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tv   [untitled]    April 7, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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twist goes into. the c.s. lobby and sky books in soldiers historical hotels of escape culture in the city salutes and sky calls most. elegant up until close the strength for mr tropicana hutto. it's now a six thirty pm here in the russian capital with see the headlines now a finnish priest is a cellist with inciting a racial hatred after an interview with us here in our team is being persecuted for calling the man behind me bombings in russia a terrorist and criticizing internet mouthpiece. a nato airstrike has reportedly killed thirteen rebels in libya this comes as the u.k.'s if used of destroying a major khadafi controlled oil field it's causing fresh doubts over the coalition's
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true motives in libya. and portugal's runs to the e.u. to drag it out of a financial black hole that's threatening to rouse waves of anger among european taxpayers who will get again have to foot another bailout bill. also russia provides poland with newly declassified data on the nine hundred forty massacre of polish officers near ten all of this in a fresh effort to destroy the tension over the incident. but american pop culture celebrity jesse ventura is our guest for the next hour to the interview the former minnesota governor challenges the official spin some of the american government's darkest a most incriminating secrets that interview is now. archie sitting down with the former governor of minnesota t.v. personality former u.s.
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navy seal and bestselling author jesse ventura thank you so much for joining us and my pleasure always a pleasure your new book sixty three documents the government doesn't want you to read yeah how is this book new from what we have seen leak out in the past couple of months especially course when the weekly scandal broke you have made comparison saying that this book has the same spirit as those disclosures sure where you want to mission to become the new joy and we started the book two months we were already working on this book for two months and then the wiki leaks things happened thing happened and we got excited i mean we jumped for joy although we do use some of the wiki leaks documents but all these documents in this book are in the public domain and sure sure after the mainstream media is not going to tell you you've got to go find the stuff and that's what we did the most difficult thing about doing this book was that all these documents could substitute the word nazi and it would work and that troubles me because that's
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a pretty harsh statement so well we get it's not hard to do you mean what did you discover working on well the cia's assassination manual. one thing i want to say all the documents are printed in the book it's not me telling you about the documents assassination is just a fair and she word for first degree murder now how can the government ever have a pamphlet or a book that tells you how to commit first degree murder and who are we because there happens to be someone in another country that we don't get along with or maybe politically is opposite from us what gives us the right to go murder this person or war is different war is declared it's between militaries and all that releasing. those kinds of documents what kind of purpose does that really solve if we take that we can leak scandal for example in the long run what kind of purpose to solve something called open government we're supposed to be
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a democracy i have every right to know what my government is doing i want to know why. i pay taxes and i have every right to know when they take money from me and put it into the public domain i have every right to know what they're spending it out so i understand there are certain secret things you have to put up with but at the point when it's all over then the document should become public about a document that we discovered in the late forty's early fifty's where the united states went down to nicaragua and rounded up a bunch of street people and infected them with syphilis like what to see of penicillin worked now these people were not volunteers and instead i'm lucky that penicillin worked because if it hadn't worked these people would have died horrible deaths you say you want to know what the government is up to do you think the rest of americans want to know your other you know a lot easier living without some of this knowledge well then if you live without
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this knowledge and you give bad government and you give the government abusing your rights or civil rights violating the constitution violating the bill of rights you know it's imperative you know in a drama craddock society it is imperative for the public of people could be vigilant so hold their elected officials feet to the fire speaking of accountability do you feel in the era after the bush administration where we have seen. human rights violations wars torture and so on and so forth in that era after wall street where really no one was held accountable for want what went down expecting this accountability is that sort of way too optimistic or even naive at this point it should be it should not be we should always that we have accountability for use our money and when they're spending our money for controlled experiments and things like that don't you think i have
