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prosody to do that but then you have nations like israel and like something we see with us often that feel like international laws don't necessarily apply when you're fighting terrorism so it's a touchy and dirty subject thank you so much and thank you for having now it's time for a break and when we turn he just tries a little so hard to tell you which presidential candidate just isn't funny or citing no matter how hard we try. it we get in the park. and. well. we haven't got the shows that are safe ready because our freedom.
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h.r. been here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. new website which twenty four seven live streaming news tell us what to do about the ongoing financial heart unlimited high quality videos for download. so. you can listen to. this. aren't.
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you guys welcome to shelly tell me alone a show part of our guests have to say on the topic now i want to hear. just go on to you tube to video response or to twitter reply to the questions of please post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long response is. already time for tonight's tool time award and tonight it goes to a potential presidential candidate who well he just plain sucks at connecting with the younger voters no matter how many bad jokes he tries to crack it's jim quality former governor of minnesota he spoke and i university's college republicans event and i think this was an attempt at getting in touch with his former frat boy years so of course he addressed all the typical issues you know things like obama hating
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misguided government spending habits yada yada but apparently temple and he also thought that speaking to the college who publicans that there was open mike night at the comedy club and the last call and he broke a bad joke at the expense of one of his colleagues when i first moved in just some years ago you know justin bieber i mean i mean look. he i you heard that right he dropped a line about the beats so you'd think that he might just drop one joke and you know try to show that he's up with the times but i guess the part of the crowd actually loved his first line so much they decided to do another one so this time he brought out how america's attention and spoke is on one very popular bad apple that's right sheen. out of the charger lord like he does. something else in common with him. so.
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did he really just use tiger blood as a line isn't the goal to stop paying attention to charlie sheen i mean is that really the guy we want to equate himself with when it comes to winning so surely right he got his random pop culture references and he would not try for a third joke what he no wait oh wait he did and this time his joke came at the expense of barack obama and lady gaga. i think with the the younger voters have figured out this is this is really a broken relationship he made sure he didn't run mrs greyson the expectations he's grown promises he's built fulfill the expectations if this is a lady gaga song the relationship between the you. really. get it you get it bad romance hey guys grab me a p.b.r. let's just sit around a listen a teapot all night i mean these one liners are just priceless but come on you're running for president or are you trying out the last comic standing i know that are
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desperately trying to get on the good side of the young minds of the college drop boys but their trust funds are probably not the best way to finance your exploratory committee so here's a hint stick with what you're good at however major t.v. ads really really knows how to talk on america's heartstrings. but there is a right to. know what. role jobs limited government spending and tackle entitle you to dream if you know the small business owners the hard work the brave men and women throughout this country's history they ask for nothing we work hard. do you see what i mean so i'm going to give credit to teapot for coming up with some actually inspirational and emotional ads for that atrocious string of pop culture jokes and for just being the guy that tries to live. to heart tim paul and
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he is tonight's kill time winner. now in light of the looming deadline for the government shutdown there's one budget cut proposal that's just too funny to pass up the party here and retired army lieutenant colonel allen west has announced an unusual proposal to cut thirty seven million dollars from the military budget and his plan well it's to get rid of color copies i know that's not some fancy military code word he literally means cutting all funding for those color glossy prints you know the kind you can pick up from staples or office depot the according to west he says it is twenty two years of military service make him knowledgeable in the areas of wasteful spending and go figure his proposal actually passed with bipartisan support on monday night the only problem here i don't know how about this is baby yawn that minuscule element of military spending as in point zero zero three percent in fact we have the circle ground here to show you how little color copies cost but all the sliver is really just hard to see on t.v.
