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well it certainly isn't on the radio the leader of the g.o.p. who kills shirts in new delhi who. babyhood to carry election among the close of the maiden's hotel believe that the leader medicine was honest. this. u.k. trusts itself the forefront of protecting libyan citizens british lawmakers rage over what the country sold them millions of dollars of britons to colonel gadhafi in the lead up to the unrest. the witch hunt against a priest the finnish pastor who's on one side for speaking out against one of the world's most notorious terrorists. almost a year after the plane crash that killed poland's president kaczynski and ninety five others in small moscow hands over new violence towards all.
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twenty four so this is r.t. live from moscow. not maybe behind arming libyan rebels but lawmakers in london are furious that their colleagues allowed weapons to be sold to the coffee regime as recently as last year among several arab nations firepower from the u.k. which later saw uprisings the ministers accuse them of misjudging whether those guns would be turned on civilians and it expects. security forces put down and rest in the middle east with rubber bullets take ass and irritant ammunition and they've got plenty the u.k. was still selling arms to libya just months before colonel gadhafi turned them on his own people with government ministers approving a deal for sniper rifles bullets. there are very strict guidelines that
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say where where it is likely that human rights violations might take place are not supposed to solve the weapons and i would say looking back through a number of credible sources including amnesty international but it was always likely always very very likely the equipment supplied to colonel gadhafi could be used in the brutal crackdown of protesters arms export is big business in the u.k. valued at nearly twelve billion dollars in two thousand and nine now a highly critical report by m.p.'s exposes the scale of u.k. arms sales to some of the world's most brutal regimes the libyan export licenses were some of the most valuable according to the report the u.k. sold nearly three hundred fifty million dollars worth of arms there in the year leading up to september two thousand and ten in the same year egypt bought twenty seven million dollars worth of small guns and electronic warfare equipment from the
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u.k. and bahrain ordered more than ten million dollars of guns and crowd control agents dozens of arms export licenses to the region have now been hastily revoked but still days into unrest in cairo u.k. prime minister david cameron did junkets to the middle east to flaunt the wares of british arms dealers i can't imagine who was in the promises office who said to them look you can organise dictators. for decades. spent a certain amount of the weaponry that you gave them shooting at their own population and i was a really good time to go and try and sell them some some more i can't imagine what damage when people see british weaponry in the hands of people who are invading bahrain and putting those protesters at the moment reports also say the government misjudged the risk of selling arms to countries like egypt and bahrain but many would go. much further one of the things you've seen as
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a characteristic of british aid around the world over the last ten years has been the provision of this highly militarized security sector she said to the office it's a case of trying to stimulate some see we are providing the means by which those countries regimes can come tell them to proceed since the violence began more than a thousand people have been killed in libya and dozens killed and a thousand injured in bahrain circumstantial evidence gathered by reports also suggests much about damage was done with british weapons when the un rest started a bit least the government scrambled to suspend arms export licenses but this report is evidence that it closed the stable door long after the forces bolted when british weapons were probably already being used against civilians in bahrain and libya the government still hasn't ruled out arming the rebels in libya everything's to be seen whether these damning revelations will make them think twice the british
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foreign secretary has said that the un resolution on libya made it legal to give people aid in order to defend themselves and the pressure on western governments to arm the rebels is growing with colonel gadhafi taking in his heels a string of high profile figures is speaking out in favor of the move bill clinton for instance has said he would be inclined to do it so far the u.k. has officially offered telecommunications equipment to the rebels but many suspect help of a different kind may be on the way to your emmet london. we have more insights for you from the work of a strong grocer you saw in lawrence package are coming your way little this hour right here. well russia insists it will not participate in any military operations to settle the conflicts in north africa but president says the country will abide by the un security council's decisions. that washboard we assume that
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the longer of ongoing conflict should be settled peacefully without the participation of army formations and on the basis of international mediation and any case what it does not see its participation in military operations that are now taking place in this rather complex region we proceed from this in pursuing our foreign policy or making domestic decisions but sticking to the earlier decisions by the un security council. with r.t. live from moscow now a priest in finland faces being defrocked after describing one of the world's most wanted criminals as a terrorist police are questioning the pastor after his references to not off the man behind the moscow metro and airport bombings among other crimes artes you get the impression of i went to church while his words are leaving him accused of inciting a religious hatred. yes these may be the last days these man wears his pastor's color and you hum faces being defrocked priest speaking out against i use the word
