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market why not. why not what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports on r.g.p. . synastry speaking out against one of the world's most wanted terrorists and his country's tolerance of extremist is questioned by police following an r t report. libyan rebels lash out at nato as anger was the alliance is tactics in the country grows together with a number of civilian casualties. as a new crew arrives at the international space station to mark half a century since fans first walk into orbit to look out the latest in vicious space projects. here in business russia's consumer confidence declines in the first
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quarter of this year due to rising commodity prices and for harbutt some growing up as the bulletin for this and other stories and try to. eleven am in the russian capital you're watching r t with me arena joshie welcome to the program at priests in finland is being accused of inciting religious hatred after he described one of the world's most wanted man as a terrorist police have questioned the pastor after he gave an interview to r.t. and which he discussed oakum arfa man behind a moscow metro and air bombings well get across live because we were told it's relative they don't actually met the priest personally so how do we know what exactly is it is he accused off. the bus are you homo lauri's accused by the finnish it already is for inside seed racial hatred and for publicly criticizing what dylan describes. as a legally operating open eyes it should become
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a center that is russian for the caucasus sun now the swamp side in famous website is known as a multi diesel vocal model personally multi-celled these international our posture has repeatedly said that it was on acceptable and wages to give shelter to these organization in finland and to those people were told this website in response you received hate messages so brad's. threatening to kill him and got to be called the police instead they seem to be a little bit twisted in that case and little more than. just those. you know oh there was. some forty year old here for somebody to be. called.
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in to avoid because you don't even. know the answers. to these. day i answered. the water using christian for support of the government and fearful of just just dismiss it as posable those i'm responsible because i'm going to do anything. until my job years who these respectable person needs and he is believed to have orchestrated the new skete spreads train bombing back in two thousand nonnes reign but we promise that to some it is for now he claimed responsibility pulled a twenty ton twin suicide bombings on the moscow macho system and most recently the why did the course it's not now these are some are just a few of what he describes special operations and which i hope is atrocities and we should also remind that it's not only russia's most wanted man. the lineup is
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officially on the international east of congress listen give the united states of america knowledge that he has links to al qaida but what the rest of the world deems as a congress is a freedom fighter wolf and. because it is so what does that say about the situation in film and were extremists seem to enjoy the freedom of speech and priests don't obviously it looks like they're lost by legion of human rights because you may not agree you make re with the pa stronghold but he has the right to express his thoughts out of this central some may argue does not commits acts of terror but he does he's designed to radicalize terror was against russia and it is incredibly controversial and and it's definitely not contributing to bringing peace into the region not because the suits and obviously has no social value and we know that europe is now battling terrorism and terrorist organizations so it's indeed a question is how come that's illegal in
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a democratic country which we believe finland is these organizations is granted most of the space on the inside of the ship building this website is that russia was up like many other countries across the world finland you can log on this website but it is also given what is in downtown tulsa this is indeed a great risk because if you raise terrorist organizations to day to morrow you may have acts of terror that made it all go our. first campaign. against russia there are several organizations be in. conference for making a card from ask for these. russian. activities. now the pastor was given a deadline to give his a to show the response to the lutheran church and to their worries open minds until the. it seems that it will be decided where whether it
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will be a stick that will be prosecuted but. thanks very much indeed for following the story and bring us the latest there because remember child as you can watch a full interview with reverend jamal laurie on our web site r t v dot com as well as other reports and comments on the story. and the forces losing the battle on the ground in libya have turned to criticizing nato the rebels have hit out of the alliance for not doing enough to help and not supplying down with weapons as a spy than elsewise own being officially aimed at protecting civilians as are thousands of workers going off to courts from benghazi nao is seen as very much a part of this war. a veteran of the libyan army moved any service all the way to retirement and now he's fighting for the revolution and he's among the few rebels at the present with military training and experience. in the air forces are not even we are ready to fight to the day but with these weapons we can stand
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a chance against gadhafi since needing to control the north was on operation its wings of need more than one thousand sorties intermediate including four hundred technicians the u.s. planes around a third of that at least forces have now been destroyed with the support help from the skerries on the ground and the rebels are still teaching abounding. the two or three year old there are civilians in a strike zone and we daily have grainy marketers and yes they have been drilling taking proper actions against the good night for the troops for the rebels taking the town of regen means clearing the way west i just want it seemed they were at the doors of the world instead on a new series of attacks by going to have his forces. retreat. just a week ago people gassing was. revolution me here it seems the entire cd release