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the it turns out that west presented voters with three options on military cuts all of which are pretty weak in my opinion they included cutting the d.o.d. printing cost by ten percent stopping producing unnecessary military research report research reports and denying pay raises to pentagon employees with weak evaluations and according to west the voters thought that printing was their best bet so frankly a little concerned at this point the american public thinks that all of our costs come from printing of color they must be completely unaware of what the u.s. military actually does how about the rest of the g.o.p. the weapons the defense contracts are funding at least two wars and those are just the official once so you know i bet tea partiers are not going to be too happy when they hear about this teeny tiny cost cutting measure out are all they are about government spending right cutting government spending but yet again the g.o.p. seems to be too afraid to touch anything that has a d o d label on it no matter how expensive or unnecessary it may be and speaking of government spending let's move
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on to our next story. the budget battle on capitol hill keeps growing and it's getting fierce your butt hole compromise that thirty three billion dollars last week that was supposedly reached yeah that went out the window and the g.o.p. has prepared another stopgap truck for twelve billion which the president were to it today and to add more fuel to the fire paul ryan released his budget for two thousand and twelve today and ryan laid out as planned he says would cut six point two trillion dollars in spending over the next ten years bringing spending below twenty percent of g.d.p. and reducing the deficit by four point four trillion dollars it would also gut medicare and medicaid and leave defense spending pretty much on time and revamp some tax cuts some people have called it political suicide others have said it's the most courageous political move they've ever seen so which one is it going to be to discuss it as a reporter and blogger a blogger for think progress dot org and a progress report the center for american progress and liz mair vice president of
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heinz communications and former communications director for the republican national committee thanks for joining me you really got to work on making those title a little shorter could it all pull every time now. you know i just say it has to be longer show that it's done last week apparently we had this compromise apparently you know my president joe biden said everything's good john boehner said we at least came up with a number everybody can agree on with thirty three billion dollars suddenly that seems to have gone out the window it looks like boehner is the one that really went back on it what happened. but i think the reality of the situation is that there wasn't actually compromise and that people were getting a little bit ahead of themselves but i think it's also important to look at the fact that republicans obviously want to wake him up with another stopgap measure and this morning it was completely crushed i mean that was just thrown out the window and you know from my perspective and certainly looking at this from a republican perspective it feels like republicans keep coming to the table and making offer after offer after offer and democrats keep saying no no no no so when
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we're looking at. budget issues that's a trend that i think people need to be cognisant it's the right like who's turning into the party of no now somehow there's this really weird reversal but are republicans coming to the table with offers that they know are going to be refused and turned down every single time are they not really putting two and two together realizing that they need to get both votes from both sides here but this is what i would say if you want your proposals to be passed i started proposing a serious proposal start saying that when we have this big we have a we had a recession let's not blame it on little kids getting has started let's not blame it on students and programs those people didn't cause our gigantic debt and and attacking those sorts of programs is going to hurt our economy and then and the end of the day it's going to cause an even larger deficit even larger i mean why are they attacking main street americans people who had nothing to do with the recession called caused by mostly by wall street by tax cuts by subsidies for big oil which republicans you almost unanimously voted against i mean why are they attacking the wrong people here we should say no to things like that obviously in
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all political systems eventually you have to compromise but as long as we're going to blame those of us on main street for what happened on wall street i don't think we should be saying yes i don't think that's what's going on in any way shape or form and i think if we're going to be talking seriously about cutting spending we're going to have to talk about cutting some spending and that's something that the democratic party and the left in this country have zero interest in doing absolutely none and actually switching and talking to what representative ryan has been talking about what camp or in a minute we will get there in a minute but first i just want to ask first do you think that this budget or this government shutdown is actually going to happen on friday there's not a lot of time left like you mentioned president obama came out today said no thank you i'm not taking a stopgap i want you guys to actually get things done but it's also too late for him to get involved you know he's got really quiet on this issue that's far so that you know too late for him to come in strong are now you know honestly it's his advisers that this morning were telling people that they refused to compromise with republicans so you know if they if they maintain that negotiating position i guess we're going to have a shutdown and it really doesn't matter what the republican party i mean that's the
