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tv   [untitled]    April 10, 2011 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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one year on from the tragedy that killed the kurdish president make it should speak more days here with the sites of the crash of the airfield to remember this is an extremely emotional day for poland that more than a hundred thousand people will march the streets of warsaw in a commemoration march the latest details from warsaw. double standards nato is accused of allowing rebels in libya to violate human
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imposed no fly zone prostitute opposition choppers are shot down by government forces. and other stories this week a priest in the finland faces racial hatred charges for speaking out against one of the world's most wanted terrorists and the web site spreading his extremism. and the international space station that welcomes a new crew with a special mission king half a century since mankind's first flight into orbit and the inspiration it's provided ever since. you're watching our team of the weekly news feed on the very latest developments poland and russia remembering the tragedy that the two nations devastated a year ago a plane carrying polish president lech kaczynski and ninety five others crashed
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near the russian city of slovyansk for more on. the commemoration settings let's cross to our correspondent. in the silence which. yesterday the wife of the polish president and i come out of the with the families of many of the victims came here to be summoned to the crash my disbelief and scare feel to attend the memorial and to remember this they then moved on to the canteen a memorial will a very similar timetable we followed by the president's brigade of income out of steve allen not a monday for kind of cool suits no walls and choosy for the existing pools and reflects i don't really know when the ninety six on pool to put all of one five full flying from walsall to celebs and he died on a with a tent in the trees just behind me on board our flight was of course the polish president lech kaczynski the commander in chief of the polish air force and its
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army chief and the huge i really in one place of course is that the polish delegation was on its way to western russia to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the captain massacre when a twenty thousand poles died at the hands of soviet soldiers it was to be a milestone of them small easing intense russia polish relations. cross to alexina our alexy was a great tragedy for the poles what's the feeling in warsaw the story. indeed this is a very emotional day for poland and people are starting to gather here in the very heart of the polish capital of warsaw in front of the presidential palace this was of course the scene of massive commemorations last year where tens of thousands from all over poland coming here to lay flowers and rates in memory of those who died in small in this man's plane crash we are expecting of course tens and tens of thousands of people hundreds of thousands people to take part in a commemorative march all throughout the day here in warsaw now this tragedy the
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latest one it's known as is being used nowadays by some political forces here in poland now the party of the of the late polish president and his brother get also is using some strong. and so russian rhetoric even sometimes going as far as accusing moscow and the current government of a conspiracy in hiding what they call hiding facts of the investigation it is very unclear according to many experts where this political game will go but clearly these emotions of the polish people are being used in political ways some sometimes here in poland and alice the investigation was a tough issue for both nations what do we know about the details of how the tragedy actually happens. with the interstate aviation commission a c released the details of its report on the twelfth of january and they conclude it is pilot error was mostly to blame for the crash of course compounded by very
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poor weather and visibility and psychological pressure to one of the points that's stressed and i see reports is that the ground full south to north of the rhine river rua pilots it was almost a mission to land and he was stated that he does intend to. within seconds all ninety six on board flight one i won. the time with ten forty one am. i was out for the plane. going down to heaven so first question. where it was obvious that no one was going to see. is a five story crowd control star there were no conditions and requests was still
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made to attempt a trial approach transcripts from the plane's black box flight recorder reveal the crew were acutely aware of the rapidly increasing visibility and also a precious and around us. soon as possible google crazy yeah we don't know who he is what we do know is that a senior minister periodic may enter the cockpit throughout the flight and that the chief of the air force himself was present at the time of the crash under these conditions the pilots continue their approach well having passed the point of no return the president's plane began its final descent the dense fog and poor visibility meant that the crew had in fact already missed their target is coming in to land some fifty metres below the runway where the base of the aircraft began to graze the tops of these trees and one particularly tall birch ripped a huge hole out of the left wing causing the aircraft to roll and within just five
