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tv   [untitled]    April 2, 2011 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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the libyan government has been ok if you try at that from the opposition saying it would be mad to take a poll the other cities where they're fighting i'm going to say on the capital city of tripoli talking in a few moments i'll bring you more. esoteric old take on the middle east unrest combination of a fairy tale cunning nation and news headlines come together to create an online hit. where corner cleaning up and securing the fukushima power plant will take longer than expected and nuclear forces leading some to question japan could be doing more. and for
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a break from the busy life can take you to vent excuse or to move your rules as the area breaks free of its reputation of just truly from. around the world and around the clock this is our team welcome to the program libya's embattled government has flatly rejected rebel calls for a ceasefire describing the terms as mad opposition leaders are demanding the regime withdraw its troops from western cities and grant freedoms to citizens while insisting colonel gadhafi steps down on his course we're has more from tripoli. spokesperson here in tripoli said it would be mad to expect libyan soldiers to withdraw from cities where there was still fighting and this is almost ironic because it wasn't so long ago that tripoli itself to cease fire offers and at that
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time the rebels said that these authors were insincere and could not be trusted so certainly a lot of mistrust between both sides neither willing to be the first to lay down arms but on the full measure trying to slightly different picture is emerging we are hearing from the country film the prime minister mr. o'grady that the lines of communication have been opened and that they're hoping to intensify them they say that they are talking with the british the french and the americans to reach some kind of neutral settlement that would see the stopping of killings of civilians now we are hearing the same line coming out of london it has confirmed that in recent weeks it has been meeting in private with several high ranking libyan officials we know that just on reins day mohammed ismail who is a cast of aid after duffy's son was in london he was trying to organize what we understand some kind of exit strategy for the gadhafi family but landed insisting that any kind of deal any kind of settlement plan would have to include gadhafi
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himself stepping down we're hearing from doctors on the frontline some of the most recent nato airstrikes at least seven civilians were killed they were all children three of them were girls from the same family you know what we've been told in what was to put incidents nature is strike hit an ammunitions and laurie and the explosions caused two nearby houses to collapse and some of those injuries coming from that overnight friday we're also hearing disturbing reports coming from the western city of misrata residents saying that the government and soldiers there have intensified issuing that it is very random and a lot of people are dying here in tripoli the airstrikes have continued overnight there were missiles that were fired in the east and south east of the city some of the. landing in get at his compound as his ear according to eyewitnesses there were snipers on the building and there was blood on the ground the fighting in the front climbed into the ground the town of gregor we are hearing though that the rebels
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are slightly better organized than they are now stopping the inexperienced young fighters who showed themselves to flee in the face of chaos from actually reaching the frontline we are also being told that they have new communication instruments with them in the form of satellite phones in the form of radios these have no doubt provided by the international community we're also being told that their bills have water and some new recruitment they are stripping out the fight on the ground we're hearing from the european union that if asked is really to send a few managerial mission it what you see in chile hold or not a military operation that will provide humanitarian assistance in the sense of hoping to evacuate displaced people and also provide assistance to humanitarian organizations working here. well journalist and author susan though says the rebels are too weak disorganized to dictate conditions to get doctors forces. will never step down he's
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a fighter to the end and it is seems extraordinary that the losing opposite the opposition forces while they are losing the war we try to dictate the terms of surrender to the party to winning which is the united nations has jumped into this conflict before they were before they understood who they were teaming up with they did not understand anything about this opposition force the opposition force is not highly motivated they may be passionate in their politics but they are not highly organized on the battlefield essentially you're going to have to have a ground war to remove gadhafi. well meanwhile some say the policy of double standards may play into the hands of criminals but leaders around the world continue to rally against moammar gadhafi of the past seven sometimes it is a punishment for the crimes they commit. an israeli businessmen