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nato for its support but the front line could still be back there still girls missing everything it seems to reach a long week old u.s. district tactics it's crazy as well protests like this one are becoming common seen me using nice soft feeling to protect civilians they are best known for helping be demanding it. i don't keep well on their way to fall for gadhafi to kill or still we demand a new u.n. resolution which would allow us. but experts say arming the rebels alone wouldn't help swing the war with the rebels need not so much arms they can be arms without training to be anything before star no servicing that the u.s. and egypt are called retreat and you get a few forces going beyond them and we will be going as
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a nation that established do nothing i thought you got this one of our in the media . players intervention as only worsen the situation on the ground in libya according to rob lines from the online political magazine spotlight he says we are now looking into a long and bloody stalemate. we're going to be in this kind of stuck situation where. gadhafi has made make some progress you know they'll get shot at nato air strikes and they're held back by the rebels aren't strong enough to actually get rid of gadhafi either what has happened to prolong and very nasty civil war going on there in this position i whether actually helping to sow and maintaining a style michel therrien suicides and actually probably more people will die as a result of this intervention than this there been no intervention at all either you have a situation where the nato was not on able to go any further and actually just made things worse by not actually allowing one side or the other to win a fight or there's
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a slippery slope towards it becomes more and more involved to the point at which it is actually very heavily involved just as it was rocking afghanistan the libyan situation requires a delicate balance between respecting sovereignty and facing up to the responsibility of protecting people there from gadhafi forces so as has jesse ventura former governor of minnesota is interview is coming up next hour but here's a quick look. libya is difficult because it's certainly puts everyone between a rock and a hard place and one here and you feel well that's libya's business it's very country you feel you want to overthrow their leader or change whatever they do in their country you know it's their business to do show is it necessarily our business you know what here's the rock and hard place with a double edged sword you also don't want to see genocide or a slaughter take place because words for you should come for us all the guns and
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weapons and by the way where do you think you get something from. where. we're the biggest arms dealer in the world. every time u.s. forces are sans into military action there's always a media battle going on be the former yugoslavia organic stand huge amounts of taxpayers' dollars are spent on winning the hearts and minds of people on the ground but as artie's lauren lyster reports war can often be a hard thing to sell. the reality of war and war is hell and that's why you only go to war when to absolute interest to your national security it's one reason why i coalition forces do battle with an information war to fight alongside the real one playing out on the ground in afghanistan for example so it's not widely known by these milestones along toward american history we have surpassed the soviet
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campaign there we have spent exceptional amount of money but instead carries this message in the morning after the storm welcome to the new day of hope and reconstruction in the war torn region which is what each conflict is for peace that's the nato version told in this promotional film it was given to international journalists like myself at the annual nato summit presumably to spread the message public relations effort slightly these are nothing new and commander of the nato forces the united states spends billions of dollars alone to market its version of the war to the world including p.r. at home and abroad u.s. funded media as well as psychological operations for example a leaked classified cia document revealed a plan for ally it's a quote strategic communication program across nato troop contributors they could provide a buffer if apathy becomes opposition to fight declining public support for the war
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from france and germany this cia tapped afghan women as the perfect messenger to make an emotional appeal about the taliban and professed their aspirations for the future as this woman does here. one could go on some media script on this message to hear time magazine equates pulling out u.s. troops from afghanistan with brutality against women however you remember about this poor girl this happened while he was troops were there and it's not clear efforts like this even work it's absolutely impossible to tell but i would be willing to suggest that. it's very ineffective meanwhile hillary clinton says the u.s. is losing when it comes to broadcasting its message abroad on state funded t.v. stations unfortunately we are paying a big price for it even though the u.s. has spent one billion dollars alone to broadcast its message to the arab world
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where it's at war through the state news network. the network has locked in just happened percent of you worship they know with all showing perhaps you can't sell a war welcome to the new game unless you have a buyer lauren mr r.t. york well the difference between a p.r. campaign and their reality is a striving wadding can see that for yourself by checking out our exclusive photo gallery a report from afghanistan on our website r.t.e. dot com. and outside of last resort that's how portugal's prime minister has described the country's request for a financial bailout from the e.u. alice say the worst case scenario for the european economy is looming west fears
