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only result in spawn sunday of beach hotel the listing result the use of doing club med ponies sofrito some of the. resort and spa the ritz carlton has grown as many as you closer to full seasons the sultan who took. the libyan government's days notice from the opposition saying it would be mad to take its soldiers out of the cities where they supply saying i'm goin to stay here in the capital city of tripoli going in a few moments and offering you mold. and a mix of satirical comments and computer gaming a russian cartoon based on the under arrest in the arab world goes viral was. these people in the soldiers like to pull his rescue and you see those soldiers that insist he used people are indeed workers at japan's fukushima nuclear plant battle to stop radioactive water leaking into the pacific under conditions activists claim
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are inhuman. it's seven am in moscow i'm mad très are good to have you with us here on r t our top story nato says it's investigating reports of at least thirteen libyan rebels killed in a coalition air strike some sources suggest the strike came after a pro get off the fighter joined a group that opened fire on allied planes meanwhile the country's government has rejected rebel calls for a cease fire are these parlous leader has the latest from tripoli. spokesperson here in tripoli said it would be mad to expect libyan soldiers to withdraw from cities where there was still fighting and this is almost ironic because it wasn't so long ago that tripoli itself made to cease fire offers and at that time the rebels said that these authors were insincere and could not be trusted the lot of
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mistrust between both sides neither willing to be the first to lay down arms but on the full measure trying to slightly different picture is emerging we are hearing from the country former prime minister mr. baby that lines of communication have been opened and they're hoping to intensify them they say that they are talking with the british the french and the americans to reach some kind of mutual settlement that would see the stopping of killings of civilians now we are hearing the same line coming out of london it has confirmed that in recent weeks it has been meeting in private with several high ranking libyan officials we know that just on wednesday mohammed ismail who is a trusted aide the son was in london he was trying to organize what we understand some kind of exit strategy for the gadhafi family that landed insisting that any kind of deal any kind of settlement plan would have to include himself stepping down we hearing from doctors on the front line and some of the most recent nato
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airstrikes at least seven civilians were killed they were all children three of them were girls from the same family you know what we've been told in what was to put incidence later is strike hit an ammunitions and laurie and the explosions caused two nearby houses to collapse and some of those injuries coming from that overnight for a day we're also hearing disturbing reports coming from the western city of misrata residents saying that the government and soldiers there have intensified the issue really that it is very random and a lot of people are dying here in tripoli the airstrikes have continued overnight there were missiles that were fired in the east and south risk of the city some. landing and get out these compound as is here according to eyewitnesses there they were my peers and the building and it was blood on the ground the fighting in the frontline into the ground the town of gregor we are hearing that the rebels are psyche based who organized that they are now stopping the inexperienced young
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fighters who showed themselves to flee in the face of chaos and actually reaching the frontline we are also being told that they have new communication instruments with them in the form of satellite phones in the form of radios these have no doubt be provided by the international community we're also being told that their bills have water and some new report meant that they are stepping up the fight on the ground we're hearing from the european union that it is ready to send a humanitarian mission it will essentially hold a not a military operation that will provide humanitarian assistance in the sense of hoping to evacuate displaced people and also provide assistance to the humanitarian organizations working here as opposition forces struggle to hold. the troops are cheesier of his going always in the rebel stronghold benghazi he says the opposition doesn't come across as a credible fighting force and struggles even with nato worsen. this wreckage behind me is what's left of god after his troops when they try to retake control of the
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guardian or start right here at the entrance to the city and a similar picture can be seen throughout the entire way from bin ghazi to the front to be just off the city's around two hundred kilometers away from the ghazi at the moment the rebels are continuing to try to work fast past that's more tripoli and are being backed by nato planes when it comes to the spinors themselves a lot of them are teenagers with a k forty seven s who have neither the training or the experience of real combat out there on the front at the moment it's quite neutral sided situation even though there have already been the first thing that some of the rebels caused by the meets all strikes here in benghazi and in the east of libya it's pretty clear that people only way the rebel forces could be effective in fighting going to appease troops is with the support of nato. wreck rosato
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blogger and anti-war activist says nato is using the same strategy in libya as it did an afghanistan in kosovo. there are certain parallels of course with the beginning stages of the invasion and the military operations in afghanistan in october of two thousand and one i think there are also astonishing parallels with all the united states and nato you know conduct of the war against yugoslavia ninety ninety nine your report a little while ago mentioned you know sophisticated satellite telephone communication. more advanced weaponry and so forth you know falling into the hands or being supplied to insurgent forces in libya and that's you know fully comparable to what the united states and nato did with the so-called cost of the liberation army in the serbian province of costs of over nineteen ninety nine it looks like the the handbook for military aggression an intervention that the united states and nato have recourse to very limited options and they tend to replay the same
