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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause report on our. trial and error from closing gitmo to the international case of collegian shaikh mohammad president obama has done an about face on campaign promises so did he cave to political pressure from syria. in. a row to his lawyers and so forth it will rise to the. just the way he lived. is that true given libya is it possible the u.s. with intervene in syria now. and from libya to the trial of khalid shaikh mohammad a former u.s.
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governor read between the lines to expose the secrets the government does not want you to know this will be juicy as artie's speaks with jesse ventura. from foe to friend of washington how does this happen well as mail start with a one stop shop make over on k. street. good evening it's tuesday april fifth seven pm here in washington d.c. i'm lauren lyster your watching r.t. now he's a former wrestler and former minnesota governor he is the author of sixty three documents the government does not want you to read and self-proclaimed scorch of the mainstream media he claims imus n.b.c. cut him off the air because of his views of iraq and even rumored to possibly be considering a vice presidential run. if ron paul runs for president in two thousand and twelve
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as an independent but most recently perhaps jesse ventura sat down with our very own and it got here for a one on one interview she joins us now from new york to tell us about what he had to say and it's just a real quick you know question first he's got this new book so what are these documents he's publishing that a government doesn't want you to read as you know the new julius on here or that's actually one of the first things we've asked him this is certainly jesse ventura certainly a man of many titles apart from the the ones you have named he's also former wrestler he's a t.v. personality like you mentioned he's had five bestsellers released in the last couple of years and now the question on our mind was whether or not he's on a mission to become the new julian a son because of course of this new book out search sixty three documents the government doesn't learn to read we were we wondered whether or not this is a little bit of a coincidence that this book is released so shortly after the whole reeky leak
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scandal broke and jesse ventura told us that that is a coincidence and that the difference between wiki leaks and this is that the documents that he claims are featured in his gold are all open and available to the public the public just doesn't know about them because the means should media doesn't cover those issues we're going to have it here and he can have secret what he had to say about the about face the obama administration has done to now have the cliche to have a case tried in a military tribunal as opposed to a civilian court as they originally said well certainly this is a major issue and major decision that we have seen come out of washington and i have to say even sure really didn't pick his words here he believes that the only sole major reason that the military tribunals are going to be hearing the case some case is because they don't want the public to find out a lot of the evidence surrounding this whole issue take a listen to what he told me. they will be tried by a military tribunal well i believe that's being done so that we the american people
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can hear any of the evidence why should we be able to hear the evidence this was a murder that took place in new york city they're going to try these people and with the military not military there's different rules of the military tribunals it's not open to the public it's closed door and our constitution and bill of rights. that you are entitled to a fair trial well how come with the vulcan the constitution bill of rights isn't applying to the gentleman you know the word it's interesting that the mean message of our interview with jesse that he gave us and really of this new book out is he claims that there's as many as sixteen million documents currently being covered up in the united states now that are certainly no you know light number and he says that there everybody should join the mission of releasing these documents and really had a long and serious discussion about what kind of documents is ok to be known to the
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public and what kind of information should really save the high closed doors but that our viewers are going to have to get in the full version of this interview are going to wait to train him but i know you weighed in on other issues what was his take on the u.s. intervention in libya well i as well as many other analysts at this point jesse ventura has really joint the call saying that the pretense for this intervention from the west has really been different he brought us brought up the issue with us of double standards and really compared this to some of the other situations that the u.s. and western leaders have chosen to conveniently ignore take a listen. we didn't intervene in rwanda. we showed the documents in our book on their rwanda you had the genocide of nearly a million people and nobody lifted a finger you want to know why because rwanda didn't have anything the international corporations needed libya's oil so it's very important to get the oil rwanda
