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british soil. sometimes. markets. can only. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the reports on r.g.p. . here with our t.v. live from moscow our top stories this friday as a growing number of senior libyan officials are reportedly fleeing the country the regime stands firm with resume to tops on the rubble held city this consummate ongoing coalition airstrikes have been revealed a raid on wednesday is believed to have claimed seven more civilian lives. here as defense secretary and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff are grilled in congress over the libyan campaign but both found to clear up confusion over the
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aims of the operation and it's now almost. also a prison term for investing in georgia an israeli businessman gets seven years in jail for bribery but his lawyers claim he was in trouble by the contras a farty odeon vaster one hundred million dollars. coming out party as martin answers in the french capital to explore the many russian influences on parisian life. hello and welcome to the show on this week's program. history and culture in paris to start on the epicenter of. the lewis museum.
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whose exhibition holy russia. times great to see a major display. that's the russian is in the medieval section he's. gone. to. see how as a couple where. their. food. by fifteen. percent and various generations which shows it is within the framework of the refroze cultural you know. the paintings and sculptures
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graphs and video performances in reflect the evolution of sick tradition this underground space creates a specific mysterious kind of complete position he can display the russian can something awesome is still insufficient you know not just here in france but all around the world but hopefully. that's. a moving. location isn't about cooking shows on move they were talking about who was really nice as stroganoff i'd like county groups for a living. but first a drink and a little entertainment. of local would walk up our collection i don't curl up with a ticket but you know sort of proof look about for foster a specific about method because you look amazing. and was about the russian food here now. this is my cabbage rules russian dumplings is neat and also be still
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going on i don't mean items on our menu traditional need dishes such as sicily are also very popular among olives on just wow very impressive it seems a little strange to be eating traditional stroganoff here in paris but it smells and looks fantastic to go let's try. for a fact is very very tasty. and many russian fans think is to choose the right systems doing the c.s. he does it to paris where she immigrant started moving to france in the nineteenth century even today thousands of proceedings of the links to russia such as on next . i read let me to meet you now tell me your parents were both russian but you were in fact born here in france but do you but is a part of you still feel russian well my i have three children.
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all speak russian perfectly. the one daughter who lives in moscow since life you were a tell me about the russian community that still you know here in paris well the community here is a great poor because actually my association which is called. central. of is a daughter saltwater long troopers that should. russian culture. now i must cast to. speak english and. give the name in english because we. paper. which is called in russian it is called.
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in french it just called it. the french word grew sauntered along. and now it. come out in english to tell me what you think of the relationship between russians and french people. trouble is that french people don't know anything about russia's history french people and english people in german people and everybody in new york don't know else and so a. journalist can tell. it well not him lots of people will believe it and that's why i followed it my paper because it is in order to give information thank you very much for your time but me to meet you and good luck with your. presentation. so what house is influenced by
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russian culture in paris the church of the three thing to fly is one of the oldest cathedrals of the russian immigration of the revolution nine hundred seventy celebrating its eightieth anniversary this year the parish was found in nine hundred thirty one in a small building which was originally a garage you don't see any and in terms of church but still it's richly decorated inside the main icon of the terraces brutes of. the crimean by the. in eight hundred twelve in the one nine hundred thirty s. his relatives who were going to take shop decided to sell it. church congregation didn't have the money to. put a miracle happened there was a rich woman. who just joined a church she understood the cathedral needed the icon for people to preach so she sold. as an emerald. paris was founded in eight hundred seventy five exiles named after the famous russian writer
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he donated books from his private collection over the years the library grew considerably during world war two this collection of more than one hundred thousand books disappears in one hundred fifty nine. of the publications from its original has never been found. responded in one thousand nine hundred five to support and develop connections between the two countries in various artistic and scientific fields. more than one hundred cultural and educational events every year. film festivals and a concert says. has become popular every year the principal. is free. and also. for teacher of the russian we. develop.
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these courses for russian. or other courses. and for. the. first. field i just visited a fall. you can get sued by the russian french thai sculpture of the famous general and statesman charles to pull created by a young person sculptor and refuse to shake off crates the museum of the army in paris the bust was given as a gift to the museum to celebrate to boost one hundred twenty thousand first grapes the work was appraised by the artistic community for its resemblance in the kitchen of the general's character.
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arriving at a final location of here backstage at the famous leader country started all the way back in ninety six and the current show meaning happiness has been seen by almost four million people and it has an ancestor cost picturing many artists from russia the former soviet union in the u.s.s.r. where i was born there was no much thankful for it golfing on the hill so i had locked up all the work space and then i asked to use the portugal that i didn't want it all for three years and now in forty eight years. for yeah i find it i'm very happy to have. the money of the promise you train classically in russia or elsewhere me too cool to continue korean ballet such shows like the leader in paris provided them with alternative stage work seventy artists six hundred costumes twenty three cents and a real high street but he told the spectacular show something to d.c.
