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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with a much stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to congress reports. live from moscow these are the top stories tripoli says it's ready for any political reform provided the colonel gadhafi remains in power it's a profoundly here from slipping further into chaos experts say destabilizing the arab world as part of washington's efforts to dominate the region and office and boys in europe for talks on a possible solution to the conflict which is dragged on for over a month and. there's anger in the u.k. as a country spends millions of pounds on the war in libya while the public sector at
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home is neglected and slashed a recent poll suggests nearly half of the population opposes the involvement in libya while british politicians are overwhelmingly in favor of it. and a russian space ship named after the first man in orbit is carrying a crew of three to the international space station to mark the fiftieth anniversary of your garden stores why your russians want america manually six months. before their due to arrive in a few days time. well that starts he discusses the state of russia's economy with presidential aides are caught in the cottage explains why the biggest untapped market in europe remains in a favorable destination for foreign investment and what the government is doing to change that. we're talking to our presidential aides this is our coach thank you very much for joining all at sea you recently said the investment climate in russia could not be
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worse why if someone uses for that. part of the story heard at that show. for soviet times is still living. in the world were people believe the state of the water was a drop. the same time result you will trust the state and this. could you find a station were investors with wind speed but somebody from the state and the uncertainty is very high. same time as the last few years because claims that the investment climate of improved. in many ways state and three into the economy or. on official channels. are created in war situation for foreign ministers i figure. something to show the opposite people have lost in four or four invest in
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restaurants but those investments are concentrated in a limited number of ships that. were all we believe. in the world i'm some of the investments in russia just to sort of the potential of a real and. i mean that isn't a game is investment climate so you can look through just ration more and some also it will knock the few markets for us to but that is the why of the streets conditions for investors at this point we believe that it was a couple of things one is room for public management. in the areas were investors request important critical services from state. including such things as. custom services tax and restriction airports just rationing reason requirements in your states will be in so
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serious people believe that they can do more in russia now or see if the face is the greatest difficulty in simple faith i certainly think the fifth is to get out of the quota for most part of the procreation is one of the key words of the what is this really clearly the woman of the state and record of the people to believe that any government if you show you start making but the thing for private business if you have a state company in the neighborhood you. literally differential treatment for the company not for a private company competes with the state company and suzuki prime minister putin recently spoke of the our growing worldwide competition for investment what competitive advantages does russia have and russia has three different ones just
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one this. mr war of course then you can conventions nature would sources and neutral sysfs for the russian economy we have big country. investors and i think the market this year because of market potential of big second saying is the fact that russia is probably the biggest remaining european country would be a recipe for our largest computer system asia or latin america or africa but if you take the european civilization russian of. the potential and assisting the most important think of people. people parents first potential employer. sure the resources cycle frankly force and this is what attracts us to work we can use to explore our potential in the same time to get people back to where you can fly
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what kind of responses are you getting to prison. reform for fought proposals to have this process one this one. positive for the people favor this is the third of the ideas involves important investment climate that we needed for. the more three tickle her proposal for a second so you've more skeptical people believe it's a good sort of proposal but the hard to believe it completely mental process the single out proposal being used by the president through options. hiring state officials from the board of directors or for state controlled companies how are the markets reacting to that this isn't it a theory to say. the most important thing right now is to start implementation of those measures you for. the next few weeks will prove that the serious.
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problem for the market through what it was doing does not mean that all the state officials will be removed from our companies from state owned companies or some members of the administration might stay there how does the only thing that struck the player garment. business of these three thousand. who are used to stage the stage approach in first place before on july first all means to us and prime ministers who are responsible who are. probably nation in particular set of the part of the companies that work in this country or in sectors in the second step by the first of october all hiring can go to. and so it was with the present administration. all abortions various and all state controlled companies it was possible that's all there was artificial like person department of human remains
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a source of records about the interview and should not be able to hold the door so they will have some influence in just normal for him to take little company but they will not. hide the process and with the chairs the boards how will the state exercise its power in the state owned company is what will be the difference is the key thing for the state east to be better. to. regain full blown pre-birth or investment climate. when the show is taken for companies same way private companies are going for managed and same can sprint we resolved but if you are still treatment for anyone in truly believe that you can hire. or support professionals to those in some cases members of the board. according to the three actions given from the government and
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this is. doing is the key instrument for the time being is in the short term then we'll see whether even this isn't it for the best possible months from the for status of companies don't you think that concerns about corporate governance are a little bit premature given the levels of corruption that we're tackling in the legal and state procurement system corruption is always. a problem the problem with most of the corporate sector and on the fischel side tackle and fight corruption from both sets of emphasis or the president will be different from boston more than of course you're here with a new sheet a number of new instruments to fight corruption there. clear getting feedback from people and same time by using code but a proper procedure so it would corrupt the behavior or for company managers present
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visit gave a six months timetable for improvement in state sectors do you think it's realistic literature. imagines that for good progress in this area people will really feels a. proposed changes are already there are. certain to be are not so naive to be. cannot believe the book of the ideal economy in six months but to show peoples of serious the real progress. or the chief is possible risks first six months time as you are developing plans under your what a realisation program do you feel the mindsets of russian business are changing already and not your. real community or the prevailing.