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word dearest use word and go kumara and his internet mouthpiece become a central site was the first to publish the terrorists' words on the tax he claims the business school siege the nab ski express mosque a matter of warming and most recently the dim idea that our ports attack the website is banned in russia but in finland it enjoys quite a comfortable standing and not only on the internet but also in downtown house in case the priest was the first openly say this was an outrage and the reaction was quick to follow. this guy. was hundred percent to a kid gets the rest what does the letter say is a load of the evil i don't. know five. got my head
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away from wife on wheels you home lorry went to police but instead and been prosecuted himself been sued for criticizing what finland calls a legally operating organization and the same people who are promoting charisma against russia they are promoting public opinion against oracle even more it is a real sense to. receive statements of. actions or just of course not the truth because maurice all you represent internationally acknowledged opinion. as an international terrorist in russia and manhunt is on for a morrow and people close to him but in helsinki you may end up dining next to his relatives but also more of who is their brother or your call morrow. reseller he lives in stockholm he doesn't live with all the families and that we can quite
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often. people walking down these quiet and prosperous streets maybe unaware of the disturbing case of you home or the rain they're used to thinking of their country as fair and politically correct but would they remain just as neutral if tragedy knocks on their door here in helsinki people travel on public transport without fear their neighbors in russia only four hundred kilometers away aren't quite so lucky. a troll it's only a step from extremist rhetoric to action and there is seldom a warning call with biting good for a minority strong minority who wants to do terrible things. if. we were of. the where. there is quite a team out of the pasta now finland's prosecutor's office the church and some of
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the world's most determined terrorists you home all the way has already changed address and divorced his wife to avoid putting sure and his children at risk his now considering a move to russia that we have a double moral if you do feel that you even a democratic country i don't feel it's in aggression over our tea house in key finland. right now let's get back to our top story here and libyan rebels are condemning nato is lack of action in the country there claiming the alliance is not doing enough to protect civilians let's now talk to appeal to a clip from the open europe think he's standing by for us in brussels and so you know when the coalition forces first got involved nearly a month ago in libya the rebels most of them were ecstatic they were celebrating and now we're seeing what appears to be a change of heart if you think the head of libya's opposition armed forces claims are justified at this point. i'm not
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sure can you can you hear me. could you repeat the question i certainly can when the allied and coalition forces first got involved in libya the rebels seem to be ecstatic and very pleased with the intervention now it seems everybody seeing a change of heart do you think the head of libya's opposition the armed forces do you think the claims are justified that nato is not doing enough now. of course hard to tell what's happening on the ground with what seems clear is that it isn't so easy to just go into country and supports the rubbles and help the civilian population as it was was present in the. there was a general acceptance of many many european countries that's something we don't they were even leaders like for example czech prison clothes and also the beginning prime minister who are more reluctant people who are saying ok it was. still just
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so easy to do to organize bombay and keep in mind you can also. on the ground where you were already to say when you say it's not that easy we're going to we've been we've been seeing a bit of a back and forth between the rebels and between gadhafi forces a bit of give here bit of take their progress and they're not but the rebels disappointment it comes after the u.s. handed c'mon. of the operation nato how strong you think is the alliance without washington at the helm. i'm sorry i don't hear the question i was just saying that the rebels disappointment comes after washington stepped back and gave the reins of the intervention to nato do you think nato has lost a certain amount of strength now that how washington has stepped away from leaving it. well. each of the should be taken as a lesson for the future just kind of let's. decide these things with
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a proper plan what is clear is that it's probably the united states were a lot more eager to go into this conflict and has been present it's also friends probably does know no question of oil interest maybe even genine interest might play a role in that decision because why you or this action being taken in libya not in bahrain for example but this inconsistency is just one thing many many western phone for instance at the moment. for me open europe i'm just going to ask you one more question here before we run out of time. if nato is really not doing enough in the region to protect civilians which which is the primary mission what it's actually doing in libya why all western forces so involved in libya do you think. you know i missed
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a clip i think we're having some a technical problems here with our connection up here the clip from the open europe think tank like you. all right well you can catch up on the news you may have missed any time you can do so at odds he got com plenty of other views and analysis there as well including israel allows nearly a thousand homes to be built in a disputed part of east jerusalem that's setting the stage for a bumpy ride for the troubled palestinian peace talks. and fifty years after a year ago daryn took mankind beyond earth's atmosphere for the first time the latest batch of space travelers make their way to the international space station you can follow their mission twenty four hours a day. although independent legal experts are now looking into the case of course from oil tycoon who's in jail over fraud and embezzlement president medvedev suggested that russian and foreign
