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in the motion to move bryson. rebounds from funds to permission. for instance on t.v. don't come. at six thirty pm on scout time these are the top stories on our t.v. as a growing number of senior libyan officials are reportedly fleeing the country the regime stands firm with resume to attack on a rebel held city this comes amid ongoing coalition air strikes it's been revealed a raid on grounds day is believed to have claimed seven more civilian lives. the u.s. defense secretary and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff are growth in congress over the libyan campaign but both failed to clear up confusion over the aims of the
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operation and its mountain coffee. pots are present term for investing in georgia an israeli businessman gets seven years of jail for bribery but his lawyers claim he was entrapped by the country's top authorities which ody investor one hundred million dollars. coming up next martin andrews is in the french capital to explore the many russian influences on parisian life. hello and welcome to the show on this week's program i'll be taking a look at history and culture in paris and where better to start than the epicenter
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of. the lewis museum and unlikely place to find bush in contempt. who's pulling the exhibition holy russia. from ancient times the great blues decided to organize a major display at christian content that's the issue isn't the use of medieval section features works from top names of nature john. is to is to. see how other couples were. rooting for their past. for. both. classical for lecture and there or where using russian. fifty words by fifteen wishing to be artists presenting very sick you know ratios with shows. within the framework of the russian front cross cultural you know. the paintings sculpture
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graphs and video performances in reflect the evolution of for she insists that tradition this underground space creates a specific mysterious kind of a complete position to the contempt what's been displayed contempt for us and is still insufficient you know not just here in france but all around the world but hopefully expressions like this and that. of a movie. well this next rotation isn't about cooking shows a whole new face we're talking about who was really nice i was strong enough to have like a team proust for me. but first a drink and a little into tame it's. a focal point was how classy about girls. but you know civic groups make about calls for a specific about dressing because after you look at raising kids and was about the
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russian food here now. dishes like cabbage rules russian dumplings is many and also beef stew going off on main items on our main the traditional need dishes such as sicily are also going to pull people out among our dining just wow very impressive it seems a little strange to be eating traditional stroganoff here in paris but it smells looks fantastic throughout the strike. world that is very very tasty. many rich and famous figures such as the right systems doing the c.s. he does it to paris russian immigrants started moving to france in the nineteenth century even today thousands of conversions of links to russia such as the next. i read let me to me now tell me your parents were both russian but you are a fact born here in frogs but do you but there's a part of you still feel russian well my i have three children. they
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all speak russian perfectly. the one dollar bill lives in moscow since ninety well it's tell me about the russian community that still you know here in paris well community is a great word because actually my association which is called. send troops to fort saltwater longer to troopers that should. russian language and culture where you are. now. accustomed to. speak a dish and. keep their name in english because we. paper. which is called in russia it to school.
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in french it just call it. the french word do start a long. and loud it. come out in english to tell me what you think of the relationship between russians and french people. trouble is that french people don't know anything about russia's history french people and english people in german people on everybody in europe don't know anything and so. a journalist can tell. it well not him lots of people will believe him and that's why i felt it my paper because it is in order to give information to russia thank you very much for your time for me to meet you and good luck with your work thank you. so what
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else is influenced by russian culture in paris the church of the three center plays some of the oldest cathedrals of the russian immigration of the revolution nine hundred seventy celebrating its eightieth anniversary this year the parish was founded in one thousand nine hundred thirty one in a small building which was originally a garage you don't see any and in terms of this church but still it's richly decorated in size the main icon of the terrace is proof of. a criminal. in the army in eight hundred twelve and in the one nine hundred thirty s. his relatives who were going to teach shop decided to sell its. church congregation didn't have the money to. put a miracle happened it was a rich woman. who just joined a church she understood the cathedral needed the icon for people to preach to so she sold. emeralds. for the church. paris
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was founded in one thousand nine hundred eighty five percent exiles named after the famous christian writer he donated books from his private collection over the years the library funds grew considerably during world war two his collection of more than one hundred thousand books disappears in one thousand nine hundred. most of the publications from its original have never been found. it. was founded in one thousand nine hundred five to support and develop connections between the two countries in various artistic and scientific fields it hosts more than one hundred cultural and educational events every year including film festivals concepts and comfort says. language classes has become normal every year the principal. is free. and also. for teacher of the russian we.
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developed. this field the courses for russian. or of courses are. all full face in france. so we. have our first place in his field budget office. you can feel sorry for the russian french thai sculpture of the famous general and statesman charles de gaulle created by young russian sculptor underneath he says she coughed consecrates the museum of the army in paris a bust was given as a gift to the museum to celebrate the group's one hundred twenty thousand first the work was appraised by the artistic community for its resemblance of the kitchen of the general's character.