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a right to know that so that i can voice an opinion and say you know i don't like it or my government spending my money on what happens after you voice that what do you expect the rest of americans to do if they you know agree with you and think that accountability should take place what happens that this world to me. the most and i believe that we need a revolution in our country or we can have a revolution i want i should just as that we are the next time we have an election here vote for anyone but democrats or republicans or anyone but them because they're bought and paid for they've sold out to multinational corporations that are making decisions for our country they're making decisions to benefit benefit their benefactors and they've sold their soul of your cause she goes to rock n roll it feels like at this point many americans would support what you were saying in terms of something in the system has to change especially over the last couple of years
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what we have been seeing but the majority still continues to support the mainstream political elite it still is the democrats and the republicans and how many people or how much more time do you think it would change for people to really start coming out and voting for a third option i don't know but if they don't then they deserve what they get right look at last year let me tell you something joe how many documents the u.s. government declared part secret last year in one year millions should. steen million i would venture to say that must be every document they put out now you're telling me that i as a taxpayer am not allowed to see. million documents in what is supposedly a free country where is that line between public interest and real danger that knowing this information could be causing well to me to draw the line as our lives and being are because of it all but the moment lives are no longer in danger it
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should be made public all sure unless that document would put somebody in danger and then again you have it begs the question of what document would put you in danger and why is it happening and what are you doing that requires you to cover up everything all sixteen million documents i can't read what kind of percentage do you think that is the information being the thing that's all everything's been kept secret all i cared for alcohol they could have more than sixteen million documents or their fifty million a year i don't know i want to switch gears a little bit all right and talk about current events the war in libya what kind of role do you see the united states having played and that whole mission well libya is difficult because it certainly puts everyone between a rock and a hard place on one here and you feel well that's libya's business it's very country if they want to overthrow their leader or change whatever they do in their
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country you know it's their business to do so is it necessarily our business you know but here's the rock and hard place of a double edged sword you also don't want to see genocide or a slaughter take place because let's face it come off as all the guns and weapons and by the way where do you think you can get something from. where. we're the biggest arms dealer in the world you know. and so you certainly don't want to she won't how could we didn't intervene in rwanda. we showed the documents in our book on there were wanda you have the genocide of nearly a million people and nobody lifted a finger because rwanda didn't have anything the international corporations needed libya has oil which is very important to get the oil rwanda didn't have anything like that so in essence the world ignored it because there was nothing to go in
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there for that they could for lack of better term rate couldn't pillage mineral wealth or you know or whatever else international corporations would be it do you think the u.s. is going to play a bigger role in libya than it claims now because they have said that nato is now taking control of the operation do you think the u.s. is really stepping back or is there a lot i have no idea you know i have no idea i'm not privy after all the they classify sixteen million documents a year how would i know i don't know what has been going on within the united states and i want to ask you about these. really this middle class uprising that we saw take place in the midwest in the united states you know in wisconsin where almost one hundred thousand people have been protesting for the longest time to you know have their rights maintained as workers and then they ended up really losing that battle because the bill they were protesting against got passed church so you as one of the people who. deems it important to be calling for revolution for the
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people to stand up what are the chances of the people winning that kind of revolution if we saw the biggest protests in a while and they are unfortunately for the people who do not it's. easy stop. for crafts republicans vote for anyone to help. just the ones who are a thank you for your time with us thank you appreciate it. is he looking. to. see.
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wealthy british style. suppliers on. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our cheek.
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cool. cool. cool. chosen from among many. he was given a clear cut mission. a mission he successfully accomplished. became the first ever muslim in outer space. hero of the soviet union one of the best known persons in the whole world. all his thoughts were focused on flight to could he ever think that his life's work would cost him his last. one happened in those few seconds. and what city could
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see these sealed barrels still hold. keurig are in. place when archie. if the russians would be soon which brightened if you knew about sun from feinstein christians. who threw stones on t.v. don't come.
