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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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goldman tells the regrets the crew the chance to feel the accuser tells the world of the ruben's herself. fighting for key oil town rages on in libya while some mideast expert secures washington of steering the arab world in the direction it wants. in our business but us when we take a look at why oil prices continue to grow despite the anticipation of a resumption of oil supplies from libya join me in twenty minutes time for more on that. also this hour british weapons could have been used to mask rebels in libya as a new report slams the u.k. for approving millions of dollars worth of arms deals to the arab world. and launching a space legacy three cosmonauts gloss off towards the international space station
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nearly fifty years since man first ventured to the stuff. international news live from our studios here in central moscow this is r.t. just past nine pm here in the russian capital and seven pm in libya and as the fight for control over the oil rich libyan coastline continues and u.s. is stepping back from its leading role in the operation washington will still see the logistics of the mission but does encourage other nato countries to increase their military contribution and all of these candidates can look at how libya could be just the start of wider u.s. goals in the region. as waves of public rage sweep through north africa and the middle east one power is jump on them as many analysts say in an attempt to direct
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the waves of unrest in a way that's most favorable for them in libya forging relationship with the opposition so that if gadhafi goes there are people there to do business with as syria popular raphe gather steam some experts say western powers might see the advantages of getting involved there to these three countries iran and syria are the main countries that will not align themselves with the magical to the global power elites or the western powers interested objectives in north africa in the middle east as for example egypt will do or used to do with hosni mubarak and definitely kuwait and saudi arabia syria is iran's closest ally in the region and the cost to support the remark in syria after income was mentions of you ran syria is obviously a strategic ally for iran in the in the region and without syria iran loses there and there are a bridge their land bridge to lebanon and they're hit has been one force and so of
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course hezbollah went to suffer if the syrian regime was to fall and that would be stabilize he ran and weaken its power in the region which would be an obvious benefit in the end all american forces some expert even believe that destabilize ation is part of a threat against the west perceived in the region we are seeing reflected a strategy which includes our mom's other points the generalized weakening of the sovereign nation states of the sovereign genes in the arab world in order to try to isolate iran. even with very few perhaps no friendly countries in the region and that will leave iran pretty much alone at least in the arab world and will facilitate further turmoil inside iran although the u.s. secretary of state has ruled out america's involvement in syria for now the country's defense secretary crafted the syrian army to quote empower arab revolution and follow the example of egypt's military syria.
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this is some great. thank you just the way you live you're going to say you ran down would be a tough car and no matter how much washington would want the regime there to fall for now it's seen as a mission impossible i'm sure that there are some in the u.s. who would love to attack iran and there are others who would like to take over the iranian opposition i think they know that the iranian opposition is not so fond of the united states they have a long memory in iran people remember the role of the united states in overthrowing the precursor to the shah of iran overthrowing the democratically elected government of mosul back in one thousand fifty three so i don't think the u.s. would be welcomed and i think many in washington know that would leave you being torn apart by the war and anti-government protests gaining momentum in syria the question on everyone's mind is who might be next i'm going to check our reporting
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from washington r.t. . kind of gadhafi could have used british made weapons to slaughter hundreds of rebels in libya a new report by a parliamentary committee shows the u.k. sold libya almost one hundred million dollars worth of weapons since the start of two thousand and nine and this day internationals all of a sprague told me earlier that the government should never have approved deals that put civilians at risk. the select committee said the the the weapon sales to libya will discharge them amnesty international i think we're stronger to say that these weapons sales were work clearly wrong and there is almost being a sort of reckless regard selling arms to what clearly was a very risky risky destination the u.k. is supposed to have very very tough rules that say where there is a clear risk that military equipment like crowd control ammunition like roy control vehicles that we've seen being used in libya to crush some inspiration where there is a clear risk that it is likely those things will happen you're not supposed to sell
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the sell sell weapons which is good last and says have been quickly revived but that's a bit like bolting the the stable door after the horse of course is both if you were because basically what we would say is many of these laws and says should never have been agreed in the first place it was always likely always very very likely the equipment supplied to colonel gaddafi would and could be used in the brutal crackdown of protesters as we've seen and regrettably we know the u.k. armored control vehicles have been used in those grandparents. or you can follow our regular online paints and what's going on in libya on our twitter and facebook pages and don't forget to check out our you tube page for all the latest figures.