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and little interest in class to french english ukrainian australian english and dances to name a few as a leader with so little for him she can say it's a sign of the times true can operation be. seen. as france and russia become closer as a result of the strength of its own eyes the two walls have exploded this opportunity russian culture has fascinated. two reasons to decades though sometimes misunderstood one thing is clear times oh change. whether it's awesome sports food or does the shoe presence is all the rest. absolutely brilliant and with the supports all some russian talents excellent well fortunately that's all it's how we have on this week's show i'll see you get the same time next week until then for me and the rest of the crew and the show's
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elisei here in paris by now. as you know song was sixteen years old when he committed these murders that's not inside the song so it should not be punished for his crimes sean is being no rational person can deny that john has been punished is being honest and will be honest. no sours must be executed for the group. this is. this is not. imagined.
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vengeance. because you've been immersed know you want so her. and i didn't come here just for us. and heard the first. star of the small town. market on. my hands now. it's the secret incursion into the country. against the invasion by means of. tradition the language tell you this is the best deal copied cookie.
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and culture. the thing is that the had to dozens are still unaware of what's going on in their land just over the last going to have no idea about much like mapping i don't know any but alaska the great geo on our cheap. wealthy british style holds sometimes. markets why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on r.t. in the czech republic and he's available in delhi hotel assayas central hotel for live era and he sent most frequent full stops by to which i am a taste in bosnia and herzegovina hotties available in hotel business and go till
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bit of each college and. achieve a photo fortunate sotto period of time at hotels you have enough kildare a boutique hotel and your lifetimes. in serbia ots available in for most clinton hyatt regency they are going to. have a growing number of senior libyan officials are reported to flame a country the regime stands for. with this son of the rebel held city isn't this a compliment ongoing culture in airstrikes has been revealed a raid on wednesday is believed to have claimed seven more civilian minds. the u.s. defense secretary and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff are grilled in congress over the libyan campaign but both failed to clear up confusion over the aims of the operation and its mounting costs. also a prison term for investing in georgia and the israeli businessman gets seven years
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in jail for bribery but his lawyers claim he wasn't trying to try the country's top authorities richo the investor one hundred million dollars. for details and all those stories coming up at the top of the hour up next it's the sports news with kate. hello welcome to the sports news a new take partridge and here are the top stories could they be the ones getting their first pitch or final cyclist muscle. while miami nice maria sharapova fights back for the second down weeks and eriksson finally florida. and bosnia suspend little world all the political round was free for. all stars on the ice there and sol about she could become the first side through to the guardian cup finals this friday night all they need to do is reach mesler magnitogorsk in front of their own
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home crowd in far it's all about swirl the last russian super league champions back in two thousand and eight which have yet to reach the deciding series in the casual playoffs and the new leagues inception so also get a start because also coaches the russian national team will go all out to students through the game will get underway for about ten minutes. while on thursday former finals look at what you've salvage their series against our plans were trailing by two goals to nil going into this period and it looked like that lance had done enough to go through but if i could change called one back and explain that ghalibaf struck with five seconds left to send the match into overtime and they're not three seconds to give his side a three two win after ten minutes of extra play are still three two up in the series have another chance to wrap it up on home ice on saturday. when it's now and maria sharapova off as a regular in the final of the sony ericsson i went as
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a rank up from belarus beach russian the responder over in straight sets in miami produced a great comeback victory over germany and rope bridge trap of the start of this game as a favorite and ranked five places. but it was the german you had a much better stay. but he quickly adjusted to the blustery conditions to take the first set six three however sure up a bit found in the second title now it's a lot of. sweat to the third sixteen the russian is aiming for her first title since may last fear this pleased with how she fought back in the match. here i don't have the first first i felt pretty slow and sluggish was a moving of the ball goes quite windy out there and i don't feel like i just did well and i think that's what i started doing in the second so i was really moving to the ball and taking the ball early and just start feeling more confident so as a rank is her next opponent and a player in the true after beating defending champion kim clijsters she swept past while number three zvonareva taking the first step to love the second six three
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match point was decided by spawn or overs where you would forehand confirmed by quite. well meanwhile roger but you'll play great rival rafael nadal in the semifinals after getting injured he'll soon the frenchman lost the first three games and how to tie the stiff neck so federer had an easy passage into the last four but their face was number one the dow defeated the russian verdict in three sets and are literally cruising after winning instead sixty finishing it with a nice birdie found some form of his own to level the match. and in the decider there were some great religious right from the very first game and our willingness to go one up. early and hispanic was just too powerful taking the law set six three again saying that it scrambling to the corners of the court
