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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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twenty years ago the largest country in the survey says of. course how did you treat. each began the journey. where did it take. is now a holocaust two in the afternoon here in moscow you work out see the headlines now tripoli says it's ready for any political reform provided that colonel gadhafi remains in power to read libya from a slipping further into chaos some experts say the stabilizing the arab world is part of washington's efforts to dominate the region kind of present is in europe now for talks on a possible solution to the conflict which has at this point dragged on for over a month. in the u.k.
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as the country spends millions on the war in libya while the public sector at home is neglected and slashed a recent poll suggests nearly a half of the population opposes goldman and libya all british politicians are overwhelmingly in favor of it. and are russian spaceship named after the first man you know is carrying a crew of three to the international space station marking the fiftieth anniversary of eureka darwin's first flight to russians out of one and spend nearly six months on the i assess where that due to arrive in just a few days time. now he discusses the state of russia's economy with a presidential aide out of the dvorkovich he explains why the biggest on top market in europe remains an unfavorable destination for foreign investment and what the government is doing to change that that is coming your way next.
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we're talking to our. aides mr coach thank you very much for joining i want to see you recently said the investment climate in russia could not be worse why now when you use it for that part of the story hurt the church. for so it. is cheerleading. in the world who are people who believe the state for the most of their jump. same time results will trust the state and this part of the. preview for a space station and we're investors who are in the state of the body from the state and the uncertainty is very high. same time during the last few years because claims that the investment climate. in many ways state intervention into the economy. from unofficial channels. created even worse
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situation for foreign investors. something to show the opposite for in for for him but if the investments but those investments. in a number of ships. are all he believes that the audience of the investment in russia as compared to the potential of a world in. the main reason he has investment climate not just ration the small size of the market the big market who are investors but to the streets in difficult conditions foreign investors at this point he believes that the state should do a couple of things one is will improve for public management. in the areas were investors request important critical services from state. so i think. custom services tax and restriction airports would just ration reserve requirements
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strip permits in states in so serious people believe that they can do more in russia now for seeing if the face is the. difficulty of simple things a second thing the fish will do is to get out of the club for most part of the quarter because they shouldn is one of the key words of the current policies with the current the almost to the state of the economy is difficult to believe that any government official start so making. things for private business if you have a. company in the neighborhood. they truly preferential treatment for that company or for a private company competes with the state company interests a key issue from mr putin recently spoke of the our growing worldwide competition
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for investment what competitive advantages does russia have on russia has three different ones just one this. is a long quest a new compact convulsions in nature a lot of sources. neutral sysfs for the russian economy we have big country. so i said. i guess there's some market those are because of market potential is big second thing is the fact that russia is probably the biggest remaining european country in the us a pair or a lot of computers in asia or latin america or africa but if you take the european civilization russia has the potential and the sourcing the most important think of people that if occasion people reverence it first potential or into. sure we were in the resources cycle for a police force and this is what attracts investors to support we couldn't use to
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explore our potential in the same time to give people both a preacher for what kind of responses are you getting to prison. reform for full proposals of responses one this. positive for the people for the radius it was important investment climate is a place we did for. the most radical set of proposals for a second or even more skeptical people believe it's a good set of proposals but hard to believe that it could be implemented in practice at least single out proposal the initiative by the president. to take out . complete officials from the board with their so for state controlled conference how are the markets reacting to that this isn't it's too early to say what are. the
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most important thing to restore starting from inflation all of those measures you for. doing the next few weeks will prove that a serious. problem for the markets really it's where does that mean that all the state officials will be removed from our companies from state owned companies or at some members of the administration might stay there doesn't want to be in the uk the player the government. needs thracian aren't used to stage the product approach first they should be formed on july first means the. prime ministers who are responsible for legalization in cognition in particular certain to move out of the companies that work of this conflict or are sectors in the second step by the first of october all. right. so the question of the presidential administration should go all abortions there are some all state controlled
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companies it's possible that will level off usual question departments really mean the boards of their efforts. will not be able to will cheer the board so they will have some influence in this normally for industry control conference but they will not. let the process sort of work to achieve the bourse how will the state exercise its power in the state owned companies will be the difference is the key thing for the state to create a better. blanket to play with the investment climate. in where the show state controlled companies same way private companies are being managed and same from sprint we resolve that if it actually can for anyone. truly believes that we can hire.