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millions by georgia ends up in subleasing jail for bribery say his case was corrupted by the country's government to avoid a payday. but almost a million views on you tube in less than a week the fairy tale of the three little pigs is enjoying a comeback turned into a cartoon virus in the streets and the animation satirizes the rest across north africa are in a drought which paid tribute to house of stone. occur to parody starring. birds and r t possibly the best and shortest explanation summarizing the uprisings in tunisia egypt and libya. three big pigs was created by russian illustrator igor i twenty six year old motivated by technology and politics wanted to do flesh games i
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wanted to do yeah. i just looked. at one of my favorite games and that. they have some of the things that are going on and i thought to play a clip. it's fun to shop the students in this three little pigs remake libyan strongman moammar gadhafi and the ousted leaders of tunisia and egypt the form of green pigs hiding in houses angry bird protesters smashed denali and the bark but with libya. like this so-called freedom fighters achieve victory with discipline one of the american eagle wearing a french hat. in less than five days this viral clip has created a global bots and garnered nearly one million hits on you tube says he will likely
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make a second video and has already been approached about turning his cartoon into a game colorful metaphors and imagery illustrating the story of revolutions as the world waits to see how the real and game plays out. r.t. . we shared the condemnation of gadhafi abroad international community has given rise to accusations of progress in recent conflicts suggest that somebody this can escape punishment for their crimes as long as they have the backing of the us. this is a warm welcome and firm handshakes for someone who just three years ago gave the order that led to the deaths of civilians in the republic of south dealing with one of the great leaders of the world the georgian president with his fluent english is a welcome guest on american t.v. shows where he's never asked the question why in the middle of the night on august
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the seventh of two thousand and eight the georgia begin the major artillery bombardment of the sleeping city of thought and of the peaceful palace in. the region which georgia wanted to bring under its control was razed to the ground . hundreds were killed in the attack joe maestas nearly lost his daughter in sacrifice really as bombings she was visiting relatives in one of the towns in the south of setia i believe saakashvili should be removed from office i think you should be tried in international courts for rule crimes but when it comes to me even though the e.u. finding mission determined that he started to worry in two thousand and eight and ordered the bloodbath in south the safety of the georgian president is still supported in the west they have no strategic interest in. supporting his overthrow the notion that decisions get made on the basis of humanitarian concerns is simply
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false it doesn't it's not the basis for the decision about libya it's not the basis for decisions about georgia about palestine about kosovo the question of who is held responsible and how is very much a strategic question it's not a legal question as it should be to boost its strategic importance among other things georgia has dispatched one thousand troops to join allied forces in afghanistan and became the leading troop contributor relative to georgia's overall population the boundless and as this ox. the interview shows almost unstoppable praise of the u.s. is also believed to have played a role in the west supporting saakashvili no matter what his crimes america's like because it's based on british and american archer and more and more even referred more through got to the elders of this because say for a regulation that the bastards are here now as the world has declared a no fly zone over libya to stop gadhafi many wonder why
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a no fly zone was never on the table when the georgian has launched the campaign or when israel bombed the gas it was three weeks in a row on the question for example of gaza where you had a blatant act of aggression clearly a violent massive violation of not only international human rights norms but work crimes crimes against humanity being created fourteen hundred people killed of whom or the nine hundred were civilians more than three hundred were children it was a situation that went on for days the problem there is that israel is the protector protectorate of the united states and the u.s. is not going to allow anyone the united nations or anyone else to actually engage in a serious way in stopping that massacre you would think if a leader commits atrocities he would be pretty like they could be denounced banned
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from travel but that's not the way politics works the georgian president killed scores of civilians but was exonerated by the west politicians accept him as a friend business leaders are looking to invest in his country and since the grass is happy to continue turning a blind eye to the blood outside but he's head i'm going to check that reporting from washington our team. well still to come for you on the program why the u.s. dollar could be out of the picture of the creation of a new global interest. i think it would be. what we have were a free country you can come from nothing and make a million dollars. but you have opportunity. and other opinions are gathered by the rest and show host on the streets of new york. and putting the pieces in place we report on the assembly site of the so you spacecraft the actual show you if one of us real space exploration program.