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seconds that knows about one five four had hit the ground hard at first we didn't know there was a crash we know has had something wrong so from copying over here we parked and we came here as far as possible none of that believe it happened we were talking about that it was unruly stick incredible that sense of shock and disbelief reverberated around the world as the news began to spread that in a single moment poland had suffered its prime minister would later dump its worst tragedy since world war two and i said it r.t. screecher. discuss the political aftermath of the tragedy we're joined live from warsaw by professor vinci vice chairman of the polish parliament's foreign affairs committee and professor thanks for joining us here on r.t. first of all the opponents that leaders accepted the results of the investigation
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and seem to change their minds so what's behind that do you think. there is undoubtedly the national mourning in poland that. according to several political forces is last think it's going to last even until the parliamentary elections that are supposed to be in this october we have the parliamentary system so it will be the. key issue and. of course there is a morning on the one side and on the other side. there is a clue being in the political game but we have to understand that i am speaking also as a person who was supposed to be on aboard that plane but i few days. earlier decided to call for my seat to my colleague the former deputy prime minister now
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that you're going to come because i have been talking a lot at rice and and she never visited copy. yes you mention a political gain that would you say that the internal political issues in providence have somewhat spoiled the transport reconciliation between the two nations. well that's an important issue because the polish russian reconciliation it's historically delayed for many reasons comparing for instance with polish german reconciliation and since the visit of mr putin. the first september two thousand and nine the process of moving positively after the smallest . part of early giving the reaction of the average russian of the street and. the very positive reaction of both president medvedev and prime minister putin. we have seen progress but also later on. some
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poles many poles and several police forces. in organizing in quotation marks and without quotation marks that crash. by russian authorities and paradoxically by. only according to last eight percent believing in such a. scenario still there is a tension. particularly after yesterday's change of the play commemorating the victims of that crash now poland has launched its best occasion realistically how different are the results life to be from those of the instate aviation commission. well. the majority of polls have not been satisfied with the. result of the investigation done by mark.
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by the russian. because they blame it that it was so. one sided that it was allegedly only the error of the pilots. and now there is a state. committee. chaired by minister of interior. ministry me letter by the way to my mind he should be also prime minister to stay in order to have the symmetry because it was the prime minister putting from your side and we are expecting it's the last think now there is going to be a sort of the test using the second tuple of exactly the same one hundred fifty four. also additionally to that polish attorneys police. investigate what could be the difference i guess that. from russian side mainly
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it was their opinion that it was very. very bad preparation from the polish side this is the fact that it was that bad weather such a. plane should not have told takeoff and absolutely should not lend but also many poles and the many polish experts. that it was sort of the. errors also by done by the flight controllers at the airport that somalis. have to leave it there for now professor pinsky vice chairman of the its own affairs committee thank you for joining us here. well we can now see some live pictures from warsaw where we are where thousands of people are expected to gather to commemorate i victims of that plane crash
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course a year ago massive crowds held candle ceremonies and flowers near the presidential palace and today there will be more scenes there of course in warsaw. meanwhile the in the small dense. and live pictures here a religious service is being held and science people taking a chance to lay flowers there as you see the actual site where a year ago the president's plane came down with some of its. sad scenes indeed of course that crash killed president kaczynski part of the country's military and political elite and of course the mission that followed that rapid movement between the two countries and stream of. problems between of course crossing live throughout the day more of this coverage stay with.