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h.q. . it is the start of the legal investments and the police keep some parts of the police going so. normal for me. to feel some part so good with them so sometime real pos before people will start to be more active internationally what companies are flying the flag all brand rush other highest recently good progress and normal reasons conflicts german french and american companies and. companies especially the. productivity for the north as purchase. like i.c.t. . and from a surgical. and energy efficiency. companies are leaders. in all business contacts and so on the few projects in the russian
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president has also backed sovereign fund. to support economic modernization and what sources will the sovereign investment fund draw on for financing single or for this new vehicle the russian private investment front used to trucked was strategic for the rest of. keith or swan was. rather thought in front of a second this large. private secretary plants. direct investment fronts and this sort is not a nationals that large multinationals and for many of them some kind of court comfort from the state. and also far. is given such comfort. in the west once you get rid of the invest. billions of dollars you feel could be with the rules of the game in the russian
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coach thank you very much. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers teeth.
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fixed. down to your fishel location i phone the i pod touch from the i choose our. life on the go. video on demand. is my bold colors and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. mission.
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soon which bryson. movements from dallas to the persian. for instance on t.v. don't come. tripoli itself it's ready for any political reform provided the colonel gadhafi remains in power the program we have from slipping further into chaos perhaps hurts a destabilizing the arab world as part of washington's efforts to dominate the region get off the sand boys and you are for talks like a possible solution to the conflict which has dragged on for over a month. there is anger in the u.k. as a country spends millions of pounds in the war in libya while the public sector at home is neglected and slashed a recent poll suggests nearly half of the population opposes the involvement in libya while british politicians are overwhelmingly in favor of it. and
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a russian space ship named after the first man in orbit is carrying a crew of three to the international space station mark the fiftieth anniversary of you were the guards first flight to russia and one american will spend nearly six months on the ice asked for their due to arrive in a few days time. sports have begun that season's here good morning to unity and a fine kicks off tonight in the champions league quarter final time we've two games tonight's first to enter a shelf and rio versus tottenham well it's only when that when i think they should just be given a cup i like your style not just another there have to take all the real madrid it doesn't get any harder but you had a good chance we've got the preview of all the rest of the sport coming up in just a sec.
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i'm great to have you with us this is sports today i mean you know neal our headlines this hour. brawls new rising s.t.h. record in their first points of the season the time off the bottom of the russian premier league table. consonantal quest the open quarter finals in the champions league get on the way later tonight with matches in milan madrid. live on kicking week away to one side to jog a stone with the only known chinese painting of kung fu shows off to school. in just a moment but football first or something had to give when the two teams with zero points of thus far in the russian premier league met on monday evening neither side getting off the mark with a two no win over f.c. saum going into the third week of auction with losses across the board turn on time leader to jump start peace in chechnya but it was the home side who made all the running resulting in a somewhat innocuous looking penalty being awarded to them to sit down with the
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c.e.o. netting from the sponsor one became two in twenty one minutes for t.u.e. and home with the i can't stop to see sunil other than try to find out. the other end of things it's raining champions and looking down on the rest the same petersburg side lying a point above really prone to full good news. to venture the big leagues in a bluster when in truth the opening three themes while it's pretty. good currently sit in the tree most on every. drop zone position it's. a massive evening of football lies ahead in the champions league eight seems to remain with the first four of them getting their first leg quarterfinal ties on their way. they are in auction the whole shellac at leonardo side are coming off a disappointing three nil domestic defeat at city rivals in milan at the weekend
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they will be boosted by the return of striker diego milly's so i will enter the clash against the germans as big favorites though their manager is certainly not taking anything for granted against the surprise qualifiers. in the champions league you have played against seems like the old we've got to go and leave you can then valencia gets upset because finals i mean so it's true that in the goodness they get in facing difficult have been different results in the champions league and in the bundesliga they have great potential as we must rather get but it was a fascinating battle and waits at the bernabeu real madrid taking on the talk of europe's top non jews it will mean you're promising his first home league loss in nine years over the weekend with a new impact on his men renia will be putting his wits against veteran monitor harvey read not whoever saw his team jump out milan in a previously which left the woodwork he was looking at the chance to look at both numbers have a chance to build the team it had the resources to do it's. because the players as