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so watering semifinals look forward to tweet it out and said we're. going to football and bosnia herzegovina has been suspended from playing international matches after failing to comply with the regulations the first along with a way for what's the bosnian football federation to replace its three member presidency with a single leader currently it's shared by a bosnian croat and the so but bosnian serbs oppose the ballot fearing it could jeopardize their autonomy the first says it deeply regrets having to take the decision which could see bosnia as national to remove from the european qualifiers their next game is against rumania on june the third receiver and you wait for say they hope to find a solution before then in the meantime though neither bosnian sides nor officials can face foreign teams. and english premier league regimes on saturday with sixth place liverpool looking to boost their frames for europa league place there at west brom managed by former boss roy hodgson i could welcome back steven gerrard after
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almost a month that. has you covered in them from the sort of a good to see the years before. to say whether it's going to ground zero. percent is done the work through this week and all of the to no runs of them is done most of that school already. and that match is one of eight taking place on saturday elsewhere leaders manchester united travel to fourth quarter and west ham for the lunchtime kick off while blackburn travel to second place arsenal five points off the top with a game in hand chelsea who are third hour away at stoke. just driving wigan. meanwhile with two games gone in the new season there are four matches taking place in the russian premier league on saturday and your boys cousin of their could take an early lead in the table for a win at home to spark back and can create a set of only played one game so far this season provided cibo their take on the last go round latif place was tough. and russia was hoping for some success at the
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forthcoming ice skating world championships in moscow but downhill skiing is still a winter sport where the nation is short of talent this is despite the fact that snowboarding has enjoyed a recent boom so richard i want to find out why. russia and the soviet union have been a dominant force in winter olympics for decades but in plenty of middle aged bulky figure skating in biathlon to name the few i love those ones it continues to elude success. cheered on a gurney shown as a figure of sports as she won the country's only limited supply in a silver really hard on a ninety ninety four the bulls it's out by and skin has always been an expensive sport it costs a lot of money to prepare the slopes and get the necessary machinery to keep the peace in good shape i remember when i was growing up i would go skiing in the caucuses there was a lot of interest but with that same technology those in europe and america have
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always had to train abroad it's something when a country like liechtenstein with just thirty thousand citizens there's nine times merely because our point screen medals from russia is population is fifty thousand times bigger than all of our children in the chinese alpine principality learn to ski almost as soon as they learn to read something. it is not accessible to those in russia at the moment. most slopes in russia are artificial and there aren't a lot of them when a talented youngster goes abroad to secure regular in their early teens he or she has to get used to ski in a real snow and correct their technique and this is a major factor why reality behind. things could be don't change i'll point skiing in russia has the backing of russian prime minister dr unit walton who's more than an accomplished skier in his own right new soaps have been popping up in the eurozone the caucuses over the last decade but the sochi olympics will give russia's newest generation the exportable facilities only was one of the there
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wouldn't be such it will be a message of how they're trying to develop opines skin in russia over the ration recently held the first ever international standard alpine skiing in front in the country and we are delighted that everything went well and we moved to teams now being put in place there's nothing to stop russia skiis from enjoying seems expanse of the country snowboarders of hard over the last few years to boarding has been much easier to develop because the peace to struggle turns and less money is needed to maintain than the century lympics will probably prove to be a games too early for russia to enjoy any medal success in our minds however the silage trees were laid by nations future generations to properly challenge the world's best richard bumbled lead archie. it's amazing the n.b.a. now where the boston celtics recorded their first win in five against the san antonio spurs to try one hundred seven points to ninety seven while the l.a.
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lakers have the upper hand in the battle for the number two seeding in the western conference between their rivals the dallas mavericks this one finished one hundred intensive agency at the staple center k.b. bryant with twenty eight points for the lakers going out one of the things ahead of dallas in the west but also helping out spotted by the soul chip in the nineteen points one can find him to. eighteen contest saw the lakers win their take home game in the grove. and there is just a week to go before golf's first major of the year the masters in augusta and the head of that's the world's top players are fine tuning their game at the shell in texas while the materially westward is among them he almost hold this bunker shots during his opening round of sixty eight although that story five shots off the pace i american jimmie walker he tied the course record with a nine under par sixty three three shots ahead like i heard interest peter. and it's hard and peter lawrie cuticle three shot lead into the second day in morocco
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he fired a sixty four during his and round out of twelve they have done the second tournament and then you jump in reach davis from wales finish on five under par to share second along in his shift uproar and use this lovely approach on the fifth england's john dickerson is forced upon five under. and finally sri lanka expect star bowling attire miller thrown to be fit for saturday's world cup final against india morally he's thirty nine in a couple of weeks strange how strange against new zealand in the semifinals nor the house need coincide problems but he was back in the nets on friday after a day's rest and coach trevor bayliss expects him to play against india in mumbai. i think it changes it good we can treat all these. before and we can through that catch it ok. a little bit stiff. character. and want to play cricket not see we don't know what will come.
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it would be. good and that's all sports news are back with another update in a couple of hours please join me again there. if . faced. hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on our teeth.
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in the czech republic all teas available in the hotel as my central hotel prim avira nice are mostly gone full stop i eat to much and i'm a taste in bosnia and herzegovina.


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