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professionals to those in some cases members of the board. according to the three actions given from the government and this is a really when the kids are mean for the time being in the short term then we'll see whether even with me that it's over for the best possible management before the state controlled companies don't you think that concerns about our corporate governance are a little bit premature given the levels of corruption that we're tackling in the illegal and state procurement system corruption is always. a problem the problem with most of the corporate. runs official so i played fishing tackle and fight corruption. and this was was going to be a different process than money for gore score he didn't shoot the number of new instruments to fight corruption there. getting feedback from people saying time by
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using a corporate machine just so it would corrupt your behavior for company managers present visit gave a six month timetable for improvement in state sectors do you think it's realistic literalistic to. imagine that you could her for good progress in this area the people who will really feels a. proposed changes are already there are. certain we are not naive enough to be. believes that you have the ideal economy in six months but to show people that the serious the ideal program. or the chief is possible or six must six months to get your developing plans under your whatever is asian program do you feel the mindsets of russian business are
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changing already. in the community or are the prevailing. it's cute. to start to deal with investments and so on increase teacher some parts of the political soap and some of the direction of the normal in the country russia which for some part gave the rest. some time real pos before people will start to be more active internationally what companies are flying are the flag or rush other highest recently was very good progress in the business contacts with jordan for ancient american companies and. companies and the. print would be different because in all of this purchase like i said tea. from a few details. and energy efficiency. companies
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the leaders. all business contacts and initiation of the new projects in the russian president visited have also backed a sovereign fund. to support economic modernization what sources will the sovereign investment fund draw on for france single or for this new vehicle russian private investment fund used to attract to future for investment the three piece or swung the. other thought in front of this large. private sector to plant. direct investment funds and the sort multinationals a lot of multinationals for many of them some kind of quite comfort from the state . and. the new demands for the.
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giving say should come for. investments they would be ready to invest. billions of dollars if you will create the rules of the game in russian this is a coach thank you very much. for the. we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. british. market. what's really happening to the global economy.
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no holds barred the global financial headlines kaiser report.
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if. but headlines on our tripoli says it's ready for any political reform provided that colonel gadhafi remains in power in order to prevent libya from slipping further into chaos experts say stabilizing the arab world is part of washington's efforts to dominate the region and i think it's envoy is now in europe for talks on a possible solution to the conflict with china dragged on for over a month. in the u.k. the country spends millions on the war in libya while the public sector at home is neglected and slashed a recent poll suggests nearly half of the population opposes the involvement in
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libya while british politicians are overwhelmingly in favor of it. and a russian a spaceship named after the first man in orbit is carrying a crew of three to the international space station this being done to mark the fiftieth anniversary of yuri gagarin's first flight to russians and one american who will spend nearly six months on the i assess that they should be arriving there in just a few days' time. and after the sweltering. so we're getting down to the wire here down to business the business end of matters in the champions league that's exactly right two big games tonight is the first quarter final like we've got introversion shot to ensure that the holders of course but the other game that looks a little bit more interesting real madrid versus talking we've got more in the rest of the sport coming your way right now excellent.
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thanks for joining us this is what's today i mean these are headlines this hour. in the rising f.c. char occur in their first points of the season to climb off the bottom of the russian premier league table. called simple quest the open quarter finals in the champions league get on the way later tonight with matches in milan. and alive and kicking we go way down side. with the only known chinese king of kong food and his world in for a. great story about what's coming up in a little while but football first where something had to give when the two teams with zero points thus far in the russian premier league met on monday evening grozny the side getting off the mark with a two no when a refs now going into the third week of action with losses across the board perak and were eager to jump start things in chechnya that was the home team beat all the early running exulting some of the penalty. we see all the money living
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from the sports one became twenty one minutes rodrigo t.u.e. heading home the. city to know how it ended up turning finally out of the relegation. of the random others it's reeling from things in nature are looking down on the rest the same petersburg side appoint a bold newly promoted. venture the big leagues and have luster winning two of their opening three games while uncourteous i'll be out south probably sits in the two most undesirable spots that is of course the automatic drop zone position. and i alluded to a little while ago a couple lies ahead in the champions league eight teams remaining with the first four of them getting their first quarter final ties. underway holders enter they are not on the whole shelf in auto side are coming off a disappointing three nil domestic defeat at city rivals milan at the weekend
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they'll be boosted by the return of striker diego. i will enter the clash against the germans as big favorites their manager however certainly not taking anything for granted against the surprise qualifiers. in the champions league who have played against strong teams like. to leave neverland soon gets out to the courts final stylings well it's true that in the goodness league of their facing difficulties they have been different results in the champions league and in the bundesliga they have great potential as reagan was but it happened it was now a fascinating part awaits at the bernabeu real madrid taking on the talk of europe tottenham and jews in the new promising his first home league loss in nine years at the weekend will have no impact on his men their email will be putting his wits against veteran monitor hari read not who oversaw his team milan in the last sixteen stage. but the good work he was doing had the chance to go to the bottom of the chance to build the team it had the resources to do it's. because the players