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russia wants an explanation from the un over its use of force in ivory coast which is currently gripped by civil conflict foreign minister sergey lavrov has questioned if it was legal for international peacekeepers to support one of the presidential claimants u.n. and french troops bombarded targets around the residence of incumbent president laurent gbagbo in the city of abidjan the u.s. says its raids were carried out to protect civilians and forces loyal to the internationally recognized winner of the presidential poll on sunday with her have since claimed to have captured the palace with now you go chasing the terms of his departure while he's been refusing to cede power ever since losing last november's election hundreds being killed during a week of fighting in the country and i'm not joined by his from the americans
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against the war and association of u.s. activists living in france thanks very much indeed for joining us well we just heard that france's foreign minister said that the fighting in ivory coast has stopped and mr gbagbo has agreed to negotiate so is it fair to say that the u.s. and france have achieved their peacekeeping mission there. well if you look at for . yes. one can argue the united nations and france intervention did holt. in the name of civil war. argued that the u.s. . issued in two thousand and four did not stipulate taking sides or it could be for france to remain in a. civil war in the ninety's and protecting government forces so you see there are arguable positions on both sides of this question about or
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more importantly i believe the ethics morality of this intervention which is to say like libya western powers will quote foreign. like libya western powers might want to make sure that the successor will do good as usual or better business with the interests of western powers well that concern about that foreign intervention there has also of course been raised by russia and i would just like to pause for a moment and listen to what foreign minister lavrov actually said about that u.n. intervention let's have a listen. because of the u.n. peacekeepers in supporting french forces you know every coast and started military actions taking the side of mr ouattara carrying out air strikes on the positions held by supporters of mr gbagbo but we are now looking into the legality of this
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situation because the peacekeepers were authorized to remain neutral and nothing more which we requested an emergency briefing in the un security council we will keep looking into the matter because it's so clearly. not only from russia apart from other countries concerning this international action they question the russian foreign minister they're questioning the legality but it's all happening now is what next i mean if it was a legal does it make any difference. well i think it of course it makes a difference in real politic i think what we're seeing. in this brief interview i could see summarily and the united nations says more and more sided with western global managers this can be documented this is been leaked they have not been is neutral as we would like the united nations to be and as a result of that the united nations has consequently here in cote d'ivoire we certainly would do direct fire. a military force in this case the government forces
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i think when we could expect to see more as we are learning more of the leadership of the united nations more and more siding with western powers for the purpose of global management which we can talk about in terms of who is going to succeed in the president's office and probably what it's telling us a lot more also about france at the moment there you were in paris it's actually been quite a long time since we've seen france taking the spotlight on the world stage and seen their action there in libya now of course in ivory coast what is this sudden resurgence of french action in foreign affairs. well this is policy. cosey and his administration to reassert prominent friends in world affairs again to get off the sidelines. because he would like to see france be an important
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player in this global management scheme and not just in cologne colonial master in west africa and parts of asia. because he would like to see france consulted along with the other imperial powers of germany great britain the united states in its orbit nations like israel and in following that agenda mr sarkozy will indeed take unilateral action to assert the primacy of france in the boys club in the leadership council if you will of global managers and fred certainly wants to be considered once again a part an intricate part of global management i just very very quickly finish now briefly are we going to see stability in ivory coast now do you think just very briefly well we may see an end to the civil strife maybe maybe don't count on it these these these tensions have been brewing. since the country became independent
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and it was divided secondly the new president what is a former monetary fund manager and world bank director watch to see hopefully not but that as an i.m.f. director he doesn't settle that country with enormous. debt in the name of global management mostly it will have to leave it there thanks very much indeed mostly good there joining us live there in paris thank you thank you. japanese officials say that sixty thousand tons of radioactive water if accumulated in the basement of the stricken from the plant workers must keep feeding water into the reactors to stop them overheating which is leading to. buildup of radioactive fluid. rush of the center which disposal facility into the crippled nuclear station almost twelve thousand tons of water are being released into the ocean to free storage space for more highly contaminated waste and authorities say this poses no threat to human
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health or the environment we'll talk more about this i'm now joined by damon morgan is the director of climate and energy programs at the friends of the earth organization joining me live here in washington d.c. thanks very much for being with us here on r.t. not japan is defending its radioactive water disposal methods saying that they're not harmful what's your view on the. well i think that's totally unfounded statement i think that it's quite clear that under japanese regulation they're not supposed to be dumping this nuclear waste into the ocean and under the international treaty that bans the dumping of nuclear waste at sea you couldn't even dump a single barrel of this waste into the ocean and yet they're using a loophole in that treaty to pump the waste into the ocean from a land based source i think this is a serious problem and that's why the korean government is protesting for example a serious problem what are the implications what will the consequences be not just on the japanese coastal area but indeed for the rest of the world. well i mean