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reality if we're going to find programs for one point. seven million kids they want to kick the program i have to say that we have to keep fighting and unfortunately it's going to come down to us not kicking americans and poor people middle class americans in the face that maybe the government will shut down unfortunately but let's talk about now paul ryan's approach here six point two trillion dollars in cuts over the next ten years i think everybody knows that obviously this is never going to pass so what is he doing here is he just trying to you know come out and say look i'm so serious a later on in his career he's going to look like this rebel or you know basically is he trying to just pressure the democrats now because they know that the real budget battles coming later on in the fall i think he's trying to deal with a really legitimate serious problem that nobody else seems to be taking seriously you know the president went in and asked for this fiscal commission and then he ignored everything that they came out with he actively made a decision if you look at his budget he actively makes a decision to do nothing about looming problems that we're facing with regard to
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entitlements that is an active decision on his part and frankly full credit to paul ryan he's being serious about trying to deal with all the people right now a lot of lawmakers that have absolutely no desire to touch entitlements not just the president i mean even you know the the goal simpson commission couldn't even agree on this people from both sides of the aisle and every single republican and they're definitely not onboard trying to tighten that spending if you look at the polling that's not what the people want right the latest and the sea wall street journal poll said that seventy six percent of americans think it's unacceptable to cut medicare and medicaid nobody wants to do it but what i would say is this if you put one hundred tea partiers the room in this is the most conservative people in the country and us and how many of you guys want to privatise medicare destroy this promise that we've had in this country for decades you'd have five that say yes i'm for probably misheard the question i mean this is an extremely unpopular way to deal with this issue if you want to deal with health care costs is what you do you start looking to other countries why don't we let medicare and you go she and both her drug prices why don't we allow drug reimportation kid while we allow people i
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medicare to go and do medical services. receipts were cheap or free trade right were not doing any of these things because the drug lobby the doctors lobby the insurance lobby paul ryan isn't touching any of this he's saying let's take the most popular insurance program in the entire country let's hand it over there private insurance and people are going to stand for that quite honestly the polls are still show that people are for that and only washington d.c. is hurting people and having profits over the insurance considered serious one other thing that i'm carrying i'm going to you here because you're saying that the democrats don't want to deal realistically with the fact that they don't thing they don't if you look at all that how can a republican talk i'm paul ryan just completely ignores defense spending is not one of the things that everyone said should be on the table should all be on the table and that a very big you know cost is that it is a big cost but let's be realistic about this the driver of spending is in title minutes and nobody else is talking about any plan to deal with this i mean everything that you said maybe we should have a discussion about that i don't hear the president saying it into the question of the question as to why should he when there's all this disagreement because he's
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the president it's his job this is what he's supposed to do and he refuses to do it and the consequence of that is he's presenting the country with two options bar ryans one is and hire them and go completely bust and then we really won't have anything or we face massive tax increases to fund these things down the road and some estimates you're looking at you know huge tax increases potentially like up to eighty eight percent that's a phenomenal number and it's something that frankly i think if we're going to have a discussion about opinion polls let's think about the popularity of those two options because i'm willing to bet it's there was a poll that we put out recently that said the majority of tea partiers would rather raise the payroll taxes fund social security obviously that isn't in ryan's budget but there are these programs that are extremely popular and it's right social security doesn't actually have a medicare but if we do some of the things that i'm talking about if president obama stepped forward and offered a progressive alternative we could save these programs for the future without hurting poor people without handing off gigantic profits the insurers the drug companies the doctors and i guess i think it's going to be a big political issue i think it's
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a very big political issue even for the next presidential. election two so we'll see how it all plays out perhaps obama needs to come out with his own whopping amazing brand new much of a budget in response to paul ryan here but i do wonder what americans would think in terms of you know closing out some corporate tax loopholes to know that bank of america xology evades the main contact there is and then maybe they'd be interested thanks so much for joining us the idea it's now time for a break will return it time for happy hour we'll cover everything from the flood walk in toronto to young kids getting cosmetic surgery you know i'm. getting some good to see a story and it seems so surely is if you understand it and then you've lived something else here's some of the part of it and realize that everything is just. one charge is a big issue. let's
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not forget that we are in the fourth quarter right now. i think. well. we have the government says they're going to keep you safe get ready because you get your freedom. hey guys welcome to sharon tell me alone a show we've heard our guests have to say on the topic now i want to hear our audience just go on to you tube to video response card to twitter for part of the questions that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show your responses please let your voice be heard.