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as a team. and. i'm very very happy i just. hope and i say from my heart. i hope. if i don't see you fredricka the final. i hope it is. ok staying with football where carla's korea russia is on the move again the former portugal and real madrid coach who's had ten teams throughout his twenty one year managerial career touching down in to run it's a charge of the around national team their fifteen year old with a clear goal leaving the persian stars to the world cup finals in three years time . and i like to think of the opportunity. because this is an opportunity to give me to. share. the dream to be in brazil in two thousand and fourteen the federation asked me
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according my experience and my larger knowledge of the things that i did in courts was. some other countries that i work with to put in place to play and of course a vision to be consistent in terms of preparing and develop players in. the second participants in the cage shelves grand final will be determined in a couple of hours with you liar preparing to host of course in game seven of the eastern conference finals it's all about well there once again favorites despite losing a cliffhanger of a game six in the. metal will be aiming for yet another brilliant performance by march of the month lead to make goal he scored a brace in game six are blunt awaits the winner in the guard cup finals. the cricket world cup is set for a dramatic reduction in twenty fifteen the event trimmed to only include test nations plus zimbabwe a decision that has angered none full member nations but says the head of the
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international cricket council the tournament was simply too long last time. the executive board has decided on. team competition. so it will be reduced from the current fourteen. fans in russia are gearing up to witness one of the sports legends and to paul in moscow roy jones jr seeking redemption often losing three of his last five fights he takes on russian denice on may twenty second the forty one year old american specifically chose the city for the fight on the reasons for that appear to run deep with r.j. . were due to throw. because i came here six this is what i got a broad middle so to come back and give a little bit of forward. so i got to say it's so big. and then it could have proven they're the best college basketball team in the united states after
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defeating butler for their third n.c. double a championship in twelve years the huskies with an amazing run which sold and secure fourteen straight victories including last night's fifty three to forty one when it was a dog eat dog defensive battle for most of the game you can start them to look into the sixteen points or. space the maker for office i've seen that was popular shelvin not the end of the first not the style if it wasn't the lead up to twenty two nineteen halftime lead this is very quickly with the bulldogs shooting the worst percentage in history so a scrappy fifty three forty one winners the huskies whose dog. finally a martial arts school in the heart of the caucuses has been celebrating after one of its students became the first non chinese to be named king of confluent but that isn't the only thing that makes the darkest on bootle unique osterman cluster if the school board. five directions of the world is a martial arts school or is it. iraq says the republic.
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even call it that of the caucasus intrigue well i certainly was as. the school is located in hollenbeck just over the mountain ridge from the stanley capital over the years is produce ten world and eleven european champions as well as a little gold and silver medalist in beijing in two thousand and eight. same item i moved here with his wife in the one hundred eighty three with just an idea and it tends to live and now it's a fully fledged educational facility that nurtures talents from a young age through to graduation. five directions of the world the four geographic points with space being the fifth one it means that we're following global clickable to all people in the world we won't these values to dominate other religious national and other values of chinese martial arts have
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a philosophy rich history and important values so they're very effective in teaching these are not just words for us we cannot lose our children and become terrorists. this is heard each time one of the boys wins a medal in various events held in russia or anywhere else in the world at the same works and lives right here at the school and leaves only one his students take more in major competitions but all the trophies eventually end up right here at the five directions of the world. this trophy is given at the end of each year to the winner of the congo free world cup one of our students won this trophy it is a very valuable prize basically it confirms that he was the best fighter of the year and if we use. that fighters name. is mostly the sally hope who was also named the king of kong flu becoming the only non chinese warrior in the world to be
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awarded this title though he graduated a while ago mostly still considers it an honor to combine his alma mater to train and convey the philosophy of the next generation which. this is really a unique school first of all it discipline students who are always doing something meaningful practicing studying you have no free time i think it is very important for young people today it doesn't leave room for bad things drugs terrorism which is a big problem today sports can save young people especially in our schools kids practice study they're always supervised. the martial arts are the foundation of the school education is equally if not more important in raising children for now the school is out on spring vacation so goosey not going to have some time to play with his grandkids but that doesn't mean that faculty is an actor besides the james and other training facilities it offers suitable classrooms where according to teachers
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they become decent young adults looking. as if we graduate a half literate student is not the worst thing in the world the worst thing for us is to graduate and badly behaved student so we pay a lot of attention to teaching them about values. to say no to my it is more than a founder of the school and a martial arts guru is artistic talents cannot be underrated as he students may also witness his artwork each time they have a meal and these paintings are also educational showing the young bucks that everything in this life should be accepted as a whole in union of good and evil. remark offer of artsy rushes republic of dagestan. fantastic stuff a lot is all your sport i'll see you soon the weather is coming up though and that .
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