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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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so to. the meridian the leader of the g.o.p. hotels church in new delhi who took the maori babyhood to play in collections ramada plaza on the maiden's hotel's park. road isn't it was a palace but a protest. fighting for a key oil town is rages on in libya while some mideast experts accuse washington of steering the arab world in the direction it wants. as the u.k. pours more cash into the libyan campaign many of whom slammed the government a massive cuts in the public sector saying their democratic rights are being neglected. launching a space legacy three cosmonauts blast off towards the international space station nearly fifty years since man first ventured to the stars.
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international news night from our studios here in central moscow this is just past eight pm here in the russian capital and six pm in libya and as the fight for control over the oil rich libyan coastline continues the u.s. is stepping back from its leading role in the operation washington will still oversee the logistics of the mission but is encouraged other nato countries to increase their military contribution now he's going to scan looks at. just the start of a wider u.s. goals in the region. as waves of public rage sweep through north africa and the middle east what cowards jump on them as many analysts say in an attempt to direct the waves of unrest in a way that's more favorable for them in libya forging relationship with the opposition so that if gadhafi goes their people there to do business with as syria
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party will wrath gather steam some experts say western powers might see the advantages of getting involved there to these three countries iran and syria are the main countries that will not aligned themselves or that magically to the global call or elites or western powers interested objectives in north africa in the east as for example. or used to do with hosni mubarak and definitely kuwait saudi arabia syria is iran's closest ally in the region and the cost to support the remark in syria affan khan was mentions of you ran syria is obviously a strategic ally for granted in the in the region and without syria iran loses their their bridge their land bridge to lebanon and they're hit hezbollah in force and so of course hezbollah will suffer if the syrian regime was to fall and that would destabilize iran and weaken its power in the region which would be an obvious benefit in being called american forces some experts even believe that destabilize
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ation is part of a strategy the west perceives in the region we are seeing with a strategy which includes our homes other points the generalized weakening of the sovereign nation states of the sovereign genes in the arab world in order to try to isolate iran even with very few perhaps no friendly countries in the region and that will then leave iraq pretty much alone at least in the arab world and would facilitate further turmoil inside iran although the u.s. secretary of state has ruled out america's involvement in syria for now the country's defense secretary card for the syrian army to quote empower around aleutian and follow the example of egypt's military syria. wait. you just already. many say you ran down would be a tough hard and no matter how much washington you want the regime there to fall
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for now it's seen as a mission impossible i'm sure that there are some in the u.s. who would love to attack iran and there are others who would like to take over the iranian opposition i think they know that the iranian opposition is not so fond of the united states they have a long memory in iran people remember the role of the united states in overthrowing the precursor to the shah of iran overthrowing the democratically elected government of mossad there back in one nine hundred fifty three so i don't think the u.s. would be welcomed and i think many in washington know that with libya being torn apart by the war and anti-government protests gaining momentum in syria the question on everyone's mind is who might be next i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . well colonel gadhafi could have used british made weapons to slaughter hundreds of rebels in libya a new report by a palm tree committee shows the u.k. sold libya almost one hundred million dollars worth of weapons since the start of
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two thousand and nine it's prompted criticism that it misjudged the risk of british weapons being used for internal suppression across the arab world well let's now get more reaction to this amnesty international's all of a spray joining us london now of course these deals were conducted before any of these troubles began britain like many other countries exports weapons so surely it has no control over how those weapons are actually used by the client. in this case no i mean the select committee said that the birth weapon sales to libya were misjudged i mean amnesty international i think were close stronger to say that these weapons sales were work early wrong and there was almost being a sort of reckless regard to selling arms to what clearly was a very risky risky destination the u.k. is supposed to have very very tough rules that say where there was a clear risk that military equipment like crowd control ammunition like riot
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control vehicles that we've seen being used in libya to crush demonstrations where there is a clear risk. that it is likely those things will happen you're not supposed to sell the weapons and it was always clear i think if you look back around the international report how can it be clear that to determine a risk of the weapons being used inappropriately how can you determine it no matter what sort of government or regime you're selling. well the the u.k. policy here is very strict there are very strict set of guidelines that say where where it is likely that human rights violations might take place you are not supposed to sell their weapons and i would say looking back through a number of credible sources including amnesty international that it was always likely always very very likely that equipment supplied to colonel gadhafi would and could be used in the brutal crackdown to suppress protesters as we've seen and regrettably we know that u.k. armored control vehicles have been used in those crackdowns there's been