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scenarios repeatedly the western powers reserved to them so it's the exclusive derogative of waging war whenever wherever and under whichever pretext they choose to do so. to get a better idea of what's happening on the ground in libya you can always check out parlous leaders blog on our website and saw her reporting from tripoli a little earlier and her latest post she describes how international journalists have been fighting to establish the truth about a libyan woman who burst into their hotel last week saying she'd been raped i think fifteen of khadafi is mad what ontology back to our blog section for more on that story. as the world's attention is fixed on libya the events have inspired both angry debate and if you satirical jabs
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a russian cartoonist has created an animated picture of the north african unrest that became an instant internet hit or he's marina part and i went to meet him. occur to parity starring. birds and r t possibly the best and shortest explanation summarizing the uprisings in tunisia egypt and libya. three big pigs was created by russian illustrator. twenty six year old motivated by technology and politics wanted to do flesh game i wanted to do yeah but. i just looked. at the words. that we can. afford. to see the things that are going on and i thought to play a clip from. it's fun to shop the students in this three little pigs
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remake libyan strongman moammar gadhafi and the ousted leaders of tunisia in egypt take the form of green pigs hiding in houses angry bird protesters smashed the gnarly and really bark but with libya. this so-called freedom fighters achieve victory with the support of an american eagle wearing a french pack. in less than five days this viral clip has created a global bots and garnered nearly one million hits on you tube says he will likely make a second video and has already been approached about turning his cartoon into a game colorful metaphors and imagery illustrating the story of revolutions as the world waits to see how the real end game plays out we're in a fortnight or or r.t. . these attacks on civilians has prompted condemnation and immediate response from
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the irrational community while the outcry in libya is allowed other conflicts are failed to draw such a reaction or he's got a shipyard reports that this is help some other leaders escape punishment for their crimes. welcome and further handshakes for someone who just three years ago gave the order that led to the deaths of civilians in the republic of south dealing with one of the great leaders of the world the georgian president with his fluent english is a welcome guest on american t.v. shows where he's never asked the question why in the middle of the night on august the seventh of two thousand and eight a georgia begin to me george tiller. of the sleeping city of tskhinvali and of the peaceful council here. the region which georgia wanted to bring under its control was raised to the ground. hundreds were killed in the attack. as nearly
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lost his daughter in sacrifice really as promised she was visiting relatives in one of the counties south of setia i believe scottish we are should be removed from office i think you should be tried in international courts for rule crimes but when it comes to mikhail saakashvili even though the e.u. finding mission determined that he started the war in two thousand and eight and ordered the bloodbath in south of here a georgian president is still supported in the west they have no strategic interest in. supporting his overthrow the notion that decisions get made on the basis of humanitarian concerns is simply false it doesn't it's not the basis for the decision about libya it's not the basis for decisions about georgia about palestine about kosovo a question of who is held responsible and how is very much a strategic question it's not a. legal question as it should be to boost its strategic importance among other
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things georgia has dispatched one thousand troops to join allied forces in afghanistan and became the leading troop contributor relative to georgia's overall population soundless and as this fox news interview shows almost unstoppable praise of the us is also believed to have played a role in the west supporting saakashvili no matter what his times america's like because it's based on a break from the merger of archer and more washington roughly roll through that religion mr president for regulation of the rest of syria now as the world has declared a no fly zone over libya to stop gadhafi many wonder why a no fly zone was never on the table when the georgian president launched his dad lee campaign or when israel bombed the gallows of those three weeks in a row on the question for example of gaza where you had a blatant act of aggression clearly a violent massive violation of not only international human rights norms but war
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crimes crimes against humanity being created fourteen hundred people killed of whom more than nine hundred were civilians more than three hundred were children it was a horrific situation that went on for days the problem there is that israel is the protector protectorate of the united states and the u.s. was not going to allow anyone the united nations or anyone else to actually engage in a serious way in stopping that massacre you would think if a leader commits atrocities he would be pretty like they could definitely be now banned from travel but with criminals that's not the way politics works the georgian president killed scores of civilians but was exonerated by the west politicians accept him as a friend business leaders are looking to invest in his country and it seems the grass is happy to continue turning a blind eye to the blood of cyprus he's head i'm going to check out. according to washington r.p. . stay with us here on r t still ahead ready for takeoff to give you
