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tv   [untitled]    April 7, 2011 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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you with r.t. live from moscow where it's now a five thirty pm headlines now they finished a priest is charged with inciting racial hatred after an interview with us here at art's he is being persecuted for calling the man behind major bombings in russia a terrorist and criticizing about office internet nothing he's. a nato airstrike has reportedly killed thirteen rebels in libya this comes as the u.k. is accused of destroying a major khadafi controlled the oil fields costing freshness that also become
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illusions of true motives in libya. and portugal turns to the e.u. to drag it out of a financial black hole with threatening to rouse waves of anger among european taxpayers who will have to yet again for another bailout bill. also russia provides poland with the newly declassified data on the nine hundred forty massacre of post offices and you can see in all of this in a fresh effort to dispel tension over the incident. right well next here on r.t. our interview shows spotlight this time we'll be speaking to the can because prime minister almost a year after the revolution to change the regime in that country. and .
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hello yellow welcome to spotlight the interview show at r.t. i am our knowledge and today my guests on the program is back i turn back last april the popular unrest which was later called the killer gears revolution overthrew the system president. if he was forced to flee if our refuge in minsk russia where he lives now the new people in charge of the country declared that their country would become a parliamentary republic actually the first one in the region where most countries are ruled by authoritarian regimes how are their coping today how is the revolution how's the transformation period going on i guess to answer all these
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questions is the prime minister going to stand back at him by. a year ago he cured his people to the streets to see the president and the government but peaceful demonstrations through violence when the police opened fire on almost a hundred people died in the uprising after the present fled the country the new leaders declared the country a parliamentary republic russia europe and the u.s. have all supported the new government. you for coming to our program. need to look at their work and going back to the events over a year ago there is if were you surprised then by such a sweeping fall of your former president and his regime. let me know. because you the opposition were waiting for it or because you expected
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it to happen that. we knew the regime was wrong that it was kept alive through violence and it had lost the trust of the people that. your bill of the last option so the authorities accelerated their regimes fall without the death for example all the opposition leaders were arrested overnight oh well if they did it up by the. including you yes including me you were arrested right at the beginning of those events yes and the rebels helped you get out after the one. where were you held the. night before five am i was held in solitary confinement at the national security service building and then for some reason i was moved to the cells of the city administration of internal affairs. which is actually
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a prison. riot but it was really strange and i was told it was illegal without the necessary documentation the rest of the prisoners who were left there in the now i was imprisoned with the real criminals. is going to come what were your feelings when you found yourself in prison when outside there was the revolution going on do you feel heard because you couldn't participate more maybe you felt safe. where i was speaking at the door all the time and probably saying swear words if you tell the truth that it will be demanding to let me free because i heard shooting with it and it was scary by then well i knew that the regime was capable of anything and that probably people were dying at that moment you have to so i tried to get out of there with reports that i thought that maybe i could help the media couldn't settle the situation so that it would not lead to bloodshed it will occur. and you know the prison guards came up to me from
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time time to. and it seemed that they even wanted to let me go when you belittle and they work with the communion and then they realized. i think they did know who would win but they didn't and could not decide whether to let me go or not publish all this unfortunately it happened that way it was mortal or was there to cover the when i was arrested on the night of the sixth of april in the city i told the investigator in his bosses in the security service that they should not arrest me because you know there may be protests people may stand up to protect me there could be built so as. opposition leaders had demonstrated a trolley step they knew how to manage a crowd and an eventual involving a lot of people peacefully. but they would not listen i'm going to put out there they said that on the contrary nobody would come to my rescue when you come when
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you live i mean you put a do and as a result of that is it true that your arrest and other leaders worked as an accelerator. right there where they had no the rest of you was there a chance to settle things down peacefully even if we had not managed to settle down there would not have been blood or we would not let them shoot it we hope we would have never brought people to be shot at well it's been exactly a year since the killed these revolution in april last year a wave of nascar poor unrest swept president bakiev from power and he's here more on the killing his revolution and its consequences from spotlights to media. april last year thousands of protesters took to the streets of bishkek take used president kurmanbek bakiev of taking his grip on the thirty
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oppressing opponents and failing to root out corruption. demonstrators were confronted by the police violent clashes resulted and one hundred eighty people were killed and fifteen hundred injured the opposition eventually managed to assume control of the army and police president the kid had to flee the country the provisional government was formed with rosa parks and why of our former foreign minister at its head while the country was waiting for a referendum on a new constitution more blood was spelt ethnic clashes between courage isn't blacks broke out in the southern regions of the country hundreds were killed and hundreds of thousands had to flee their homes eventually courteous troops managed to curb the ethnic violence at the referendum the majority of the people voted in favor of a new constitution and supported turn in the country into a parliamentary state three months after the coup roza otunbayeva was officially
