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tv   [untitled]    April 1, 2011 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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compulsive it's hard to see points pleasures and i would princess to the splined in touch with her tell me touch your world the picture of a good girl how would international floods achieve every dream lol her children in tow who. have the growing number of senior libyan officials are reportedly fleeing the country the regime shows no signs of crumbling with tripoli denying to factions. there will be no american boots on the ground in libya we see press reports police in the fields are cia operatives on the ground so boots on the ground as i would define us tom kraus gets grilled in congress of the libyan campaign but fails to clear up confusion over the aims of the operation and its counting. churchill wants the world to know it's all no more against corruption so was the
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rooney folks a businessman who georgia owes a hundred million dollars this is a sea change in it he said prism all the details are coming up in just a few minutes. a warm welcome to you live from our headquarters in central moscow for watching archie with me and he's now in our top story this hour the u.k. has reportedly been holding talks with a senior aide to the libyan regime who's believed to be seeking an exit strategy for colonel gadhafi this comes as more top ranking libyan officials have now reportedly fled the country following the tracks of foreign minister mustafa koussa libyan opposition has presented conditions for a cease fire but as are all so they are now reports from tripoli the government doesn't seem ready to back off. we know at this moment of at least two high profile
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defections the country's foreign minister mr minister mussa koussa is currently in london where he is meeting with british officials despite the fact that they say they will not grant him immunity and then mr abdul salam tricky he's also a former foreign minister of libya he was also an ambassador to the united nations where he served a term as president of the general assembly has also announced his departure now there can be no doubt that this is a psychological blow to the gadhafi regime certainly what we're hearing from london is that the regime is on the verge of crumbling but here in tripoli the government has actually laughed off these kind of suggestions of defections when questioned about what is the depiction of the foreign minister the country's spokesperson mr mousavi put him said that this was an old man he was exhausted he was suffering from diabetes and he actually approached the government for a leave of absence in which he could seek treatment would not mr receiver him say that they have granted the foreign minister this and he went so fast to say that if the prime minister returns he will be welcomed back now when we questioned him
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about rumors we are hearing of at least another ten people who have defected the latest news we have is that a group of libyan officials who travel to the troops are actually staying there and among them are a former prime minister and also the current head of the country's parliament the government has said it is simply unaware of this now almost as important if not more important are reports that we are hearing that for the past fortnight one of the most trusted aides of the gadhafi regime has been in london where he's been holding secret talks with will for if he's there over a possible exit strategy for gadhafi so the questions that people are asking the number one is the jaffee planning some kind of exit and secondly for just how much longer can his regime survive with a defection of such high profile members at the same time we're hearing from the vatican's top envoy to libya that at least forty civilians have been killed in the air strikes in tripoli alone most of those casualties in the eastern tripoli suburb of tears and one such incident that we've been told about is when
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a house collapsed on the family with small children inside. archies polls they're reporting there from tripoli where you can follow us on twitter to get instant updates from her and one of her latest tweets she talks about how there's tension ahead of friday prayers in the libyan capital that of course has more if you've got the regime to the regime factions are expected to follow our poll as updates of our t. underscore com you can also check out her blog and insights on our main website our dot com. u.s. defense secretary robert gates and the chairman of joint chiefs of staff mike mullen have faced a grilling in front of congress over the libyan campaign old struggle to answer vital questions as to what the exit strategy is or how to cover the costs are to
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scale in fort has more. twelve days into the u.s. bombing of libya. u.s. congressmen were hoping to finally get some answers but after two hours of questioning the secretary of defense and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff they were still confusion about the u.s. is the end game i think a policy success would be the removal of the khadafi regime a military mission is a limited one and does not include regime change. who the rebels are we don't have much visibility into and of those who have risen against gadhafi each element has its own agenda. and whether the u.s. will arm them discuss our plans if you need regarding arming the rebels they seem to be getting their butts whipped but gates in mind passed the buck on that one deferring to the white house what if there was
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a qaeda decided to bristol and there we would clearly have the problem how long the u.s. will stay the bottom line is no one can predict for you how long it will take. for that to happen and whether the u.s. is at war at all these are combat operations were intended to. be going to i don't know why this administration is not going on it with the american people that this is about regime change your circular defense you ought to be an expert on what's an act of war act of war not hate filled congress the president actually did not make his final decision on what to do until thursday night less than forty eight hours before the first two hundred tomahawk missiles were fired we don't understand what he's doing still and i don't think he has the support of this congress or the brief to get there are sharks and square. there wasn't one what is clear the cost five hundred fifty million dollars in the first ten days alone and the