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specialists should give their opinion on the most recent guilty verdict handed to the man who ran the oil giant you cross peter out of it now is following the story for r.t. . human rights council comprises legal experts from here in russia as well as abroad looking into the latest conviction against you. and his business partner. would see the jail time the amount of time they could spend in jail extended up to possibly twenty seventeen time and time again the holocaust he and those that support him is said that his imprisonment is politically motivated and president dmitri medvedev has been asked many times himself to comment on the on the of the holocaust the case and he said that it isn't his responsibility as the head of state it would be irresponsible for for him to comment on a visit to a legal case to do with the the weights that his voice would have out one way or the other though he has said that even an acknowledged the holocaust the case
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polarizes opinions here in russia on the broad concerning the imprisonment of ohio for the procedure and he said that it would be interesting to see the reviews the findings of the expert panel that have all of the facts in front of them rather than just the opinions of people in the street because he appealed against his conviction in december last year and until that appeal process is complete we can't see any of the findings from this probe because that could impact upon their appeal process taking place what is certain is that this is one of if not the most high profile case a russian legal history since his arrest in two thousand and three has been much interest in the holocaust because we're looking at ten years since that arrest took place and the first conviction taking place in two thousand and five fraud and tax evasion and then this latest conviction and sentencing that took place in december
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which saw his jail time extended that was full and best moment. for money laundering will be lots of people all around the world of course we call it inches written and thousands of not hundreds of thousands of television. reports comprised a compiled all of this case so many people very very keen to find out what's this investigation will put forward. now the russian prosecutor's office has given poland new details of documents into the plane crash that killed the polish president and much of the country's political and the investigations are still underway into the tragedy in western russia last april i was hit she washed. the importance of the ceremony lies within what it symbolizes the continued cooperation between russia and poland two s selfish more schools the tragic plane crash it was also a significance in that within the fourteen of volumes that were handed a vote today a new fresh eye witness accounts to do that will take in his recently as january
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and so within those two sheen volumes the russian the prosecutor general's office said that they attempted to onset ates requests for information that were put forward by the polish sides continuing to symbolize the levels of cooperation because evidence has repeatedly cooled full more evidence to be handed a vest saying that it's with all unable to conclude it saved independent probe do you see insufficient evidence we have been expecting the polish sides she were released the results of their own investigation on the tenth of april but they have now lost for a six month extension so we can expect the results of that probe in october the n.c. state aviation can mysie which will serve a commission headed by prime minister does he admit a poussin in which included aviation experts from russia poland and the united states deliver the results of its investigation on the twelfth of january and the
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commission of found that pilot's era was mostly to blame they say that the crew failed to respond to the time the function's poor from the ground he was so moved to room groups the plane to know the airfield too scary for weather conditions it also found that the crew came in so loud that among those altitudes and that they failed to adequately respond the warnings to all of the planes the safety systems that the commission also with did say to the crew may have been put on very strong the psychological pressure to land says no the crew members were found to be in the cockpit. at the time of landings the transcripts on the black box flight recorders so that the commander of the police air force was in the cockpit at the time of landing and at the international response to the findings of fact commission has also been seen except the last number of people with colon say the question marks
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is still remains they say that not so nothing's been done to investigate the actions of the ground full staff at the airfield in smolinski they have done more to prevent the plane from trying to land and so today certainly does come just a few days before this coming week a. commemorative events which will mark one year on since the plane crash in the events to be attended by both presidents. have reported that. residents of bottled. stormed by forces loyal to his rival. the incumbent president's been locked up in his palace negotiating his departure from the country but refused to cede power after losing that much disputed election last november. is a recognized internationally legitimate president that clashes which followed saw hundreds of people killed u.n. and french troops launched airstrikes as part of their mission to protect civilians
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. from the institute for democracy and cooperation in paris says they are pursuing their own goal. basically the crisis has crystallized around the rivalry between two men as you said in your report. and mr ouattara what does it do for what business is it of the west in my view not at all and yet the west in this case fronts but by means of the united nations has got into the habit of intervening systematically you know other peoples conflicts we know that france is not neutral in this political crisis because france has said repeatedly and explicitly. that it once long about go to step down so there is absolutely no shred of neutrality about france's position and yet these u.n. troops that we hear about are in fact of course french troops and they take orders from paris they don't take orders from the united nations they take them from paris and my concern about this intervention is that it fatally damages the authority of