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sworn in as president she became central asia is first female head of state although only for an interim period until two thousand and twelve alimentary elections were held in kurdistan in october last year international observers described them as the cleanest and most democratic in the country's history the changes in kurdistan were welcomed in the west last month president. received the international with and of course you would given out by the u.s. state department. you're now in moscow and it's probably in going to mean for you to answer such a question but nonetheless a year ago there were rumors that the uprising was inspired by moscow and almost organized from moscow was there a factor of influence from abroad was there such a factor in the revolution. no absolutely not just nonsense condition
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there was no influence from moscow your book. either through official or unofficial channels. i mean both the staff of the russian embassy what would you know the other russian people who voted meeting with this would be good if that you don't have to look for encouragement from moscow in this kind of situation it was a popular uprising of people who just had no choice. so there were you saying that it was the people's uprising and there was no other option but what about today. let's take the revolutions that take place in north africa and the middle east for example many say that those countries with their culture history and traditions cannot exist within the framework of a classical western democracy who thought you need an autocracy to manage this kind of system. is there any truth to that or is it clear how doctor saying. it
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was. but you probably know that the truth is merely faces but i think people should know that they can influence the government's decisions by case for votes and that it and even change it in the you could win in a country possibly authorities or it is seen people for forty years and people realize that aris no way to change the situation peacefully an issue that's when people come out into the street but the missing think happened in our country and that's to be a little dorothy origins have been in their police only for five years it was that you know what you know that half a year before those events in april there was an election but in reality it was falsified and people understood that they would not change anything because by means of peaceful ability or an election. that's the main problem of such countries where there is an uprising against bloodshed which. if
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a country of the does not want a revolution then people must have the right it would kill to make any changes that would mean any peaceful way means of voting but the situation was so huge that officially leader was mikey of whereas in reality there were his relatives and other people in power there was a clown of like here in the west you know the parliament replaced the strong president through a year on we're going we say that the new form of ruling parliamentary rule has proved it works and the region where traditionally it has never existed. you know in kyrgyzstan there has always been a look or let's call it an american democracy and we did it ok given leaders of regional stability were elected by voting with a new will instead of those people as there was still most of the. in comparison to other republics self central asia but that you know kill you stand there has never
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been a centralized power and you got it on your bill that we had in the magic democracy in the may no decision city council of elders and plans. to study acute is have been known to be the parliamentary principles for a long time as well as the traditional you have consultations and while making the most important decisions in the british labor there will be you know other countries but it will look at that they will chip but infinity stand for the past five years the president we saw that and no talk or seeing is out of place here. of course i can't say that today's constitution is the best because the temporary recognition that we need mori forms of it in changes and improvements in time would . recently russian politicians started criticizing your republic
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to do a deputy's ostrosky under the sun of say that in kyrgyzstan the same story seems to be repeating easy certain politicians are only concerned with their own interests like we could see a year ago. i mean your stand with these words are addressed to your own vice prime minister mr bond. is that correct and if so can you comment on it. you know a few days later after one of the deputies studied fab's problem is he offered an apology to bob on if it's it's official but again it's been published on the internet and in some newspapers but what was the problem where does it come from you know there is a fight between two groups who consider themselves the owners so maybe a com is so that there are these two companies and both are offshore and you can't trace their origins before they went off shore whether they're russian companies or
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regionally or if they come from some other country will you put it to me as the prime minister doesn't truly matter who is the owner. of the main thing to me is that discomfort any of you should pay taxes in due time that and is it true that your country wants to nationalize the company why would we need to do that. with my support through civilized approach i'll go through that as solving issues in court with you were there for a lick of these two are sure companies which have started to litigation and those will lift the boot but what's important for us is that b.p. taps is and they do dance to kyrgyzstan because we own forty nine percent of the stock that those who are blessed to it it's that idea of recent evidence shows that pretending to be unstable big company but the money is the enemy but huge illegal payments it's. well over the people who were but it could some of them were paid up
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to a million dollars those people see that they did not see the money and you don't you can even the payments were false. for the owners and we don't need their fifty one percent of the let them decide on the room. says i was there a time by the prime minister. spotlight more good actually after would take a break so stay with us don't go. hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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if. both about the spotlight and our love and just for a murder that my guest today is almost naked to my of the prime minister of canada . this president. about the scandal surrounding russian aircraft fuel shipments to the u.s. air force base in manassas. we all know the brands for the miners base constitutes an important source of income for carriers down the hall that this scandal let me remind you broke out when it was discovered that russia supplied the aircraft fuel from its refinery at discount prices where the fuel was then sold to the us air
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force at full price profits were made. russia then decided to adjust the price. is that true and how did the price adjustment effect carolus down. with that well actually these shipments were used by the families of both presidents and their enrichment schemes the president archives family was involved in the first one president bakiev family and the other. son not seen by keef was clearly involved in. russian aircraft fuel. wreaks quarter ticket us human. it's to russia's move to introduce asked for duty for all time so fuels and luxury comes cheap to kyrgyzstan since the latest april but was only natural. if they did they get. hit you hard it cost us