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we've seen first of all that this poses very significant risks to the people living along the japanese coast itself but beyond that as we've also seen from this disaster we've seen that radiation spreads we now have for example traces of the disaster at fukushima in air above the united states and similarly once you done fis nuclear waste into the pacific it's going to start showing up elsewhere in the pacific and it's going to potentially damage other fisheries and other industries that rely on a clean pacific this is an unacceptable thing for the japanese government to be doing is the government out of control is the part of operate out of control with this crisis now. well i think the situation unfortunately at the reactors is actually quite out of control you know now news is coming out today that levels of radiation in the sea right there at the reactor site are seven point five million times beyond regulatory limits the fact is that tepco does not have the situation
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under control and i really think that they're dumping this nuclear waste into the ocean because they don't want to pay to retain it and to deal with it otherwise and that's unacceptable we know that russia has been asked to help or should more help of come from the international community in the post few weeks. i mean it's quite clear that this is an international disaster obviously the japanese government and the industry are primarily responsible and yet since people around the world are at risk we now all need to be chipping in so certainly support and assistance from the russian government as important as it is from the u.s. government and other governments but part of the issue here is that when you have governments like korea saying don't dump this waste into the ocean that also means the japanese government needs to be listening to its neighbors what does this mean for the nuclear industry as a whole now. well i think that this really really calls into question the notion that nuclear power is safe and clean it's clearly not safe and it's clearly not clean i think that what we see already is in
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financial markets around the world but nobody has any desire to be investing in new nuclear power plants so i think that really the issue now is how do we begin to bring nuclear power plants offline how do we begin to bring renewable and efficiency technologies of the twenty first century i know online around the globe just very briefly friends of the earth and organizations should come up with the answers pretty quickly on those questions just very briefly. well that's right we need we need immediate answers and we need immediate commitments from government for this nuclear disaster or it will have to leave it there thanks very much indeed diamond model and director of climate and energy program at friends of the thank you very much for joining us live from washington thank you thank you. by the way you can always find more news features and blogs on our website that's our teeth dot com here's some of what we've got lined up for you right now at the moment because it stands incumbent leader who's been in profit decades as one the country's presidential election security over ninety five percent of the vote.
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hurting bridges we look at the implications of the afghan riots that broke out after an american passed the course of the koran and you also have the issue by taking part in a poll just head over to the party dot com online all the time. now back to one of our top stories this hour here in our state of the libyan rebels are to begin shipping oil from opposition held areas of the country they plan to go to talk to one of the terminals they control with the e.u. being the main importer of them in all that's up to. he joins me now live in bushels of brussels i said so. the e.u. says it's ready to buy oil from the rebels despite there being an oil embargo now how can that possible. well as. old as the roy in the eastern rebel held poll port of told broke an estimated value of one hundred twenty million dollars for the deal it's
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a one million barrel tanker the deal will go through qatar petroleum qatar being one of the few arab states due to the coalition's military intervention in libya and is a main user of libyan oil the main purchaser germany countries like france and italy are heavy users of libyan oil however there is an inboard go on trade in libya and the e.u. representative here in brussels mark o'mara says that only applies to held companies in other words sanctions only applied to the national old corporation the state held could be held energy company and all other companies business continues as usual was what he said now there are concerns that this oil will be used as a swap for all arms and that will raise the violence in the region of course the u.n. security council has imposed an embargo on the import of weapons and it also raises questions about the motives of the coalition raising
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a. control of libya's vast all stocks was the motive all along. now because the e.u. really know who it's actually dealing with many people all to show actually what the opposition group is made up of who are the rebels. certain to get a lot of money from this. is who the people of that are going to get this money of course a lot of these young men these young volunteers looted army uniforms on pickup trucks with virtually no experience no military training even the rebels have admitted that al-qaeda had set up bases in the east of the country and tried to infiltrate the rebels and of course among the leadership all of the rebels they are all form a key allies of good laughing so the west really doesn't know either. and their allegiances. ok daniel thanks very much indeed for that artie's daniel bushell
