know but in texas at the moment world number two lee westwood is among them he almost hold this bunker shot during his opening round of sixty eight although that's still five shots off the pace set by american jimmie
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walker he tied the course record and is two shots ahead of nick and just into his eyes and feet alarie will take a three shot lead into the second day rocco he fired a sixty four during his opening round at the trophy has santorum and england's strong bigots and i most want to reach david finished on five hundred along with india's shift poor and produced this lovely approach. and it went very close the whole trust me that is the. latest.
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hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on the potty. in indonesia oh she's available in hotels coming dolly resort and spawns my all good resort and spa only come on come down upon the motive in time.


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