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estimated forty million dollars a month but not how it will be paid in terms of how to pay for this. there is a. we are in the discussions with the white house would be very difficult for the department to eat this cost paid million repeated over and over again there would be no american ground troops there will be no american boots on the ground in libya who is the person on the ground that is directing close air support missions against these fortunes there is no one on the ground recent press reports at least indicate there are cia operatives on the ground so boots on the ground as i would define it and of other spending troops i guess is we'd all read about it in the newspaper the same time i see that's my concern is that we read about things in the newspaper and then we get to come and ask the questions and ford our t. in d.c. . former u.s. intelligence officer philip giraldi feels the opposition in libya is so
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disorganized that foreign forces on the ground will have to be involved at some point. the problem is if you have several thousand rebels who are not used to using weapons have no idea of discipline or how to fight a battle a general is not going to make a big difference you need to have people training them and directing them at a lower level and if cia people are doing this at a lower level that means they will inevitably get involved in the fighting and this is what robert gates has recently promised would never happen boots on the ground well i don't know if you know the of the american folk story about that tar baby where the tar baby looks like a baby but once you grab hold of it you stick to it and you never get loose this happens far too many times in terms of american involvement in countries that we don't really understand very much about and in situations that we don't understand and what happens is these things continue for a lot longer than anyone anticipated. well as the military campaign in libya rages
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on questions remain over who exactly is calling the shots and later on cross talk peter lavelle's gas share their views on the issue here's a quick look at what. we have to be a little skeptical that that's a you're good u.s. strategy to go in and then hope for it is the idea to be of hope i guess to quote the president's own saying to run a strategy like this or we're going to get into some bombing and that sort of thing and hope for the best and i just don't see going to war in that way as responsible and i can't believe the us foreign policy establishment is supporting that type of a half baked option but this is not the u.s. against gadhafi in fact the u.s. is taking a backseat through this is a forty three countries internationally us who are against it i'm not even going through it is the u.s. against. providing those who commit crimes and i bring please can i finish my point please five out of countries two of them are engaged in the military action norway
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canada. netherland started then month one to three countries france britain you know this is not the us against gadhafi and we have not invited to you as to come in. here with our t. ly from moscow seven years in prison that's how doing business in georgia has ended up or one israeli investor running food was found guilty of bribery by it to produce the court but his lawyers say he was entrapped by top officials so the government could avoid paying one hundred million dollars it owed the businessmen it's cost lives artie's kathleen koch over she's following these developments katherina how does a businessman who a government owes millions and up in jail and he's not just a businessman but it would be all pipeline legal guess who question how it came up that he turns up in a free. and i believe so what investing that much in the country
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a loss to togo rudy folks received a possible invitation but is quite surprisingly for himself from the georgian prime minister invitation we show was aimed at settling a long running hundred million dollar work financial dispute between the israeli businessman and the georgian authorities but this is the money which foods has been demanding from the georgian side for almost fifteen years now and want to green to go to drew a chair he believes he had a strong hand shortly before that in spring last year and i betray sion in london roots but the children authorities saying deeds owed to folks ninety eight million dollars plus interest to him and to his business associate now when he was going to truly care of people go into georgia he was invited for an official talks let's call it this way in turkey he was in a luxury hotel room and after copious consumption of kenya they wish to burble to
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you it wasn't fixed on paper but neither was it on the territory of georgia and the deal was that but instead of the legal piles of. books which pay seven million tourists to the georgian authorities and they would give him in return. ls amount of money which the london school rules not nineteen million dollars but rather seventy two. so they witnessed under the table side payment holy place what was needed to do is just go to georgia to finalize the deal and in front of t.v. cameras rudy food smack with the prime minister over to egypt up to the minutes up to that here and his business is based on the word arrest and that was in january this year for allegations of bribery well the leader of the two cold beats says that it was a very smart trap oh. an iced by george's senior officials and that which was
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orchestrated by. himself and the two businessmen got into this trap. there was in fact a. cooperation a collaboration between four important ministries of the government and probably with the approval of the president of the ministry of finance the ministry of justice the ministry of the interior and the prime minister's office all of which came together. with a plan to entrap. fuchs was that informed through diplomatic channels that he would not be released until the arbitration award was waived. was not the end of the story for lawyer also claims that every scenes he's arrest has been under pressure from the georgian authorities that they would release him only here needs his skills and gives up his financial claims leaves a hundred million tools i want you to understand that but times pickier it up
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taiwan it's was investing in it through which it was when the country was wrapped with civil war i was serving on the verge of a breakup it wasn't the nine hundred ninety he was an investor in industry and then the georgian authorities expropriated his world project well of course is that those allegations are all that was created and that bunch of bear in mind at the time when books brought money into that country it was when there was no competition at all and the government was with georgia was grateful for any help with the gals. have to do a great job of following the story of this israeli business and running food some is now going to be in a tbilisi jail for seven years or katherina thanks for that. well you're with me still ahead for you this hour. pros d.v.d. engineer went missing in ukraine to late to resurface going to israeli prison the scandal is gathering momentum with everything going to a special operation by the assad which the great authorities has no idea holds all