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for a year after a tragedy in there so that's going to have special coverage as i say a collaboration service to remember how it happened then take you through the investigation that followed it stay with us this sunday for. when the news is not enough. when it's something really crucial. when you want to get down to brass tacks we bring you our special coverage here. in a place already synonymous with tragedy the world witnessed another disaster that left a country devastated. and united two nations in grief. question more on the ati. two developments in libya where two rebel
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helicopters are being shot down by the darkness forces in the city of mosul break up he said two questions aimed at nato over why opposition forces are apparently being allowed to ignore un mandated no fly zone. saffir i've got the seeming most serious push by the dark forces against the opposition since the beginning of international airstrikes rebels are becoming disillusioned but the level of nato has helped in the growing number of so-called friendly fire casualties on the ground since the alliance took over rising twenty antipode i think prices have been killed dozens injured by their raids. has spoken to some of the rebels and since you're in gaza. a very army moved only served his country all the way to retirement but now he's fighting for the revolution and is among the few rebels at the front with military training and experience. their forces are not evil we are
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ready to fight to the death but with these weapons we don't stand a chance against gadhafi since needing to control the north winds on operation it's going to need more than one thousand somalis into the u.n. sprains around a third of gaddafi sports is now been destroyed he's going to help from the skerries on the ground and the rebels are still thinking about running. later is field there are civilians in misrata daily or green more interest and yes they're building improper actions to give the guy a few troops for the rebels taking the town of regen means clearing the way west i just want to seen. a new series of attacks by gadhafi forces. retreat. just hope we can go. you know because it was the revolution me you know it seems
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the entire seek ways need for its support but the problem could still be that the list of girls missing can be it seems to reach the more meat although you like the script is rising as well. this one are becoming a common theme mean you are using media all feeling to protect civilians they are asking for help in the dark demanding it. i don't get all the way to fall for gadhafi to kill or still we demand a new u.n. resolution which would allow us. but experts say arming the rebels alone wouldn't help so when the war with the rebels need is not so much arms you can use your arms without training anything before someone else servicing got to us in egypt are called anti american forces going beyond. that established
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myself you're just going off on the media. as nato gets down in the new wave of protests sweeping across syria yemen egypt some experts suggest that the start is no accident but part of a strategy for a sunni party announcing that with us to weaken iran and get close international. questions right next to the american this stuff there. as waves of public rage sweep through north africa and the middle east world powers jump on them as many analysts say in an attempt to direct the waves of unrest in a way that's most favorable for them in libya forging relationship with the opposition so that if gadhafi goes there are people there to do business with as syria popular raphe gather steam some experts say western powers might see the advantages of getting involved there to these three countries iran and syria are
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the main countries that will not align themselves automatically to the global power elite or the western powers interested objectives in north africa in the middle east as for example egypt will do or used to do with hosni mubarak and definitely kuwait saudi arabia syria is iran's closest ally in the region and the cost to support the revolver in syria after income was mentions of you ran syria is obviously a strategic ally for iran in the in the region and without syria iran loses their their bridge their land bridge to lebanon and their hit has been one force and so of course hezbollah would suffer if the syrian regime was to fall and that would destabilize iran and weaken its cower in the region which would be an obvious benefit in the end all american forces some expert even believe that this stabilize ation is part of a strategy the west perceives in the region you are seeing reflects a strategy which includes our moms other points the generalized weakening of the
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sovereign nation states and sovereign genes in the arab world in order to try to isolate iran. with very few perhaps no friendly countries in the region and that will leave pretty much alone at least in the arab world and will facilitate further turmoil inside iran although the u.s. secretary of state has ruled out america's involvement in syria for now the country's defense secretary caught up with the syrian army to quote empower around aleutian and follow the example of egypt's military syria. if some great. many say you ran down would be a tough call and no matter how much washington and iraq the regime there to fall for now it's seen as a mission impossible i'm sure that there are some in the u.s.