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the un's top nuclear fishel has warned that the operation to solve the crisis stricken fukushima facility will be prolonged over three weeks after a devastating earthquake and tsunami situation when serious. pan's prime minister sets of dallas facility to boost morale among those working at the site workers have been using fresh water from a barge and they suspect. it's also say that expanded twenty kilometer evacuation zone the radiation was registered forty kilometers from the city american writer and commentator on japan. says the government is not doing enough to resolve the crisis. of the biggest problems they are dealing with here is this whole thing is it left in the hands of the electrical company and in most of the large countries of the world i think if you had a problem of this seriousness you'd have the now the central government coming in
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with all the big resources at their disposal the army the navy the resources of this phone company are not up to it they don't have enough cars and vans and so on to get through to the site well them. wealthy countries like japan there are other ways to do it and yet the government just seems to just unwilling to make a move beyond what some bureaucrat's in the electrical company are telling them look there are many problems not only variations one of the curious questions is why are they staying at a facility that is subject to radioactivity just fine. meters from the site they're cutting waste to bring in tents to go temporary shelter say a long kilometer or even two which will lower the amount of radioactivity that they're exposed to the issue is not so much what the electrical company did or didn't do but why the central government seems unwilling to step in and not. rest
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scandalous some politically charged trial in georgia has ended with an israeli investor being sentenced to seven years in jail or any food who is charged with bribery maintains that he was set up on a georgian government invest one hundred million dollars. which over. rony folks is not only a major investor in georgia he's also an on record solent position combining both economic development and all the rock diplomacy he works as an oil trader in new york for some people teen years and yes he invested huge amounts of cash in georgia back in the nineteen ninety s. and of course surprisingly before he managed to the last year he received an invitation to visit george air from the prime minister of the country himself now why surprisingly because peeved teen years rooney folks has been demanding one hundred million dollars from georgia the money which georgia owes him for
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a bridge to grammont on construction of an oil pipeline back in the ninety's now a court in london that year ruled that georgia indeed should pay the money back for georgian authorities but obviously didn't want to pay that money to any folks here believe that invitation is just a formality to put an end to this fifteen year old dispute now shortly before that visit in quite a read see a hotel room and turkey there was an unofficial meeting between. and georgian authorities and there they reached a verbal agreement after drinking lots of cognac. would receive only seventy two million dollars instead of ninety eight when george owed him but on one critical condition in return he gives seven million dollars back now the agreement was reached only one formality was allowed to come over to georgia shake hands with the prime minister and finalize the deal now minutes after that happened in front of
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georgian t.v. cameras rony folks and his business associates were arrested the question is how do you combat a businessman who georgios that huge amount of cash and up in a d.c. prison now the lure of it was a trap. wisely set up by. himself there was in for a. cooperation a collaboration between four important ministries of the government and probably with the approval of the president of the ministry of finance the ministry of justice or the ministry of the interior and the prime minister's office all of which came together with the two intra broad issues fuchs was that informed through diplomatic channels that he would not be released until the arbitration award was waived now shortly after his business partner was over they were all for
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it runs of what could be called a ransom was put on the table now georgia said that he could be released if you let me have the kilt and if he gave the money back but rooney folks refused to do either now we know that your agenda wants the world to believe that it's on a war against corruption and. personally wants to attract foreign investment into the country so of course here saved this one hundred million dollars obviously but the question is how much will he lose because now foreign investors will have to think twice before bringing money into this country or the controversial case may well deter other potential investors from doing business in the country that's according to cover of the conservative party of georgia. pryde know it's a signal not only for israel businessmen but also i think for european business groups or american business been paid if you are not being corrupted doing sweet jordan dorothy can you do business in georgia the same signal was the i think it
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was four years ago when the. office or sony in the market of stories in europe who is it was raided right who is supposed it will be very tragic for the georgian economy with kevin you're right no mr fox is frankly especially after this case was in the movie told by. israeli government and different international restrictions. was leader of the conservative party of georgia well to get more news and. for the writing on to our website just get along to r.t. dot com has a quick look at what's there right now as the snow finally melts some of the capital's innovators to clear the sailing season opened on the city roads. as you've never seen it before check out these spectacular high resolution images captured by a russian satellite. dot com. our
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preparations are in full swing for the upcoming so you space launch as a staff and crew make all the necessary checks for a smooth takeoff event marks the fiftieth anniversary of russian cosmonaut yuri gagarin's first flight in space. as well. over a few days before the actual loss of the so used to be twenty one and we have been witnessing the assembly of the rocket the three main modules that make up the spacecraft now according to be a staff here it takes about ten days or more to put together the spacecraft but today what we've seen it took about seven hours just to put one piece of the structure to be a top most are the very first module that contains the a cabin where the crew will be staying what they put today was
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a crew escape system and this is very important because should anything go wrong during the launch this will provide them with an escape plan as we were standing here watching the assembly we were able to see very closely the exterior of that the module carrying the cabin we saw of course the image of you the good god in heaven number fifty obviously signifying be a fiftieth anniversary of you got his first space flight on april twelfth nineteen a sixty one that was very interesting is the a captain of the crew captain alexandre some of which he was known as a little guarded when he was young so it's if you will a good coincidence on his part of the other crew members are cosmonauts i was able to cycle and american astronaut ron garan they're going to be testing themselves are basically going to be lab rats they're going to be testing how the human body can survive for longer in space this is of course to further space exploration to see how long human beings can stay in space and to prolong this capability of human being sent another important experiment they will be doing is observing the earth
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from an ecological point of view that given the natural disasters we've been witnessing i recently. instability in the middle east and the japanese disaster have sparked fears of a new global economic crisis interest and show host very healthy people on the streets of new york one used to be done to avoid financial collapse. billionaire investor george soros is holding a conference to be attended by the world's richest and hence most influential people up the agenda to reform the global monetary system how do you fix the world's economy this week let's talk about that well number one they're not trying to figure out how to fix the economy they're trying to reply to a what's already going on which is the governments of long since lost control of the monetary wealth and it's because. corporate.
