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tv   [untitled]    April 8, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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friends military initiatives and leave you back wired home with mounting criticism of the country's leadership and protest against a three week intervention which shows no sign of ending. the cleverest generals trying to start the new stalemate nato is accused of incompetency but you know brian ticked off the forces after an airstrike kills at least five rebels on the frontline. this tour and she is dead it is deceased is is it is extending it not survive plans to bail out debt stricken portugal sparked anger among europeans
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concerned that strong economies are once again forced to pay for others to prop up the eurozone. thousands of women dying every year at the hands of violent husbands and russian calls for a change in the law urge those suffering in silence to come forward. is a day on the russian capital you're watching r.t. was nearing a joshie a friendly fire of nato air strike has killed at least five and to get off the rebel fighters in libya some sources suggest it may have been dozens that will only add to the criticism coming from the opposition of say the alliance is not doing enough to help them out for those countries who were pushing for this operation three weeks ago the very real chance of a stalemate looks likely to bring some. random dishes crashing down the aisle goes
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on reports from france. from was among the first countries to push for a military solution in libya but no watches a question if it's justification for going for once they get in on what i call the imperial condominiums a recurrence of africa already having long term connections on the continent paris told forgive colonel gadhafi for fighting its military in neighboring chad in the 1980's and challenging its corporations in the region ever since the french. is it a friend or or is it a sarkozy. do without trying to do to convince the world that he is the man in this capacity to be their leader. and also. tried to survive in frost reports their god was plot to get invasion already last year have prompted accusations of revived imperial ambitions calculated as
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a coach whether for france's president the move has backfired french foreign minister a leisure paces the invasion could last days or weeks but not months into its third week war in libya is turning up longer and harder than wanted to. with that piece of course is still standing firm rebel games only come with a heavy hand of nato helping the war in libya with both him a good friend from britain to the broader congress nor the government the popularity of more instead of more he continues oppositional both sides is growing these demonstrators say they see through france these noble claims and counterclaims humanitarian intervention but it's really unfair and. in local elections nicolas sarkozy got stumped he's u.m.p. party willing just knowing to. hundred percent of the votes the french president
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hook for retains lift from the war he's got the opposite. because of north korea or presidents for ever for the last forty years given france's troubled history in the region maybe fear some countries may remember their common past and unite against their former colonial master. countries that have genuine revolutions genuine uprisings and then being able to unite i think that is something which the imperial powers don't really want to see with france facing a growing backlash at home and abroad eighty talk of a quick fix altitude a new push to see. the journals of escobar from asia times believe the coalition's actions in media are leading to a stalemate the nature of going on is nato incompetence number one ok you know what
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they want they want a call on tanks of qaddafi forces in the desert like sitting ducks so they can bomb them at will what kind of resources are going there disguising their remaining tanks and armored personnel carriers inside or around the cities he's using against the guerrilla cleverest pentagon general strong to start the new this would be a stalemate the u.s. and the brits basically want to arm the rebels you know that could happen in effect it's already happened they redid some arms depots you know eastern libya and this out there related french version they already have surface to air missiles in the took this out of libya so it's probably somewhere in shot in central africa so this is already happening can you imagine if these rebels are armed why do you see a pentagon s.a.'s from britain all that can be measured this is six months we're going to have new jersey it's too soon. and later today some intense debate over