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a very quick response from the coalition government what do you make of that response indeed they just announced they've revoked one hundred fifty six arms licenses to the region isn't that enough to placate concerns now. well it is good that licenses have been quickly revoked but that's a bit like the stable door after the horse horse has bolted if you were because basically what we would say is many of these licenses should never have been agreed in the first place and the government has signaled that it is going to do a review of its licensing decisions to learn from these mistakes and to work out what remedy is necessary now what we were calling on for is an extremely thorough open and transparent review of both licenses and not a quick sort of rushed job would you want to see in an ideal world you wouldn't see that sort of business is business going on because there is a bit of a contradiction here the report by the m.p.'s recommends and you have just been mentioning is that the government what's the set of conditions on promoting arms
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exports with the storage holding of human rights in other words bearing in mind the human rights issue that's impossible isn't it arms or arms their weapons they could be used to kill people well weapons are not always what weapons do have a clearly defensive role in all governments have the right to acquire weapons for their own self-defense in the un charter article fifty one of the un charter now all too often governments portray that as carte blanche justification to import and use arms in whatever way they deem fit now of course that's not true there are very very strong conditions on how those weapons are used and there's a islands between promoting economic and perfect sales on the one hand but on the other hand a very clear rules that should set a prohibition on absolute no on selling weapons in these cases where there is a clear risk that they'll be used in the brutal crackdown of protesters all of this break very interesting to hear what you have to say thank you for joining us live here there in london from international thank you you thank.
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russia wants an explanation from the un over its use of force in ivory coast which is currently gripped by civil conflict from minister sergey lavrov has questioned if it was legal for international peacekeepers to support one of the presidential clemence. it will be as the u.n. peacekeepers in supporting french forces in ivory coast have started military action taking the side of mr ouattara carrying out air strikes on the positions held by supporters of mr gbagbo and we're now looking into the legality of this situation because the peacekeepers were authorized to remain neutral nothing more we've requested an emergency briefing in the un security council we will keep looking into the matter. the u.n. and french troops bombarded targets around the residence of incumbent president more in the city of abidjan the u.n. says its raids were carried out to protect civilians forces loyal to the internationally recognized winner of the presidential poll on sunday with tara have
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since claimed to have captured the planets would not negotiate in the terms of his departure he had been refusing to cede power ever since losing last november's election hundreds have been killed during a week of fighting in the country and john laughlin from the institute for the moxon cooperation in paris says the un in france are not defending civilians but by pursuing their own goals. basically the crisis has crystallized around the rivalry between two men as you said in your report about this so we're tired of what is it is what business is it of the west in my view not at all and yet the west in this case france but by means of the united nations has got into the habit of intervening systematically in other people's conflicts we know that france is not neutral in this political crisis because france has said repeatedly and explicitly that it wants longer back though to step down so there is absolutely no
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shred of neutrality about france's position and yet these u.n. troops that we hear about are in fact of course french troops and they take orders from paris they don't take orders from the united nations they take them from paris and my concern about this intervention is that it fatally damages the authority of the united nations because nobody now is ever going to believe that the united nations intervention in the future is neutral when we can see and nations intervention as in this case being used for explicitly political purposes. coming up in the program cleaning up their act japanese authorities asked the russians help in dealing with thousands of tons of radioactive liquid have been battered for pushing the plant plus. into history three space travelers set out on a mission to the international space station to mark the fiftieth anniversary of mankind's first trip beyond. the story still to come for you but first britain's
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upping its military presence in libya with more of its tornado jets but as the country continues to tighten its belt many are starting to doubt they government is spending taxpayers' money with the public's needs in mind and as artie's and it reports increasing numbers in the u.k. a question you the democratic rights. a winter of discontent that's becoming a seething spring british streets regularly filling with massive anti-government protests which start peacefully but routinely turn violent. their fury is a vis winge ing spending cuts by a coalition government they say no one wants and now a new foreign war. that democracy in britain which it prides itself on and keenly exports is wearing thin for some. moment just making up their own mind about everything really we don't have a say in anything. i don't see that.