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didn't have anything like that so in essence the world ignored it because there was nothing to go in there for that they could for lack of better curb rape and pillage well they weren't basically the other means thought there was that unless the west and the united states are able to support some sort of corporate interests in the countries that they're getting involved with they really don't just do it they don't do it on these almost a finger like jesse ventura sedums that was i mean a big message he's trying to send out these days let's make message and also he has that he's very critical of the two major political parties domestically themselves he calls himself the voice of the independent so what's his take on just kind of the general state of the u.s. government. well you know of course just of insurer is known to have been calling for a while for these last several years of really the people rising up revolution is a big word he uses often and he says that this doesn't have to be a violent one for the fact that people really according to him have to start to
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really express their concerns not just in their day to day lives but one that election day comes not just complain point go out there and make that choice and according to jesse ventura the choice now for americans should be not between democrats or republicans take a listen to what he thinks the choice is supposed to be the next time we have an election here vote for anyone good democrats or republicans anyone with them because they're born for the shoulder to shoulder and national corporations from making decisions to benefit our country they're making decisions to benefit better for their benefactors and the shoulder to shoulder the old cliche goes to rock n roll well you know that also raise the issue of accountability in our interview and we definitely touched a lot of pawn that are just even tourism in message of course was that you know i wonder whether he thinks of sort of naive at this point after having seen the last
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collapse take the collapse caused by wall street take place and really no one being held accountable whether that's naive in a sense to still hope that this is something might happen he believes you know if people like himself and those supporting him really follow this message well and it's not fair looks like a very interesting interview and will everybody off and wait to see the whole thing in its entirety when it airs on r t and we really appreciate those little tidbits you and especially his jacket it really that was a great reason to watch in and of itself and as i said check now joining us live from new york. now as you heard from jesse ventura the announcement that alleged nine eleven plot or kluge shaikh mohammad will go to trial in a military commission act on mobile bay has brought much criticism of obama not just from ventura but for many others it's an about face from last year's announcement will be tried in civilian courts in new york city it's a defeat for the president who made the case that federal courts are really the
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best place to try these terror suspects and it's a reminder that obama's campaign promise to close gitmo stands long broken earlier i spoke to the senior associate of human rights birth law and security program she told me she believes that obama caved to politics in general it's partly true that congress has made this difficult for the administration but on the other hand if you ministration had over two years during which they could have brought collude chick mohamed and his coconspirators to the united states for trial and they didn't and that's two years before congress put in place a ban on transferring any detainees to the united states for trial but i want to have the disingenuous to turn around and say i'm sorry i didn't mean just congress right i didn't mean to interrupt you but i just think it's really politically possible that it just would have been that simple did the obama administration could have transferred those suspects to the u.s. i mean already we've seen obama not be able to deliver on his campaign pledge to close gitmo and even he said it just proved to be too politically difficult so with
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the opposition that is beyond just the restrictions from congress we've seen more recently do you think it really could have happened is that a little optimistic to believe that could have happened. no i mean and in fact this was a cornerstone of his campaign was closing guantanamo bay and bringing these people to justice and yes closing guantanamo bay is challenging because there are still one hundred seventy two detainees there but we're talking about five people being brought to the united states for trial that could have been done without the approval of congress we have a no a system in place that can handle federal court trials they can handle terrorism trials we have another guantanamo detainee who was transferred here to new york for trial was tried was convicted has been sentenced to life in prison without parole but all happened perfectly smoothly perfectly quietly the new york federal court system is actually the most experienced set of courts to handle terrorism cases in
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the country so they could have done that quite easily would they face some republican opposition absolutely but that opposition was purely about trying to undermine undermine president obama wasn't that the u.s. justice system couldn't handle or had some real problems came times with these detainees at the same time there's been opposition from new york lawmakers from democratic lawmakers from mayor bloomberg they did not want this trial so there's more it's more complicated than just opposition from republicans you know that are doing this based mainly on political moves like you said so would it have really been possible given that. you know i mean that's another area where unfortunately i think the administration botched that initiation and should have talked to those new york politicians first before they announced that they were going to bring mohammed and the coconspirators to new york for a trial they should have smooth the way there was really no reason not to bring them to new york for trial and yes political opposition grew out of a bunch of local concerns and local opposition mostly from business groups who were