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talking to us from brussels or not as i merely said daniel brussel from bushels thanks very much indeed and i know that people have more on this in our business update a little later thanks to you. well it's always fifty years since the first man ventured into space and today you can get it is flying again a space ship named after the pioneers blasted off and baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan came three men to the international space station and i was there to see the crew's preparations and lift off. well here's a lot of excitement definitely especially among biggest spectators for that we're going to see the takeoff of the crew two russian cosmonauts you have alex on the some of which i have and they got a psycho as well as nasa astronauts ron garan first they left their signatures on their doors as had their treat assessors and then they walked to the out to the crowd and they we saw them in their space suits very interesting to see them in their gear say quite an emotional farewell to the people weaving their i could buy
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some of them but this is a very special mission if you will because this is happening close to the fiftieth anniversary of you to go got it's a first space flight happening right here with what they call the current start this is where it all began. that way six five really you can hear the ground here now between you guys well it will take about less a ten minutes to get it through to orbit as to zero gravity and that of a couple of days to reach the international space station will where they will join three of their colleagues and ron garrett who's a very tech savvy astronaut he did say he will try his very best to keep us updated using twitter that is said because tweets as well as blogs that we do look forward
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to reading about their experiences up there in space. well no let's check out some of the world stories making headlines this world update in the biggest lebanese jail for security guards are being taken hostage in a prisoner right in mates also set fire to one of the buildings in the facility east of my roof iraq started last week the prison is demanding a general amnesty and better conditions of detention the prison was built to house fifteen hundred inmates but currently holds around four thousand. and yemen thousands have been marching in the capital sanaa to demand that president ali abdullah saleh step down three people reportedly killed in clashes between forces loyal to the leader and soldiers supporting opposition forces were also injured in renewed violence in the city it is a day off the fifteen people were killed during demonstrations in battle president has been refusing to step down since the protests started in february. taking on the musician show as my last month's presidential runoff preliminary results are
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showing it defeated the former first lady of the country taking nearly sixty seven percent of the vote the first round of elections was marred by fraud after which a government backed candidate withdrew from the race winner will face the task of rebuilding a million dollars by last year's devastating. well shortly we'll be looking at how latvia once part of the soviet union has changed after it gained independence two decades ago before that promise to be true because just as muslims . well you want your business with me to be chairman of the libyan rebels are
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expected to start exporting oil and recurrent tanker called the equator is due to dock in the book in the east of the country it would be the first exports from libya over nearly three weeks since colonel gadhafi water production be shut down looking at the market now we see brant crude cost more than one hundred twenty two dollars per barrel of light sweet is just under one hundred eight dollars very cheering derian from being people rebuses news from libya is doing little to pacify the market. i think it's a little bit early to cite the resumption of supplies from libya these are just tentative cargoes and in the end we have a disruption of supply in excess of a million barrels per day and i don't think it's a couple cargoes here and there that are going to shift the market well and so until further notice supply out of libya is disrupted and this is why the market is not responding. second because the markets now stock markets u.s. stocks edging higher on tuesday despite reports saying the u.s.
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not manufacturing sector saw slower growth than expected last month tech stocks are leading the gains national semiconductor is up seventy one and said after texas instruments made a bid for the group of six and a half billion dollars. european markets ended the session at a low what's peculiar is that the dax and the right of the spot where it started today session. both footsie and the dax actually saw losses for out of the session this is as the new credit downgrade of portugal by moody's rating agency was dampening sentiment and it's like correction in russia after two days of growth yes my stakes are down at the close slightly stocks were falling oil price move route to states session and this is why some of it well stocks which were one of the biggest some of the biggest losers for the session actually managed gains rose half that point three percent he'd be one of the biggest losers correcting one point six percent quarters enjoying
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a one point four percent growth want to record price of gold is much simpler. at all said capital. who are always so on the contrary some profit taking in the morning. i think you know russian stocks done very well this courtroom and sitting on the hill some proof it's names they can spring all names and tuna sensually many google economic statistics sometimes i use as a pretext to be profound. russia's top telecoms group brought telecom as finalize the process of taking over eight regional companies under its brand now the company worth an estimated sixteen billion dollars is estimated is aiming to list on the london stock exchange now the president of telecom most of the product or of explains the reasons for the i.p.o. . a least a good the main goal of the pluto you should use to improve the liquidity of our shares we hope to complete listing by the end of this year but it has
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a significant role for the company's image and we expect the new track to investors and talk western funds will also improve the company's capitalization and maximum volume of the listed shares maybe up to twenty five percent or. that's awful now we will be back next out with another because that's what their life do stay with us for that r.t. . wealthy
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british style. is not the type of. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with months concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report on r g hungry for the full series we've got in first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.


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