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the details in our report from kiev coming up in just a few minutes plus. despite the fact that with their new things it was so we'll know in coming to the close watch that great still people here for you when you make some things which are being hunted by what's called out there the world over. parties close a team visits the place for time seems to have stood still but thankfully not affected the crowd of watchmaking join us in brussels urals. but first japanese officials are planning to pump out contaminated water from the quake hit reactors at the fukushima nuclear plant authorities hope the measurable help efforts to restore the facilities cooling systems it comes after radiation was detected in groundwater near the plant for the first time the levels were ten thousand times higher for legal limit authorities say they don't want to expand
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that trying to kilometer evacuation zone despite the fact radiation was rather start forty kilometers from the facility but let's talk more about this we're now joined live by american writer and japan ologists alex here thanks for being with us there are about thirty people who have been left inside this evacuation zone refusing to leave their homes why do they not realize how serious the situation is why do you think they're staying there. actually i think most of them do realize that there was actually an interview on japanese television where an old couple said look. we've lived here all our lives were ready to die here one issue is that you have people who are. really in the localized old people who can't move. they don't know what to do some people have commentators and doctors have said that the stress for people like that out of leaving their homes
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and being put in a in a center somewhere is going to be much harder on their health than whatever radiation they might get still there are thousands of people who have fled their homes in fukushima and they are already reported that these people face isolation because they came from the danger zone but as the attitude towards them. will i think is a little bit exaggerated at this point but i can foresee in the future and that there could be problems for example after hiroshima a lot of people would not want their children to marry somebody from here. because they were worried about their teeth fixed in the search thing so this could be a problem. for the u.n. detected radiation in soil forty kilometers away from the facility but japan's government is not going to expand the evacuation zone it's still twenty kilometers why is that. that is absolutely baffling it's one of the weirder aspects of this
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that the japanese government seems unwilling to accept reality when it comes to serious danger outside the twenty kilometer limit actually it's not just the us results the international atomic agency has discovered it and even the japanese government's own results as published according to a. nuclear radioactivity testing facility called s p. d which was reported about a week ago announced the same results so it's obvious that people in this hamlet forty kilometers away are in danger and yet the government seems stunned shingly unwilling to move. i can only guess that it's something to do with face saving. may be. the government doesn't want to admit. the danger is
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gone beyond a certain artificial limit it's really hard to figure this one there are also reports that over a thousand bodies of victims of the quake are still left inside the evacuation zone in there not being very because of the dangerous radiation in the area where is the solution here i mean these people do eventually have to be buried. one would assume so that it's not really clear where that number came from a bit obviously there are many and that's and that's another mystery i think nobody knows what's going to happen to those studies and it may be quite a while ago for anybody is willing to go in there and start looking for. another company operating the fukushima plant have been criticized for. ration ration fashion and grueling ship for those workers who remain inside the plant so to be doing more for the very people battling to save the company from a nuclear meltdown. well of course it should but again one of the biggest problems
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that we're dealing with here is this whole thing has been left in the hands of the electrical company and in most large countries of the world editor if you had a problem with this seriousness you'd have the not the central government coming in with all the big resources at their disposal the army the navy with a big oil spill that we had in america last year the coast guard was called in the resources of this phone company are not up to it they don't have enough cars and vans and so on to get to the site well them that in a big wealthy country like japan there are other ways to do it and yet the government just seems terribly just unwilling to make a move beyond what some fear a kratz in the electrical company and telling them of. their many problems not only that ration one of the curious questions is why are they staying at a facility that is subject to radioactivity just five hundred meters from the site
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they have got to live in ways to bring in tents to build temporary shelter say one kilometer or even two which would lower the amount of radioactivity that they're exposed to. the scale of bankets it. doesn't seem to be done. i think here though the issue is not so much what the electrical company did or didn't do but why the central government seems unwilling to step in and. i can pan expert and american writer alex courage running a five front thanks that. now as the nuclear crisis in japan continues to unfold some worry that fukushima might turn into another chernobyl the disaster at the ukrainian reactor was the world's worst nuclear accident on our website you can find exclusive photos from the area around twenty five years on to see these striking and harrowing images and from the war columns