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the right of the people to be secure in their persons houses papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated and no warrants shall issue but upon probable cause so forwarded by oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized that apparently really meaningless paragraph i was reading is the fourth
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amendment of the bill of rights which seeks to protect the people of the united states from a reasonable search and seizure the government however has other plans and they have seized upon a legal exception to the fourth amendment the border search exception which allows for travelers both foreign and american to be searched out the border without a warrant and this dubious exception to the bill of rights has in the past been used to subject immigrants to harsh invasive searches when entering the country but now it's being used to target specific people and their digital data for expressly political reasons not for border safety concerns let me just give you a few examples of the over six thousand people who've had their electronic devices seized and searched for and supporter of bradley manning david house was detained and questioned while his laptop and drive were taken from him and searched at the u.s. mexican border we can link supporter jacob apple bomb was quote randomly chosen for a search and questioning while entering the united states and i guess randomly
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question about the whereabouts of julian assange well his laptop and three cell phones were searched by border and customs agents and i think we all know that these two men being detained at the border was for the safety of the american people or to protect the border this was to punish and intimidate them for supporting wiki leaks as well as to look at all the personal information that they had on those digital devices now these types of searches and seizures which should up haul both the people of the united states and the courts of the united states have now been expressly authorized by an appeals court which ruled that laptop cell phone digital camera stager camera seizures and searches can happen without any suspicion of what so. ever so they get your privacy if you ever plan to leave and re-enter the united states again because the government can't be trusted to use this exception only on suspected child pornographers or terrorists oh wait they have a pattern of targeting people for political reasons and often provide absolutely zero reason why everybody let's just take a moment to mourn the fourth amendment may it rest in peace it was really nice
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while it lasted. oh give these today and it's time for a happy hour because we really like to be happy on this show not once but three times a week. to happy really. good news of course the movie right. joining me is our due producer jenny churchill and the daily caller is mike riggs and i want to start with the story out of toronto canada because it is really like this so it all happened because of outrage because one policeman was giving a speech basically into the but how to stay safe and he basically said don't dress like a slut and so now there is a lot of outrage and there was a huge slut walk in toronto we actually have a clip of it to show you. i think i can dress in the song at some tights or maybe
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not where you are on your screen and not not be a concern for me to get raped. now jenny i think i know how you feel about this issue because you wanted to have his discussion before when reporters are going to wade into the jets locker room and you say. you deserved it because i was a very like you actually like i should be expected to be treated i find you like or leave the lies in that last at least i know i said i said she didn't deserve it no one hundred ok these are essentially a scientific breakthrough attack i said don't dress like a skank and then be surprised when you're mistaken for a skank now this is my thing with this situation like i said no one ever deserves to be attacked however i do think that if you have the right to dress like that then other people have the right to judge you and don't be surprised when they judge you judge you is one thing that doesn't mean that people have the right to
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whatever it was all you kill you and that's basically what these officers were saying so i kind of understand you know some of the outrage here what do you say what do you think of sluts and women dressing like a flood of them not all. believe in their right to dress like sluts without being looked at without having men take that as an excuse to mistreat them but i mean what these people are fighting back against i think on the police side and both on the student side is a culture where it's easier to shame women into behaving more modestly think that it is to convince men like nobody's ever asking for it nobody's ever asking to have their personal sovereignty violated when the reality here is that this cop was just completely off base because eighty percent of sexual assaults happen with someone who knows the person so it's not like a random stranger walks down the street and says you look at that girl high up you know people that are are already saying things like this and the more people might think well you know pickups that it must be ok and we see these stories and i think more and more with like younger girls in the media girl that was eleven years old