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the situation in libya are cross-sectional here's. the fact that their regime is kids around here and their government as a whole is something that the whole entire war does not have the word doesn't really one they have they have that if you rule so the world has actually moved and saved lives if i may jump in here and john john john if i was to go to you i mean if we look at recent memory you could ask he was being brought out of the cold i think we call that these arguments were exactly the same as they are going to use for the invasion of afghanistan and iraq and nobody thinks that what we've got in either place is a model of democracy and the argument at the very language. is that this is a dissembling language to say that the world community there is no world community i'm a citizen in this country my country is at war a majority of people in the opinion poll don't want to be bombing libya our
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government and the army's one factor is that it's touring the middle east so the weaponry to they want to go to the war to go to war isn't true but there is some sort of this embodied world community but he's backing this. portugal has asked for a bailout from the e.u. something that can carry a pasty one hundred twenty billion u.s. dollars priced out for europe the countries plea for help because those are greece and ireland and the fear of it means that spain will soon follow suit john gone's of the e.u. referendum campaign told r.t. that heavily listing share of the european economy could be sung by the eurozone. we don't have a duty to portugal we did not achieve our island we made seven billion pounds worth of welfare cuts and then we gave seven billion to ireland can't figure that does not and now spain is going to go the same way on our lousy coalition government well give the british people the right to have
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a vote and you know the reason they won't give us their vote because they know that seventy five percent of people in a recent e.u. referendum campaign and congress poll said they want to get out of this expensive undemocratic and the euro is going to crash and burn spain will follow portugal and i say no perry to portugal not one single penny one single cent one single euro it's nothing to do with the united kingdom we want our country back thank goodness we never ever joined this madness how can you link the economy of an economic powerhouse while the united kingdom or germany with somewhere like greece should get no well the answer is you can't and it fails and the sooner it collapses let that sell for having a referendum on may the fifth on the alternative voting system that's not a referendum we need the referendum we need in our great country is it straight in or out should we stay or should we go should we say to you and the british people
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want out but whether we get the referendum or it's kind of becoming irrelevant because this currency is doomed the old country python sketch you know this parrot is deceased deceased power is no more well let me say this currency is dead it is deceased is is it is extinct it can not survive spain will go next. and coming up it's not just europe bats and trouble. the u.s. debt problem is big fourteen trillion dollars big meanwhile the solutions lawmakers are coming up with to solve this problem are small. actually looks at the gridlock as the u.s. tries to twenty eleven budget and its roads to its credit rating. every year fourteen thousand women die as a result of domestic violence in russia even more decide to suffer in silence lawyers say only a change in a law allowing greater involvement in family lives but help the victims are reports
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she cycle freely and. we had clients he raised his hands happened so many times i held on for as long as i could when i realized that it could end something that i found out about the center with the help women my child and ran to save my life. it was a this help center. where unit was finally able to cope with the scars left by years of emotional and physical abuse at the very thought are gone my child witnessed it all and it's twice as hard for me to understand that i told the rate at all that i thought i was guilty for something and they have done something wrong. research conducted by n.g.o.s shows fourteen thousand women lose their lives to the mystic wilds of russia every year that means that every four minutes one dies at hands of her husband tens of thousands more continue to suffer the abuse but the numbers are all approximate because often victims choose to stay silent about their plight.
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as thorkell aspect is a plea here traditionally beatings one thought of as a problem beating means loving as they are all dressed in single ninety percent of the time women don't turn to authorities for help going to the police is used as a trail by their husbands the woman is afraid to destroy the marriage whether it's because she can't provide for herself or for the sake of her children. unfortunately existing laws make it hard for victims of domestic abuse to get adequate protection. we must change the legislation was it a big government may be able to interfere with the personal rights of citizens in cases of domestic violence in soviet times we had such laws but not every individual has to be able to prove they were wrong if it means many russian women truth to stay silent about aggression towards them sometimes until it's too late.