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concerned about traffic tying up lower manhattan that didn't have to happen the administration could have handled that much more carefully talked through with the mayor with this new york senator as kind of smooth that way before making that announcement what if the u.s. couldn't have one and we could now convicted and civilian court what evidence was thrown out because you know why they believe that he was tortured what about that issue. you know again that's really a red herring i mean eric holder himself the attorney general in two thousand and nine stood up and said we have a ton of evidence against these guys none of which comes from their statements now if they were tortured which we know that they were mistreated in prison and some of them were tortured those statements made under torture cannot be used in u.s. federal court but as eric holder said they didn't need to use any of those statements and if you look at the indictment that was unsealed yesterday it lists so much evidence against them reams and reams of evidence against them you have
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prosecutors spending years in their whole careers putting together this case these prosecutors are extremely experienced they track all sorts of things from every phone call to every communication to purchase of weapons and of weapons materials you didn't need to use their statements in order to convict them so what's really lost hair what's really lost internationally you know get mo has been used by al qaeda for example to continue to fuel support for that cause and now them who already may be considered a martyr i almost becomes one does this make this worse. i think it makes it much worse and i think that is one really big issue is that now care some kind of gets what he wants as he gets to be martyred he gets to keep the health keep the court on the bay prison open and have that continue to harm the reputation of the united states and at the same time i think the american public loses out we don't get a public trial of the worst atrocity that courage that i've ever occurred on u.s. soil this is the worst terrorist attack that ever occurred thousands and thousands
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of victims and relatives and family members of people who died in those attacks now we don't get a public trial we get this trial in a remote island in. the bay in cuba which is a country we don't even have relations with people cannot travel there to see the trial a handful of reporters will be allowed in who will be highly restricted that's not the way to try the most important terrorism case in this country's history is in secret and under special rules all of them done according to our normal us system that was happy to our senior associate and human rights first law and security program now when it comes to the war on terror how things can change course k.s. ems trials not the only example it wasn't long ago in fact two thousand and eight the u.s. welcomed an unlikely ally to the u.s. fight against terrorism libya's leader colonel moammar gadhafi well now you've seen
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what happened to libyan leader faces its third week of u.s. coalition air strikes so what's behind the change well arty's going on should you can take a look at u.s. interests that are at play and what could be next. as waves of public rage sweep through north africa and the middle east world powers jump on as many analysts say in an attempt to direct the waves of unrest in a way that's more favorable for them in libya forging relationship with the opposition so that it could not because there are people there to do business with as syria popular wrath gather steam some experts say western powers might see the advantages of getting involved there to these three countries syria and libya are the main countries that will not align themselves with a magically to the global power elites or western powers interested objectives in north africa in the middle east as for example egypt will do or used to do with hosni mubarak and definitely kuwait and saudi arabia syria is iran's closest ally
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in the region and the cost to support there regarding syria after income was mentions of you ran syria is obviously a strategic ally for iran in the in the region and without syria iran loses there and they're a bridge their language to lebanon and their hit has fallen forces so of course hezbollah would suffer if the syrian regime with the fall and that would be stabilizing iran and weaken its power in the region which would be an obvious benefits in the end all american forces some expert even believe that this stabilize ation is part of the strategy of the west proceeding the region you're seeing with a strategy which includes amongst other points the generalized weakening of the sovereign nation states and sovereign genes in the arab world in order to try to isolate iran even with very few perhaps no friendly countries in the region and that will then leave iraq pretty much alone at least in the arab world and will
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facilitate further turmoil inside iran although the u.s. secretary of state has ruled out america's involvement in syria for now the country's defense secretary card for the syrian army to quote empower arab revolution and follow the example of egypt's military syria. just the way. you ran down would be a tough call and no matter how much washington you want the regime there to stall for now it's seen as a mission impossible i'm sure that there are some in the u.s. who would love to attack iran and there are others who would like to take over the iranian opposition i think they know that the iranian opposition is not so fond of the united states they have a long memory in iran people remember the role of the united states in overthrowing the precursor to the shah of iran overthrowing the democratically elected