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a inside look at the assembly site of the soyuz spacecraft where we witnessed final preparations for the launch marking the fiftieth anniversary of man's first flight in spades plus there are one thing al gore's his place in the world that have mountains and snow but if you want it russian winsome fairy tale into the national park is definitely the place where you are these close up team explores how originator rushes year olds with heavy industry is now turning into a perfect getaway person board and nature like that. first of the workers a japan stricken fukushima nuclear plant are battling to see a lot of crack in a reactor about leaking radioactive water into the pacific contaminated sea water any area has shown radiation levels four thousand times the legal limit japanese officials have told the plant operator to examine the facility for other potential leaks meanwhile japan's prime minister has visited the tsunami ravaged villages in
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the northeast of the country for the first time yan have a happy new year power expert for greenpeace says workers at the fukushima plant deserve better conditions for the vital drop there do with these people and not soldiers like typical his sister actually some nice people are human besides that voluntary and very often also with these very nasty east trees in their own sunlight because of the tsunami so still overcoming doubts and working with all their guests to to to overcome very difficult circumstances yes they do need they do we really need need to get to circumstances and to support and i think what we see is that most everybody did only the drugs we believe should have been evacuated has been evacuated as there is still in the twenty to thirty kilometer zone a large group of people that. are advised to stay indoors there are no really indoors for three weeks and that is not a very easy way to actually lose. plus the fact that a few days ago we could go we found the radiation levels in the.
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two to help people evacuated they're the only confirmed at last wednesday but smith drew that applies again today these people with those kind of police hits a good license for all kind of so it's a good exchange she is and i think it would be better we need to get those people in a place where they can relax where they do not have to be scared of anything that's come to our plans and keep in mind series of the moments here are we still have the . four point eight. zero five control of yesterday still very very heavy oxer shops and every time it's complete new emergencies in the power station those people are under a neural distress commentary from yon have nuclear power expert for greenpeace talking about the ongoing crisis at your parent's permission or a power plant. shifting gears now or preparations for the takeoff of
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a soyuz spacecraft are in for swearing at the baikonur cosmodrome with iraq now installed on the launch pad. celebrating the upcoming fiftieth anniversary of mankind's first journey to the stars are these tests are so has more from roger so i where she got some firsthand impressions from an astronaut just back from orbit. the we're here at the a launch pad that i can drove we're actually watching right now. they're moving the rocket for the x. the expedition twenty seven cars opposition to the particle position very interesting to see this whole process will certainly be watching what's going on right now is announced astronaut full stop she actually just landed on the international space station weeks ago and this is the first time looking at this process particularly what do you think about it i think it's it's pretty impressive it's really neat to see. how differently to the rockets work to get to space and how it all isn't working out in the end but very different very different in the
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spatial in what we do but looking forward to watching my friend ron karen in a couple days go back to space having been there before i pad you know an idea of what i was going to be looking forward to and everything and the space station such a wonderful huge volume in space the largest volume of ever had in history and space. now to be able to look out we were talking earlier this cucolo into this kind of. a window that looks out here and it just. it really it's a very emotional thing to i think that. you know you see your own planet from space you're experiencing floating around in microgravity to exude good work up there i think and working as international partners to you know we think about living in space year and do you honestly ship meet your very protected you have to be as we as humans can can't live on earth in the vacuum of space and very similar to what it's like living under water you're under pressure you can't just you know walk out
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the door without special equipment so for the most part you know the entire time you're there you're thinking about things like you know what do i need to do to protect myself in this given environment and fortunately the space station and the various habitat water are very comical places to be. to make up is what is what the . you know richard big or you're beautiful planet and hearing what i think you and i think even cool you all there you have it there are a lot of astronauts cosmonauts and astronauts here right now watching this very process coming here especially because i'm here to important dates happening to keep kind of receive you guys first like and there you thank you first three and that's this first step in space shuttle flights so again everyone here very excited seeing all this up close at the wealthiest pretty good for sure at this rate i'll go if it gets a chilly at the moment so we are expecting to see more of the family says the astronauts coming here and even the little boy from french guiana who had designed to catch the crew of expedition twenty seven to die assess. so we'll be keeping
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track of the latest on this trip to orbit including the big launch and our web site we've got a special space anniversary section so everything fifty years since the garlands historic flight it's got more news features and images for you including these breathtaking pictures of earth as it's never been seen before check out high rez views captured by a russian satellite all that and more a click away at ardsley dot com. if. unrest in the middle east and the crisis in japan have raised volatility on global markets causing fears of another global economic crisis with the dollar sinking on starter currencies resident show host laurie harford has took to the streets of new york to find out what people there