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who would love to attack iran and there are others who would like to take over the iranian opposition i think they know that the iranian opposition is not so fond of the united states they have a long memory in iran people remember the role of the united states in overthrowing the precursor to the shah of iran overthrowing the democratically elected government of mosul there back in one thousand fifty three so i don't think the u.s. would be welcomed and i think many in washington know that would leave you being torn apart by the war and anti-government protests any momentum in syria the question on everyone's mind who might be next i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . next hour look at this specific role britain one of venter's most active members has played in the rest of course the arab world. we are providing the means by which the country's regime can come tell them to see. the report on the scale of the u.k.'s own sales of some of the most brutal regimes damage down with such
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weapons. a priest in finland is facing charges of inciting racial hatred openly criticizing one of the world's most wanted men in an interview with the tate presidential crime according the one behind the moscow metro terrorist parties community trover conducting this report. these may be the last days this man whereas he's pastas color you have all the bases been defrocked priest speaking out against our use of working word here is. the president not to morrow and his internet mouthpiece to come across central this site was the first to publish the terrorists' words on the taxi claims the businessman school siege the netsky express mosque on match of war means and most recently the game idea device was attack the website is banned in russia and in
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finland enjoys wise a comfortable standing and not only on the internet but also in downtown helsinki the priest was the first openly say this was an outrage and the reaction was quick to follow. this guy. it's hard to preserve. the obvious what does the letters. if i don't stop the five. people caught my eye here away from work on the heels you home all are e one two police but in stands and without being prosecuted himself being sued for criticizing what finland calls a legally operating organization the same people who are promoting. against russia they are promoting public opinion against more reclaimable mori is a racist who is a. racist. or causes people of the chechens which is of course not the truth
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because more recently representing internationally a. national interest in russia a manhunt is on for a morrow and people close to him but in helsinki you may end up dining next to his relatives more of the brother or of overselling he lives in stockholm. and we can murder. people walking down these quiet and prosperous streets may. be unaware of the disturbing case of you harm or the rate they're used to thinking of their country as fair and politically correct but would they remain just as neutral if tragedy knocks on their door here in helsinki people travel on public transport without fear of their neighbors in russia only four hundred
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kilometers away aren't quite. a troll it's only a step from extremist rhetoric to action and there is seldom a warning call by doing good for a minority wrong minority who want to do terrible things. if. there are so many. who were but. there is quite a team after the pastor now finland's prosecutor's office the church and some of the world's most determined terrorists you home all the way has already changed her dress and divorced his wife to avoid putting your and his children at risk is now considering a move to russia where we have a double moral if you do feel that you even democratic and i don't feel it's in the direction of our tea house in key finland. but we spoke to pastor you right after
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he was questioned by the parish priest where you can watch that interview on our website artie dot com as well as other reports coming out story. of it a welcome to some new arrivals on thursday as a new crew dr international space station it's a special mission that's next week after years of space travel a journey of two russians and one american starting on tuesday rockets are named after the first night in space little girl from a single as you garri one hundred sixty one after a two day flight they docked at the. total number of votes. six one of the russian cosmonauts has also become the two hundredth person to step on the space station. was asked by your preparations for the show and reports now on how god is like a sister inspired supposed future for space exploration. astronaut spend most of their lives preparing for the possibility of going to space now russian cosmonaut
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for example takes about two hundred per year and that's in addition to well the training they have to go through all the hard work these men and women put into their professions one of the thing they fear is something a little more romantic and that's an unwavering a childhood dream of literally reach for something big aspiring cosmonaut a surrogate of the tire watches intently as the cilia steve made twenty one spacecraft is oyster to its vertical position at only fourteen he's so certain about his future that he's already made headway and went to the u.s. and became the first youngster to spend fifteen minutes floating in the zero gravity environment haase without straining so much. as if i was to intreat i could hug my hands this early start is something the first man in space you regarding could himself have related to and his feet fifty years ago marked the beginning of
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a long list of achievements in manned space exploration. from walking on the route. to building the massive international space station. but it doesn't start there next possibly a hotel in orbit yet another space dream. for this hotel project there will be four rooms at the station with enough room for seven people there will be trivial luminaries so that everyone can observe the stars i've always wanted to become a cosmonaut but didn't happen but now i'm sure that one day i'll travel to space i tourist price tag is a hefty thirty five to forty billion dollars but there is a cheaper alternative another project aims to send space tourists to lower earth orbit where they'll spend five minutes in zero gravity and see the planet in its entirety for two hundred thousand dollars with a. large groups of people to run one hundred kilometers above ground will be able
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to seal planets and the coarseness with their own eyes to do this they plan to use the ability of this plane to carry cargo on its body the plane will take off with a small space shuttle which will be released at a certain altitude but arguably the most ambitious of space projects is the mars five hundred experiment simulating a voyage to the red planet in the event this global ambition becomes reality and when that time comes young sergei is certain he'll be ready to take on the challenge not mars i want to be the first to travel to mars and to other planets as well of jupiter saturn to see you can leave there in future. and like many space men and women he believes it will only be a matter of time that's our silly r.t. baikonur in kazakhstan i'm sure it will with a recap this week's top stories in just a few moments here in r.t. stay with us.


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