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more than two hundred million dollars as a huge film yes. well last year when i was in the interim government for three months but even that we took up on ourselves the obligation to shut down that scheme and stop there we export over russian aircraft fuel from kyrgyzstan is because we have achieved our goal by creating a joint venture between stand in russia's despond so half of the aircraft fuel shipments today manassero obese will now be carried out of that company. and we are actually thinking over any of the other half of the shipments put it through that company to put up the big goal was to stop theory export and it was stopped but and now i believe the export duties that i mentioned earlier should be canceled . so they're promising to use the duty cycle in russia just wanted to organize this
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shipments properly. yes in russia had the right to do. this russia continued to try to influence your position on the existence of god they say there have been disagreements between russian bishkek and asked how they've been settled or are they still there was a good. signal well you know things like that can always be settled by negotiations . especially considering that russia had so for me it's the monarchy are being used to be there for a variety of reasons with the put up with it are one thing it helps maintain control in afghanistan. besides the russian and u.s. governments are caught parading now. i know they've even signed an agreement on transit across russia's here space but for shipments from the us to nasa. so we don't have any problems there go to them we'll look at your beliefs agreement
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with a base signed by president bakiev expires in twenty fourteen. so in your future we would like to retain a base and make it a hub for cargo and passenger transit with that russia and other countries would use. that a but we want the terminal to remain functional in the future but at the end we are now negotiating on that. with the russian government first and foremost. the i have another question for you about foreign policy. president hu question go is still giving you refuse to kyrgyzstan former president this leads to a conflict of interest naturally does carry a standstill want to extract it and it's about give and how those old affect your relations with belarus but was it well of course we still want by kiev to be turned
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over to kyrgyzstan as we have to remember that eighty seven people were killed when his government gave the criminal order to open fire on civilians and in addition some people died in the hospital later. but we can't me except apples and oranges what i mean is that our stance on the question of buy to use extradition shouldn't affect our relations with dell or it was too much. because you know guinea accession to the customs union is currently one of getting the stance of strategic goals when you think that will happen can you give us any specific dates. you. have already made some progress towards that with them for example we now have an observer a representative that would have been a customs union council and if russia session to the w t o issue here
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as it is planned then we won't have any problems joining in the customs union i told. because the only thing in our way now is the fact that could you stand as a w t o member and it would cause a problem for a w. to your member through join the customs union due to terror of differences what if russia does join the w t o and i know that the government is working on it there intensely at the moment and hopes are high then we won't have any problems at all. and his supporters are accused of sparking off for a bloody ethnic conflict in kyrgyzstan south and two cars and ten that you can't reach make you presently but have any other suspects on the case being tried and punished well bookies snafu who has been arrested and to trial actually we have about one hundred trials currently underway here in the quiet of the on those
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charges yes because we know that he was miriam after during the riots his name is sunshine by key if. you have called nationalism one of our times major threats tell me do you think that bloody ethnic clashes are still possible in our times. no or were you referring to political lash well as i'm sure no i don't think clashes can occur in the nationalism is a menace for any multinational country it is better to take preventive measures and keep it in mind when look at your stand as a country of many nations and we need to work ahead of the problem octal with the cause behind the nationalist movements in kurdistan can you give us some names. i think people of that sort can be found in any country that i. have ethnic issues. that is the reason the become nationalists more hardcore patriots but that it would
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be they worth mentioning by name that i doubt it but for me god created all people as equals and men who respect themselves and believe in god have to understand that . we are equal gardley so we are a skin color in the sheeple were eyes. their language we speak so the live will be with you contradict yourself when you call nationalism a serious problem and then say these people are not worth mentioning. the well you see the do you see the contradiction i just don't want to give them publicity in our country thank god they're not as high prof file as in you know i know people are started as a nationalist so we should not advertise their names. another quote been done by c s d o general secretary nico i do the real story but he says that when the previous
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president was in office this is a cure he structures controlled and exploited drug trafficking has your government managed to change the situation because. not the security structure is much rather be. with the two years before by keysar regime was toppled well ladies abandon the whole drug control surface of the thing and that would look good and the money from drug trafficking goes straight into the families pockets or did contribute to the economy. of course it wants troy it into the pockets of the family and the traffickers that was the reason why during last year's events in the southern kyrgyzstan hated by keith was able to use the roots drug smugglers years to move. it's winter in g.t. stan and kyrgyzstan of a yes it's just the traffic is still a problem at all but we're working on it for the lead drug control services of
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kyrgyzstan and russia recently you sign an agreement on copper a show that i thought i missed that i would you put in russia you can allocated some funds for us put it on the get out there with this russia is interested in stopping the drug flow across kyrgyzstan with the mission because eventually legal to russia that would look good so we look at chateau working with russia and we expect that this copper will be very productive. or thank you very much for being with us in just a reminder that my guest on the show today was a big time by the prime minister of killing his staff and that's it for now from all of us here at spotlight will be back with more first i'll comment on what's going on in an up close brush until then stay in our team and take. it. back.
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