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government of mosul back in one hundred fifty three so i don't think the u.s. would be welcomed and i think many in washington know that would leave you being torn apart by the war and anti-government protests momentum in syria the question on everyone's mind is who might be next i'm going to check our reporting from washington. and for more on the motives behind u.s. military involvement in libya and what that means forth a syria i'm joined by stephen soonest professor of politics and chair of middle eastern studies at the university of san francisco thanks so much for joining us now you've argued libya is not likely being fought on humanitarian grounds and you know you cite ongoing support we've seen forth a yemen or bahraini regimes while those countries brutally suppress the anti-government protesters there those are of course u.s. allies but yet the quick intervention in libya so i want to know what you think is really the primary then the u.s. is bombing libya right now. oh clearly we want to get rid of gadhafi. so we're in
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the size of those who would like to see more progress through government and power . while he is indeed a brutal dictator. preachers very nasty and and one could indeed make a case perhaps this intervention in a massacre that's not the actual reason that when you look at united states britain france i mean all three countries that have led this effort have supported governments that have also been to killed hundreds of thousands of. innocent civilians and guatemala and they need to israel right and there was all there is either and there's a history of other african dictators this united states has not had had bombs dropped on but in fact have given economic assistance and security assistance so what's behind i double standard. this is an effort at least initially the west.
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when pretty easily and hopefully get a government that over itself though its power to westminster then shows very different than face the needs in egypt and the exciting thing about that was uprisings and it was not just that they were nonviolent but bad it really is were in genuinely and this generous movements by the people themselves it was without foreign intervention it was it was a challenge both the al qaida insistent that you need to have that kind of terrorism and islamic extremism to overthrow to cater to also challenge those who do conservative law and that only through you have this revenge and kind of ocracy come the middle east right so in many ways they're trying to really hijack this momentum that people can do it themselves nonviolently i think oh no we need to come to your rescue we need to help you to get you the power and once there you go it's the same ok speaking of western intervention and also western interests you
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know syria is not a friend to do us much more similar to libya and these other countries where we're seeing protests so what do you think the likelihood would be that the u.s. would get intervened i mean i want to just play a little bit of what a lawmaker recently said about intervention in syria there's a pressure that the world community has in libya and it's the right one we're not going to stand by and allow this assad to slaughter his people like his father did years ago and in doing so we're being consistent with our american values and and we're also on the side of the arab people so i think the u.s. could use that kind of thinking to possibly intervene in syria. certainly politicians who would like to see. dubai on the street or certainly they would not get support from the arab league and from most european countries as well they had issues with it's not considered not out there the way
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a kid off the has been alienated everybody also the big difference between the repression that's going on now in syria which is real but but it's not massive today to what the senator was referring to in terms of the hala massacre in one hundred eighty two that was an armed uprising by islamic extremists where. the regime probably could get away with that kind of city repression by contrast this is a nonviolent movement similar to what we've seen elsewhere while they willing to certainly . and and attack in some cases even shoot protesters it's not going to get to the point of the kind of massacres that the west has been used as as intervention you know the difference is that despite many problems of the assad regime it has much more of a social base and then the gadhafi does at this point and the people of syria even those who oppose assad would resist any kind of the western intervention that to
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russia has a base and serious hard to see any kind of resolution for intervention getting past the u.n. security council in the case of that country now also i'm curious you know khadafi you mentioned he's a dictator that is now to score a job the u.s. and u.s. allies but how did it get to that point because it actually wasn't that long ago that back in two thousand and eight i thought he was actually helping the u.s. in the war on terror and back in two thousand and three when the u.s. that you know were gaining diplomatic ties with him and he let oil companies then you know how to fall turn around so quickly for him. well he was rehabilitated in a sense that we were happy with him not that he was an ally but. kind of rejoining the community in a nation who thought we could work with him and there was no real prospect at that point for him being overthrown so they figured he might as well live in what we have but when it looks like there's a possibility of actually be overthrown i think then the interest came from more involvement ironically however the gadhafi was was in the biggest trouble during