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comes with a working social conversation so. much money they're spending in libya sending planes over their signatures. and taking money away from eyes they should be spending more money but the will of these people is one which lawmakers willingly ignore what a t.v. news poll suggested forty three percent of people oppose military intervention in libya they elected m.p.'s voted overwhelmingly in favor five hundred fifty seven to just thirteen against what we have in parliament now are a political class they all go to the same schools they go to the same universities they get the same jobs the research offices have a place where their career is in politics having never had jobs in the real world are they operate speak like shape we don't have enough independent thinkers sitting in the house of commons prepared to make counter-arguments in a league of their own
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and a world apart from a public mandate the british don't directly choose their prime ministers certainly not the most recent man at number ten cotton brown was handed the job when tony blair quits during his eventual success as roth old. because of what you thought of your politics. david cameron was only rescued from a minority government with a deal of his own sharing power with a party that has put third it's a coalition which an angry electorate sees breaking promises and which listens to washington more than westminster protesters politicians are so committed. to this kind of seeming fantasy of the of the special relationship with washington that they are prepared to do what every is necessary to maintain that relationship while . you know having no concern for their relationship with the people who elected them in the first place and this is a this is a dysfunction of deep deep dysfunction of the heart of the british so-called
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democracy the past six months have seen a series of demonstrations in london and across the u.k. gates cuts to public spending and the war in libya some of those protesters have marts right down this road past the front door of their democracy to say it's not working you are emmett r.t. . japanese officials say sixty thousand tons of radioactive water have accumulated in the basements of these stricken plant workers must keep feeding water into the reactors to stop overheating which is leading to a buildup of radioactive fluid well japan has asked russia to send a waste disposal facility to the crippled nuclear station almost twelve thousand tons of tainted water are being released into the ocean to free storage space for more highly contaminated waste the forces say this poses no threat to human health or the environment more to talk more about that i'm now joined by you an expert on
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chemical safety professor larry potassium joining me here in the studio thank you very much for being with us here on r.t. well as we've just been hearing this sounds like a massive amount of radioactive material being released into the sea and despite what the japanese authorities are saying how dangerous all of these levels do you think. yeah that's actually very dangerous situation situation i would say because besides sort of radio active iodine and radioactive cesium week. early into the air nowadays we have the radioactive material which is much more dangerous we're talking about deploying you dangerous also because it's in the sea and could be spread by currents and to a much wider area first of all plutonium is more dangerous because it's highly janie and also because of the half life time he's twenty four thousand years
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and that means from the viewpoint of one life if you understand there is for i mean for the rest of our being going to be supplanted i will say and i'm sorry to just go back to that point would not be turning out to be in the water or the air there any difference in actually there is no difference because i have a concept which is called the chemicals. and global condemnation of the environment that means from an any good toxicants. into the here keating was doing they are going around the world and only when the meat and the rain or snow plow the hour because so you will see places a thousand miles away even if the old could be said about it's absolutely business why the fukushima regular new clothes have been or a digital insult in california in ukraine in some regions of russia in
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some regions of south america and this is because first of all they're distributed by saudi air base so these so-called plans bomb very atmospheric transfer but at the same time we have big transponder of water transfer that these. if you three doing the quotes around the world let's talk about now japan asking for russia's assistance in this they want to dispose of radioactive waste by means of some sort of special frozen facility in what way will russia be helping them. twenty five years ago when the child novel accident happened russia got already by that time of course quite an experience first of all trying to carve or build lands. we each. it's a good deposit to car we palmeri. leaves and doors verd the specific molecules called polyvinyl. units and they were not
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allowing illegal new clothes to be distributed by and i think in bed that experience can be used. in japan but is it too late no i don't think so because if we have the exhausts or freedom of quotes in to the air then it had been clear it had been happening for half a year in chernobyl before the deal and the. well it's it's clearly a very very bleak picture that you're painting and obviously this is a very new world order shows years we have to be very careful with that situation because both. its exhaust is going to be here and reagan will plates. with the waste water into the room they will be bought these three butin three quotes around the world and only you an expert on chemical safety thank you very
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much for joining us here on r.t. . well by the way you can always find more news features and blogs on our website that's on our teeth dot com here's some of what we've got lined up right now for you because it stands incumbent leader who's been in power for two decades has won the country's presidential election securing over ninety five percent of the vote. was on the websites of burning bridges we look at the implications of the rights of broken off an american pastor towards the qur'an you have your same issues by taking part in not one line just over forty dot com. so now to check out some other world stories making headlines this hour here in our world update in the biggest lebanese jail three security guards have been taken hostage in a prison a right inmates also said to one of the buildings in the facility is the beirut right started last week with prisoners demanding a general amnesty and better conditions of detention the prison was built to house