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spain could be the next victim of the debt contagion the rescue plan for portugal is likely to top one hundred billion u.s. dollars with anger set to spread around your own or other e.u. taxpayers having to pick up the bill the country had long resisted taking bailout they arrange the actions and ireland as mason exhaust the patience of investors and once the global economy into further trouble according to col down into other markets a car. like the first question one has to ask is where is the credibility on the projections of both the european union and the end over here in america we've heard of stressed first we were told that everything was ok the banks were turning around and buying us debt thinking that they were going to be back stuff and now all of a sudden hoops portugal there's an old kerry it was recently as a week ago we were told they were going to need a bailout so this is the third time and i'm wondering how long before the market
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says ok that's enough i don't think wall street personally is responsible for portugal there were a lot of allegations that wall street banks were writing to reduce in greece i don't know that we really got to the bottom of it we're fortunate all is just simply a matter of we're spending more than we're making which gives you know is what we're doing in the united states as well and finally people are throwing up or give the same we don't think we're going to get paid and that's where the problem always comes from i think the primary thing to consider is credibility because those are all government or individual or business. has and when it's lost it's very hard to get it back so we have gone down this road now for years where we have made claims and we can fix this with quantitative easing interest rate cuts and all of the other platitudes and all that's happened is our deficit is skyrocketing we most certainly have a longer lease than portugal or even spain does in this regard but it's not infinite and the lawmakers in washington seem to have this idea that they can continue to play this game on an indefinite basis there is
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a line in the sand beyond which international investors in particular are going to throw their hands up and say we're just not going to deal with this anymore and then the federal reserve is left with all bad choices. and the latest edition of the kaiser report explores the plight of the u.s. economy further as well as listing the lid on the murky links between banking and the drugs trade find out more and less than fifteen minutes time here on r.t. . i remember let me tell you something sleazy i remember just very vividly when i was working on wall street. every friday cocktails on park avenue and watch this parade of losing traveled up park avenue into the basement of citibank everyone knew this was loaded those being loaded by citibank from drug money this was an open secret nobody got out of this so i'm glad to see now twenty at least twenty twenty five years later people are beginning to understand that the global finance community the global banking system runs in charlie on cocaine but.
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i look now at some other stories from around the world and i worry coast forces loyal to the internationally recognized election winner alison tar have laid siege to be incumbent presidents it comes after a tense drive on both from the presidential palace were these holdout un of french troops continue to conduct air strikes on military targets throughout abidjan the tension comes amid failed efforts to negotiate a departure of both from the country while he claims he has no intention of stepping down. and kurds are underway at japan's fukushima power plants to prevent explosions their workers are injecting nitrogen into one reactor to stop the highly flammable hydrogen and side it from where we now explosions of this type have already happened at a plant earlier workers want you to decouple highly radioactive water into the pacific ocean and confirm the number of dead from the earthquake and tsunami in
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march is now nearing thirteen thousand. crowds in mexico have taken to the streets to protest against violence linked to the country's illegal drugs. the marches were organized following the murder of a well known author son along with six other people last month meanwhile police have uncovered a mass grave with over fifty bodies of people killed in drug related violence that violence has been sweeping the country since the government launched a fight against the cartels five years ago. now there have been some new arrivals in orbit as a new crew is boarded the international space station the sawyer spacecraft brought three astronauts there for five months mission the ship docked successfully to the ice as earlier today and there are now and total of six people on board the station where they will be celebrating fifty years of manned space travel next week crafts even been named after the first man of spain's yuri guard and his legacy is
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inspiring a poll of the future of further space exploration as artists are so you know reports. astronauts spend most of their lives preparing for the possibility of going to space the russian cosmonaut for example takes about two hundred fifty exams a year and that's one of this and the world of visible training to how to go through all the hard work men and women put into their professions one of the things they fear is something a little more romantic and that's an honor wavering a childhood dream of literally reaching for something big aspiring cosmonauts irrigator entire watches intently as a so you see i'm a twenty one spacecraft is to its vertical position at only fourteen he's so certain about his future that he's already made headway he went to the u.s. and became the first youngster to spend fifteen minutes floating in the zero gravity environment hostile an arts training called the. i thought the full weight of my body as if i was drawn to reach i could hardly move my hands this early start