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arriving at a final location of here backstage at the famous leader of the town's company started all the way back in ninety six and the current show meaning happiness has been seen by almost four million people and it has an international cost picturing many artists from russia and the former soviet union in u.s.s.r. where i was born there was no much thanks to go for it doll thing on the hill so i had luck to go to work this way and then i asked to use the porch out that i didn't want it all for three years and now i know for eight years. oh yeah i find i'm by happy to have. the many of the performers who train classically in the show elsewhere i'm a true tool to continue korean ballet such shows like a leader and has provided them with alternative stage work seventy artists six hundred costumes twenty three sets and
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a real eye strain but he told the spectacular show something to the sea and little interest across the french english cranial straightly immersion dances to name a few as leaders on the form she could say it's a sign of the times true can operation be. seen. as france and russia become closer as a result of the strength of its allies the two walls have excluded this opportunity . as. fascinating resilience to decades although sometimes misunderstood one thing is clear times oh changing. weather it's awesome sports food or does the shoe prisons it's all the rest. absolutely brilliant and with the supports all some russian talents excellent well unfortunately that's all it's how we have this week show i'll see you get the same
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time next week and sell them for me and the rest of the crew and the show's elisei here in paris without. me as you know was sixteen years old when communities marmes that's not inside the song so it should not be punished for his crimes sean is. no rational person can deny that john has been is being honest and will be honest. the souers mesmerise confronted. this is punishment this is not.
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an imagined. grandstand. because you have been immersed in only once in her. and i didn't come here last june's face. and heard the first. star of this man now. working on. my house now. wealthy british style. that's not on the.
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market so why not it's going to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my next concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our key hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers who. question is that so much of a given a dish we're going to share the burden on the mark with the battle for libya is a so-called humanitarian intervention there so noble and straightforward must intervene. in the czech republic is available in a hotel as science central hotel premier of the nissan most tricom full stop aida which i am a taste in bosnia and herzegovina hotties available in hotel business and go till
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bit of each college you know told you big to the photo what you know so tell pittacus to make hotels you're good enough till they're a boutique hotel and you're like towns. in serbia ots availability in flux clinton hyatt regency they are going to. charge against top stories as a growing number of senior libyan officials are reportedly playing in the country the regime has resumed at times. on a rebel held city meanwhile seven more civilians are said to have been killed in coalition air strikes. the u.s. defense secretary and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff are grilled in congress over the libya campaign but both failed to clear up confusion over the aims of the operation and its mounting costs. plus a prison term for investing in georgia and israeli businessman got seven years in jail for bribery but his lawyers claim he was entrapped by the country's top
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authorities which over the investor one hundred million dollars. let's get the latest from the sports desk kate joins us and another tense night for two sets of ice hockey fans in the garden crops i mean finals time to say yes another best of seven series saw get tonight some of that you live could become the first team through to the finals as they take a look my name is a ghost how are they doing on that. hello and welcome to this course and here are the top stories. could they be the ones solid bats are targeting their first finals. while miami nice maria sharapova fights back from a second chance to reach the sony ericsson final in storage. and bosnia was suspended from world football the political round with feet. that start on the ice
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there and some about to live could become the first side through to the guardian cup finals this friday night if they beat wrestler mr gorst in front of their own home crowd in far however this seems very unlikely at the moment solid trading five four goals towards burley in the period it's all about the last russian super league champions back in two thousand and eight gets to reach the deciding series in the k h l playoffs. while on thursday former finalist lock on the team sowed which their series against are plans the weight training by two goals to build going into the third period and it looked like atlanta had done enough to go through but it on top of trying to pull one back that some struck with five seconds left then the match into overtime. not the second if you cite a three two win after ten minutes of extra play both past two or three two up in the series another chance to wrap it up on my son saturday. and it's now
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maria sharapova will face victoria azarenka in the final of the sony ericsson open as a ranker from belew speech russian there is not a robot in straight sets in miami. produced a great comeback victory over german andrea petrovitch sure up at the start of this game as the favorite and ranked five places higher than average but it was the german who had a much better start and quickly adjusted to the blustery conditions. to take the first set six story however shore up of that found her rhythm in the second place not one to love. but then she swept through the third sixteen the russian is for her first title since may last year and this pleased she sit back and watch. the i don't have the first verse i felt pretty slow and sluggish was a moving the ball goes quite oh. i don't feel like i just did well and i think that's what i started doing in the second so i was really moving to the ball and taking the ball early and just started feeling more confident so as
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a rancorous the next opponent and a player informed soon after beating defending champion kim clijsters she swept past world number three zauner over taking the first step to love the second six three match point was decided as way with forehand it's confirmed i thought i. well meanwhile roger federer will play great rival rafael nadal in the semifinals after getting past injured jill sunil the frenchman lost the first three games and then had to retire with a stiff neck so federer had an easy passage into the last four they will face while the one with darts defeated the russian verdict in three sets one of the early to be cruising after winning the opening set six two finishing it with a nice then found some form of his own. and in the decider there were some great rallies once and the very first game it's