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the united nations because nobody you know is ever going to believe that the united nations intervention in the future is neutral when we can see in the united nations intervention as in this case being used for explicitly political purposes with r.t. let's get to some other headlines from around the world this hour now and scores of immigrants are feared dead after their boat capsized on route from tunisia to an italian island over one hundred and fifty people were on the vessel which was caught in a rough sea in heavy winds while trying to escape the turmoil in north africa rescuers have so far managed to save seven people but have also recovered some bodies from the sea they were just a few dozen miles from the lampedusa it's a tiny island that's been inundated with refugees in recent rights. and the japanese emergency crews have managed to stop radioactive water from leaking into the pacific fukushima plant operator injected a chemical agent which has solidified the soil near whether water had been escaping
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engineers had been pumping thousands of tons of low level radioactive water into the ocean during attempts to cool the reactors. the trial of italian prime minister silvio berlusconi on allegations he paid for sex with an underage prostitute has been opened and adjourned. tight security in milan as protesters and news crews swarmed outside the courthouse as the seven minute hearing took place but let's go he wasn't there and denies the charges as well as all the claims in the three other trials lined up against him her latest case will reconvene on it made a thirty first. army. tribesmen on a southern the philippine island have freed thirteen hostages eleven teachers a girl and a driver were health for six days in a jungle hideout the kidnappers were demanding the release of a tribal leader who was jailed for kidnapping during a long running clan feud in the same area trouble conflicts are not uncommon in the
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southern philippines and often result in violence or ransom kidnappings. ok after the business now we can retreat. and welcome to the program the booming oil prices causing the russian government to revise its economic forecast for twenty eleven and now sees the average world price for this year of one hundred five dollars per barrel as opposed to seventy five dollars before this means the budget deficit will be much lower than previously forecast that below one percent of the g.d.p. rather than the expectations of three point six percent at the same time the country g.d.p. growth forecast of four point two percent remains unchanged at m.d.m. bank explains why the oil price is neutral or going to grow so that the only way which is very significant for the economy grows is the capital flows in the river
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in the street it was ill grace in the past i can relate it into the study decision one. means that this amount of revenue is neutral for recovery grows after the grossest we have the increase in full revenue to gears of this huge capital of the year when you throw in big guns are going to go so it is a reflection of exactly the forecast of the g.d.p. for just so he live. rather secular people will price as it is right now prices continue to grow from it concerns over supply from libya and a must in the middle east also the dollar weakens on global markets as the world anticipates a rate hike from the e.c.b. so brant crude was seeing right now at almost one hundred twenty three dollars per barrel of light sweet crude almost one hundred nine dollars a barrel this hour. interest in coffee capital says there are other industries and sectors of russia's economy that could also benefit from increased oil prices. in addition to girls' names is
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a rather substantial domestic place course at the building for aspersions those who really miss and remove as a rule the search for strength is a reason is a conscious and see course from those who some of the rule caused among major beneficiaries will be as i mentioned to really banking sector the telecom companies which have been doing quite. recently roasting according to were sixty dreamgirls a fact as i would say infrastructure company is something children construction company is also some benefit that has been visible in the market in the past few weeks and form a retail course human names would also do well among it was very strong early this year grieving the ex-wife could start catching up as well so overall you know the overall record was a play in the same the course of the second quarter perhaps through the quarter. grade you would there reciprocation and gradual shift of
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a large boost to show money in free will still stacked. five regulars at the stock market you were stocks are edging higher as the euro rallies getting additional support from a stronger than expected german manufacturing reports cisco systems leave the games with a one point three percent increase while american express is also trading in the like lining one point one percent european stock markets are trading cautiously on wednesday with miners higher across the board that's ahead of the e.c.b. decision on whether it would raise interest rates by twenty five basis points or not wrangled resources is up three percent off the gold and silver futures touched new highs retail about the spencer group is meeting on the fourth gaining six point six percent after knock right. here in russia another fifteen minutes of trading to go markets gaining the r.t.s. up almost two percent my sixty three quarters of a percent most new chips are trading in the black on both bourses let's take a look at. and the majors on the black owned strong book world prices lukoil up one
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point two percent polymath so one of the strongest holds up two or four percent that's on higher gold prices and comes up to one hundred percent following its measure with the regional communication companies. and that's all we have time for we will be back in around fifty five minutes time with an update meanwhile we're reset with the headlines selfless social break and stay with us in. the.
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wealthy british style. sometimes like this. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines in two cars a report on our. it's.


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