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the first week of the uprising when it was nonviolent that's when the that's when the opposition first over all those cities doesn't have those mass defections and as my last guest pointed out when it comes to african dictators and their relationships with washington often have their assets frozen and face embargoes or even air strikes others enjoy a warm and fuzzy relationship with u.s. diplomats so how does this happen larches callen for take a look at the role of washington's p r machine case three lobbyist that they plan to make over. part of. their country may have turned against them but several autocratic leaders have friends where it counts in washington. while several of them have been swept away by popular revolutions across the middle east and north africa for decades they cling to power with u.s. support and the help of dc's k. street home to the biggest and most powerful lobbying firms in the world capable of
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transforming libyan leader moammar gadhafi from this mad dog of the middle east as a. revolution to a partner in talks ties between. take over our last term in recent years perhaps the best cinderella tale i'm k.-street is that of oil rich equitorial getting denounced as one of the most repressive regimes in the world for its torture extrajudicial killings and political prisoners teodoro yang brought to power in a military coup thirty years ago and claiming to have been elected by ninety seven percent of voters in two thousand and nine recently dropped one million dollars to hire lobbyists many davis davis was former president bill clinton's lawyer during his impeachment proceedings and enjoys close ties with secretary of state hillary clinton in his days and came here for years and finally. to endure and.
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went from despise the oppressor to a smiling snapshot with president obama himself and while lobbyists are autocrats salesman to the state department the pitch is a very specific one the us withdrew its ambassador in the lab in one thousand nine hundred four but is exxon mobil and chevron texaco billions of drilling equitorial guinea's oil washington warmed up but the old beings aren't just dropping dollars in d.c. . and little tear doro is living the sweet life in hollywood dating pop stars and purchasing this thirty five million dollar. malibu mansion which he paid for by why are we there for america's. to the us yes cruelly in commission plans for a three hundred eighty million dollars yacht three times with the oil rich country it spends on public health and education per year. thirty eight million.
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well most of the population survives i'm less than a dollar a day like his predecessors of both republican and democrat before him president obama loves the united states of the finer human rights around the world intervening in libya i'd so-called humanitarian grounds but critics say he's just as pragmatic as his predecessors as well when it comes to turning a blind eye to repression and places like equitorial as long as the oil keeps flowing feeling forward to our t. washington d.c. well from influence to washington to influence and outer space there was a time when americans boldly what were no men had gone before but fast forward to two thousand and eleven the u.s. has effectively shuttered its man's man's face space flight program but decades after the space race russia has not done the same as we're reminded first hand as russia sent the soyuz t.m.a. twenty one into space now earlier i spoke with space entrepreneur jeff manber on what the u.s. may be losing out on with its national priorities. the russians were first term
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breaks capitalism and commercial and they've kept their program going in large part because of their customers the united states nasa and the european space agency so when they face cutbacks and they have this serious economic interests this location they said wait a second we want to continue space but we'll go commercial and we'll take customers and their launch vehicle safe which robust it's operational and they were able to continue by embracing a lot more commercial program we made a i think foolish strategic decision twenty years ago you can blame it on democrats or republicans it's the way we are in america twenty years ago we should have said you know we need a new vehicle after the shuttle but we don't think that way we wait until emergencies and we had the tragedy of columbia and the crew that was it was killed on the return of columbia and then a committee came along the augustine commission and said we can't continue the shuttle and so as usual we're going to have this last minute situation we have
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a gap of maybe six years before the americans get back involved how does the u.s. lose out by not investing in a tanker well we we lose out because we have to keep workers here who are doing cutting edge technology what's the payoff the payoff could be supersonic jets that take us from new york to moscow in two hours the payoff could be having transportation through national labs and space you never know what the payoff is and speaking of yes let's talk about that because for example that twenty two fighter jet has funded recently gotten funding but that was one of the most expensive fighter jets in american history hundreds of millions of dollars so how does that compare building is that can buildings say a space shuttle with a different well you don't want to get into a game everyone always plays their game invest in micrograph with me for the well and well i can't say what we should do in terms of the pentagon i will say that we need a commercial space program we're moving.


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