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our winning this one up. and in the end the spine it was just too powerful taking a loss at sixty three against them scrambling for the rest of the court so a mouth watering semifinal to look forward to trying it out on federer. they're going to football and bosnia herzegovina has been suspended from playing international not just after failing to comply with fifty regulations the first along with you a foul wants the bosnian football federation to place its three member presidency with a single leader currently it's shared by i've also been across that underserved but bosnian serbs opposed the plan fearing it could jeopardize their autonomy thesis as it deeply regrets having to take the decision which could see possibly as national team removed from european qualifiers their next game is against rumania on june the third before actually for say they hope to find a solution before then in the meantime both neither bosnian sides were officials can face foreign teams. now the english premier league resumes on saturday with six
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place liverpool looking to boost their claims from the rope really place there at west brom managed by former boss roy hodgson and could welcome back steven gerrard after almost a month that. has you covered you have some sort of a good to see the years before. deciding whether it's going to be an early zero. percent was done wrong or to sweep the war between the lines of the ongoing move the brits will see. that matches one of eight taking place on saturday elsewhere leaders nationally and i think troubled of course but unless towns of the large chunk of our but then travel to second place are still five points off the top of the game in chelsea us are away at stoke paltalk when describing wigan. meanwhile has two games gone in the new season there are four matches taking place in the russian premier league on saturday new boys club to take an early lead in
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the table if they went home to start back on campus police are better off only played one game so far this season but his side dog will take on the moscow. stuff . now russia was hoping for some success at the forthcoming my station world championships in moscow but downhill skiing is still a winter sports where the nation short of time and this is despite the fact that slow boarding has enjoyed a recent boom so which is to find out why. russia and the soviet union have been a dominant force in the winter olympics for decades plenty of medals in hockey figure skating in biathlon to name but a few of those ones continues to elude success i'll point scheme should honor god is shown as a figure true about the sport as she won the country's only limpid medal in the discipline a silver hammer and ninety ninety four the bulls it's all fine skin has always been
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an expensive sport it costs a lot of money to prepare the slopes and get the necessary machinery can keep the peace in good shape i remember when i was growing up i would go skiing in the caucasus there was a lot of interest which were like the same different knowledge that goes in the europe and america has always had to train abroad it's something that a country like liechtenstein with just thirty thousand citizens there's nine times merely in pick out point screen noodles and russia its population is fifty thousand times bigger however children in the chinese alpine principality. i learned to ski almost as soon as they learn toward something that is not accessible to those in russia at the moment so tonight beholden to the muslim most slopes in russia are artificial and there aren't a lot of them when a talented youngster goes abroad to secure regular in béla teens he or she has to get used to skiing on real snow and correct their technique and this is a major factor why we're lagging behind. things could be about to change our point
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seeing in russia has the backing of russian prime minister dr you know there's need and accomplish here in its own right you should have been popping up in the euros in the caucuses over the last decade over shorter lynn beats would give russia's newest generation the possible facilities and we were going to go in such a we'll get massive help in trying to develop opines kenan russia our federation recently held the first ever international standard alpine skiing grounds in the country and we're delighted that everything went well we would have cities now being put in place there's nothing to stop russia skiers from enjoying the same six cents but a country snowboarders of had over the last few years warding has been much easier to develop because by pieces shorter and less money is needed to maintain the shorter lympics will probably prove to be a games too early for russia to enjoy any medal success in alpine skiing i wear the facilities were laid foundations for future generations to properly challenge
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world's best. let's get some news on the n.b.a. now where the boston celtics recorded their first win in five against the san antonio spurs to try one hundred seven points to ninety seven while the l.a. lakers have the upper hand in the battle for the number two seeding in the western conference beating their rivals the dallas mavericks this one finished one hundred ten to eighty two and say percent kobe bryants with twenty eight points for the lakers were not one of the hot things ahead of dallas in the west also helping out by you just saw chicago nineteen points. behind them to facing in this contest which saw the lakers win team in game. and there's just a week to go before goals first major of the year the last is in august and what is that's the world's top players are fine tuning their game at the shelters tonight and in talks as well now to leave us where it is among them almost hold this i'm going to shut them out of sixty eight i thought that was still
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a five shots off the pace set by american jimmie walker he tied the course record with a nine under par sixty three and was two shots ahead of look ahead and just teeter . and finally sri lanka will have to do with injured all rounder and i must use in sunday's world cup final against india but they still expect start the timer listened to me think for the showdown more lady who's thirty nine in a couple of weeks not strained a hamstring against new zealand in sunny finals and also has knee problems but he was back in the nets on friday after a day's rest and coach trevor bayliss expects him to play against india and then. i think it changes it good but he came through the boldest you know it is in the semifinal he came through that if you catch it ok so she called it a little bit stiff and sore but. the character of the men in these will to want to
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play cricket overseas we don't know that will will come. it would be. i would be surprised at all three of you quite as far as mali that is going sonia norm is a very special individual you know he has been part of that you know super kings for the last three years is a really good guy to have in the christian rule equally good open and who believe if you know the players fear fear cricket he believed in himself and is it great entertainment to have on the field saw him i think he would if you play the game unless he is on one leg. and that's all i think.
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in the czech republic oh she's available in gallery hotel and science central hotel premier of nice and most regal full stop aida which i am a taste in bosnia and herzegovina parties available in hutto bosnia.


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