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fifteen hundred inmates because only holds a rug for thousands of. yemen now and thousands of be marching in the capital sanaa to bomb that president ali abdullah saleh step down three people have reportedly been killed in clashes between forces loyal to the leader and soldiers supporting position dozens were also injured in renewed violence in the city of plates of the fifteen people were killed during demonstrations and battle president has been refusing to step down since the protests started in favor. to haiti and musician michel martelly has won last month's presidential runoff preliminary results showing he defeated a fourth first lady of the country taking nearly sixty seven percent of the vote the first round of elections was marred by thought after which a government backed candidate withdrew from the race will face the task of rebuilding over a million houses hit by last year's devastating earthquake. well it's always fifty years since the first man ventured into space and today your garden is flying again
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a space ship named after the pioneers blasted off from baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan carrying three men to the international space station and all of the stars are still was there to see the crew's preparations and lift off. well here's a lot of excitement definitely especially among vs spectators for the we're going to see the takeoff of the crew two russian cosmonauts you have alex on the some of which i have and they are going to say go as well as nasa astronaut ron garan over the last a few hours leading up to this point right here we have been following the very go through the three flight traditions if you will very interesting indeed especially for first timers even those who have been here several times say it's never quite the same whole process as we saw them getting out of the according to some of the first they left their signatures on their doors as had their previous us theirs and then they walked to the out to the crowd and they we saw them in their space suits very interesting to see them in their gear say quite an emotional farewell to the
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people. there are devices of them but this is a very special mission if you will because this is happening close to the fiftieth anniversary of you to go god it's a first space flight happening right here with what they call good caryn stark this is where it all began the astronauts on board ron garan had it his words he has said that fifty years ago on that day mankind became a different species that we were able to go beyond the boundaries of earth. and the basics of life really you couldn't get it around here now between you guys well it will take about less than ten minutes to get it through to orbit is zero
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gravity and better a couple of days to reach the international space station where they will join three of their colleagues and ron garrett who's a very tech savvy astronaut he did say he will try his very best to keep us updated using twitter that is sending us tweets as well as blogs that we do look forward to reading about their experiences up there in space. well still ahead for you this team will be discussing the investment climate in russia with the presidential aide of carly of course which before that though we'll have a look at tonight's immediate business news with the mitri stay with us for that. thanks bill libyan rebels are expected to start exporting oil tanker called the equator is jews of documents in the east of the country and would be the first exports from libya for nearly three weeks and this kind of production be shut down
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i think the market take a look at the market now brant crude cost just around one hundred twenty two dollars a barrel light sweet story above one hundred eight dollars a barrel very chilling derian from b.m.p. paribas there's news from libya is doing little to classified not. i think it's a little bit early to cite the resumption of supplies from libya these are just tentative cargoes and in the end we have a disruption of supply in excess of a million barrels per day and i don't think it's a couple of cargoes here or there that are going to shift the market but also until further notice supply out of libya is disrupted and this is why the market is not responding to. the markets now u.s. stocks have edged higher on tuesday despite reports a u.s. non manufacturing sector grew less than expected tech stocks leading to gauge national semiconductor surged seventy one percent at one point that's after texas
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instruments made a bid for the group worth six billion dollars. european markets ended choose day session to put sea on the backs were shedding more likely for three point two dax just point one percent a new credit downgrade of portugal by moody's rating agency was dampening sentiment and a sly correction in russia to you after two days of growth beyond here's my specs down slightly shorter for the world price movements throughout the session mostly take a look at some of the individual moves while stocks actually manage them gains as we've seen brant. continued number four streak of growth p.t.b. mean one of the biggest loses a shed one point six percent produce gold was up one point four percent here's my actually in south central so it will sit couples. who are always saw me going through some profit taking in the morning. being in a rush and storks have done very well on this courtroom and been sitting on the
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profits names like for more names and tuna sensually any global economic statistics sometimes i use as a pretext to take profits. russia's top telecoms group ross telecom as finalize the process of taking over eight regional companies under its brads now the company weapon estimated sixteen billion dollars is aiming to list on the london stock exchange present a ross telecom alexander probably at or off explains the reasons for the i.p.o. cost over say the least of the main goal of the fluids they should use to improve the liquidity around shares we hope to complete listing by the end of this year and has a significant role for the company's image i mean expect the new track to investors in top western funds from also improve the company's capitalization a maximum volume of the listed shares may be up to twenty five percent. that's all for now we will be back next hour with an update bill is next with their lives and
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say without them. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world seeing from the street the chatter that. shines hope for asia to rule the day.
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disarming saddam hussein. mass murders of iraqi citizens. this event brings further assurance that the torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever. as again over embassy in kabul. chance too much occupied afghanistan. now occupies sales of downtown i'm open a. commitment. that is appropriate to the. accordance as much as we can if he could even. if a slab stomach's life if you can shoot him enough so that it shocks them especially for kids.


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