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and blogs and on to r.t. dot com. well scandal is flaring up after israel confirmed it was behind the abduction of a palestinian engineer in ukraine last month who are a boost e.c. accused by television of links with hamas is now awaiting a trial in an israeli prison artie's alexy or such details. this story has definitely more questions than answers and more mysteries than we can imagine the palestinian engineer. she went missing in ukraine in the middle of february he was on board a train from hikers to kiev when allegedly two men walked into the school of argument and removed a man from the train there had been no information whatsoever on his whereabouts until thursday when the israeli prime minister openly admitted that the man was kept in a prison on israel's territory now his connection to the hamas is being named as one of the reasons for such actions and he is waiting for charges to be put against
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him but his wife and himself are saying that these allegations are not true in fact his ukrainian wife. turned to the u.n. high commissioner for refugees to sort this issue out and she believes that this alleged kidnapping was performed by the israeli intelligence service the mossad now what's interesting about the story is how exactly this man was removed from the ukrainian territory i spoke to one of the former security officers and he told me that in case of a planned operation between the two countries intelligence services this this usually is not a problem with a man is arrested then he is quietly deported from the country but in this case both the iranian intelligence service and the cheery ministry say they had no idea of any actions by their israeli counterparts moreover the country's interior minister aleksandr would you know if he's going to israel to sort this issue out so the country's interior minister has now a very difficult task to sell his israeli counterparts not to do anything like that
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on the korean territory without letting them know. what time now to take off with our russia close team make it their mission to bring you a taste of some of the most interesting place in the country. this time the focus is on the urals the border between europe and asia the region is an industrial powerhouse that's been fueling russel's economy for centuries among its trademark goods are highly sought after military watches and engraved steel weapons are these are integral to look for yourself time stand still in slot oldest. at this time thought through a one way it's like being in the time with certainly anything has to be here over the last thirty to forty years in fact when i look around the names of some of the archives through our tax raises like this one that's now back in my childhood they
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were made in one thousand six hundred nineteen seventy one despite the fact that both their newspaper was the word incoming does not go with what that great still people here continue to make some things which are being prompted by what collectors the world over you may have heard of these russian divers watches they have been hard by collectors worldwide for several decades now but most can only get their hands on costly replicas which have nothing to do with the originals the real deal is being made right here in the town of the post. we produced these watches until nine hundred seventy four for the soviet navy then we stopped because there was no need for them but now suddenly they've become popular so we've removed production. now these are the famous divers watches which the watch point is known for of course there is nothing dainty about them they are extremely heavy and well frankly very bulky so i don't think i could pull them out of but for any watch in
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those years to all there was in two big things this may just be the ultimate choice and it's not only watch fans taken care of here so that those has something to offer even to modern day swashbucklers boosterism. from eight hundred fifteen is like most was the center of calderon's production in the country return essentially supplied weapons to the entire russian imperial army these days the town supply is called steel weapons widely used by russian special forces and military and state officials and state gifts and rewards for outstanding service possibly young. clients include the read russian federal security service and private collectors are called still weapons are more of a symbolic item now rather than a functional one they signify power in order to this day so whether you're looking to reaffirm your status with a blade or to keep time with a heavy duty military watch this is the town of iron workers who manage to evolve
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with time will probably have what you want it in english carty children's krege and . business is next here on r t with you maria. that's right time for a quick close look at the world of business and business isn't russia could be in for a tax break president medvedev says the social tax rate which pays for health care and pensions should below it it went up to thirty four percent of the beginning of the year and betty ellis say it's having a negative impact on all types of businesses how whether preventive apartment or sing young says took sation is not the main issue for investors. i don't think the issue is investment in russia is it is the tax system i think that says that actually it was one of the was second so your reasons why the russian isn't going to is not as good as a real wasn't to be. done the research of such a short as a major impediment to invest in investments in russia both local and foreign as
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a group and go to texas to. have a look at how the stock markets are performing the nikkei closed down almost half a percent on friday as the sector struggles to repair the economic damage from tokers earthquake and so on the other hand was not more than one percent with hong kong's energy producers leading the way on rising oil prices. and european stock markets are trading opposed to territory the solid with banks reacting to the results of the arias stress test the central bank violence stress tests on the nation's banks showed that all of these are total thirty four billion dollars in order to meet new capital requirements in the energy sector shares and review also rose two percent on high oil prices. and here in russia both the r.t.s. and the isis continue to gain this hour as investors are encouraged by high commodity prices both the r.g.s.
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and the my side gaining the same number of points about one point two percent and let's now have a look at some of the individual share moves were made in the plot at the moment with gas from trading around one and a half percent on the rise banking stocks also was out round one point six percent up by those that are seen year is among the main losers after its post the poor twenty ten results it's down around four percent and my six. that's all we have time for now join me let someone else try for more business stories here on archly . we'll. bring you the latest in science technology from around russia. we've done the future coverage.


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