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needs to be done to fix the world's financial or. billionaire investor george soros is holding a conference to be attended by the world's richest and most influential people the agenda to reform the global monetary system how do you fix the world's economy this week let's talk about that well number one they're not trying to figure out how to fix the economy they're trying to reply to a what's already going on which is the governments of long since lost control of the monetary world and it's because. corporate. what i do i actually draw a line between the two. corporations and government which right now that line is very blurry my and most important economic trade which is triple bottom line which means you look at what's best for not only the businesses not only for the
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employees involved in businesses but society as well so that becomes your economic standard in europe proving not only to companies and the global economy but the. area that companies working in as well as a lot of people are feeling like it's time for the dollar to step down because there's always been animosity against the u.s. . because we're the best. so is it. you know i do i think a lot of people are jealous what we have were a free country you can come from nothing and make a million dollars or you can make a million dollars and lose it all but you have opportunity i just got back from italy and i got crushed by the. you know thirty percent of the dollar's losing weight no matter what we think you know what i remember back you know i used to get three to sixty yen to the dollar now it's a hundred eight so the. global monetary system now you deny you're
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a socialist i can't go down that road no matter what you or i think should be done to improve the global economy the bottom line is those decisions will always be made by those with the most money for better or worse. turn out of some other news that are making headlines across the globe nine people have been killed and city of khandahar during a protest over the burning of a koran by a u.s. based pastor dozens more were injured friday a similar protest in the afghan city of mazar e sharif that's in the deaths of twelve people including seven workers at a local u.n. office. and gunfire and explosions have been heard of the presidential palace in ivory coast main city of abidjan as the country struggle for power heats up at least eight hundred people report. killed in violence in the city of new crave this week fighters backing the un recognized leader al assad ouattara are pressing the offensive against the incumbent president they're said to have seized a key port and the country's capital. next we continue our russia close up series
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this time our team looking for a perfect mountain getaway. day three of our trip to the chilly audience greeted in the year olds which are some seven hundred kilometers east of moscow a major industrial hub it was once closed off to foreigners as recently as the ninety's budget day its picturesque mountains are welcoming everyone or he's a really good go has more. when the soviet union broke up businessmen into the audience so an opportunity to turn this once closed off region into a major tourist destination after all a good look around shows as southern you have much to offer all the threads called with that was always perceived as a metallurgical regional of course it remains so to this day but many people see that there's more to life here than i in works and places such as this one start to
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attract thousands of people. i lead is a businessman who on a whim invested most of his capital into building resort near the top national park the russians generally prefer to hit the slopes in europe are legs wrote in says the number of visitors to his resort grows every season but with used the word you go to the alps and you love it but you come back here because it's home and it's just two hours from moscow by plane. not to mention the fact that you can get away with this at a lot of ski resorts in europe snowboarding stress relief it's just part of the skaters and which draws young and old alike to the children's krege and thank you mr rugby in places like this you really do relax you get away from the fast of a large city which is totally unnecessary and it's all about resting your mind and body. the landscape in this part of the year as mountains actually goes a long way towards helping the mind unwind of course there are plenty of gorgeous
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places in the world that have. no but if you want a true russian winter fairy tale into the national park is there really the place for you here when there's another leg the head of the gun i travel and the owner of the hiking camps in the national parks grounds. we began building our first thoughts eight years ago literally pulling all the ways we carry all the building materials on our backs but even if you use transportation it's still difficult to get all that to our campsites but thousands of tourists every year do manage because the region previously known as versions deep and strong hold has too much to do nor when it comes to natural beauty interim quality in that you have in screech an integral arty. minister in the suit coming soon the story of sharn cellars the only american to be sentenced to death under the age of seventeen since capital punishment was reintroduced more than thirty years ago but first i'll be back with a recap of our top stories. as
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you know. kind of the. that's not to say that song solar should not be punished for his crimes sean is being honest no rational person and then either out on has been
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honest is been honest and will be honest. as ours must be executed for the brutal crime he committed this is a punishment this is not. imagine. saying. cause him. any mercy on me whatsoever. and i didn't come here just justice. and heard the first. scholar dismissed. our. final argument. and my bet is now.
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it's the secret incursion into the country. against the invasion by means of. tradition the language still you miss the best the beat beat. and culture. the thing is that the had to do is are still unaware of what's going on in the land just over the last of them the idea of my life kind of like nothing because i don't know anybody alaska the great. an archie. wealthy british science. that's not i'm. sorry.


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