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people sharing out of their video online often help bring stories into the light but there are some food in it including that of professional quality also available for our viewers to download artie's free video service whatever your taste. of god dramatic pictures of other drugs. in siberia where police seized a large staff of heroin and a puppy that was found alive on a rubbish heap just days after suffering life threatening injuries. in the u.s. republicans and democrats can overcome their differences on the spending cuts needed to agree of budget for two thousand and eleven by the proposals seem small fry in comparison to the nation's debt and the threats from the rating agencies
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that would make paying for a lot more expensive arches lauren lyster explains. all u.s. lawmakers in washington big are over the budget and hurled blame across the aisle for the gridlock calling opposing colleagues relatively small that string group of india logs and warren i think are dragging down the budget negotiation process give me a brought another group of decision makers has been weighing in on the did be one of the country's top credit agencies telling the feds something has to get done on this debt ratings agency standard and poor and moody's have been warning for months that the u.s. debt could threaten the country's golden aaa credit rating telling investors in u.s. bonds essentially they may have to worry about getting paid the u.s. debt problem is big fourteen trillion dollars big while the solutions lawmakers are coming up with to solve this problem are small this tiny dot represents even the
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larger sixteen billion dollars in cuts republican lawmakers originally proposed meanwhile the u.s. government each year continues to spend a lot more than it takes then resulting in more than a trillion dollars in budget deficit so with all of this there rating agencies see as unsustainable and a concern and it's the path the u.s. has been on for a while forty three cents of every dollar we spend this year. we borrowed against the future of our children continuing on this trajectory of borrowing and spending however would not be an option according to financial analysts if the u.s. was downgraded so what would happen but it would be another crisis economist max broad wolf says even putting the u.s. on official downgrade watch would be devastating it would create global shock waves in part because most models and understanding of the global investment landscape landscape take is their sort of central banker the u.s. ten year treasury bond as the risk free asset and if that asset goes from risk free
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to risky for u.s. bond holders like central banks and investors all over the world so goes the stability of currency as just one example and so goes the low interest rate the u.s. pays to borrow money as it is the interest the u.s. pays on its debt is staggering it was one hundred eighty seven billion in two thousand and nine and i'm do you propose on it increases to eight hundred forty four billion that number would grow exponentially faster with a downgrade because the us would likely have to pay higher interest rates to borrow money meaning less money to spend at home than we have to start cutting really aggressively and for many things there are too important for americans really to to be able to agree to cut them right now drastic cuts in everything from energy to education to the military certainly and in dangers the u.s. position is an empire around the world being able to reach into every corner of the
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earth yes absolutely and whether the u.s. would really be downgraded is up for debate the u.s. has the exorbitant privilege after all the printing dollars the global reserve currency to pay its global credit card bill the scarier scenario may be that the u.s. has even reached this point i think much more disturbing important by the fact that the u.s. financial situation already. possibly merits a downgrade i think she wasted it once would have been unthinkable perhaps a downgrade pretty well whether it happens or not lauren mr r. t. washington d.c. . economist mark norman says fears of a looming debt crisis in the u.s. are being overplayed and causing panic and the debate is that people have a misunderstanding of this they view the reality in a way which is mired in misconception and myth and this is this is pervasive from
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the common person on the street all the way up to the highest levels of policy including our own president who goes out there publicly and says we are out of money that is in possibility the united states of america issues the u.s. dollar it could spend it in any amount that it was to with a nine percent unemployment rate and millions of people at a work and industrial capacity far below what our potential is and millions of on hold and sold homes and all this other excess capacity that we have what we should be doing is increasing demand and the way that we do that in an economy where most people are trying to cut back their dead is for the government to step in and stimulate demand by spending on infrastructure on education on health care on basic research and development on transportation on alternative energy these are things we did in the past these are the things that created the real capital that was passed along from generation to generation it's what made this country rich and
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it's exactly the thing we're not doing now because we've been we've become sidetracked on this nonsensical issue of the government of the united states running out of money when it isn't a possibility. i was to look at some other stories from around the world the hamas government and gaza said that once a ceasefire with israel to prevent a further escalation of recent violence follows the latest exchange of fire between the sides in which five palestinians were killed and two israelis injured as well spotted the shelling of a bus with airstrikes ok there's been no official reaction from tel aviv to the ceasefire tam's. a major selling point for aftershock as strong. words for free before lights are places for the nuclear plant under fred to save one from a power supply there the facility was switched to emergency power sources to cool the reactors at the trouble for the plant however no irregularities were detected
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the quake was felt as far away as tokyo with buildings shaking and swaying violently. this dramatic footage shows children fleeing from a killer who shot levon kids dad one that thirteen others in brazil twenty four year old former student of the public school where the tragedy took place and the building and opens fire into classrooms shot himself afterwards the massacre has become the first of its kind in brazil mary school shootings in the u.s. . once all are now forgotten georgian war veterans are now being forced by their own government which they say is depriving them of these bills needed to live and with new fancy memorials and baled in the country it is clear that their glitter is not gold. there are memorials like these over the world set up to honor all those who fought for their countries a sign of respect and remembrance but many of the veterans here in georgia feel