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it was rape and people saying well she was dressed so provocatively the bad means that she was asking for it the more they you start talking about this the more people start thinking that it's acceptable and saying i have. and with lara logan so absolutely. now let's move on into you know i think you just can't win and you can't you can't wait either way either you can't dress like a slut and you can't show off your features because people are going to call you slut and judge you for it or if you don't have any features to show off people are going to bully you there's a new study that says that a lot of kids are getting cosmetic surgery just so they can stop a lead in school this actually may be what. you were talking about the girl in the article that a.b.c. talked about was seven and she was getting her ears because she was being made fun of and what makes me so sick about this is when i grew up you know and people would tease or time you learned that you know these are the experiences that make you who you are you become stronger and instead the things that make you different that
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make you special and beautiful and that you own and really become who you are by those experiences and the fact that these people are teaching their children that the best thing to do is you know if someone doesn't like something change it so that they can't say anything about it that's a really sick to their taste and so easy to do if you have money to go well i mean i don't i'm not playing devil's advocate just for the sake of doing so because there's something kind of sad about having a seven year old subject themselves that but is it ok for parents like have moved off their kids for instance i mean right i mean there's so maybe if they have a really weird birth mark if there's a good treatment for that i mean it's not it's these are all like shades of difference between i again i think it's sad that you would have a seven year old doing that but i think i started my love handle removal slush fund when i was like twelve and have been paying into it ever since. i think there's a there's a huge rise in girls under the age of eighteen getting botox to present to them and very very hot or very big can mean it's writing to the now are the bullying you know and i'm totally totally with you there last story just because we're getting
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a little short on time and i you know i'm not a fan at all representative peter king who held the record of the the of. radicalization hearings on capitol hill turns out the there was a bloody pig's foot in the mail to him along with some kind of anti-semitic you know of course and get all the way down to him his handlers find it first but. these are you know you are right it was great there and you know being harmless right that it wasn't like. from somebody who is described what about the hearings or something like that but i mean it's almost like we're not going to get there you're right it is talking about threatening but it is there is something sort of scary about that i mean like i did i like almost break down in tears when people send me angry e-mails about stories you know in like the big sort of stuff like the next level but i think we need to look at this through the lens of peter king and do what he would do so you know there was an anti-semitic note so it probably wasn't a jewish person it was about the muslim hearing so probably wasn't a muslim you know christians you know i'm going to say i can probably rule them out
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i think it's the wiccans we have the right wing christians ruled out why the christians ruled out well you know i used a version of the words to blame here were they going to eat pork if you will the daily. mail having read regularly what i'm going to say again which is great it just told me disproves everything he said about radicalization united states i mean if this is an angry muslim and he's only received one big foot i mean doesn't this make his hearings completely moot yes yes it does and that's not the only thing that makes sense here. thanks guys for joining me tonight thank you now time for our tweet of the day before we go to cabbies foundation whose mission is to educate america's youth about the devastating consequences of teen pregnancy through celebrity p.s.a. campaigns and initiatives reportedly played paid personal pay when two hundred sixty two thousand dollars last year to be their spokes person so we were just wondering what would a pregnant so wait so i could make six figures just for having a baby live in high school thanks for the advice crystal that's
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a pretty nice show thanks for tuning in to make you a vast morrow looking more and more likely that there will not be a compromise of the budgets will bring you the latest details on the looming government shutdown and the time go for it to become a fan of the alone or. off a flight and a follow us on twitter if you miss any it's nights or any other night in fact if you pick up tom daschle a lot of help you have texas news the latest headlines from the u.s. congress where. saddam hussein. charges iraqi citizens. this if it brings further assurance to torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever.
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as again every embassy in kabul. chance too much occupied afghanistan. now occupy sales at guantanamo bay. believe that. it is appropriate to that in accordance as which is the case with the to the. face slap stomach's life if you can should do nothing so that it shocks them specially for just stuff which you don't actually wage in terms of could deter gays and take peace that we use in trade to kuantan hard for the senior leaders should. be given nothing to. really transfer some. wealthy british style. sometimes right.


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