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the headlines here on r.t. a finnish priest is charged with inciting a racial hatred after an interview with us here at r.t. he's a being a persecuted for calling the man behind deadly bombings in russia a terrorist and criticizing internet round piece. a nato airstrike has reportedly killed thirteen rebels in libya as comes as the u.k. is accused of destroying a major khadafi control the oil fields starting fresh doubts over the coalition's true motives in the country. and for the e.u. to drag it out of a financial black hole it's threatening to arouse waves of anger among european
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taxpayers who once again will have to foot another bailout bill. also russia provides poland with a newly declassified and the nine hundred forty massacre of polish officers nicad in a fresh effort to dispel tension over the incident. for the sports with natasha. thank you ari this is our team these lives courts update and here is what's coming up in the program champions league football it's manchester united in the driving seat for a slimy final spot after beating chelsea won in the past leg. pitching on the way to morrow we focus on the surprise back a. long. past avidly. and we also look forward to the gulf that gets on the way late so it's
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a day with phil mickelson aiming to hold on to his green jacket. so nicely united have taken a huge step towards reaching the semifinals of this season's champions league status inside beating chelsea one nail in london in the first leg of that last states clash wayne rooney the man that made the difference in the middle of the. chelsea fans will be dismayed that super shots well waved their way in the second hall but it's only a fact both managers are well aware of. so when you believe them they have to really care for the group top of thrones not sure there. are those who transferred only through an open. confident will probably go through some of the game with and for the rangers. and also on the night barcelona gave further justification of that favorite status so
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full of things trying so the nets five one belt loops for all the wells the last six will semifinal is on the cards against real madrid of course also on this level cold but on tuesday. and euro cup football continues later today with four europa league quarter finals across the continents let's have a look at the fixtures spartak most schools the on the russian side remaining in the. in the previous round and of course he's out. it's not. the ukrainian capital and take on. the heart you know where this season we witnessed a dramatic transformation of the region club up along r t how takes an in-depth look at the case i'll send the reality of the task order a steak a cup finals. planned officially became the surprise picture of the play of when they wrapped up their first there were ties to the western conference crown but they are far from being satisfied with their bigger and card is the one that moscow
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region side really wants. stop now when you step on the gas you don't stop he continues full throttle until the very end it's all because of hard work but many good experienced players and everyone plus a great coaching staff. we want into the start of the season though and i want we're a team doing nowhere fast and you coach was brought seem to change that has certainly paid dividends militia really wasn't a loose and having been fired from spartak moscow pulling it fully you know with star goaltender dominic. sold at fifty two year old chair to join up with top one where he had previously worked for two seasons in two thousand and five in two thousand and six this is what he said shortly after his latest move because you're working in russia for several years. to get at least to the second round of the playoffs but i'd love to win a. game that should be near the top several strong players together all the way.
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cancer for number of big names who help for the improve the team's fortunes form a sport i difference with. is one of them the season was very much for me is really mentally. everything to our own. i came here to a. this team is right on. such a group so many players but one finished fourth in their conference and face it was not in the first knockout round they won forty overall gave up wantonness record couldn't stick both through in this seven match that will i would scott st petersburg eighteen who were considered hope favorites oakland were trailing in a serious three one with three straight wins fired them into the semifinals the magician men were in the rule and then counted against the western conference regular season was when he was much more straightforward and blazing to three nothing seriously look at d.b.'s close it winning two matches in
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a row without blount promptly demolished them in the sticks and managed to to prove once and for all that he was the who fully deserved them made in going cup final sport of tikkun of coach of the all conquering soviet and russian sides at leas and nineties even corked up in the dressing room to say hello meeting like this there berlin fix corin captain sergei my second cherishes the hales and those women easing can wait we will have a few days off and we'll save our emotions for the finals i think we were more excited after showing ganske on the seventh match that means it's becoming harder and harder to bear the pressure but we're there and that's all that matters in the decisive serious it's all about your life drops in on friday and if i know what he was the most exciting kitchell season yet would simply be the cherry on top because they were out of our team. meanwhile the guy in cup trophy has left the cage i'll have quarters here in moscow for a trip to the city of thought where the final series tips off on friday following
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the first couple of games the nineteen kilo silver well don't be troubling to me teaching the moscow region where the winners in the best of seven series between sort of up and up plan due to get our hands on it after their actions all over if the finals held down to all seven clashes the new russian hockey champions will be honored on april the twenty. now russia's only boxing world champion the pure august he wants to defend his title against competitors denies in order to die son here or has a big name twenty five is the current w.b. or middleweight belt holder a title he won last year against american dale jacobs you'll have to face martin i said after he couldn't finalize a deal to fight with their divisions top two boxers so here are tennis and feliks strong both were more than happy to take on pure art but money issues are and those lands here are just getting over his opening title that balance against your francisco must have the end of march was the first time the russian was taken the distance something he says is great for his development.