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the team. and. i'm very very happy i just. hope and i say from my heart. i hope. you for i don't see you fredricka the final. four because. my game some jews say i'm not sure what carlos queiroz he is on the move again the former portugal on the real madrid coach is headed ten teams in all throughout his twenty one year i'm not a jury of career coaching done in tehran to take charge of iran national team but fifty eight year old with a clear goal leading the person stars to the world cup finals in three years time. and i like to thank you. because this is an opportunity to give me. to share. the dream to be in brazil in two thousand and fourteen for diversion ask me according my
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experience and my larger knowledge the things that i did. some other countries that i work with to put in place a plan and of course the vision to be consistent in terms of preparing and develop players in. let's talk ice hockey where the second participants in the cage heralds grand final will be determined today with sol about your live preparing to host of course in game seven of the eastern conference finals well there are once again favorites despite losing a cliffhanger of a game six and you were also. picked off will be hoping to get more of alex on the road to law through wrapped up in game penalties before wait for it rushing the locker room the last time all right mesler green wall will be aiming for yet another brilliant performance by march keach el monte. game six outlands awaits in the current cup but it's. the cricket world cup is set for
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a dramatic reduction in twenty fifteen the event only including test nations plus the zimbabwe a decision that was angered none of full member nations but the i.c.c. chief executive the tournament was simply too long last time ard. the executive board is decided on that in october twenty fifth could work of ten team competition. so it will be reduced from the current fourteen. finally a martial arts school in the heart of the caucuses has been celebrating after one of its students became the first known chinese to me and king of kong food but that isn't the only thing that makes the darkest and totally unique as roman cross ref discovered five directions of the world is a martial arts school. or russian republic of dagestan some even call it the shroud of the caucasus intrigue well i certainly was let's go
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check it out who is located in hollenbeck old just over the mountain ridge from the darkest tiny capital over the years is produced and world and eleven european champions as well as a little gold and silver medalist in beijing in two thousand and eight. same model my moved here with his wife in nine hundred eighty three with just an idea and the chance to live and now it's a fully fledged educational facility nurtures talents from a young age through to graduation from five directions of the world for geographic points with spray spraying the fifth one means that we're following global moules clickable to all people in the world we want nice values to dominate other religious national and other values when people live in just four dimensions it is a lower level. and space people become more developed spiritually been more patient kind and can live in peace with each other. we decided to develop these
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qualities through sports chinese martial arts have deep philosophy rich history and important values so very effective in teaching peace and not just words for us we cannot lose our children let them become terrorists. this is heard each time one of the boys wins a medal in various events held in russia or anywhere else in the world the same works right here at the school and leaves only when his students take part in major competitions but all the trophies eventually end up right here at the five directions of the world this trophy is given at the end of each year to the winner of the conflict world cup one of our students won this trophy it is a very valuable prize basically it confirms that he was the best fighter of the year. that fighters name is mostly in sally hall who was also
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named the king of kong flu becoming the only non chinese warrior in the world to be awarded this title though he graduated a while ago almost clean still considers it an honor to come by his alma mater to train and convey the philosophy of the next generation. this is really a unique school first of all it discipline students you are always doing something meaningful practicing studying you have no free time and i think that is very important for young people today it doesn't leave room for dark things drugs terrorism which is a pig problem today sports can save young people especially in our school kids practice study they're always supervised the martial arts are the foundation of the school education is equally if not more important in raising children for now the school is out on spring vacation so gets a naggum i have has some time to play with his grandkids but that doesn't mean. the
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faculty is in. while the students are away and the spring break these are is a busy preparing for the next term the boys should be arriving quite soon for another semester of martial arts and learning the school is now home some three hundred boys from all over russia the martial arts specialisation hasn't prevented it from being one of the country's top rated in terms of education besides the james and other training facilities it offered suitable classrooms where according to teachers they become the since young adults optional. also is if we graduate a half literate student is not the worst thing in the world and worse thing for us just a graduated badly behaved student so we pay a lot of attention to teaching them about values. and sane megamart is more than a founder of the school and a more schwartz guru his artistic talents cannot be under rated as his students may also witness his artwork each time they have a meal and these paintings are also educational showing the young bucks that
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everything in this life should be accepted as a whole in union with good and evil. ramon coffer of artsy russia's republic of dagestan. that's where we have to leave the sport for this hour world weather summing up in just the time. will. bring you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've got the future covered.
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