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is something the first man in space you to god in could himself have related to and his feet fifty years ago marked the beginning of a long list of achievements in man. space exploration. from walking on the moon. to building the massive international space station. but it doesn't stop there next possibly a hotel in orbit yet another space dream but would it go you for this hotel project there will be four rooms at the station with enough room for seven people there will be trivial luminaries so that everyone can observe the earth and stars i've always wanted to become a cosmonaut that didn't happen but now i'm sure that one day i'll travel to space a tourist price tag is a hefty thirty five to forty million dollars but there is a cheaper alternative another project aims to send space tourists to lower earth
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orbit where they'll spend five minutes of zero gravity and see the planet in its entirety for two hundred thousand dollars. to send large groups of people to room one hundred kilometers above ground with will be able to seal planets and of course it was. to do this they plan to use the ability of this plane to carry cargo on its body the plane will take off with a small space shuttle which will be released at a certain altitude but arguably the most a vicious of space projects is the mars five hundred experiment simulating a voyage to the rest planet in the event this global ambition becomes reality and when that time comes young sergei is certain he'll be ready to take on the challenge not mars i want to be the first to travel to mars and to other planets as well so that means of jupiter saturn they say you can leave there in future. and like many space men and women he believes it will only be
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a matter of time that's our silly arty baikonur in kazakhstan. band courier mail account will bring us the latest business is next. i welcome to our business russia's consumer confidence has declined of the first quarter of this year following the gains at the end of two thousand and ten the index of consumer confidence fell three points to minus thirteen the decline was driven by rising commodity prices and poor harvest pushing inflation above nine percent disposable incomes turned negative for the first two months of the year after sixteen months of gains. the planned liberalization of the european gas
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market has come under fierce criticism at moscow's international energy forum calamy trouble from the center of international energy studies says forcing suppliers to give up control of the pipelines in europe will destroy any incentive to invest in infrastructure. thank you for bringing some of the huge unstability and unpredictability because we cannot be sure now that all along the tour export contracts will be fulfilled in terms of transportation so these two types of contracts supply and transportation are now deployed and there are new guarantees and the third the discipline to who has let's say twenty year contracts will get access to these particular pipeline he needs to bring his guest or he's consumer. and let's have a look at how the stock markets are performing asian markets a mixed tokyo shares are in the black although they gave up most of their games thursday afternoon after
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a bank of japan for the it's monetary policy shares of new to be financial group and so you can read through we point seven percent among other major movers the euro motor at a point eight percent and sony climb for in hong kong local and mainland chinese property developers are broadly in the red. now here in russia the r.t.s. has opened lower for the second day this week retreating point three percent denies it says shedding just under half a percent the blue chips are mostly down both of course is now let's look at some individual movers now look who is sitting around one percent as well as busy bee also metal giant m m k's down around point three percent after its last year's net profit missed forecasts bucking the trend though is ross telecom which is still supported by earlier reports on its merger with regional communication companies. state run companies could become a hot stocks should the government push through with their proposed part of his asian reforms says maksim session koff from the capital. what we're seeing now is
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for this change of the russian government it could be a huge structural change the russian more so if indeed reforms would in go of continuous work from sniffed and also then you know you might have. absolutely unique situations in terms of. of sight to the new target price this gives you a simple example that goes from one managed to the cause by thirty percent it will be a huge boost huge wake up straight into through the present upside potential target price so if our rules from the infamous surprises over the next twelve months i mean it's likely to come from this corner has always stayed monopolies companies which would liberalize and become more transparent more open. and i have. always thought i was stories on our website. that's to stay with us.
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wealthy british style. is not the right time. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our disarming saddam hussein. charge of iraqi citizens. this if it brings further assurance that the torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever. play nice again every machine couple. cheerios too much occupied afghanistan. now occupy sales at guantanamo bay. if it meant. it is appropriate to get a accordance as which is the case with the geneva could. face slap stomach's life if you can shoot them enough so that it shocks them. especially for just
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a constant push you don't actually break it comes could deter geisha take place that we use in j.j. kuantan from the simulator should. be easy enough to. believe transpires. as. much brighter. about someone from first impression as. his friends totty don't come.


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