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there were a lot of passes to take out of my last point it was the first time i was taking twelve which i think is really important i was great for my experience and development people were hoping for a knock counts but against these sorts of opponents these sorts of things don't really happen very often also preparing for it when the distance to travel round first time in my career was going to for me which. now a piece of sochi twenty fourteen will come to london during the summer games next year as the russian organizes a certain establish a socially center in the english capital and the open air ice rink in front of the city's marble arch is also part of the plan with multiple events due to promote the next winter olympics. for us it's very important because we will be the next the typical c.t.m. in sochi after the london. is sort of really and we want to demonstrate to the white audience which will come into it to london to the sochi project this will on
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track then it's a very attractive room it's worth to come in to visit and to open for yourself with the new russia do more than preserve the russia which is changing the world. now moving stateside in the n.b.a. the mavericks are hoping to town their fortunes around quick losing their fourth straight game to danbury with only four games left before the playoffs and will pick it up in the third quarter where the mass shows are on barea does a great job splitting the double team allowing shawn marion to slam a. dark nobis here show this famously soft touch that effort seen the lead for the first time in seventy seven to seventy six down there is j.r. smith well schooled to clutch baskets late in the fourth quarter who finished with twenty three points off the bench including the most crucial ones and won all three to ninety six victory. and the world's top golfers are gearing up ahead of the first major of the season the prestigious nostrums green jackets up for grabs in
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augusta from thursday with plenty of new challenges aiming to come of age. the seventy fifth edition of the masters could see a new world number one emerge in augusta six of the world's top seven golfers are positioned to grab the top ranking by winning the tournament. tiger woods is surprisingly bottom of that list but he too has a chance to get right back to former glory german martin kaymer is currently world number one but is only a twenty to one favorite to win the event the twenty six year old followed very closely in the rankings by lee westwood and reigning champion phil mickelson a lefty had a dozen chances last year to reach the coveted top spot before sliding down the table however the two thousand and ten winter has momentum on his side having won the houston open right before heading over to georgia luke donald and graham a dual also joining the list of potential suitors for the number one spot and while with the mickelson have combined to win six of the last ten masters their throne
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now faces a clear and present threat from the younger generation twenty two year old ricky fowler has already made wade's way that you thousand and ten p.g.a. rookie of the year but the american is well versed in the age old tradition of the prestigious event. obviously i watched. the green jacket is obviously something that's that means quite a bit in the golf community the chance to you know being a turning. point well right now i feel like if if i go another week with. high expectations i feel like there's a chance that we can walk out of a team in contention and that's not my dream about you know the special walk of a team the veteran european players are coming of age as well with seven golfers ranked in the top fifteen northern irishman with dual stating that he is confident the compatriots are primed to appear in europe's first green jacket since one thousand nine hundred ninety nine no doubt think we've got the talent we've got the
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players and you know it's a tough it's a tough weekend i went on and it's just such an incredible turn on and like i said you can feel the ball as you can feel the excitement among the players. maintains his position is overall favorite on a course which is notoriously tough for the less experienced players and his competitors will also be hoping to add more transcended masters moments to the events impressive history knowing they too could come to define a legacy for years to come uganda gorski r g. i that's it for this hour coming up shortly after this as well with our team hungry for the food we've got in first the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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all. in some cases but she's available in hotels a story of a little. school sokoto a trip post hotel the true school's hotel to go. into. stone skate. and see how this ski business.


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