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what i do. actually draw a line between the two. corporations and government which right now their line is very blurry my and most important economic trade which is triple bottom line which means you look at what's best for not only the businesses. only for the employees involved in businesses but society as well so that becomes your economic standard then you're approving not only the company's and other global economy but the. area that that that companies working in as well as a lot of people are feeling like it's time for the dollar to step down because there's always been animosity against us. because we're the best. so is it jealousy. you know i do i think a lot of people are jealous of what we have were a free country you can come from nothing and make a million dollars or you can make a million dollars and lose it all but you have opportunity i just got back from italy and i got crushed by the. you know thirty percent of the dollar's losing
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weight no matter what we doing well look i remember back when i used to turn to sixty yen to the dollar now it's maybe a hundred eight so the. global monetary system now you deny you're a socialist i can't go down that route no matter what you or i think should be done . and to improve the global economy the bottom line is those will always be made by those with the most money for better or worse. but continuing our series the team heads off to the foothills of siberia to reveal a relaxing getaway from a life. yes where in the churchyard in the southern europe was a region that closed off to foreigners until as recently as the one nine hundred
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ninety s. but today its natural beauty and spend display for everyone from the region has achieved a reputation as a haven for those who wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. is that. when the soviet union broke up businessmen in chile audience saw an opportunity to turn this once closed off region into a major tourist destination after all a good look around shows the southern you have much to offer the australians called with the children's was always perceived as a metallurgical regional of course it remains so to this day but many people see that there's more to life here than iron works and places such as this one start to attract thousands of people. i lead is a businessman who on a whim invested most of his capital into building resorts near the top national park the russians generally prefer to hit the slopes in europe alexandra tim says
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the number of visitors to his resort grows every season but with use their words you go to the alps and you love it but you come back here because it's home and it's just two hours from moscow by plane. not to mention the fact that you can get away with this at a lot of ski resorts in europe snowboarding stress relief it's just part of the skaters and which draws young and old alike the children scream thank you mr and places like this you really do relax you get away from the fast of a large city which is totally unnecessary and it's all about resting your mind and body. the landscape in this part of the year old mountains actually goes a long way towards helping the mind unwind of course there are plenty of gorgeous places in the world that have. no but if you want a true russian winter fairytale then to go national park is definitely the place for you here we met another leg the head of the night travel and the owner of the hiking camps in the national parks grounds. we began building our first thoughts
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eight years ago literally pulling all the ways we carry all the building materials on our backs believe if you use transportation it's still difficult to get all that to our camp sites but thousands of tourists every year do manage because the region previously known as russia's defense stronghold has too much to ignore when it comes to natural beauty entering quality in this eleven scrooge and. r.t. . well there are some other international stories making headlines this hour more than eight hundred people have been killed during violence in western firebrick has time to work way according to the red cross reports say fighting erupted on tuesday a day after the town was taken by opposition supporters being well clashes have been continuing yet the country's presidential palace us forces loyal to the internationally recognized president alassane ouattara pricer brigades are proud to mentor supporters of so far failed to oust entrenched leader on.
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the palestinian and have been killed and one injured airstrike that unmanned israeli drilled in the southern gaza strip a sarcastic official say the men were traveling in a car at the time israeli defense officials claim it was a preemptive attack on a mass group of militants who were allegedly plotting to kidnap israelis. at least twenty people have died and forty seven wounded after a bus plunged down a ravine in southeastern prune friday the bus was traveling to cusco city that's the route forty two hundred leads and police say the cause of the accident is still unknown area has no move all phone coverage which reportedly to date the arrival of the religious services. around seven u.n. staff members have been killed after a crowd of protesters stormed the compound in northern afghanistan the demonstrators were enraged that during the. last of us the un security
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council strongly condemned the attack protests in afghanistan have been ongoing for one week now that helping russian peaceful. thanks for staying with us here in our tea out with a recap of the headlines in a couple. the .


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