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that they have been completely forgotten captain very soon sansa went to war and highs in the one nine hundred ninety s. integrated officer he now has to survive just fifteen us dollars. so i don't get a pension now and i won't until i'm sixty five but will i live to see that money we used to have some sort of support the hospital the free treatment social benefits that they got all taken away in two thousand and five and i got fired into a thousand and three with no explanation whatsoever. lives in a house that he claims is unfit to live in yet to send his family away because he can't provide them with food. my house has no gas no running water i can't pay for any of it i can't get a job the only reason i'm still alive is because of my friends i live in what they can spare. and there he does not alone is like more and more veterans in georgia feel the lack of support from their government but when they try to draw attention
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to it by calling a hunger strike they recently shot at the way some were even arrested according to officials for refusing to comply with police orders and being under the influence of alcohol who cause the most outrage among veterans and the international media was the fact those detained got slapped with a two hundred twenty five dollar fine not one of them has that kind of money. but government building. brings foreign dignitaries by to see it because of cost because in reality the veterans in georgia dying of hunger poverty and nobody cares they're being fired from their jobs if it did from their homes before the police came a break up are protesting the president drove by he stopped the load his window looked at us one hour later we were pushed out of the way like we were nothing but a dozen n.g.o.s and human rights groups demanded an official investigation into the
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actions of the police even the u.s. ambassador to georgia officially stated he was disturbed her reports of police violence. georgian teach our reported on the event opposition parties were quick to make as much use of it as possible. it is essential the international community reacts strongly to what is happening with the georgian government and society i don't know the political battles continue and those that are ins who've already sacrificed so much for a country that largely ignores them are being drawn into this war as well. catherine as are about r t b.c. ga another business of eight with kareena stay with us. hello and welcome to our business all of them good to have you with me this hour the ruble has made steady gains against the dollar and the euro since the beginning of the hear the strong up oil price has added further it but just to its rise
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alexander you stephen from v.b. capital believes the russian kind seatmate close to its peak. rubel appreciation is probably close to running its course because first you have this new strong currency count in the first and then reason for growth this factor influencing the ruble will diminish and second we still have kept still outflows and they are abating a little bit but it looks like this is a structural saying right for for now and. might continue going forward. prices have extended their rally with all going on rest in the middle east and africa and a weakening dollar contributing to the growth of the ties you guys about one hundred eleven dollars per barrel brant blend is trading at more than one hundred twenty three dollars a barrel report saying i'm all feel the need be a has been damaged fueling concerns civil war may destroy the country's oil facilities. now let's have a look at how the stock markets are performing asian stocks are trading higher saw
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the nikkei turn green on friday helped by weekly and some positive financial results and retail sectors shares of unit glow are around seven percent after all for the strong earnings outlook exporters are on the rise with electronics up nearly five percent in hong kong property developers were lower early friday on the week amid rising mortgage rates. this is what the closing picture for the r.t.s. and noise it looks like at the last minute selloff calls recourses to close one percent lower driven mostly by energy stocks now let's look at some individual who was. around one point six percent on profit taking followed by you have to still make a m.k. he was down more than one hundred percent after last year's net profit missed expectations and clients two percent now russia's stock markets continue to ride a wave of high oil prices like i do for ranko and prosper natural group says he
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eased interest rates could play out investors' minds. seems like a rate increase in europe could do with the risk. across the world and i think that if there were. some tension over or at least keep at least that often the russians will feel support all over the next week think again to give you all stocks and i think trust me or from because of the recent going to pronouncement about every place and government officials on the board i think you these one of the. bad managed companies which isn't in the future of the solution could be the possible future so i think it's the stock which is going to be the star probably in the coming several days that's all for now back with more in less than one hour john.
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since. this event brings further assurance to torture chambers and the secret police. these are gone forever. flies again over
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embassy a couple. chairs too much occupied afghanistan. now occupy sales at guantanamo bay. it. is appropriate to get a record and as much as we can if he could be a college face lab studies class if you can shoot him enough so that it shocks especially for just the stuff which you don't actually breaking into homes could very gay should take place that we use in j.j. if kuantan are approved by the senior leadership. to give nothing to. believe transference. when the news is not enough. when something really crucial. when you want to get down to
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brass tacks we bring you the last special coverage here on in a place already synonymous with tragedy the world witnessed another disaster that left a country devastated. and united two nations in grief. if . question more. chosen from among many. he was given a clear cut mission. a mission he successfully accomplished. became the first ever man in outer space. hero of the soviet union one of the best known persons in the whole world. all his thoughts were focused on the sly.


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